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  1. Hey me and my 4 brothers love playing halo reach but since my parents watch a whole lot of creminal minds or what ever they don't really allow us to play online so ranking up takes a while and since we all humans (except those who aint#arbiter) we can't play 24 hours a day 7 days a week I tried and I'm still just now catching up in school
  2. Hey I was just past captain 1or2 and we added a new profile then suddenly my brothers and my profiles were wiped clean.the just my other brother went online whith his new profile and it got wiped please fix this
  3. Maybe not lock but pronably linda,fred or sam. I think sam is going to be finishing this fight.
  4. Hey,whenever I play online after the match I get ejected back to the playlist menu also the cpus (odsts and marines) don't know how to drive on halos 1-3 Custom games end with the missing match up menu from matchmaking And legendary campaigns have a few issues some odsts accedently Blowup their alys also I think that every one who played halomc From nov 11 to december 19should get odst free the xbox one works Both online and offline and you have a lot of offline fans and I'm one of em
  5. Hey,on halo mcc halo 3 matchmaking there is a problem either nobody is playing it or the servers are down sooo... pleause fix it please please asap #seeyou #HALO5BEST
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