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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! As you can tell from the title what the question is... the other day I was on Halo 2 (PC) and only like 15 other people were playing it! And it's starting to make me angry! Halo 2 is still one of my favorite Halos and I really want more people to come play it, so tell all of your friends to buy it! (Even though I know you wont LOLOLOLOLOL) Thanks, B055_71
  2. Some of you may remember the Ground Zero, alternate story to ODST thing I had worked on. Sad as it is to say, I have since scrapped that project, as I ended up writing myself into a corner. So, instead, I started fresh, and where better to start, then Reach? ------ In the Epsilon Eridani system, Humanity is housed on the planet of Reach. Many men and women of this planet fought for bitter survival when the Covenant attacked, but inevitably met their doom. These are their stories. (DUNK DUNK! ) Many know the tale of Noble team, but this document is intended to shed light on the unsung heroes of the attack on Reach. In the timeline of July 24th 2552 to August 30th 2552, millions of lives were impacted by the Invasion of Reach. This humble documentation will attempt to deliver a solid glimpse into the actions of those affected; some tragic, some triumphant, some trivial. We begin our story two days before July 24th. Obviously, July 22nd. With Private Hector Rosario, of the 3rd Marine Battalion. This story has been accurately recreated using Rosario's own journal. The events within are seen from his point of view, and may, or may not, be true. JULY 22nd 1100 HOURS. REACH ORBIT. Hector marched down the halls of the UNSC frigate Luna, searching for anything and everything that could keep him occupied. With the lack of any liquor, or loose women, it seemed this native of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., Earth would be disappointed. “Yo! Rosario!” A familiar voice called from one of the many Rec Rooms. Hector turned to see his squad mates sitting, lounging around the various exercise equipment. Rosario's squad; Razorback 3-2, was one of eight 4 man teams that made up Razorback Battalion; A Marine Force Recon group. The team lead; 1st Lt. Kayla Duran was thumbing through the pages of a magazine, not even glancing up at Hector as he exchanged greetings with the other two; Sgt. James LeMay, and Corporal Neil Hawthorne. “What's shakin' Neil?” Rosario asked, plopping down on the bench of one of the weight lifting machines. “What do you think, Hec'? Not a damn thing.” He sighed. “People keep whispering the word Covenant, but I think they're still riled up from Harvest and all.” “Legitimate or not, HighCom takes any mention of the Covies seriously.” Duran said, flipping yet another page. “If it turns out to be a buncha bull, great. If not, they'll take the required actions to protect Reach.” “I don't know about that, Ell Tee.” LeMay said, pushing his thick framed glasses up on the bridge of his nose. “I mean... you heard about Harvest like the rest of us. How do you stop something like that?” “By blowin' 'em to hell and back, then back again.” Rosario said, high-fiving Hawthorne. “It's not that simple, Hector. They have WAY better tech then us. High frequency E.M. Shields and the like. The only way to bust through them is to put every damn thing you've got into them.” “All I understood from that was 'shoot the crap out of them.'” Rosario said with a grin. “Bullets still kill these things. It's as simple as that.” Rosario looked out of the window to Reach. “Man... Why would anyone give a damn about that hunk of rock anyway? It's just a buncha farmers and Innies.” “It was the UNSC's first extra terrestrial colony, Hec.” Duran sighed. “It's important to moral. Not to mention, Have you SEEN New Alexandria? That place is a sight worth saving.” Hector sighed and rolled his eyes. “Whatever, K'. It can't hold a candle to Chicago. Like, there was this one place I'd chill all the time-” The blaring of alarms cut him short. The time for jokes was over. The four Marines rushed to their feet, following the pre-set emergency protocols; Secure your gear, find your squad, and get to your ready lines. Razorback stood in full force, waiting for the Commander to give his briefing. The hangar completely silent as he marched out. Commander Jordan Cabral stood before the gathered Marines of his ship. “The situation is as follows. Roughly an hour ago, one of our sister ships went dark just at the edge of system space. They sent a final burst transmission, saying they were under attack by an unknown enemy. As intel is sketchy at the moment, we're to be on standby until called to action. You'll be boarding your transports, and orbiting the planet until we get that call. Move out!”
