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  1. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 99. Last week I asked you all what your favourite novel/comics were, the victory goes to The Fall of Reach. I'm not surprised that TFoR came out on top, though I did think it would be close. Strong competitors were First Strike and Ghosts of Onyx. Despite all Halo novels being great, Nylund's three were the most voted for. Click here to view Site Poll 98, and here for the Twitter responses. Thel 'Vadam vs Ripa 'Moramee? This is is not a poll for who you like more, it's for who you think would win in a duel. Any weapon(s) may be selected, but both warriors must have the same weapon(s). Assume both are the same age in this duel. There have been many threads and videos on this before, but I want to see what members of this community think, especially in this day and age. There are advantages each Elite has over the other, and they're both exceptional Sangheili, but who do you think would win? Let me know how you think it'll play out and why. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  2. The Halo 4/5 art styles are really just different species (or "ethnicities") of alien races being depicted. This is made clear in the Kilo-five trilogy, the appearance of most Elites, Jackals, and Grunts is canon. Some are clearly not, such as the Arbiter's, and this is due to resource limits. The reason both species aren't shows is because of time constraints, and resources. The ultimate solution is to have all species shown, and this may well be possible for Halo 6. If 343 can show all species, or at least the ones that should be there by canon, Halo 6 will be almost perfect already. Of course there are many things that can be improved/developed, but the appearances in-game and in cutscenes are too important to be sacrificed. Halo's most important aspect, in many people's opinions, is its lore. 343 have done an outstanding job with Halo Wars 2. They show both the original species from "Bungie's" Halos, and the "343" species. This is what all future Halo titles need. It makes sense, and breaks no canon or lore. Why would there only be all of one species in a specific military? There would be a mix, like we see in Halo Wars 2. For the Covenant, the only "mix" we see is with grunts, and that's perfectly fine. It could make sense that all of Let Volir's crew was full of were the Halo CE/2/3/Reach species shown. We can safely assume that there were some Halo 4/5 species during the older games as well, just not depicted. The Arbiter, Thel Vadam, certainly needs his real appearance back in all future titles, but all the rest (not previously confirmed Elites) can be mixed. The Kig-Yar have 3 different species confirmed, with names. The Sangheili don't need different species names, they're not that different and wouldn't distinguish each other in that way. They Unggoy, I can't say, would love to see some more differentiation between the Halo 4/5 ones and those prior though. The reason we may see 343 succeed in this area with Halo 6 is because of the time spent on Halo 6's development; clearly a lot longer. It will most likely drop in 2019 or 2020, and will be a huge success in the eyes of it's followers if 343 mix these styles together. They could be working on it right now as you read this. It will revive the dead horse everyone keeps kicking, and grow it from a colt to a stallion. This will be even better than before, because we see things how they really are, with all species (or the ones which are meant to be there canonically) involved. If 343 don't do this, it would be very disappointing, and more hope would be lost. I'm confident they know what to do now, and have known for the past 2 years. Halo Wars 2 has reassured me, and I hope to see both styles in future titles. Bringing back the old and getting rid of the new is not the way to do it. That will only make it worse, it won't make much sense, and completely get rid of newly introduced species (which have canonically been there from the start). We need both, and I put my faith in 343 to not fail us.
  3. in the canon elites are training with spartans and the swords of sanghelios and covenant splinter factions in the canon consist of old and new style elites so all 343 needs is to scale down and re texture existing sanghelli assets from in game to create playable elites. -note my first post ._. hello
  4. Hello fellow halo fans and gamers!! I go by the name Calus Neprokas 'Euradee and I help to admin the Facebook page and community known as "Sangheili." Not trying to spam or anything but we are looking for support for our new petition and I was recommended to come here. If you are an fan of the Elites/Sangheili or feel the need for their return in Halo 6 then please check out this link to our petition on Change.org!!! We hope you will stand with us. We are trying to push 343i into our favor, but rather to have something that made halo great to us come back to us! What do you say? Will you stand with us? Please 343 Industries, Bring them back!! Link to Petition: https://www.change.org/p/microsoft-bring-elites-sangheili-back-in-halo-6-s-multiplayer https://www.change.org/p/microsoft-bring-elites-sangheili-back-in-halo-6-s-multiplayer - Calus Neprokas 'Euradee
  5. 343 could you please put in elites for multiplayer a lot of us would appreciate to see elites and humans in multiplayer again. Comment saying that you agree if you agree with me for having elites in multiplayer
  6. The upcoming Xbox One shooter Halo 5: Guardians has had a host of new images reveal features and details of the highly hyped game! Recently, GameInformer.com posted a wealth of pictures revealing new details about the game, which you can find in a huge information dump provided by Self Destruct. Since this, new images have surfaced revealing a wealth of details about Halo 5: Guardians and it's story and features. For starters, the Covenant Remnant, a fanatic cult separated from the now broken Covenant order, will be returning in some old ways. Images show the genetically modified Jackals and Grunts looking mostly the same from Halo 4, however, the Elites have gotten a few changes to their armour and it's ranking as Zealots seem to now be white and green and much taller than typical spartans, likely due to their genetic modifications. View attachment: halo510.jpg Next up, Promethean weapons like the Boltshot, Suppressor, and Incineration Cannon are returning, with balancing changes but little aesthetic variance to date, coming from an anonymous source. Finally, a new cover has been released for Escalation issue 22 on HaloPedia.org which will launch on September 23rd and follow Spartan Palmer and others as they track down Halsey. This will be an official sequel to the story told in Spartan Ops. And finally, Spartan Jun's voice actor confirmed over Twitter.com he was not called back to voice his character, meaning an appearance by Jun is unlikely unless in cameo form, or maybe he's lying to us... Nah. View attachment: halo517.jpg Anyways that's all for now guys, below are a bunch of other pictures for you to look at showing off Spartan Tanaka for the first time in-game as well as Blue Team renders. Enjoy!
