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Found 20 results

  1. which path did you like better in star wars, knights of the old republic II. The Sith Lords?
  2. Map Name: Starfighter Combat GT: CaptainDireWolf Players: 2-12 (Red vs. Blue) Gametype: up to 6v6 Breakout (it helps to change the settings so players can move the death cam, otherwise the viewpoint of the remaining team members is a little wonky) In a galaxy far, far away... you must choose to join the Dark Side and crush the rebellion, or join the Light Side and stop the Imperials from dominating everyone in the galaxy. In this Halo 5 map, I've worked to combine familiar "space battle" aspects from Star Wars Battlefront and the breakout style of Halo gameplay. Teams are red versus blue, and you can play up to 12 players (6v6) for epic space firefights. As a rebel you rush out of the Tantive IV, a CR90 Corvette (Princess Leia's ship), to pilot the versatile X-wings. The Imperials on the other hand jump out of the Star Destroyer's main hangar and fly Tie Fighters and Tie Bombers. As it is breakout, there are 5 rounds, where each side gets a chance to wipe out the enemy to win. Use the Asteroid field as cover as you try and flank the enemy team and declare victory. Hope you enjoy the map. Cheers! Disclaimer: As I employ the welding glitch for this map, there is always possibility of some glitchiness if your banshee is blown out from its aesthetic vehicle. (In a way it makes the map even more hilarious to play if this happens) Now for some pics!
  3. The very first look at JJ Abrams Star Wars Episode 7 the Force Awakens is upon us in this new Teaser Trailer that came out today. There's not much here to talk about as it's only a minute and 30 seconds long. But tell me what you think of what little there is to see. Those Stormtroopers and Tie Fighters tho...
  4. So since the days following release, many members have discussed with me the possibility of creating an official un-official community squad for Star Wars: Commander. So I've created: 343iCommunity If you'd like to join simply request it, and be sure to comment your username below so that we can verify your membership. The rules for the squad will be similar to that of the Forum. No swearing No racial or ethnic slurs Do not flame other members No linking to images, videos, or websites containing nudity, discrimination, or swear words The most important rule however is to have fun. We want you to join the squad and we'd like to keep it enjoyable for everyone which is the reason these rules will remain in effect. Also, Arno Dorian has created an imperial squad known as the 343rd_corps. I believe his will be acting as a squad for the empire and mine will be acting as the Rebellion. Thanks for your interest and see ya on the virtual battlefield!
  5. Star Wars Extravaganza: Okay so to start this extravaganza celebrating everything Star Wars I'm just going to say HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! And May the fourth be with you! Right, now with that being said I'm now going to explain what this post is all about: So essentially this post is going to consist of 4 Star Wars related activities . You can take part in whatever one you want, all of them if you really want to. The events are going to be: Making your own Jedi/Sith, a Star Wars questionnaire, your top 30 favourite Star Wars characters and why and submitting any Star Wars art you've created (Make sure to credit any other artists work that you've used in yours if you do.) . So. Here's how the first activity is going to work: Jedi or Sith: Jedi/Sith's Name: Lightsaber Colour: Jedi/Sith's class e.g. Jedi Sentinel or Sith Lord: Jedi/Sith's species: Jedi/Sith's gender: Type of clothing: Biography: Fighting Style e.g. Makashi or Ataru: Any massive duels?: Additional info: Okay so now that I've shown you how that works I'm going to move onto the questionnaire (Looking forward to seeing your character submissions. ). Also the questionnaire has its rules and I expect you to obey to them: NO USING Google and NO USING Wookieepedia. Those are the only rules ! Unfortunately I don't have any rewards/awards for the person that gets all of the answers right first, sorry about that . Although I will send you a congrats over PM . Test your Star Wars knowledge: 1.How many breeds of Bantha are there? 2.Which form of lightsaber combat does Darth Tyranus specialise at? 3.Who was the first ever Dark Lord of the Sith? 4.Who was the youngest ever Grand Master of the Jedi? 5.What is the name of the character that says this quote to Luke Skywalker "My friend doesn't like you, I don't like you either. You best watch yourself we're wanted men, I have the death sentence on over 12 systems"? 6.What is the rarest type of lightsaber ever? 7.Who is the main protagonist in the game SWTFU? 8.What is the name of Darth Maul's brother? 9.What famous ancient Sith sorcerer could manipulate solar energy and actually destroy stars? 10.Who allegedly manipulated the midi-chlorians to create Anakin Skywalker? 