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Found 5 results

  1. As you guys can tell from the title the new DLC "The Dark Beyond" that releases on December 9th. In the DLC there is a new raid and 2 new strikes and some multiplayer maps but if you are on xbox its gonna be a bumpy ride. Sony has bought temorary exclusive rights to one of the new strikes coming out with this new DLC and it will be a PS Exclusive until Fall 2015 at the very least. If you have been following the Playstation version they already have a exclusive strike by the name of "Dust Palace" I dont know about you guys but it sounds like Bungie is playing favorites here cause we are basically paying $20 for 3 missions Tell me what you guys think about this below Source: Kotaku
  2. I think killing ppl after game over is just being a bad sport. It's like in a boxing match punching sum1 after the bell. It's like in a basket ball game throwing hoops after the whistle is blown. What's the point? I don't c the fun in watching a guy flinch slightly as u tap RT. What do u guys think?
  3. GAME: Knock em off OBJECTIVE: Stay on the platforms while also trying to knock of all of your enemys DESCRIPTION: A very fun game where you must try to be the last man inside the hill, everyone starts off with a rail gun and 2 plasma grenades, when you get knocked off you must pick up a concussion rifle and start trying to knock everyone who is still up off. This map is made on ravine in an enclosed area. MAP/GAMETYPE: Knocked over on Knock em Down GAMERTAG: Fartz McPoo
  4. Since it's been such a huge debate as to whether the Boltshot is overpowered or not I decided to do a video testing the Boltshot's range and killing ability against the human shotgun and the Scatter Shot. As you can see the fact that the Boltshot gets you to one shot and will kill you at a further distance than the other ordinance dropped shotguns proves that this weapon needs some balancing. In my opinion the gun doesn't need to be less powerful, it just needs it's range cut in about half lol. What do you guys think?
  5. THE BR RECOIL DOES NOT EQUAL DMR BLOOM. It is useless to make both rifles 5-shots and then try to compensate for it by making shooting variables that aren't equal or at least very similar. DMR's bloom still is not fixed. Even at max bloom the bullets can still hit the player's hitbox 80% of the time. Thus making the gun SPAMMABLE. Recoil is not that much but think logically here on where the advantage lies: Vertical upward rising shots (Forces you to reposition crosshairs twice one against the upward direction and one for the player's direction) VS. Shots within a radius (Forces you to wait but only reposition once for player position) DMR Bloom requires less coordination and actual work than BR, making it a handicapped, OP, weapon. Ways to fix: Increase BR damage (since you already get recoil anyways) or Increase DMR bloom radius or Decrease DMR shot interval length or Make BR as equally efficient at long rage
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