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Found 36 results

  1. Welcome all to the 30th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's question spanned throughout all of Halo 3's multiplayer, asking what your favorite gametype was. There were a bunch of various gametypes voted for but ultimately the best gametype according to the community was: Onto this week's poll! Halo 4 introduced a special way of earning special perks, armor pieces, and weapon skins in the form of Specializations. So begs this week's question: Do you want Halo 5 to have Specializations? Be sure to leave your thoughts below along with your vote. Voting Deadline: 5-5-14 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for taking part in this week's poll, See ye next week! Have a question, suggestion, or complaint pertaining to the poll? Message BZ1
  2. Hello fellow members of the Halo community! As many of you have already noticed, many people are hitting the level cap of 130. I have a feeling that once more and more people hit that level, their will be a large demand for a new set of specializations. In fact, the chances are that they are already working on them! So this is a place where I would love to see some ideas for new specializations, including the armor and upgrades. See you on the battlefield! SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR LOADS OF GAMING CONTENT AND COVERAGE! www.youtube.com/TimeLessGaming9090
  3. Has anyone else noticed that the tracker and rogue specializations are GONE?
  4. i'm sure this question pops up a lot but I just got the game this past christmas, so I only have 2 specializations available to me, the wetwork and the operator, am I just supposed to sit around till I hear about when I can get more or is there anything I can do about it?
  5. I purchased the Halo 4 Limited Edition on release date. I redeemed all codes that came with it, and had all 8 specializations to view/unlock. However, when I began to look at the specialization list on 1/1/13, only Wetwork and Operator were listed. I would like to know why I now only have the 2 specializations to unlock if I have purchased the Limited Edition, as well as redeemed the code sent from 343.
  6. (343)- I love what you have done with halo 4. But specializations , I have played since halo the original. And since I Dident have money at time you don't let me level up from 70. I do not cheat nor do anything wrong. I've spent money on map packs and done your promotional offers such as , Halo4 King Of The Hill, Dew xp, and Doritos Xp. I KNOW NO 343 MEMBERS WON'T, MOST LIKELEY GET BACK TO ME BUT....... I would like to tell the gamers who haven't reached level 70 and who Dident play the game through a certain date that once you reach 70 you are done until they decide to make some adjustments to keep valuable players such as us HALO fans/gamers my email- [email protected] please no spam it is not ok to contact me on email unless 343 member period please help.... From gt- Silent FaKiEzZ
  7. Alright, I didn't see that anywhere so I decided to post it. If you have taken a look at the latest Halo Bulletin on Waypoint, you should know that some cool updates will be released on 1/21 to 2/4. *From Halo Waypoint* Week of 1/21 Spartan Ops Episode 6: Five new missions and an accompanying new CG cinematic. "Forge Test" playlist (name not final): A rotational hopper featuring small Forge maps such as Relay. Help us test these maps by providing feedback and reporting bugs that will assist us in getting them ready for Matchmaking! Specializations: Pioneer and Pathfinder Specializations unlocked for all players. Week of 1/28 Spartan Ops Episode 7: Five new missions and an accompanying new CG cinematic. Grifball playlist: A rotational hopper featuring everybody’s favorite virtual sport. Catch the disease! Specializations: Engineer and Stalker Specializations unlocked for all players. Week of 2/4 Spartan Ops Episode 8: Five new missions and an accompanying new CG cinematic. Team Doubles playlist: A rotational hopper for those of you that like action of the 2 vs 2 variety. Specializations: Rogue and Tracker Specializations unlocked for all players. As you can see, Specializations will eventually appear in the game for the rest of the players. Also, some all-time favorites will return, such as Grifball and Team Doubles. Plus, small Forge maps will be available in War games matchmaking. And, of course, don't forget about the rest of Spartan Ops season! Again I apologize if it has been posted already.
  8. I only have Wetwork and Operator. My brother has access to pretty much every single one (from what I'm told). Is it true that I'll get stuck at level 70? Or is it just that I only get to choose from those two, then the rest become available afterwords? Any response would be greatly appreciated as I'm almost level 70 now... Thanks.
  9. Alrighty so here is my problem hopefully someone can help me out. I got the code for the specializations after reaching 70, downloaded them and was a happy gamer. Now after not playing for about two weeks due to the holidays I came back played about three games and reached 100. I went to the specializations and seen all the ones I completed but could not choose a new one. I have already looked through other forums and seen that re downloading from my history should work so I did that last night and nothing happened. I understand that this problem has came up many times and the re downloading it worked for some but I could not find a real solution to the problem. If there is some kind of profile on this site you will see that I just joined for this reason, I don't go out of my way to join a site and write this long paragraph and expect some help if I didn't like the game. I would greatly appreciate it if any one out there could help me out with my problem, gamer tag is kwick276 if it is needed. Thanks.