11.What coloured lightsaber did Lowbacca have? 12.What form of lightsaber combat did Mace Windu invent? 13.What form of lightsaber combat did Yoda specialise at? 14.What species is known for the famous phrase "Utini!" in Star Wars? 15.What three famous Jedi are seen as force spirits at the end scene of the film "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi"? 16.What Sith Lord is known for the quote "It's treason then."? 17.What Sith Lord is known for duelling Satele Shan on the planet Alderan? 18.What Sith Lord is referred to as the Lord of Hunger? 19.What Sith Lord is known as the Lord of Pain? 20.Who is the Jedi Master known for the quote "What about the droid attack on the Wookiees?"? 21.What group did the bounty hunter Boba Fett belong to? 22.Who's nickname was 'Chewie' in the Star Wars series? 23.What character is known for their quote "It's a trap!" 24.What is the full name of the Imperial vehicle AT-AT? 25.What is the name of Han Solo's ship? Okay so the next activity speaks for itself. Just post up your favourite 30 Star Wars characters ! My top 30 (in no particular order): 1.Darth Revan 2.Yoda 3.Obi-Wan Kenobi 4.Luke Skywalker 5.Anakin Skywalker 6.Mace Windu 7.Leia Skywalker 8.Han Solo 9.C-3PO 10.R2-D2 11.Kit Fisto 12.Darth Malgus 13.Plo Koon 14.Exar Kun 15.Bastilla Shan 16.Darth Sidious 17.Darth Maul 18.Darth Nihilus 19.Darth Plagueis the Wise 20.Naga Sadow 21.Marka Ragnos 22.Darth Malak 23.Darth Krayt 24.Darth Bane 25.Boba Fett 26.Ki-Adi Mundi 27.Qui-Gon Jinn 28.Halagad Ventor 29.Starkiller/Galen Marek 30.Shaak Ti And yet again this activity speaks for itself post up a bit of Star Wars art that you've done ! My piece of Star Wars art:
  6. Hello everyone, welcome to the sixth incarnation of the new and improved Weekly News Wrap-Up written by yours truly, Edward Kenway. Let's get down to our three awesome articles this weekend, please enjoy! (Side note: be sure to check out the Weekly News Wrap-Up Index to find all of the new Wrap-Ups in one directory!) View attachment: WNW 52414.JPG Evolve Confirms Release Date Evolve, from the creators of Left 4 Dead, has received massive hype following the announcement of four new character classes, as well as it's presentation at PAX 2014. According to Polygon.com, 2K has announced some exciting news for fans of the game, a confirmed release date in the fall line-up of October 21st, 2014. Evolve could receive some trouble at launch however due to the fact that a wealth of other hit titles will be releasing during that month like Batman: Arkham Knight, Alien Isolation, and Driveclub just to name a few. As previously announced, it will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 world-wide. You can pre-order to get a few bonuses like the Monster Expansion Pack, which includes a skin for your Goliath. View attachment: 2K_EVOLVE_E3_Character_Bucket2.jpg Are you pre-ordering Evolve for pick-up on October 21st, or can you simply not afford it with the heap of other triple-A titles releasing? Let us know below! Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Released Batman: Arkham Knight, the fourth and final game in the Arkham Franchise, is expected to release this fall in October, and we recently got our first glimpse of in-game content rather then just High Definition screenshots. On Xbox's channel, a trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight was released, showcasing a few new things. In the trailer, called "Evening the Odds", we got our first glimpse of in-game scenes with Two-Face and Batman, and our first look at Scarecrow and Rocksteady's new villain, the Arkham Knight. We also see some scenes of the Batmobile and it's ability to drive through the streets and sewers. The video is mostly narrated by Scarecrow, like the first trailer. View attachment: batmanakphoto.jpg What do you think of the new Gameplay trailer; are you buying Arkham Knight? Discuss! Star Wars Attack: Squadrons Cancelled by Disney After the cancellation of the promising Star Wars 1313, fans were skeptical about a new title under the name Attack Squadrons, but with a fairly successful closed beta, we were hopeful that the game would outlast, it did not. According to the official site, StarWarsAttackSquadrons.com, development stopped after careful deliberation about other star wars outlets. They said specifically, "After much consideration, we have decided to cease development so that we can focus on other Star Wars game experiences. We truly appreciate the time you spent engaging in the beta." No other information was released on the unfortunate cancellation, but this could lead to good things such as other ventures in the Star Wars franchise, that will hopefully not be cancelled. View attachment: 1400876695-star-wars-attack-squadrons.jpg Did you see promise in Attack Squadrons, or is this an unintelligent move on Disney's part? Debate below! Thanks for reading, and remember if you like what you've read hit that like button and leave a comment, I'll see you next time Forumians!
