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Found 7 results

  1. i have recently started playing halo again and am sad to say its still glitchy and unbalanced as hell. I remember when i first started playing halo 4 i loved it even though it glitchy i played through since it was new and my first multiplayer experience. But then people started playing exile a lot and it was unbalanced. The tank was basically lets face it owned by the red team since it was a sprint a way from their spawn. While the blue team had the Gauss cannon which could destroy the tank in 2 hits and since it had unlimited range this was not hard. People by luck got on the blue team and were thankful. Now lets get to ricochet about 1 year has passed since exile was like it was. Then a patch came around and fixed that up and now its more balanced. The first map i played ricochet on was haven and it was balanced. But then the next map adrift i found out that the blue team had a slight advantage and by slight i mean HUGE advantage. They could run across there hallway, get on a man cannon, and fly straight into your goal. I took them 2 minutes to finish a 15 minute match. I was outraged at the unfairness of the game. With these finding i discover that the blue team always seems to have the advantage over the red team. Is there somebody at 343i thats colorblind and hates red?
  2. First of all I am 43. Not some whiney assed teenager, or young child with nothing better to do. I have played Halo from the beginning, and never before has there been this xp cap/specialization lock. In less than a month (cause Legendary is way too easy) I have cleared the campaign, cleared spartan ops (up to this point), and reached level 70 only to find out that after paying 60 bucks for HALO 4, and buying a map pack (cause I have always bought every map pack) that all of that money was wasted due to some arrogant geek sitting behind a computer trying to figure out better ways to enforce greed upon the customers. Now I am stuck while my xbox live account timer is ticking away, till a ¨patch¨ is written to ¨fix¨ a problem that shouldnt have even been written into the program! So as of this posting I will have a full month of xbox live account time before 343 will have this patched. (or so they say) I can only think that there will be a whole NEW level when HALO 5 comes out, and am starting to have serious reservations about whether or not to buy that one when it comes out. Or to even buy the new xbox 720. (we have 5 xbox 360s in this household, REACH, MW3, H4, and two plain ones) HALO is supposed to be the flagship game of xbox, NOT the game that eventually causes its downfall. At the time of this posting it appears to me that xbox giving HALO to 343 is like a corvette being given to a 5yr old. All they can do is wreck it. How about we fire whoever came up with the following ideas, and give raises to whomever can fix 343 employees have made so far. 1. Whoever came up with throwing the damned oddball. 2. Whoever had absolutely NO imagination when they designed the armor. 3. Whoever came up with the specializations idea. 4. Whoever made Legendary so easy that a child could beat it within a 12 hour period. Even without the REAL WORLD way of saying it, number 5s skulls looking like they were drawn on with a crayon remains.
  3. Over all I love Halo 4 and think 343i has done an incredibly job on the story line, visuals, sounds, etc... This is an amazing Halo game. There are only a few issues that I, and many others, have that are slowly leeching all the fun from the game because they are so annoying and nonsensical. First and foremost: Vehicle friendly fire? Really? 343i... You know the majority of people who play your game online are trolls right? I've played Halo online since Halo 2 and about 3/5 games, in my experience, you will have teammates try to ruin the game for all the other players on their team. Usually you can just ignore it and keep playing, or boot them!... problem solved! However, in Halo 4 this isn't possible. Instead you just end up trying to avoid one or two of your teammates for however long the match lasts so you can keep playing the game and have fun. Now since everyone who plays online games knows that teammates are going to be jerks... why enable them? I love that betrayals are gone (except for splattering, but that kind of makes sense) but why allow teammates to destroy vehicles via friendly fire? I guess I just don't understand the thinking behind it. Second: 343i. In my browsing of the forums and my experience in the game, I see little to no response to the community/fan base and their valid complaints. Why is this? Why don't you listen to your customers? Or at least show that you're listening? I'd rather you act on what we're saying, but even an acknowledgment would be better than being completely ignored. So please listen to the people who provide your paycheck. We're not all mindless and stupid. Third: Why have a daily experience point cap? You promoted the crap out of the game with Mountain Dew and Doritos Double XP, but then you hinder players... seems completely counter-intuitive right? You're not helping anyone by doing that. Since high level players are thrown in with low level players all the time, there's no meaning to rank. So why hinder people who play your game a lot and want to be rewarded if it doesn't hurt any other player? So basically, out of supposed concern for other players, you hinder the players who play a lot, yet allow teammates to destroy vehicles, while promoting the game with Double XP and not letting people get all the XP they want in a day. Overall you're just hindering people and haven't accomplished any of what you claim you're trying to do! Don't get me started on the specializations thing... at least that's behind most of us now. So 343i please just listen to the people you're selling your game to. Take our ideas and thoughts into consideration and I promise Halo 5 will be even better than Halo 4 (which is phenomenal overall).