  7. You must've read that title and been like, "Oh god, no way." Well, guess what? I'M DOING ROLEPLAYS AGAIN. YAYAYAYAYAY! So if you don't like it, don't sign up. But I highly encourage you do, because this is gonna be a lot of fun. Hear me out. Halo: War Games is an interactive roleplay taking place in the Halo Universe around 2558, some time after the Second Battle of Requiem and it's destruction. The setting is a UNSC Charon-class light frigate, the UNSC Champion, where a small arena simulation has been set up training Spartan and Ex-Covenant cooperative missions for future battles, enacted by ONI out of fear of the Covenant Remnant and return of the Prometheans. In this simulation, a set of teams comprised of both Spartans and the Arbiter's forces coordinate in invasion-class assaults and stalemates to determine skill among different races and in different fields. You are one of these squad members, and today's ballot day. Sign up below using a formula like I will provide, there are no real limits to this, just stay within the Halo universe's logic. After all have signed up, the Roleplay will start and ballots will determine who is on what team, and depending on the number of players, how many teams there are. Here is the layout for your character sheet, feel free to make changes where needed if you'd like. Name: Johnny Bravo Race: Human (Can choose Elite, Jackal, Grunt, etc.) Class: Soldier (Each race has classes, will list below as well) Weapon(s) of choice: Carbine, Scarab Gun, Frag Grenades, Bubble Shield (Generally anything is fine, primary, secondary, grenade, and equipment, one of each) Characteristics: Blonde, muscular, gorgeous (Just describe your character in any way you can) Backstory: Johnny lived with his 'mama for many years of his life, and after the human-covenant war he developed a hatred for elites (Character's backstory, pretty simple) Classes: Soldier (frontline, can call in ordnance once per game) Medic (mid-range, can bring fallen allies back into the simualtion) Grenadier (longer ranged, can carry more than 2 grenades in a simulation) Ranger (longer ranged, can disable enemy radar) Ultras (frontline, can call in a deployable turret) Zealot (mid-range, can give ammunition to teammates) General (longer ranged, can boost teammates' health) Spec-Ops (longer ranged, can cloak for about 15 seconds) I will alllow you to mix and max, ergo, be a spartan with Zealot abilities, or be a covvie with Medic. Doesn't matter to me. After a few training matches, what's really interesting is we will be having an event where the winning team will determine who scores in the RP. Pretty cool eh? SIGN UP BELOW. My character entry is in the spoiler below if you're interested, I will be RPing too.
  8. Order of the New Atlas (ONA) is a sangheili clan based on the masterchief collection. We are hoping to raise up a formidable army much like our last on Reach. People joining this clan should expect strict leadership. ONA is a convalescent institute for players looking to build their skill. We see small custom games as a waste of our time (what you do with your time is your business while in the clan, do not expect clan time to go towards meaningless customs). Please don't contact us if... -You insist on yelling through your headset, at us or people around you. -You are younger than 13 (13 is still stretching it by our standards, be mature). -You can't speak English (pretty impressive if you could read this far). -You don't have a mic. -You are not willing to change your armor or emblem. -You will run off at the first sight of disciplin. Training is pretty straight forward. -team building skills and exercises. -BR skill building. -callout classes -advanced weopon training Send messages (xbox) to myself, Apex Arbiter, or imsupercooLL if you have questions or want to join.
  9. Throughout my halo career I have delved into nearly every aspect of the games. I have vanquished covenant, silenced the flood, and conquered matchmaking. Now a new point has come, the weight of halo and it's responsibility lay on 343s shoulders. With this moment coming, I can only voice my opinion to the new parents of halo. My concerns are first laid upon the master chief collection. All bugs put aside, it shines bright in the collection of halo, however there are larger concerns. For example, custom games. I find it very difficult to connect with the community due to the games difficult setup. One feature in particular bothers me the most. This feature is the one that does not allow other players to join in a game in progress. Not only does this frustrate me, but it also grinds the gameplay to a halt whenever someone else wishes to join in the fun. This is a basic component to the game, and certainly lowers the value without it. Next is the upcoming title 'Halo 5: Guardians'. I am interested in the story of this game. 343 has done well in their campaigns so far, but yet again I am concerned for the multiplayer. Watching the gameplay I noticed many aspects that were questionable to the seasoned halo player. For instance, the automatic callouts during gameplay made me think the game was being dumbed down. Part of the competitive edge I enjoyed about having a team was being able to communicate exclusively. The tedious timing on weapon spawns gave a player the upper hand. However looking at this gameplay makes it look like there is little room to overcome your enemy in method. Halo 5 also concerns me in its customization. I myself have always found that halo has given the most expansive customization to its players, but looking into halo 5 it seems there will be less. I talk about the elite player models. I fear 343 will yet again forsake the elite choice as they did in halo 4. Having elites available open up many different opportunities. Machinamas, matchmaking games (invasion), or even a story connection, and if none of these, just basic preference. If you have successfully made it through my lengthy complaints, I thank you for listening. I only hope 343 will take my opinion into account, for there are many others like myself, one just needs to look. -Apex
  10. Every time I play Halo 4 I think, "there's no difference in the Elites armor, or is there? If anyone could say, is there any difference between the armor shielding between the Elites? Because every time I shoot an Elite with a shotgun, they die instantly, or in hard their shield is taken off. Unlike in others like Reach, where there's a CLEAR difference between the shielding of Ultras, Zealots, Field Marshals, Generals, Minors, Officers, and Commandos. So if anyone could tell me: Is there a difference between the Elites shielding in Halo 4? If so, how much? Thanks to all of you wonderful people here! I see you in the night........ Happy Halo-ween!
  11. Since the release of the the comic series Halo: Escalation there has been much discussion regarding the first appearance of the Arbiter since the ending of Halo 3, and his very noticeable aesthetic change in his armor. But this is about what some people might not have noticed, and that is the return of two classic Elite armor sets, Ascetic and Assault. To the right of Arbiter is an Elite in Ascetic Armor. And at the far top right of the panel is an Elite in Assault Armor. The return of these two armor sets tell us several things, these being that other classic armor sets such as Commando, Combat, and Flight may return as usable armor sets in Multiplayer if Elites return as playable character, which would make sense within the War Games Canon as Separatist Elites could train against Spartan IVs if alliances between the UNSC and the Separatists remain intact. Or Separatist allies may utilize these armor sets in Campaign to help distinguish them from the Storm enemies. Another possibility emerges as well, since the Separatist Elites utilize older armor sets, they may still use older weapons such as the Plasma Rifle or Brute weapons, or they may use older vehicles such as the Spectre, the Revenant, or older, more classic versions of current Covenant vehicles.