  7. The cast of Star Wars: Episode VII has been announced at last! April 29th, Pinewood Studios, UK - Writer/Director/Producer J.J Abrams (top center right) at the cast read-through of Star Wars Episode VII at Pinewood Studios with (clockwise from right) Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Producer Bryan Burk, Lucasfilm President and Producer Kathleen Kennedy, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Mark Hamill, Andy Serkis, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Adam Driver and Writer Lawrence Kasdan. Copyright and Photo Credit: David James. -StarWars.Com Ref. The Cast for Star Wars: Episode VII Mark Hamill -Luke Skywalker Harrison Ford -Han Solo Peter Mayhew -Chewbacca Carrie Fisher -Princess Leia Anthony Daniels -C-3PO Kenny Baker -R2-D2 Daisy Ridley -New Cast Member Andy Serkis -New Cast Member Max Von Sydow -New Cast Member Domhnall Gleeson -New Cast Member Oscar Isaac -New Cast Member John Boyega -New Cast Member Adam Driver -New Cast Member Bryan Burk -Producer Lawrence Kasdan -Writer Kathleen Kennedy -Lucasfilm President and Producer JJ Abrams, the director of the upcoming film, had this to say on the official announcement of the cast: "We are so excited to finally share the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII. It is both thrilling and surreal to watch the beloved original cast and these brilliant new performers come together to bring this world to life, once again. We start shooting in a couple of weeks, and everyone is doing their best to make the fans proud." Star Wars: Episode VII premiers December 18, 2015. What do you think of this cast? Do any of these members in particular excite you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. SOURCE:STARWARS.COM
  8. From the album: Beckoningzebra1's Stuff

    Got this just in time for May 4th :DDD
  9. Well known Actor and Writer Todd Stashwick, famous from his rumored work on the Star Wars game by Visceral Games, has been recast on Uncharted 4, following a recent slue of firings and quitting scenarios in Naughty Dog and on Uncharted. When fans received the Uncharted for PlayStation 4 trailer, one thing in particular stood out, it's narrator, Todd Stashwick. Todd had been rumored to be the antagonist on Uncharted on PS4 and according to IGN.com, this will no longer be the case as Naughty Dog chose to recast his role to someone else who is unknown at the moment. Todd said to them that, “They chose to recast my role,” and while they reached out to Sony for a response, none was given. This follows the perplexing trend of recent reports coming from Naughty Dog, like Amy Hennig and Justin Richmond's sudden exiting from the studio, or Nate Wells' recent employment in Sparrow Games. View attachment: UnchartedLogo.jpg Does this news have you concerned for the project, or do you hold out hope that the next Uncharted will be as high in production caliber as it's previous installments? Leave your thoughts below, and thanks for reading!
  10. I've seen tons of "who will win" threads, so I decided to make my own. I will share my opinion of this later on. In the meantime though, who do you think will win between a Sith and a Spartan. Now, there are various Sith types as well as various Spartan types, so feel free to pick a favorite and compare them. I want to know why you think the way you do, so please try to avoid posting things like, "Sith would win!!!!11" Let the posts begin.