  10. So I just finished the Pioneer Specialization today and I'm at SR70 (I did Wetwork first). I then went to go start the next one when I noticed that, other than Operator, of course, the rest of them are all gone! I got a code and entered it, and I have no idea what's going on here. Can anyone help or am I going to have to go on the Waypoint forums, put up a thread, and hope that I may or may not get a response?
  11. Hello everyone. As you all know there was specialization codes sent out about a month ago and some people did not get theirs. The reason i didnt get mine is because i live in UK. I heard that 343 industries are thinking of releasing all of the specializations in an update some time in the future, if anyone finds out any infomation on the release date please post on this topic. Thank you.
  12. dear 343 i have posted on everything i possibly can ive called xbox support 5 times my email linked to my account is correct so where is it?! also ive played since the day of release and i bought your stupid map pack early roo so why is it no here
  13. Hey guys, hope Im posting this in the right place- So I bought the LE of Halo 4 and ive used the code for the Specialization unlocks. Being ignorant to the fact the code was suppsed to unlock them early on, I didnt think twice about them. Then I get a message from XBL saying that "Weve noticed you havent used your code for you early unlocks for Halo 4, heres another code to download them". I put in the code and it downloads just fine. I load up the game excited to see what the different Specs are, and I find out they're still locked. I tried to 'download again' from my download history on XBL, to no avail. Im level 43 I believe so I unlock some in 7 levels anyway, but is there something I can do to get my early access Specs or am I just retarded and they unlock at 50 with the others?
  14. When i got my halo 4 code for specialization alpha it was on my current email address (secondary to my xbox live account which still uses an old email address i cannot access). I redeemed my code without thinking using this email address and i inadvertantly created a new account!! Is there any way to transfer this code to my actual xbox live account (gold) so i can continue to rank up and play? stuck at SR70 now and my code is wasted on a free membership! please help Gamertag is Dr xlubex and the code is redeemed under "pretendblock 17", useless free membership any help appreciated
  15. 343 has said they're done sending out all the codes and everyone should have received a code (so they say). So even if you met all the requirements to receive a Specialization Code you will NOT receive one until it is released to the public. With that being said I'm also one the many frustrated people out there who haven't received a code. The most frustrating part about it is while the the Specialization Codes were being sent out people said to just be patient you'll receive yours eventually. Then come to find out that you can't get yours because you're basically too late and that they've all been set out is very flustering. Anyways I'm going to look at the bright side. I assume, (if 343 wants to do the right thing) and since there is a big chunk of the Halo community having not received their codes, 343 will release the specializations to everyone pretty quick due to the amount of people complaining and also due to the fact that more and more people will be hitting that level 70 cap.
  16. So it goes without saying you people really don't care about us. Its hilarious to think your greedy organization would in any way benefit the halo universe. at the end of the campaign it thanks me for trusting you with the game I've grown up loving. news flash, it wasn't our choice. you selfish, greedy people already have our f%#$ing money and the front of page of your forums top story is the upcoming release of the STUPID MAP PACK. for people who have been playing this series for years, who followed all your guidelines in thinking they would receive their additional specializations, and then forcing the same people to remain at the same rank of 70 for 2 weeks without so much as an announcement is absolutely, ungodly awful. you should be ashamed of what you've done to this game and players perceptions of it. As well on your home page, you have a story ranking Black ops 2 as the current leader in multiplier numbers. DID THEY PAY YOU FOR THIS? ARE YOU THIS MUCH OF A SELLOUT? get the F%$#ing dollar signs out of your eyes, get your heads out of your A#@es and make your SH%$y game worth playing. at least with Reach when everyone hit the cap and started getting pissed off, BUNGIE LISTENED. what can your studio honestly be doing all week that warrants or requires such shameless money grabbing without so much as a confirmation of your inability? that's all we really want as a gaming community, for you to realize you are nothing in comparison to Bungie in terms of customer satisfaction or overall passion. I mean.. both the monthly challenges have been wins: do you have a [email protected]#ing monkey in charge of creating the challenges? put less time into art design and more time into retaining your fan base. oh wait, its not YOUR fan base. you stole it, milked it for all its worth (thanks to Bungies Success), and are now content with the next 3 years of your life paid for. YOU MAKE US ALL SICK, FIX YOUR SERVICE. the removal of this post will be undeniable proof of this comany's complete lack of accountability, and I look forward to when you're no longer feasible.