  3. You know the usual drill, where I get the stars of this forum's reactions on pieces of gaming news from around the globe, today I have a very special member with me today. This month's member was a recent addition to the Promotions and Events and has been my friend for a long time, give it up for... Onsoku- Wait wait wait, I made a mistake. I meant give it up for... D-38 Boss! EK: Since Battlefield 4's buggy launch, fans of Titanfall worldwide are incredibly scared that Titanfall will launch in the same form or worse, do you think that EA has wiped that slate clean, or that we will see Titanfall brought in a messy state, based on past EA Performance with triple A titles? D3: Truly, no game is safe from bugs nowadays. Battlfield 4 had many issues, but predominantly because it was rushed to match CoD Ghosts. Do I think Titanfall will have bugs? yes. Will it be to the extent BF4 had possibly, but unlikely. EK: With the recent pushback of the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, do you believe the last generation of consoles should stop distribution of new games as they seem to lack hardware for next generation games, leading those games to be brought down? D3: I don't think the older systems should NOT have new releases, considering the hefty price of the next gen consoles, however, there are certain games, such as Battlefield 4 and GTA V, that struggle with the older gen systems. I think companies should take a bit more time to make the older console versions a little more compatible. EK: Do you think the fact that Titanfall is an Xbox and PC Exclusive actually harms the game and it's sales and that Respawn and EA should consider broadening the title's launch platforms? D3: I don't think it would hurt to expand to PS4/3, but I dont think it's necessary, as the large number of Xbox fans, and PC only gamers will do well enough sales-wise. EK: On the subject of sales, do you believe Titanfall may sell less due to it's exclusion of Single-Player features and an only online system, as players will see this as not being worth the $60 price tag? D3: That may be an issue later, as player populations drop. without a singleplayer, Titanfall will eventually become unplayable. Even Chromehounds (One of my favorite games) had a singleplayer, but now there's no online servers, the game is practically pointless. EK: Do you believe that Titanfall will match or even exceed the sales of it's rival's system seller (which releases just weeks apart) Infamous: Second Son, or will it bomb compared to Sony's flagship PS4 seller in March? D3: That could go either way. Titanfall is a new IP, with a lot of hype around it, whereas Infamous: Second Son is the third game in the Infamous Series. Personally, being a huge fan of Sucker Punch Productions, (Sly Cooper FTW) I'm leaning a little more towards Infamous. But like I said, it could go either way. Thanks to Boss for the wonderful interview and tune in next time for another volume of Reactions with the Stars of the Community!
  4. HAY! YOO! Considering you should all have Halo 3 now... (IT WAS FREE.) We should have a nice get together and shoot eachother! So, Courtesy of your MoM, and Your's truly, we present; Bnus' Totally BOSS Playdate! Now, You're probably going; "Hmm, I dunno..." Well shame on you! Bnus is our MoM, and you should do what Mommy asks! Here's the details; Saturday, November 16th, is the date, Halo 3 is the game, and 4:00 P.M. EST is the time. (You'll have to do any timezone conversions.) Now, what do we need from you? Maps, and Gametypes. Make sure to have any maps or games you want to play ready the night before, or the week before, or whenever, Just have them for the playdate. Heck, Gotta map to test? We'll play it! So, got questions? OF COURSE YOU DO, I CAN'T EXPLAIN THINGS WELL AT ALL! Ask 'em below, or message me or Bnus. TO RECAP: Halo 3 November 16th Saturday At 4:00 P.M. EST. till WHENEVER. If you're gonna be late, tell us. we'll stick around. RSVP, and add Warm Bnus and xXRC BossXx on XBL!
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vry92JmVBg4&feature=youtu.be I come to you, with the following credentials: 1. I am nearing the end of my first year as a member of this community 2. I have attended every playdate held since my joining of the site 3. I am fully endorsed and supported, by this man: How can you resist voting for me?
  6. I figured the other thread was good for Text-only reviews, so I've made a new one for my video reviews. If you have a game you'd like reviewed, Please let me know, either in this thread, or in a private message. So, here it goes! my first Review!
  7. I'm the Tusken Raider with the Huge Gun. the one in front is my Mom believe it or not. I only wore this one once, It never fit right. ( I'm pretty fat ) so my stepdad took it over. He's wearing it in this picture.
  8. Okay, so i bought the halo anniversary map pack as soon as it came out and it wont let me play the map pack. I've tried redownloading it and everything i can think of and NOTHING WORKS!! I really need help because i just started playing halo reach again since halo 4 comes out soon.
  9. I've just joined the forum and I'm very excited to hang out with everyone here! Hope you all have a fun time too!
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