  12. I think the Elites can be balanced without being identical to the S-IVs without them being the same in terms of size, stance, and hitboxes. To balance the Elites' larger size (which makes them a larger target), I think they should be given a slightly faster movement speed/jump height and slightly stronger shields (not strong enough to warrant an extra BR burst, but merely a few AR rounds worth). The difference in stature (the Elites' hunched-over physique) does make them harder to get a headshot on from behind, but there are two factors that balance this out, in my opinion: the Elite player can't shoot at you at all when facing away from you, and the head itself is larger in size (both length and width), and so is a bit more susceptible to headshots from the side. As for how to approach loadouts for Spartans and Elites, I can actually agree that they should be able to use any of their primary/secondary weapons (although I would probably match my player model with my weapons anyways, I don't suppose there's a reason to limit players on balanced choices being used interchangeably). While I initially felt that this list should be comprised of the AR, Storm Rifle, BR, Carbine, DMR, and Needle Rifle as primaries, perhaps it would be better for gameplay purposes to limit the DMR and Needle Rifle to 'on-map-weapon' status. That would allow a few players to possess these longer-ranged primaries, but with more limited ammo (as they couldn't pick up ammo from dead players unless they also had them). Maybe loadouts should include the choice between Spartan or Elite, rather than making the player model consistent throughout all loadouts? As for the secondary weapons, I hope that we can all agree that the Plasma Pistol doesn't belong in loadouts, as it makes loadouts enable and encourage the N00B Combos and makes vehicles much less effective than in previous games. To take its place, I'd like to see a Needle Pistol (essentially a sidearm that operates similarly to the Needle Rifle, but balanced to be a counterpart to the Magnum). Then, we could also have the SMG and Plasma Rifle as secondary options. I don't see much of a problem with allowing Plasma Grenades in loadouts, so long as they are truly balanced with the Frags. I think Frags should do more damage to compensate for not having the "adhesive" factor that Plasma Grenades have. Combine that with the age-old differences like the bouncing physics and detonation times (again, in a balanced way), and MAYBE limit the grenade count at spawn to 1 to prevent "2-sticking" vehicles and decrease grenade-spamming in general (while allowing the 'Resupply' ability to return to base player traits). As for this customization option's place in Matchmaking, I'd like to see it acceptable in the "competitive" scene, but realize that that's being very hopeful no matter how balanced the differences are. Maybe in the competitive group of playlists (assuming/hoping there will be one), there could be a Spartans vs. Elites (SvE) playlist that would allow two rounds in a match, giving players a round each as the different species. This playlist could range from simple SvE Slayer to more objective-based gametypes, including Invasion.
  13. Present halo's game mechanics and emphasize the skill personality. I think this is a subtle, but signifigant thing. Halo developers have never really openly just explained certain game mechanics like the overcharge on the plasma pistol or the instant kill for hitting someone from behind. There were hints and tips at the matchmaking lobby for halo 3 and Reach I think, but they were taken out of halo 4. Halo only has so many gameplay dynamics like EMPs and beatdowns. Then there's things like crouch jumping, plasma grenade launching and etc. The main mechanics however are a big part and most new players or even casual veterens won't take the time to read weapon details or experiment, or read the manual. So basically what I'm saying is to really shove those things in our faces. Maybe have it so when you're holding a plasma pistol that there's notification on your HUD that says "Hold__________to charge". There could be an option in settings to turn off weapon hints too. And put in details for weapon descriptions that say things like "Rapidly depletes shields". There is a good bit of players out there, probably all noobs, that don't realize shield dynamics. Bring back hints at the matchmaking screen that say "Headshots for precision weapons only count when energy shields are down" or something. The other topic is emphasizing halo's skill set. Don't amp up auto-aim on snipers, or take things out of the game for the sake of new players. A lot of noobs and players out there already thought and still think halo takes no skill because they can choose to play sloppy and easily get 1 or 2 kills per life. Most of US don't do that though. Noobs don't really think about deep team-play skills when they play halo for some reason. They don't think about using power weapons like the railgun or rocket launcher to take out enemy vehicles and get multi-kills instead of being selfish and wasting them on minor targets. A lot of noobs don't figure out game mechanics either. So it's a seriously false judgement they make saying "Halo takes no skill" or assuming it has no deep dynamics. Really emphasize the skillset and bring back things like the grav-lift equipment, or those other unique weapons with a learning curve like the grenade launcher from Reach. The dominant atmosphere for all games should be having power weapons only on the map in most gametypes, and power-ups on maps more often. Ordanance should be rare, maybe only certain medals like kill-joys and killing sprees earn up to ordnance. By only power weapons on maps I mean rocket launcher, fuel rod, all snipers...things like that. Then weapons like the SAW and shotguns could be ordnances. Bring back active camo as a power-up too. There could be certain ordnance power ups like damage boost and speedboost for ordnance. Since ordnance is harder to get they might last longer or have more effect. Then overshield and active camo could be on the maps.
  14. Ok, story elemets: I think Arbiter should come back, there are many people that want him back I am sure, and new elites would be pretty cool, like, maybe a FEMALE.:} The story can focus on killing of the last of the storm covvies and the Didact, maybe the campaign can be H2 styled, it can focus on Arby's and Chief's story. Also new spartans would be nice, and I strongly suggest ones from the books/comics like Blue Team. Weapons, equipment, and abilities: SMG, MA5B, a select fire BR, carbine, mauler, duel-wielding, equipment from H3, that missel launcher from GOO, and the MA5K. This would be soo cool to have, select fire would be cool too. Armor: MARK 5, why was it not in H4? Hayabusa, SPI, Mark 4, Grey Team armor. Extras: Being able to fight from the ground, to space, and destroy enemy ships in MM and campaign (Like Battlefront!!!!!) The character customization should be like Soul Calibur's. I want to change the face and voice. Let me see your ideas.