  17. So it is about 2 am eastern time and I still haven't received my email for the specializations. I know it seems like I am a little impatient but come on it's not that hard to send a freaking email. If the screw around and make me jump through loops to get this email with the code I'm seriously done with halo. It's rediculous. Is there any way I can have them resend it because EVERYONE I know has already gotten theirs and I've been playing since the midnight release. please and thank you
  18. i thought i should make topic post to remind members or new members to not post in shoutbox and asking the questions, unless it was necessary. again, you should pay attention to the date that 343i set out for specialization code and specialization gear. Specialization Codes: NOVEMBER 30th. Specialization Gears: DECEMBER 1st. hope this helps signed sincerely, Superblaze1
  19. I don't understand why they aren't giving us everything there is to offer, I have so many questions and I'm just hoping someone can answer some of them for me. I am talking about few things here but mainly the matchmaking, I'm not here to complain about it, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, but it is definitely getting repetitive -Matchmaking First problem with the matchmaking is the playlists, why are there so few? Why is there no doubles and what happened to assault? It just makes no sense to me to not have more playlists in there, they have Griffball and Extraction in custom games but not in matchmaking. I guess they could say they want less playlists so there are more players in each one providing more games to find, more people close to you, better connection etc. but we survived in Halo 3, sometimes searching in the early hours of the morning in Assault with less than 100 people in the playlist, but we made it work. I guess this is more of a plea for more playlists, especially doubles (which was in my opinion the best playlist ever), or at the very least an explanation as to why there aren't more. Second, Rank. I know they're working on their ranking system but daaaaaaaaamn, I've been sitting on 70 for aaaaaaages because I couldn't afford to pay extra for early specializations and it grinds my gears that you can reach max level very quickly just by putting lots of time in, too much emphasis has been put on the casual gamers. The amount of XP you get just for seeing out a matchmaking game til the end is ridiculous, sure I don't want people quitting but I don't to sit there pulling out all the stops, getting only up to 3000XP (Seems to be the max) while my AFK teammate gets half that just because he was too lazy to push a few buttons and quit. They NEED to bring the proper rank system out ASAP, I worked ridiculously hard for my 50 in H3 and it took me a long time, where as it took me a couple of weeks to get to 70 and I see other 70's on my team and think "sweet, we should take the other team to the cleaners." But in actuality all they've done is put in the hours and reached 70 without performing well in game at all. Third, Specializations. C'moooooooooon, let me level up more, getting early access to specializations should be rewarded for being a fan no doubt about it, but when I stomp through the noobs getting to 70 quickly and not being able to progress because I didn't front up the extra dollars for early access it pisses me off. Those 12 year old "fans" whose parents bought the most expensive one they could find shouldn't get early to those specializations. Don't tease me 343, "Here's our game enjoy, oh wait, you've been playing quite a lot today, you're not allowed any more XP today how about that?" "Oh you've reached level 70 already, great job but you can't go any further because only fans get the early specializations and you clearly not a fan because you didn't pay us enough." Fourth, "Challenges" Challenges are meant to be just that, a challenge. "Complete 4 matchmaking games" They already give out to much XP for completing matches then they put out a challenge that gives out more XP just for playing 4 games. These challenges are just like the ranking system, rewarding people just for putting in time, you will always get the daily and weekly challenges just by playing. Challenges should be difficult, you should have to strive to get them with every possibly that would might not get the daily challenge today because you're just not good enough. -Moooooooving on to something else, Fileshare. This one just baffles me, why can't we see everyone's fileshares yet? That's all I have to say about that one... I guess that's all I have to say for now, apologies if it seems like I'm having a bit of a rant. I was huge fan of Halo 3 and I love Halo 4 but I feel like they could be doing a lot more for fans and they could cater more towards better players instead of the casual gamer.
  20. So to start off I love the idea of special skins for earning level 50 and such and should be kept this way but I think a great way to add more customization for players to have fun with is either a free or very cheap weapon and or armor skins official dlc adding camos like digital, tiger stripes, desert, etc. Id love to have more customization to play around with and if we were given around 10-15 skins I dont think Id mind paying around 100-175 microsoft points for it (around the same price as avatar items) so if anyone has ideas or feedback feel free to comment and if enough people like this maybe we can get some strength behind it and get it actually made!
  21. when will all of the specializations be available to the standard game owners because i played before the 20th and nothing appeared and no messages please let me know because im on my last specialization of operator and then theres nothing else
  22. i buy halo 4 limited edition ..... i redeemed a code but didnt get the full content ! - i didnt get the 6 specialization for buy the limited edition game - i didnt get the map pack - i didnt get the armor and the skins
  23. i think ive mite have deleted my code from my email cause i get so much junk mail so can i just wait till a date where all the specializations come out?
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