  11. As a huge fan of the clone trooper Echo, and an even bigger fan of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, I felt the need to write a topic about this to inform the fellow Star Wars fans on this forum. Now that the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series is over, Dave Filoni left us with a few sketches of where the series was going, and what could have happened. Here are some of the sketches: For all of the concept images click on the source at the bottom of this thread. At the end of his blog, Dave Filoni left us with an image and some words regarding the clone trooper Echo. This is wonderful to hear for me. I thought his time was too short and I was very upset with his early death. I hope to see some Star Wars lore popping up about him in the near future, and now I can finally watch this without getting teary-eyed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCMx3dgTq0g SOURCE:STARWARS.COM
  12. Star Wars: Battlefront is going to receive a greatly anticipated reboot in 2015 by Dice Studios. I was a huge fan of the Battlefront series and had a lot of fun blasting droids and rebels alike. So I've compiled a top 3 list of battles I'd like to see debut or return in the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game! The Battle of Umbara This battle debuted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The battle consists of the 501st battalion (normally led by Anakin Skywalker, but led by Pong Krell because of the situation) and the 212th attempting to take the capital of Umbara. I think the plot from this battle would be great for the campaign and the map would be a quick favorite for matchmaking. The map would be very dark, neccessating the use of night vision. There are many vehicles and weapons (some exclusive to this battle) that could be implemented, and would be excellent for a large sized map. The Battle of Kashyyk Another large scale map, The Battle of Kashyyyk looked absolutely beautiful in Battlefront 2. I liked how the map played, and it featured some very fun sniper spots, and excellent tactical gameplay. I'd like to see this map reappear in the upcoming game, but I'd like to see it expanded even more to fit the depiction of the battle portrayed in Episode III. The Battle of Hoth The battle of Hoth almost doesn't even need a description. Held in high regard among those in the Star Wars community, this map is a fast favorite. The huge AT-AT's seem to be quite the advantage at first, but this is balanced due to how slow they move and how easily they can be destroyed if a skilled pilot is around. I want this to be an exact remake of the map from Battlefront II. It's already perfect, nothing needs to be changed. That's my Top 3, list your Top 3 below along with a description, and why you want them below.
  13. I have grown up with all the SWs, and I personally liked them all a lot. But in many ways, I don't understand why they get haters. But there are things I question. They have awkward moments, they don't have enough emotion (Except 3) and things fans have said. Hayden gets hate, Anakin is known to be whiny. But too me, I think George did that cause he wanted to show he had problems before being Vader. Portraying a troubled man (The way his mom died was well done and sad, even said he dreamed about her) so in a way, Hayden played the role well... "Too much CGI." What do you except? It's a fictional world with MANY types of planets, creatures, weapons, and so much more, CGI is important. I have mixed feelings about some backgrounds being blue screens however. So your thoughts? And what do you want for epi 7? BTW, the old ones had problems Epi 4: Obi-Wan and Yoda should have told Luke and Leia about their dad, AND trained them I mean come on, wouldn't you want to know if your dad was the sith lord?! Epi 5: Don't like how they split up too much. If Obi-Wan could talk to him, why did he send Luke all the freaking way to Dagobah instead of training him? Epi 6: The storm troopers being killed by those things made them more useless. There is not much to say about 6, it's freaking awesome So you see, they all had problems
  14. STAR WARS: ATTACK SQUADRONS SPACE COMBAT GAME COMING SOON Get ready to pilot -- and make some special modifications to -- some of the most famous starships in the galaxy. Disney Interactive announced today the first details for the upcoming online game Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, and has invited fans to sign up for a chance to join the action during beta tests in the new year. The new title is a free-to-play, open web, space combat game offering an intense multiplayer battle experience where players can customize and tune popular Star Wars ships, including the Rebel Alliance's X-wing fighter or the Empire's TIE Interceptor. In Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, players will enter exciting dogfighting action with up to 16 players at a time as they maneuver through iconic Star Wars locations. Future ships, environments, and game details will be announced in the coming weeks. Star Wars fans can sign up now for a chance to participate in the closed beta here with the first play session beginning early 2014. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons was developed by Area 52 in conjunction with Disney Interactive and LucasArts. SOURCE
  15. The fight to save the galaxy is going mobile: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced today that Star Wars: Force Collection, a card battling game, will be available for free download worldwide on iOS and Android devices on September 4. Star Wars: Force Collection puts players in command of more than 230 heroes, villains, and vehicles from Star Wars Episodes I-VI, crossing the Star Wars galaxy to complete quests, fight battles, and collect powerful cards and upgrades. As players progress, their actions will determine whether they join and fight on the light or dark side of the Force during global player events. "Stating the obvious, Star Wars is an enormously successful franchise, and we saw great potential in the story to delight fans around the world with a deep game experience on mobile devices," said Tomoyuki Tsuboi, president of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. "Konami's proven capabilities in mobile game development and publishing, particularly in the card battle genre, are the perfect fit for Star Wars, and we're very pleased to bring this new experience to players around the globe." Ok, who else is uber psyched about this game!?
