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Found 7 results

  1. Rules: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/37393-343i-short-story-contest-rules-and-archive/ You guys know the Rigamaroll by now. Congratulations to last month's winner; BLAKE BELLADONNA http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/37966-the-final-stand-343issc-october/ So spoopy. Anyway, with a month of giving, charity, and warm-fuzziness, we also have to remember that December marks the impending end of the year. So, here are your theme suggestions; REMEMBER! THESE ARE NOT RIGID TEMPLATES. WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT, JUST KEEP IT TO AT LEAST ONE OF THE THEMES OF THE MONTH: The themes for this month are: Holidays Endings Remembrance Possible topics include but are not limited to: Holidays with the Chief! Remembering Reach The End of the War OTHER THINGS! THE DEADLINE IS JANUARY 1ST. Roll out!
  2. 'Ello ladies and germs, there's a new podcast out, aren't you excited! Sure it's a day late, but my power went out...so that was fun. But here it is, it may be a day late, but it's an hour of action packed excitement and random discussions, now featuring a fully fleshed out linkdump! Enjoy! -Church Linkdump
  3. Since Reach is almost four years old, and Halo 5 and the Master Chief Collection are coming out soon, Reach is about to get a lot less popular. I think since not that many people are going to be playing Reach soon, I think when the two new titles come out I think the free stuff should start.
  4. So the time of year has come where gaming news hits in storm, and so the time has come for speculation! This podcast was recorded before E3, so you'll get to listen to our silly theories and ridiculous expectations, and hold them up against what actually happened at E3 this year. We enjoyed a good team of people, and if it weren't for Bnus we could have called it the Modcast! Our team for this time was RedStarRocket91, myself, Total Mayh3m, Bnus, and The Director. Hope you liked this latest edition of the podcast, let us know if you think we should record a special, "E3" edition of the podcast this weekend. Thanks for watching!
  5. Well ladies and gentlefolk of the forum, here you have it, the second installment of the Official 343industries.org Community Forum Staff and Member Podcast (the name is too long I know)! Today we have special guest D-38 Boss from Promotions and Events joining us, and together we become...not much more than usual, really just a couple of mooks on the internet pretending they know what they're talking about. Enjoy! As for format, we went for a bit of a longer episode than last time, if you think that episodes should be in this 50-60 minute timeframe, let us know. Any questions for the next podcast, PM either me or Redstarrocket91, and we'll be sure to address them in the next recording session! Any comments, recommendations, or just plain reminding us that we are awesome, post here . Again, enjoy! -Church
  6. As the end of the year comes ever closer, and winter is slowly ushered in, December comes. A chill creeps over our hearts...It's December 2nd, and there's still no MoM! Well never fear...I am here to dash Bnus' hopes and introduce the newest Member of the Month... :thumbup: SPARKY!!! :thumbup: A great member who has really shone in the past couple of months, he will be sure to bring you warmth this holiday season with his loud, hilarious personality and great jokes. A good friend to all, active ShoutBox member and Forumite alike, we're sure you will all agree that Sparky is the best pick for MoM December!
  7. For the past few days, I have been having a disturbing dream about a sorta zombie apocalypse. I am with my 2 brothers, my grandmother, and some other people I don't know. I had a similar dream a couple months earlier and they both were both in the same place: at my aunt's house. My first on was my mother and one of my brothers along with some other people I didn't recognize again. We were hiding in her wine cellar and we could hear them walking behind doors and above our heads. In the same dream, one of our cats had wandered outside and I want to go look for him. My aunt's house in on top of a massive hill and I could see hundreds of them on a neighboring hill. Just wandering. They had a very eerie and creepy humanoid appearance, but they weren't human at all. As I was looking outside, I saw another man in a gray jacket with a pair of sunglasses and a shaved head talking on his cellphone. He said "No, they don't come up here until 7..." And my most recent dream was in the same place. They were what we called "stalkers" and they looked like burnt corpses. And they were very quite. They could sneak up behind you if you were in the open and....."turn you" as we said. They would bite you or something weird. Maybe I have been playing too much Left 4 Dead.... Or Bioshock... Both are somewhat scary. This is why I want to ask if you too have also had a dream you can't explain. I just wanted to share that to encourage you guys to FULLY explain the dream. Sure, this post may seem a bit random but, it's late and I might be able to sleep better tonight now that I could fully explain these dreams. And remember, no matter how real it may feel, it's only a dream.
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