  15. Well here is a whole days worth of work on the test drive chapter of Diary of a Dead Man, hope you like it. :3 And i do know about the few spelling mistakes and the ones on the Elites were on purpose as english is not their native language this is how i feel they should talk.
  16. This is an idea thats been rolling around in my head since i saw the Forging The Future's image on their topic and i got to thinking what if i made a whole novel themed around halo... but used screenshots from the game and my own image editing ability and this is the first page result... kinda poor quality but it's more or les just a concept right now. Please leave feedback as to if you'd like to see a cleaner version of this and more or otherthings that could be improved on.
  17. Welcome to the practical list of things for Halo 5, by Firellight. By practical, I mean things that keep Halo what it is. For example, someone says they want to play as brutes or prometheans. Good concept, but we all know that's not happening. So this thread will list the things that keep the status quo in Halo. I will also buff up my own ideas. Come on guys, do prometheans even have the free will to be controlled in multiplayer? Can they use other guns, or have custom armour? "We can paint their armour," no you'd be dead before you get the chance to say hello. 1. LOADS Gametype settings: Loadouts on/off Ordnance on/off Assassinations on/off Dual Wields on/off Sprinting on/off **This is called LOADS. By adding LOADS to Halo 5, many people will be happy, by having the ability to turn off certain features they dislike, while at the same time having the ability to make a classic-mode game type. Lots of people like loadouts, and yes it makes a game better. But in Halo, it kind of leads to gameplay limitations and imbalances, as well as removing the need to look for spawns, find a hidden weapon, or the whole need of getting a weapon. There are people out there who say that loadouts should be removed. Meanwhile, those that enjoy loadouts want them to stay. Why can't we be able to turn them on or off? The same story goes for ordnance drops. When a rag doll effect is in the game, people like to see some funny deaths. They keep us entertained. Assassinations keep the killer entertained, but the person dying gets nothing from it. On a side note, when someone is assassinating someone else, the animation is long enough to make the person say "Hey, I can't move for 3 seconds. Someone can totally kill me while I am slaughtering this other dude." Dual wields have been a huge debate over balance. Those that want dual wielding weapons because they make the game so much more fun and the gameplay fits their mood. Again, why can't we just be able to turn them on or off? Sprinting removes the classic feel to Halo, even though people did say that we needed it, and yes, fps games should always have the ability to sprint. But hey, when we are playing infection and someone is chasing you, why should a sprint be the reason why he got to you? We can turn off sprint, and have it on for regular matches. When we play on a forged map with obstacles, sprinting shouldn't get in the way. 2. Hornets and Falcons So the question goes, hornets or falcons? We have come to the conclusion that we would rather have both, but what about using them in campaign? We can for sure have the falcon for multiplayer purposes, but for campaign we would strictly be using hornets. Makes sense, right? 3. Brutes and Brute Weapons There should be one mission to reference the brutes. If 343 can't find a way, at least make an easter egg moment. Brute weapons should be available in multiplayer. Also possibly in that mission mentioned above. For multiplayer-sake, players like using these weapons. They should be available. 4. Skulls and Easter Eggs - Return of the talking grunt. - Return of the skulls. - New skulls. - Silly things. - Mysterious things. - Make them hard to find. - Someone pointed out that the combat dialogue should be entertaining (amusing) again. - The silent jackal. The silent jackal is an idea I came up with. When you are in campaign, let's say you saw a jackal at the edge of your screen. This guy looks different than your average covenant. When you first see him, he disappears. You can feel free to follow him, and the trend will continue until you meet him in a secret place. Enjoy your rewards and a new ally. He can not die normally. He is like the arbiter in Halo 3. He appears in multiple levels. Sometimes he will lead you to equipment, sometimes he may lead you to an attack. Either way, he joins you once you finish catching up to him. A jackal fighting with a human (let alone the 'demon')? Never saw that coming. 5. New Menu Here is what i believe should be the new main menu: - Campaign - Special Ops (might be titled differently) - Multiplayer (might be titled differently) - Halo Waypoint - Xbox LIVE Marketplace - Each will have a theater mode. - Firefight can be found in multiplayer. - Forge can be found in multiplayer. - There will be three menus in Special Ops; Infinity, (insert separatist cruiser name here) and (insert UNSC ship name here). Each represent their respected organizations for spartans, elites and ODSTs. These are the campaigns for your character. 6. Firefight Everyone likes to play firefight, am I right? Better to have it than to not. Just to add my own additions, within the game type settings, players can choose whether the allies should be the Covenant Separatists or the UNSC. This will affect the equipment being used. Enemies can differ between Covenant Remnant, the flood, or the brutes. The brutes just for the sake of it. Also prometheans too, just for the sake of it. There would be themed maps available, such as a flood map for the flood, a Requiem map for Prometheans, and a map made for Covenant civil war purposes. Other maps would be multiplayer maps in the forest and dunes, etc. We can have AI reinforcements, and maybe even vehicles to be unlocked at certain points of survival. Game type settings can disable this feature, though. Reinforcements may come with a pelican or a phantom to aid you, until it (or they) is destroyed. 7. Spartan, Elite and ODST Ops You can find all the details here http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/27878-more-elite-and-odst-ops-in-halo-5/ Some ideas are that AI characters should be fighting alongside the player(s). The ODST campaign should get the players to experience fighting with another squad, and join them in the cutscenes. There should be marine companions, too. The elites should have two missions dedicated to fighting alongside two hunter brothers. Sure, they can't speak English, but they are your big allies. Also, a part of a mission should have the hunters join in, some time near the climax points. Some noticeable grunts and elites should also be there. There needs to be character development, as well as scenic events during the gameplay. An example used in the thread linked above is when the tower fell in Halo 3: ODST. Those moments make it feel like an actual campaign, rather than petty objectives like we saw in Spartan Ops. So yes, Crimson will have to deal with more adventurous missions this time. Lasky won't always be there for them to give orders. 