  16. Gamertag: BlahishSnipesU Map: Bespin: Cloud City Gametypes: Star Wars Battlefront Conquest or you can use Robius5991's gametype Star Wars Battlefront 2 Player count: 12-16 players This map is a remake of my favorite map in the Battlefront series, Bespin: Cloud City. I have spent countless hours working on this map, mainly because of the dynamic lighting issue it had. The lighting still isn't completely fixed, but its as good as it could possibly get, and it isn't as noticeable during gameplay and a whole lot better than how it originally was. If I ever do edit the map making the lighting just a little bit better, which I probably will do since there is always room for improvement, I'll post another version of it. Also, there were a few minor things I had to exclude from the remake that was in the original map, like some of the hallways in the carbon freezing chamber. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this map as much as I do. If anyone has any comments, questions, or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. Also I want to give credit to the guys from OnlineKnights for giving me the inspiration for this map. Some aerial views. Blue Spawn Red Spawn Bride on the blue side of the map. Bride on the red side of the map. These are ammo and health droids. Standing near the ammo droid (the red one) will give you unlimited armor ability and unlimited ammo, standing the health droid (the blue one) will recharge your shields instantly and faster than normal. Before using the ammo droid... After using the ammo droid. As you can see, it will actually give you an extra magazine for your gun and it replenishes your armor ability. Screenshot of the corbon freezing chamber with Shmeef Solo frozen in carbonite. Here's what I used to call the Sniper Hallway, I used to love to pick off rebel scum with a sniper rifle in this hallway.
  17. Hey what up everyone!? Iv'e had an idea for a long time that there should be a game made in the Halo universe using the same play style as Star Wars Battlefront. You play as either the UNSC or the Covenant from a first person shooter perspective. As humans you would mostly play as marines which would allow for a very realistic rendition of the Halo universe (quicker kills, true effects of plasma, blooming crosshairs, unstable crosshairs, lower jump, slower sprint). Not only is this a perspective I would enjoy playing, but I think it would draw a lot of CoD fans/Battlefield fans to play Halo. Obviously the really dope part would be playing the covenant from a first person perspective... or at all. Anyway, I personally have an idea in my head of how I would make it, but what does everyone else think?
  18. Hello everyone, I'm new to the site. Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying Halo 4. I wasn't going to give this game a try, until about a month before launch because it wasn't Bungie. I decide to see what 343i had to offer and I think they have done a wonderful job. I can say I'm enjoying myself more than I did reach. I also was looking for a clan/guild to join. I really want to be part of a gaming community. I have been looking around but nothing seems to fit. I'm a star wars fan and I play on everything (pc/xbox 360/ps3). I'm a casual player but I love to get more involved. So I'm just looking for a great community to join. Been playing Halo 4, SW:TOR, Planet Side 2, and BF3 (pc or ps3). If that helps any. I'll see you all through the scope of my BR
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxF9YO8rFb4 Please post your thoughts, opinions, critiques, and rage, as they are all valued.
  20. Industrial Light & Magic visual effects supervision Kim Libreri predicts graphics will advance to new levels over span of the coming decade. By the time 2022 rolls around, graphics will have advanced to a point at which they are "indistinguishable from reality," claims Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) visual effects supervisor Kim Libreri. ILM is working with LucasArts on upcoming third-person shooter Star Wars 1313, and in a new video interview with CVG (embedded below) Libreri said it will one day be nigh impossible to spot the differences between real-time rendering and live action. “It’s an interesting time because with modern computer graphics hardware, the way it's going, it’s gonna be pretty hard to tell the difference between something that is interactive and rendered in real time, and something that was done for an animated TV show, or even a live-action thing,” Libreri said. Libreri further explained that at present, real-time rendered graphics are able to match the quality of animated movies from seven or eight years ago. And in another decade, they will be "indistinguishable from reality." Libreri has been involved with computer graphics for a long time. Prior to attaining his current position at LucasArts, he served as vice president at visual effects and animation studio Digital Domain. Libreri is also credited as a visual effects supervisor for movies like Super 8 and The Matrix. If graphics do become on par with reality in the next decade, 2K boss Christoph Hartmann will have gotten his wish. Last week, the executive called for photorealism in games, saying such advanced capabilities are needed to help designers tackle emotions like love and sadness. Star Wars 1313 is a collaborative project across the Lucasfilm organization, which includes LucasArts, ILM, Lucasfilm Animation Ltd., and Skywalker Sound. In the game, players travel deep beneath the surface of city-world Coruscant to uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy. No release date or platforms for Star Wars 1313 have been announced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ttR1VcDD4w&feature=player_embedded Information found at gamespot.com http://www.gamespot....ars-dev-6390719
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