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Found 12 results

  1. So, I have a question. Would anyone like to see a Halo stealth game? I don't mean something along the lines of ODST, I mean something like Metal Gear but maybe in first person. Imagine this. You are an ONI assassin, you work within the Section Zero branch of ONI, you do the sp00py stuff, the very scary hidden secret work that would cause anarchy throughout the UNSC controlled planets. You use the best of the best, from ONI sound rifles to wearing a customized ODST suit which allows stealth-camo. You go from planet to planet, armed with an M6CSOCOM pistol and of course, your good ol' Sound Rifle. You assassinate politicians who have their noses where they shouldn't be, and you also go assassinate Insurrection leaders, or hell even Covenant leaders (Storm or Regular Covenant) You use the environment to your advantage, and you use brutal sneaky tactics that would make Noble 6 blush. Doesn't explain much, but I still gotta ask, would anyone play a game like this? I think being an ONI agent would honestly be freaking cool.
  2. So I came across this video, and I couldn't help but share it with all of you. This is the full first level of H2A, with the cutscenes at the beginning and end. So you get to see the amazing redone versions of that whole intro sequence, one of my favorite scenes from the original H2. But before that is a completely new cutscene set after Halo 4! It features Locke, the Arbiter, and a few Elite Majors. It's very interesting to say the least. The Arbiter's post-H4 look I find rather silly, but maybe that's just me. And here is...part of the level Regret. It has the beginning cutscene, but for whatever reason this guy didn't finish the level. Still, it's about 18 minutes of H2A, should still be enjoyable.
  3. the master chief gets infected but partially and retains his mind and body but now a flood infected one with the traits of one and the weaknesses and the ability to be hated and loved by all things flood and sentient except the gravemind will tell him what to infect (thats YOU sentient life) so hide from the master flood chief infection and eventually he will break free from the infection and kill the flood (again again again) please 343 add this to the game or as a seperate campaign
  4. Since Reach is almost four years old, and Halo 5 and the Master Chief Collection are coming out soon, Reach is about to get a lot less popular. I think since not that many people are going to be playing Reach soon, I think when the two new titles come out I think the free stuff should start.
  5. I've been on a bit of an event-hiatus while I figured out some life stuff, but it seems, like it or not, it's being figured out for me. SO! To combat the ever looming stress of major change, I'll be hosting a friendly, free form Halo 4 lobby. 9:00 A.M. EST, Saturday the 21st of June, bring your custom games, maps, and anything you want to play. We'll go by a Democratic system; everyone in the lobby votes for what they want to play next. In event of a tie, I'll be the tie-breaker. So, I hope to see ya'll there. To recap; Saturday, June 21st at 9:00 A.M. EST on Halo 4. Grab your guns, and we'll have some fun :3 RSVP below.
  6. Since I have nothing to do currently I'm going to begin to do drawings of xenomorphs that have been crossed over into other games and movies. The first one is going to a xeno hybrid with a creature from avatar, which will be uploaded as soon as I'm done.. All of them will be hand drawn, and please excuse any poor quality pictures, for my camera is garbage.
  7. So, I don't know if any of you noticed, but Halo 4 was resembling Halo: CE. Why? Simple: -Only 4 Covenant species -No playable Sangheili -No dual-wielding See? 343i made Halo 4 to feel somewhat like Halo CE. If 343i is planning on doing something like "making Halo 5 feel like Halo 2", they would include... -More Covenant Species (not necessarily Brutes) -PLAYABLE Sangheili -Dual-wielding This would be something I'm expecting for Halo 5. Also, if you look back to Halo CE campaign and compare it to Halo 4's... -Both have a "run" -Halo CE: Warthog run -Halo 4: Ghost run -A new threat is introduced as the campaign progresses -CE: The Flood -4: Prometheans -Master Chief wakes up inside a Cryo-tube -You are often by yourself -Sangheili look bulky, capable of snapping somebody's neck effortlessly -In the end, Master Chief supposedly destroys a key object/character -CE: Halo, Installation 04 -4: The Didact -After this, MC is left alone in space -CE: MC floats around space in a ship with only Cortana by his side, awaiting rescue -4: MC floats around space without anything, without Cortana, but is eventually rescued by Infinity What do you Brothers think?
  8. I have been following Halo since I started playing HALO:CE so I decided to post 2 stuff me and 2 other friends want in Halo 5. 1.Choices in campaign We would like 343i to add choices in the campaign. Exampel: Chief is being possesed by some forerunner power and has to choose if he is to go easy and do as the forerunner say's or if he is going to fight for what's right. I know people will say it won't work because that would change the storyline but keep reading and you will hopefully understand how it would work. If you choose what's right you complete the "actuall" campaign, but if you choose the easy/bad stuff you will get an alternate/legendary ending. It would also help marketing because people want to know what happens next, so they will buy the next game being Halo 6 (if they do not add games that don't follow the reclaimer trilogy). 2.Forerunners We know the prometheans,we have heard about the forerunners, but have we ever got to fight alongside/against them? no! We would like to see some sort of twist in the campaign where chief and arby come to earth and see it's totally destroyed, so obviously they will think it is either the covenant or the promethean's but it turns out to be the last 30 - 40 forerunner's using they're extreme tech to attack earth because they could see progress in they're technology that threatened the forerunners.
  9. Desperado

    Fifa 13 .

    I'm hoping i'm not the only one here who is a football fan . I'd appreciate those who play fifa 13 contact me. Im interested in joining and/or starting a club . Player rating wouldn't really matter, however, i am looking for cooperative players, willing to pass and lob other then just keeping the ball . Get at me sometime ?
  10. If u haven't already u mite wanna try going on forge and turning unlimited AAs on. I'd like 2 know what u guys think ppl should try on forge?
  11. So last week i was finishing the campaign on heroic for halo4 and I'd found the last of 7 terminals yet i didn't recieve the achievement, I contacted microsoft and they said they couldn't do anything, so I'm now like wow thanks alot 343 for screwing me like a steam train. Anyone else had this or similar issues talk to me
  12. "Aesthetics - Forunner" Brought to you by GryffinGuy007. Link: http://halo.xbox.com/en-au/haloreach/GryffinGuy007/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30644090 An array of various forunner pieces and objects. Please feel free to modify each any of the objects to suit your maps' needs. List of Forunner Objects: 1. Barricades 2. Crate 3. Propane tank 4. Generator 5. Radio/Receiver 6. Holographic Projector/Screen 7. Tower 8. Sentinel 9. Watcher Prototype (Halo 4) Screenshots: Hope you enjoy my aesthetics maps and once again, thanks THFE.
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