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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Everyone ! I was just wondering what's your favorite weapon in Halo Reach ? For my part, It's the ''Designated Marksman Rifle'' (DMR) because i'm making a lot of Team SWAT then i'm very accurate with the DMR and my second one is the ''SRS99D-AM'' (Sniper Rifle) because i'm accurate with a sniper 2 and I like the feeling to make an headshot over the map, like an Elite Shooter What's about you guys ?
  2. So, over the past few days on these forums I've heard, time and again, people asking 'What the heck is CSR?' Well, since before I was on this Forum, I was on the much worse, much messier Halo Waypoint, and as a person there, I have known of this, and I do know how it works. So I decided to help explain it. CSR - Competitive Skill Ranking. Well, if I lay out exactly what it means, does it make it easier or harder to understand? I'm hoping that by now, some of you are going 'Ooooooohhh!' and are now thinking 'What are the specifics?' Easy. -CSR is a 1-50 ranking system. -There is a CSR for every War Games playlist. -For games like BTB and TS, it is calculated more from your personal skill in game but that doesn't mean wins don't count. -For games like Grifball and Action sack, it is calculated more from using your wins and losses. Personal skill still counts. -'Personal skill' that I am talking about generally means your medals, kills, deaths, betrayals, all into 'one'. Now, you might say, 'Cool! So did 343 put back competition? Awesome! Where can I view each of my playlists' CSR?' And now I'm gonna have to shoot you down. It is NOT visible in-game. Why? Because 343 decided to make CSR not during the games creation, but AFTER they released information that there won't be a real skill based ranking system. Where is it visible? Halowaypoint.com, or the Halo Waypoint XBL app, or Halo Waypoint on your Android/iDevice. That is it. Why is it there? According to 343, 'Because those who truly care about their rank can access it, but it will discourage buying accounts, hacking, cheating, boosting etc. and also for players who are below average, they won't always be trash talked.' Sadly, what I read from that was something along the lines of 'Because during game planning we decided our target audience were the bad players, and so we wanted them to feel like they were doing good, and the only reason we even bothered making CSR was because when we said there wasn't a ranking system everybody on our forums were mad, which is confusing.' AAAAAnyways, what this means is that while you can still do things like compare CSR with others (Specifically, others here or on your friends list), gone are the days where you could prove you were better than someone else by comparing rank because nobody even bothers to have a mic anymore. What more do you want to know of CSR? Uhhh.... Oh, yeah. Sometimes they might reset everyone to 0. Thankfully they promised that they'll give us a reason. Is that enough? TL;DR - CSR is a ranking system which is only visible on the internet on Halo Waypoint, not on game. Therefore, it is a ranking system that applies only to the 10% or so people who actually care about the game to visit websites. Each playlist has one, and your best is displayed on your stats screen.
  3. After Mayh3m's tv post, I wanted to have a little competition for who has the best gaming rig. Post away! Cooler Master mid tower HAF-922 case with all fan mods Mobo: GA-EX58 UD7 Bloomfield Gaming custom edition Processor: Quad core i7 920 OC'd to 4.35 Ghz Memory: 16gb Triple Channel G.Skills Ripjaws Z OC'd to 2000 Mhz GPU: Gigabyte Windforce III AMD Radeon 7970 (3gb RAM) OC'd to 1150/5760 Storage: 256gb Corsair Neutron SSD + Dual 500gb 7200rpm HDD Rocking a 7.9 Windows experience index...I've only spent 1k on this PC and I bet no one can top it! Running Crysis 3 at all Ultra settings with 16xAA at 45 FPS average (low of 31 and high of 83). I have yet to try BioShock Infinite on it.
  4. Can someone explain to me and other who doesent know what is that ring icon in Halo:CE(PC) server browser window please?
  5. Has anyone else noticed that the tracker and rogue specializations are GONE?
  6. So, instead of listing the negative things about Halo 4, let’s list some of the positive things you like about Halo 4. It can be from gameplay mechanics to the campaign storyline, and/or the audio production, etc. It’s entitled to your own opinion. One of the things I enjoyed from Halo 4 is the mission Midnight. The best part of that mission for me was the first couple minutes of that mission because I was able to fly around in a ship shooting turrets while maneuvering around avoiding obstacles. It reminds me a lot of Star Fox.
  7. Hey guys it's CAMS24 I just want to know what you think about Halo 4. You can say whatever you want about Campaign, War Games, Spartan Ops, Forge......Everything ! I want your opinion guys ! For my part i think Halo 4 is very nice, the multiplayer is pretty cool, the graphics are beautiful, the campaign is a little bit weird put still very good and nice to do. Personally, Halo 4 is better than Halo Reach (my opinion, it's ok if you disagree). The forge is very interresting and easy, but you don't have enough map for it. The armors are... specials. But they are nice Tell me what's on your mind ! (For those who are interrested,CAMS24 is my gamertag. lvl79, Stalker, Campaign done in legendary)
  8. The title is pretty self explanatory. I got this idea from playing another survival game. Basically, someone has to come up with a horrible situation and the next person has to decide how to react to that horrible situation. That make sense? Here, I'll just show you. You are in the woods and it is getting dark. You only have a box of matches and a small pocket knife. How do you prepare for nightfall? Then you answer and come up with a different scenario yourself for the next person to answer. See? It's simple (BTW the answers don't have to be realistic. You are free to use your imagination) I'll start You have been hiking for several hours and have not eaten the entire day. You come across a berry bush with berries you have never seen before. Do you chance eating something poisonous, or keep walking?
  9. You are running for your life zombies are everywhere. This is you last stand, you are stranded alone in a toy store with no way out. You have only the contents of the store as weapons. Time to choose, how do you want to go out. Tell me and I'll respond with "WHAT HAPPENS NOW"
  10. Just realized how the "Binary" Rifle got its name. Binary is a numbering scheme in which there are only two possible values for each digit: 1 and 0. If you hit someone with the Binary Rifle, no matter where, it's a 1 shot kill. If you miss, obviously, it's 0. I figured some people haven't figured this out yet and some may have. I don't know if this is the exact reasoning for its naming, but it seems that it makes the most sense. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE 343i
  11. What do you think would happen if Master Chief was never found after Halo 3. Let's just assume he never escaped the Ark and died. What would happen to the UNSC without him. Would Humanity be doomed? Discuss and Answer in the comments below!
  12. what do you want as a new weapon in halo 4. im hoping for a LMG. what do you want? the br or the dmr or both?
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