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  1. Does anyone else have the problem where the game goes to the "loading... done" thing and the game freezes for a while and sometimes have to restart the game? I had that happen to me in the original game and I guess it carried on to this game. How about everyone else. Otherwise, love the game!
  2. Yeah, I sure hope a Halo 4 beta comes with this. Overall, I think this game is awesomenessful. I have nothing against the Halo: Reach engine, though it isn't my favorite. I've been playing the campaign going through hours of nostalgia, remembering those times that me and my friends would have so much fun playing this at his house. Love the game and can't wait to see more go on in this game.
  3. Yeah, no. It'd probably loose it's Halo-like feel.
  4. I can't wait for Halo 4. I just hope it doesn't go downhill, like Reach did. I agree with the ranking system being 1-50 like Halo 3. I'd also like the weapons and armor to be similar to Halo 3, although, they can make a few changes like more weapons, more armor, ext.
  5. Maybe. I think it'd be cool, but the visor cracks would be pretty distracting.
  6. I LOVE THIS IDEA! If 343i does this, I will love them forever!
  7. Well as a MKVII variant, I think 343i should make up something that they'd think would be the MKVII armor, or something like what was in the teaser trailer. As for other variants of armor, here's what I want to see: From Halo 3: MKVI, ODST, MKV, Hayabusa, Scout, Recon, EVA From Halo Reach: MKVI, ODST, Recon, EVA, MKV, Jorge's helmet, Carter's helmet, Sniper, Plus, I'd like to see the kind of customization that we had in Reach, like visor color and knee guards, and maybe even more options.
  8. Yes and hell yes. Fighting off waves of flood could be pretty cool. Maybe, because I never really was a fan of the flood. Could change my thoughts on the flood. As for the ODST gametype, OH YES! I loved the experience of being put in the boots of an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper in Halo 3: ODST. The campaign was probably my favorite out of all the Halos. Firefight was a really cool edition, and if it didn't happen, we probably wouldn't have Firefight today. So I'd love to be put back in ODST armor and prepare to drop once again in Halo 4.
  9. Yes, maybe a game about the view of some moments in Halo history from an ODST's point of view
  10. I like playing as ODSTs. I loved the experience. I think this guy's got a good idea. I also posted a thread about a new ODST game, but with stuff a full Halo game would have.
  11. Sure thing. GT is my account name. I love playing Halo 3. ODST too if you wanna hop on there too.
  12. /bump C'mon guys. I'd like some feedback. What do you guys think?
  13. I've been playing it quite a bit lately. I've finally been reminded how much fun I had on this game. It's so cool. I just wish they'd make another, but with stuff a full Halo game would have, like matchmaking, custom games, and forge, not just Firefight and Theater. I love being an ODST. Here's a thread I made for another ODST game. Vote and tell me what you think: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/4995-odst/
  14. To change my post a little, I'd like the Halo 3 assault rifle like they made it in Halo 3: ODST. That gun was super good. It took down people fairly quickly. Maybe more range, but the power and the gun sound is perfect.
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