8. Vehicle Additions In Reach we got to experience the sabre. In Halo 4 we got to experience the pelican and the broadsword. How's about we get to experience a phantom in Elite Ops? One person hops aboard and drives, while the other players can choose to hop on the turrets, or board banshees (AI may fill for missing places). The mission could be centered around picking up others and transport them to other places, and pressing through a wall of defenses. A phantom level would be sweet, wouldn't it? Then for ODST, Spartan Ops, or Campaign (which should have what I am about to say?). A mission dedicated to the sparrowhawk. One pilot, one gunner. Two sparrowhawks ready for 4 players. The pilot can boost a bit faster than a banshee. They can stop boosting to hover around like a hornet. The gunner can shoot with a machine gun and fire missiles. Take down those phantoms and other covenant vehicles while you fly through with the assault. Possibly two other sparrowhawks with marines and/or ODSTs (or spartans, who knows) would be inside to assist you as AI. There will be ground troops and turrets to keep you occupied, as well. If you are in the skies, covenant (or flood) will be on the structures. And who said we can't have another space battle? 9. Vehicle/Weapon Skins By this, I mean changing between loyalist/separatist vehicles. Let's say you place a covenant vehicle in forge. In the item's options you can change its colours to its respected faction. The same goes for covenant weapons, as well. Just for some cool variety and aesthetics, as well as immersion. If there is enough data, maybe 343 could have a Heretic option, and maybe other team colours, too. This is when they have the free time to do so. 10. Infection AND Flood Flood is to Infection as Spartan Ops is to Firefight. They do not match. A simple thing as to put both award-winning game types into Halo 5 would be a gamer's dream. The difference is that flood mode doesn't use weapons and have their own body shapes. Infection is the complete opposite. You can use weapons, and even modify character traits in the game type settings. Before the devs make a mistake by listening to us saying they should modify one to be the other, let's just keep them the way they are and put them both into Halo 5. 11. Armour Abilities are now Equipment How's about this; a player can now have two equipment pieces, and armour abilities now count as equipment. The purpose is that ODSTs don't get armour abilities, and to not let them use abilities at all would be a wrong thing to do. Now all the armour abilities become equipment. You can see them attached to armour when equipped, like a small utility attached to the hip or something. Because armour abilities last forever, some equipment would have the meter, while others would be one-time use, such as the bubble shield. All equipment available in Halo 5: - Active camoflauge - Jet pack - Thruster pack - Hologram - Hardlight shield - Bubble shield - Deployable cover - Regeneration field - Promethean vision - Autosentry - Power drain - Radar jammer - Trip mine - Overshield - Flare - Gravity lift I don't know which should be for loadouts and which shouldn't, but those that do will provide a fresh experience with equipment. This idea is not fully developed, but I hope you all get the point. 12. Elites and ODSTs In multiplayer. Here are the specs of each character type: Spartans - No health bar - Taller bulky bodies - Human loadouts - Speedy sprint - Flashlight Elites - No health bar - More upper-body movement (slouchier stance?) - Covenant (Separatist) loadouts - Speedy sprint - Flashlight ODSTs - No health bar - Normal bodies - Human loadouts (ODST style) - Not-so-speedy sprint - VISR Armour customization is universal: - Helmet - Helmet attachments - Left shoulder - Right shoulder - Body - Elbows - Knee pads - Visor - Wrist? - Utility? - Primary colour - Secondary colour - Tertiary colour? - Emblem - Voice (See Elite/ODST Ops thread linked in #7) I believe it would be beneficial to see your characters in campaign, too. Player 1 is Chief, and you can pretend he has a small squad of his own, be it elite, ODST, or spartan. Maybe before starting a mission, there could be an option for a player to control as the Arbiter or not, if he happens to meet with Chief again. But then again, he could have his own mission for player 1, and when meeting with Chief he could just be an AI. People like to show off their characters, you know. 13. Weapon Options When placing a weapon down in forge, checking its options will allow for changing its properties. The purpose is to change weapons to their ODST modes and their versions from previous games. - Battle rifle options to change it between Halo 4 and 3 versions. - Pistol options to change between regular, ODST, and the Halo 1 version (regular is the defaulted for matchmaking and campaign, so only custom games will have this) - SMG options to change between regular and ODST (silenced) versions. This will alter how you can dual-wield. So you have the skin changes for Covenant weapons, and the property changes for UNSC weapons. Perhaps we can change the vehicle options, as well? Warthog properties and mongoose colours? 14. Forge Worlds Have a few, with different environments. One should be almost completely open, to allow for flat or completely custom maps. One could have the scenery and rocks, water, etc. One more could be a different environment. 15. Game Types from Previous Games I can't name them off the bat, but I am aware that many people would like to see game types like juggernaut to return. 16. Flood Return I am not the one to be talking about it in this thread, because I am sure that others know how to handle the topic. Making them more scary and whatnot, and also the elites a bit more too. 17. New Cyclops Design All of it is explained here http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/28081-cyclops-to-replace-the-mantis/ Reasons and all. _________________________________ If you have any ideas to add to the list, feel free to do so. I bet you I forgot a few things, anyway. This does sound like a lot of data to be put into Halo 5. But who knows how good the new Xbox will be?
