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    It is really hard to choose which one.
  1. Can someone explain to me and other who doesent know what is that ring icon in Halo:CE(PC) server browser window please?
  2. Halo 1. What is your sensitivity on halo reach?
  3. Welcome . I posted that smiley because of a reason. Reason is that you will find absolutely abstract enemy here. It will not be defined yet. Which means no one yet is bad here. Welcome!
  4. They are clearly on top of the pyramid connected with all odds .
  5. Friend. You must start from somewhere to understand the original.
  6. Halo was and awlays will be game of great mysteries and epic battles. Let them milk the series!
  7. Halo CE pistol. What do you think will happen to you in the future?
  8. Well this is what i have been expecting. And this is what they have been smiling and lauhting while being in workshop. Well they suprised as. Yes they probably have seen that many people want xbox 360 games on personal computers. Same goes for halo. You see they knew all this time. Plust whoa that plan of theirs. They can now chain people to their new OS with this abillity.
  9. They surley has made good plans. As fans of this game are overloaded with Karkand because map is very good they made good plans to make it as expansion and make their money higher( very good plan i agree). Game Battlefield 3 shown me some good adrenaline rushes in great fights. Bullets flying everywhere, tanks, choppers all of that equals super adrenaline rush, well for me. Thank you got information for Battlefield 3 update. :unworthy:
  10. Hey Anthony welcome! You are going to have fun here. By the way... *Says with low voice* You could be our leaker . Haha . Just joking.
  11. It took me some time to load those images. This game deserves 10 out of 10 for graphic. I never played i have just seen the trailer. And makers really did good job. Game is good simulation for newer drivers if i am not wrong here.i don't have good understanding in these kinds of games only general, like what is it about hehe . Very good porche model. Terrain is so good, so much realistic(Definitely that).
  12. Thanks people for supporting me. Whoa when you come here you feel like home. Everyone is so frendly to you and you must be to them . I like you guys.(Not in the ga* word) EDIT: Yes another section in forum.
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