  4. I have reached the right rank on the splatter commendation to unlock the green verdant visor, but for some reason it isnt unlocking. Is anyone else having that problem? Please help!
  5. Just putting it out there and i really hope someone from 343 sees this because the join in session thing sucks. i keep joining games where my team is getting owned or about to lose. i pride myself on playing well and always try to win and im sure there are many other people out there who are the same and to constantly join games and get loses is stupid. it needs to be sorted out because so many people quit now with a lack of consequence and ruin the games for other people who are playing and then joining into the game. SORT IT OUT
  6. 1. The sniper "rifle" Whever I fire this so called "weapon" it sounds like a baby panda sneezing. A SNIPER SHOULD SOUND VICIOUS AND AGGRESSIVE NOT CUTE AND CUDDLY. 2. OP overshield I hopped into a match of Slayer and a couple minutes in, I had ordinance ready. I called down the overshield, and as I was running to it, someone on the enemy team began firing at me. He would have killed me, but as soon as my shield broke, I picked up the overshield. It recovered my health despite the enemy firing at me, and still gave me a full overshield. So not only was I momentarily invulnerable, but I was able to turn around and kill my opponent without a problem. I have a video of this in my file share, but I've yet to figure out how to find it on the site, so no links. But you should check it out. It's my only video, and it's disgusting. 3. Balance issues galore. Slayer throws you into matches with losing teams expecting you to do something useful, which is inevitably impossible if your opponents have any bit of skill. They've taken Armor Lock and nerfed the Jetpack. Why not nerf the Armor Lock as well, so that I can't get ******* destroyed by faggots who jetpack with a rocket launcher all game? So far this game has disgraced the Halo franchise. The thruster pack is absolutely useless. But above all, 343 has successfully implemented every single aspect from Call of Duty. If I wanted to play that game, I'd ******* buy it instead. Now I risk jumping into a match with someone who can kill me multiple times despite my higher skill level, simply because of bull**** perks and armor abilities. Not to mention that the lunge for the Plasma Sword STILL HAS YET TO BE NERFED. Let me know what you all think. Am I wrong here? Am I over-reacting? Am I neglecting to consider counters?
  7. I'm new to the forums. So sorry if this is a repeat post. I loved in halo 3 how the grunts would scream funny things, or just do things to make you laugh. Halo 1-3 had a lot of funny moments, and it got to the point where comedy was expected, and Bungie did a really good job creating it in easter eggs and stuff. I am afraid that in halo 4, almost everybody has said that it is going to be more serious, and have a darker tone with Cortana, and Rampancy. Plus the transition from bungie to 343. (I know 343 is made up of die-hard halo fans) but there is still a possibility that the humor of the halo universe has been lost there. Also I was reading in Xbox magazine that grunts will no longer have face masks, but tubes going to their nose. The said that this was because "They wanted you to see their mouth, and they emphasized about it was mostly the teeth that they wanted you to see. He said that it is hard to be scared of a little creature with a shrill voice, yelling that was my friend! and running in circles when you shot its buddy. I pesonally liked that kind of humor in the games and I'm afraid it's not going to e in these new games.
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