  18. I am determined to get the idea of the three Ops campaigns developed far as to get it right. So here I am with yet another revision. Previous threads for reference: v1: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/26508-elites-odsts-warfronts-and-other-ideas/ v2: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/26808-spartaneliteodst-ops-in-depth-details/ Because of the data, there would be roughly three discs in the game. One full disc for campaign, one for multiplayer, and another for Ops campaigns. In order to make campaign the best yet, a disc by itself would be a fit, as well as Ops campaigns getting their own disc. So you can play as spartans, elites and ODSTs in Halo 5 (according to this thread). Here are their ups and downs: Spartans - No health bar - Armor abilities - Equipment - Sprinting - Faster running - Bulky bodies - Human loadouts Elites - No health bar - Unique armour abilities - Equipment - Sprinting - Faster running - Semi-slouchy bodies - Covenant loadouts ODSTs - Maybe no health bar - Maybe no armour abilities (unless unique) - VISR - Equipment - Maybe no sprinting - Halo 3 running - Normal bodies - Human/ODST loadouts Armour Customizations (Universal) - Helmet - Helmet attachments - Left shoulder - Right shoulder - Body - Elbows - Knee pads - Visor - Wrist - Utility - Primary colour - Secondary colour - Voices Weapons/Equipment - Halo 3 ODST weapons are in Halo 5. - Jetpacks look different for Covenant and the UNSC. *Covenant Separatists have different armours than Storm Covenant. Separatist grunts, hunters and elites look less intimidating, but intimidate when need be. **Jetpacks are not armour abilities anymore and are just equipment in Halo 5. Halo 5 has these gametype settings: - Assassinations on/off - Sprinting on/off - Loadouts on/off - Ordnance on/off Each gender of a race can have 5 different voices. In the last thread I got into a large number of variables when it came to cutscenes with a player's preferred character personality. This thread will decrease the variables largely to a much more doable scale. When a player chooses a voice for their character, it comes with a name (or codename). Cutscenes would have a Halo Reach approach to how the voice operates. Actions do not change, but exact lines do. However, the point of the conversation is the same. In the last thread, I made it so that each voice has a different personality, and makes each cutscene different. That is not the case here. If someone said, "Hey Serge, get on that Pelican and start flying!" A different voice may say, "Serge, get on that Pelican!" We're going home." And each voice chosen will come with a name. One voice could be Rookie, and characters will call you Rookie. If you choose Jon-117, then people will call you Jon. Of course these would be unlockable voices, possibly DLCs. Upon launch each player would have 5 brand new voices to choose from for each race, making it 15 voices. Variables Now that is 15 voice actors. 5 voice actors per campaign (except last mission) (double these numbers with females added to the list). Let's say an Ops campaign can host up to four players. The cutscene must be different depending on how many players are in a game. That means 4 different cutscene possibilities. Depending on who picks who to be players 1, 2, 3, and 4 will depict who plays as who in the cutscene. So that means 10 voice actors act out 4 different cutscenes, 10 times each for each player taking each role (for name calling). One voice actor will be required to voice 120 possibilities for each mission. That's not so bad. It triples to 360 for the last mission I think, which is a challenge, but more doable than the last thread I made. 4 players = 120 different scenes per actor per mission 3 players = 60 2 players = 20 1 player = 1 Total = 201 different scenes per actor per mission 5 missions per episode = 1005 10 missions per season = 2010 (+402 = 2412) 20 missions per game = 4020 (+402 = 4422) Last mission = 603 (the big one) 343 could pull off a no voiced custcene for the last mission, like Halo 3 did (kind of). The math above is based per actor. 30 actors at launch of the game, and DLCs would add to each calculation). Now Ops campaigns can have Reach-like cutscenes for every mission (discluding beginning and end). To save 343 from overworking themselves, each Ops compaigns only need video animations for the first and last missions of their series. Only Chief/Arbiter's campaigns would have the video animations. Keep in mind that the last mission will merge the three Ops campaigns for a really epic feel. Should ODSTs have equipment in their loadouts, while spartans and elites get armour abilities? Should loadouts work similar to how Reach did? Set loadouts for each race?
  19. As you all know, the Sangheili species are not (yet) playable on Halo 4. 343i and lots of people use the argument "The Multiplayer (War Games) is now canonical to the Campaign", but here are the stuff the are wierd about this: ->The MM is actually a simulator aboard the Infinity ->The simulation is to train Spartan IV's ->The Flood is destroyed (at least not present on Campaign nor SpOps) So. You see what I mean? The humanity has not encountered the Flood at all after the events of Halo 3, and yet we have a Flood-specific gametype. I know that it's for the fun, but think: ->S IV's are probably not going to face Flood ->The Flood is not present at all ->The War Games are supposed to simulate an actual battle ->You get to control the Flood ->S IV's probably don't even know what the Flood are You see where this is going? 343i didn't include playable Sangheili for canonical reasons. If it is supposed to tie up to both SpOps and Campaign, why are the Flood in the WG simulator but Sangheili aren't? S IV's are going to face the Storm faction, a Covenant remain thing. So why not to put Invasion too? You Spartan fans are going to say: "Oh, simple, why would a Spartan, the mighty powerful Spartan with cool armor, would want to see the war as a dinosaur?" And here's my answer: "Why would a Spartan want to see the war as a Flood?" It makes no sense. UNSC would be then training a demonic, inter-galactic parasite to defeat their ranks? Because if an infection happens, the infected spartans would know how to take out other Spartans, so yeah. No sense. It would make way more sense to include Sangheili. Why? ->There actually are Separatist Sangheili that are allied with the humans ->There is no alliance between Humans and the Parasite ->Seeing the war from your enemy's point of view is a good strategy You may say "But there are no Sangheili aboard the Infinity". The humans have the tech to create a frigging huge ship! I think they are more than capable of creating an "A.I" that the players would control. 343i needs to think of a better excuse of such a stupid move. What would you think?
  20. Well, as you all know, Spartan Ops Season 1 has come to an end. But if you have watched the Epilogue *SPOILER ALERT* you will see that Jul Mdama has kidnapped Halsey (of course) and they left Requiem. The Infinity is in (possibly) unknown space. If you think of it, Jul got what he wanted, which would be the Librarian's gift, and may be returning to his home world, Sanghelios. Also, as SpOps will have around 3 Seasons, so that means Jul may either return to Sanghelios on the 2nd Season and/or be killed on the 3rd Season. Let us think of it... 343i said, on an interview, that Thel 'Vadam may or may not be on SpOps, and you know Frankie is a tricky one to understand. If Jul returns to Sanghelios, it may be to gather more warriors for his fleet (and as you know, there are still some Loyalists on Sanghelios) or to simply return home to study the Gift and/or dispose of Halsey when he thinks it can be done. Infinity may track Jul 'Mdama down and go after his Fleet, and without knowing they might send Crimson to the grounds of Sanghelios, then discovering the Political Wars happening on Sanghelios and that there are still Sangheili who favors the truce between Sangheili-Humans. Fireteam Crimson may find Thel (the Arbiter) around Sanghelios, and end up helping him to win the Civil War, while still looking for Jul. 343i may either make Crimson and Arby win the War or just make Infinity go after Jul, who is escaping the planet. This may affect the "Sangheili aboard Infinity" thing, by making the Arbiter thankful, thus sending some of his troops to fight alongside humans, or simply explain why the friendly Sangheili are back on Halo 5, along with Thel. It is just a wish. I am 90% sure 343i will include playable Elites on Halo 5, so if SpOps really "ties up with the campaign" (and as it also happens around six months after the Campaign), why not to make it a "backstory"? Say down below what you guys think!
