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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys and girls I'm here to introduce to you the FIRST out of many to come 343i Community Podcast! In these Podcasts we will be giving an update of the major events of the forums and gaming advice/opinions/information/news. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNfa3L4BT1Y
  2. Halo 4 oppa gangman style parody, what else do you want? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrsELPyG3_0 Disclaimer: content not made by the mexican going by the name N@han florez, video was made by the ever present magical powers of the halo community.... Disclaimer's Disclaimer: in the real world, video was made by Teamheadkick.
  3. I'm new, but i love playing Halo 4 (and secretly some Blops 2) add my gamertag if you're awesome.
  4. So, I was thinking a little bit, and I was wondering. Should they bring back some of the guns in Halo 3 for Halo 4, like the MA5C Assault Rifle and the BR55 Battle Rifle? I think so.
  5. So I was thinking, and it'd be cool to start a legend/background story about Spartan-468 (myself). I have a feel simple ideas myself, but I'm gonna need community input if I'm gonna turn it into a small story. I need ideas from everyone, plus ideas for a small intro fan fiction story that I will write. The facts about Spartan-468 so far: -Leader of White Team (last known location of team: Reach) -Last known location: Reach -Crackshot with almost any weapon, but Prefers Sniper and DMR -Favorite weapon: Sniper -Has taken on 10 elite/grunt teams at a time when his team were on board Covenant carrier -Has white armor (awesome white armor) -Has legendary skill with Sniper and DMR, but uses Magnum when needed -HATES assault rifle -Can take out a dozen Covy in about 10 seconds flat, all with head shots, the most time consuming part, being the reload. I can't really think of any more at this time. They dont all have to be true, especially since some are pretty far fetched. But, you guys can help me pick them and add ideas. I also need help coming up with a short fan fiction story about him and White team on Reach. All of white team will die, except him. It should finish with him in a situation where its nigh impossible to get out alive, but it can happen. Cuz he does, duh, or I wouldnt be here! But its supposed to build up mystery about him, you know? And I'm not the best idea man. I can write, but ima need help. All help is appreciated. Thank Guys :unworthy:
  6. Grunts. The little guys. Alien cannon fodder. The things you love to kill. Some find them cute. But, there is a time in every Halo fans life when he/she thinks: What if I could play as a Grunt? Imagine it, you're a Grunt in a new playlist: Grunt slayer. You have Spartan shields. You move as fast as a Spartan and hitting the crouch button makes you more accurate, you move slower and you disappear from the motion tracker. You can use any weapon, you have armour abilities like armour lock and armour effects like Birthday Party and you melee with the strength of an Elite. You can also pilot vehicles, jump and do anything else Spartans and Elites can. Like with Elites you unlock different armour classes from minor to ultra. I want it!
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