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Found 6 results

  1. So I was wondering what everyone's favorite RPG is as of late. Give me the name of the game and what console it released on and type of RPG and I'll check it out, my personal favorite RPG is Mother 3 for the GBA... but unfortunately its a Japan only release so I had to find an English patch and emulator just to play it, but that's besides the point. Also, am I the only one irritated at the lack of RPGs on the Xbox 360? (Not counting Bethesda games because they're too easy IMO and i prefer turn-takes) Also, try and not be too hasty towards people who prefer a game different than you do, I want this to be a friendly post.
  2. Welcome to the Post-A-Day Challenge! This challenge has been created by myself to get more members active and hopefully help new members stay active. This will be a 30-Day Challenge. You may begin this challenge at any time but must make posts in consecutive days as the Challenge dictates. The Rules: To complete this challenge you must abide by the following guidelines: -Each post you make must contain a minimum of 50 Words unless otherwise specified. -Each post must be in the specified category and may not be off-topic. -All posts made towards this challenge must remain in accordance to the site rules -You may only create one post towards completing this challenge per day. The Challenge: If you choose to accept this challenge, I encourage you to copy the following form, and catalogue your posts by linking them next to the day specified. After you complete this form, simply send it to BZ1 via PM for verification. Upon completing this challenge, you will be added to the Wall of Winners and receive the official 'Challenger' award. WALL OF WINNERS SHINYA KOGAMI - 10-1-14 If you have any questions at all, feel free to post them below or in a PM. Good Luck! -BZ1
  3. Church


    After Mayh3m's tv post, I wanted to have a little competition for who has the best gaming rig. Post away! Cooler Master mid tower HAF-922 case with all fan mods Mobo: GA-EX58 UD7 Bloomfield Gaming custom edition Processor: Quad core i7 920 OC'd to 4.35 Ghz Memory: 16gb Triple Channel G.Skills Ripjaws Z OC'd to 2000 Mhz GPU: Gigabyte Windforce III AMD Radeon 7970 (3gb RAM) OC'd to 1150/5760 Storage: 256gb Corsair Neutron SSD + Dual 500gb 7200rpm HDD Rocking a 7.9 Windows experience index...I've only spent 1k on this PC and I bet no one can top it! Running Crysis 3 at all Ultra settings with 16xAA at 45 FPS average (low of 31 and high of 83). I have yet to try BioShock Infinite on it.
  4. So here's Church with another hilarious forum game! It's called, "Who's the Daddy?" So for instance, on the forum, Lil Dog's father would be AD or GSD. So I'll start us off, and we'll see where it goes. Pick a random member and see who his Daddy (or Mommy) would be! So if Lil Dog had a father here it would be AD. Sorry GSD! Soo...the ball is rolling. Lets roll with it!
  5. From the album: Comics

    A placeholder signature until I get around to making one. Part of a comic I did a while ago.
  6. Hello all. I'm looking for players to test maps with. If you have a map and want it tested come Join me, SludgingSnipe, on 25 feb 2013 @ 1:00 pm EST. If you don't know what time that is in you time. Leave me a message and I'll let you know. If you have a map, but it's not for the 'Meet your maker' Contest. That's fine. We'll test it out. Also, If you don't have a map, you can join anyway. However, Players with maps for 'Meet Your Maker' will get priority, then players with maps not for the Contest, then players who just want to join. Here is the list so far: 1. SludgingSnipe - The Compound 2. Fragsturbait - The Wedge Leave your GT and map name in a comment, if you'd like to have it tested.
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