  21. What do you think about a game variant in multiplayer where you could choose to be any one of several Halo characters (Brutes, Elites, Spartans, Flood, Promethean Knights or Hunters)? I am not sure what I think about it at this point, but I wanted to put it out there and see what other folks in the community think about this. I would not want every variant to have this, just a specific game variant. You would be able to customize each of the characters similar to the way we customize the Spartan armor, loadouts, specialties, etc. What do you think?
  22. What are your opinions on how spartans and elites look as far as how their shapes and movements are animated? For example, in Halo 3 the spartans in multiplayer looked like Master Chief copies (kind of) that move away from that to more epic looking spartans as you get more armours. In Reach they (imo) had chunky bodies. But then again, the spartans in Halo 3 had chunky meshes - which were good at least. Then Halo 4 came out and all the spartans looked like all their body shapes were practically the same. Then the elites in Halo 3 have somewhat slouchy stances, and yet their walking and running animations look pretty cool. Then in Reach they all looked like ninjas with stiff backs, and instead of cool looking running animations they were more amusing. Halo 4 had a kind of in between style, but their amours were different. So in Halo 5 what should the body types be like for spartans and elites? Also discuss how to compare and contrast with previous versions, as I did a terrible job at doing it myself. Also what about the armours themselves? How do they differ from your likings and what should the style be like in Halo 5? Btw no offence to those who like it, but when I first saw how spartan IV animations were around the hip area, it made them look a bit feminine (by this I mean the hardlight shield).
  23. Taken from my previous thread introducing Elite and ODST Ops; http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/26508-elites-odsts-warfronts-and-other-ideas/ This version has more details than the other, and is more developed. The flaws are recognized and I hope to get more fixed if there are any. I noticed that when you are in the cutscenes with your character you are given a fixed personality. The point of being your own character is having your own story. So I worked around that to still allow for the player(s) to be integrated into the cutscenes of their Ops missions. While customizing your character you can choose which voice you want. At the launch of Halo 5 there would likely be 5 voices per race per gender. That's 30 voice actors in all. Others may be unlocked or DLC. How this breaks down for Ops missions is that the voice you use also determines the personality of that character. In the previous thread you would be placed in the cutscene based on which player you are. Player 1 would be talking to player 2, and both would be discussing things with the shipmaster, while player 3 would be standing aside, possibly looking at the view. Luckily with this thread added to it, the dialogue would be enhanced with your character's voice. Each race would be given 5 voices: - 2 cool personalities - 1 leader personality - 1 bad@ss personality - 1 other This shapes the dialogue to what your character says during each moment. Let's say player 3 approaches player 4 about said discussion. Player 3 has one of the cool character voices for his ODST. It kind of resembles a comic relief character. Although, player 4 chose to use the bad@ss personality. Player 3 mentions stuff about having a dog. Player 4 just doesn't care. However, if player 4 used a cool personality too (maybe the same one lol, who cares), then the conversation would continue. This adds a lot of variables to a mission's coding, but it's worth it. You could be playing the mission with your friends and the same moment would feel ENTIRELY different had you done it yourself. And there are more variables if you choose to fight with 1 player or with 2/3/4 players. Player 3 and 4's conversation wouldn't even exist if you play solo. And I have a feeling that the new xbox is going to allow for 6 players to be playing online together in Ops missions. I doubt that, but I think it's going to be an upgrade. So that means 4 different cutscene possibilities, with 30 different conversation scripts per character per role per cutscene, with up to 4 roles per cutscene. How many possibilities is that? If the new xbox does support 6 player campaigns then that's 2 more cutscene possibilities entirely added to the list. Not to mention, you need the interaction variables, that say; player 4 doesn't say anything about dogs, player 3 wouldn't be saying "I know right!" after that. Who says "I know right?!" after not even getting a response? Sergeant, you're drunk. Go home. I can't even begin the math of the whole thing, but with the interactions that's like 4 times more than what is said above. It looks like 343 will have to get their actors to voice each starting line, with their conversation going into 30 different ways. If someone else interacts later in the cutscene (or a new event happens) then that goes into 30 more directions. But the acting's the easy part. It's just a lot of work. But keep in mind that 30 stands for all Spartans, ODSTs and Elites. There would be 30 different variables during the last mission or episode. On a regular basis you'd have 5 different voices for each race per gender. That's 10 different possibilities for each interaction within each cutscene. So that means this: 343 will have to get their actors to voice each starting line, with their conversation going into 10 different ways. If someone else interacts later in the cutscene (or a new event happens) then that goes into 10 more directions. This will be done for each campaign for Spartan Ops, Elite Ops and ODST Ops. There, that doesn't seem so bad. ________________________________________ Now for the other stuff. Ops missions intertwine during the last mission or episode. This would create an ultimate experience for the players who like to use their different characters in all three of the stories. But what about the stories? When do they take place? Personally, I wasn't fond that Spartan Ops took place 6 months after Halo 4's campaign. It was good, but that should NOT be the case for Halo 5. If the flood arise, where's the biggest threat coming from? If the flood return, human-covenant warfare halts in all events involving the flood. Why would Infinity and a bunch of ODSTs be focusing on putting the Covenant to justice when their existence is being threatened again? Six months after the campaign isn't great for that. Humans and Covenant wouldn't be fighting each other at that time. The flood would be at an amazingly high advantage by that time. The whole campaign would have to be flood, which isn't a Halo game. That's a flood game. So for the sake of what I just mentioned, Ops campaigns should be happening from multiple perspectives along with the campaign. In the previous thread I mentioned that it would be a good idea to have the first campaign level be focused on the Arbiter being threatened, resulting in the events of the game starting. Then it moves on to Chief. Elite Ops would start directly after that first level, with your group being introduced and the players would be introduced to the shipmaster and all that stuff. Away you go on your missions. ODSTs would start from an alternate beginning that doesn't involve the canonical events at all. They could be doing something else entirely, until you start operating alongside the background of Chief's missions. This improves the first release of the flood again. Each campaign (all 4) would have the player experience each first strike - which is usually the worst time, which is good for the game. Let's say the Elite Ops first mission starts somewhat close to the Arbiter's campaign story, and branches off for a few missions. This way you can alternate from canonical events to just arresting (or hunting) brute terrorists or protecting territories or homelands. Then the flood come about and your shipmaster is ordered by Thel 'Vadam to aid in urgent matters. You join in the main events once again. The ODST storyline could go into two different directions, one could be like the Elites' storyline by being elsewhere when the flood is released, or your ODST squad could already by stationed on the same mission when the flood are released. Assuming that Jul M'Dama will be involved with the release of the flood, your squad could be taking part in Jul M'Dama missions by that time. Infinity's Spartan fireteams will have front row seats to the release of the flood, no question about that. That is, if Jul M'Dama is involved. As far as the ODST squad storyline goes, it could be offensive or defensive - but most of all, tactical. Storm Covenant in Halo 4 seemed to be defensive as a whole, but offensive through opportunity. They don't seem to be threatening humanity since following Halo 3, but things could go wrong every now and then. Your ODST squad would be sent on practical missions that aren't usually offensive, but have a real purpose. I don't have any ideas for this, but I can assure you that players would like to have this kind of experience once again. Offensive missions could be trying to recover some forerunner technology that is guarded by Covenant. Defensive missions could be you guarding the forerunner artifact. Perhaps the ODST storyline would have the oracle of said installation involved. I'm sure there would be missions around him/her. ____________ There is but one problem that still bugs me, and that is how other NPCs will call you names. In Halo 4 you are constantly being called Crimson, which works. However, your player will be involved in cutscenes (according to this thread). You will have to be called individually accordingly to the voice acting of the characters. I have three solutions to this problem (that might make Halo feel a bit different, but cool anyway): - You can use codenames that are customizable for your character. (Different for each race) - Your ranks will be used to describe your name. - Actual names (or last names) that are also customizable for your character. (Different for each race) With a codename you will be called a certain name when someone's line mentions the player's name. This will again add many variables to the dialogues of the cutscenes. It helps for calling players in the middle of the missions, though. Calling you by your rank would likely be more plausible and realistic. If a marine calls you over saying "Hey, Sergeant!" Then you can understand that they know you are a sergeant but not your name, and it would also be more proper to call you by your rank. Unfortunately, this is how cutscenes will work too. Although, your ODST and Elite team/squad could have a name by itself like Crimson does, but I doubt that would seem at all realistic. Your Spartan might need to be called upon as well, for realistic purposes. __________________ And that should be all. For now. Comments and debate plz!
  24. Halo 4 was a good game, interesting storyline, weapons weren't too shabby, but if there's one problem I had with it, it's the choices for your character in Multiplayer being limited to only Spartans. No elites like in older games. It was disappointing, it really was. However, everything else was good, I can't complain much. I just want to spice up the Multiplayer in Halo 5 if possible. make it a bit funner. Imagine the possibilities. Now, spartans, you know them, you love them, decent speed and decent defenses, usually sprint as their default abilities, but the two character models that twist that a bit are the Elites and the Knights. Elites had joined the Spartans in Multiplayer in Halo 2, I was thinking they could be slightly faster than Spartans, but they take a bit more damage when their shields are down. Their default armor ability is half of the effect of a thruster pack, just jump out of the way of something. Only goes half the distance as a thruster pack, but works like Evade in halo Reach. Now imagine playing as a promethean knight. Knocking enemies forward and back with a robo-attack. They move a bit slower than Spartans, but they also take a bit less damage when their shields are down. Their default ability is Teleport. Now I know what you're thinking. "How's that fair?" Well we could make the Knight's teleportation more predictable with a blue Point A light and an orange Point B light where the teleporting player will be. Knight shields can't recharge when teleporting, there's a very short time limit how long you can stay vanished before you reappear at Orange Point B, and there's a strict distance limit. Do you agree or disagree?
  25. In this topic, I'd like to hear your opinions about H4 DLC/Spartan Ops. I know most of the DLC added in Halo games (if not all) were only map packs. I'd like to see, either in DLC or Spartan Ops, the return of Thel' Vadam, AKA the Arbiter. Also, as they have just added Grifball ( ), why not Blargball, adding also playable Sangheili? In Spartan Ops, I think Episode 7 was missing something for some missions. Most of Episode 7's missions were like kill stuff, kill stuff, press a button and kill stuff. So I hope they'll add something jaw-dropping in the next Episodes, as I believe this Season is close to an end. And could be more jaw-dropping than the return of Arby, and maybe a plot-twisting return too, such as Jun's (if he's even alive )? Imagine the situation: Miller: "Crimson, we've received word a Sangheili ally with critical intelligence regarding the Didact's Hand is being targeted for assassination en route to Requiem. We need you to escort his fighter." Me: "...I may now rest in peace..." *finishes episode and goes into multiplayer* Game: "A new feature has been added: you may now play as Elites in matchmaking. Wort wort wort!" Me: "I may now rest in peace twice.... BUT AFTER I PLAY A TRILLION TIMES WITH THIS NEW ELITE FEATURE :DDDD" For DLC, well, I can't say much. Halo DLC is pretty much only map packs and achievements. I haven't seen anything different in any Halo DLC. I hope the maps are really well made, and do not have such big flaws like the one in Complex (if you don't know it, then you probably just bought the game). In addition, of course, with the return of the Arby, they could add Sangheili as a playable race in H4 But this is all dreams, of course. People say Arby will make an appeareance on Spartan Ops, but I don't think it is true :/ What are your opinions and ideas for upcoming DLC/Spartan Ops Missions? P.S.: If you have a proof that Sangheili will be added in MP/any of the things I've said above, please share it with us! You don't want to look like a jerk that goes around and confirms stuff without knowing it, right?
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