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Found 7 results

  1. Throughout my halo career I have delved into nearly every aspect of the games. I have vanquished covenant, silenced the flood, and conquered matchmaking. Now a new point has come, the weight of halo and it's responsibility lay on 343s shoulders. With this moment coming, I can only voice my opinion to the new parents of halo. My concerns are first laid upon the master chief collection. All bugs put aside, it shines bright in the collection of halo, however there are larger concerns. For example, custom games. I find it very difficult to connect with the community due to the games difficult setup. One feature in particular bothers me the most. This feature is the one that does not allow other players to join in a game in progress. Not only does this frustrate me, but it also grinds the gameplay to a halt whenever someone else wishes to join in the fun. This is a basic component to the game, and certainly lowers the value without it. Next is the upcoming title 'Halo 5: Guardians'. I am interested in the story of this game. 343 has done well in their campaigns so far, but yet again I am concerned for the multiplayer. Watching the gameplay I noticed many aspects that were questionable to the seasoned halo player. For instance, the automatic callouts during gameplay made me think the game was being dumbed down. Part of the competitive edge I enjoyed about having a team was being able to communicate exclusively. The tedious timing on weapon spawns gave a player the upper hand. However looking at this gameplay makes it look like there is little room to overcome your enemy in method. Halo 5 also concerns me in its customization. I myself have always found that halo has given the most expansive customization to its players, but looking into halo 5 it seems there will be less. I talk about the elite player models. I fear 343 will yet again forsake the elite choice as they did in halo 4. Having elites available open up many different opportunities. Machinamas, matchmaking games (invasion), or even a story connection, and if none of these, just basic preference. If you have successfully made it through my lengthy complaints, I thank you for listening. I only hope 343 will take my opinion into account, for there are many others like myself, one just needs to look. -Apex
  2. I wanted to start this thread for 343's benefit. This is a thread where you can bring small fixes and suggestions to light. I'll give an example of a small fix, this is something I want done: On maps with objective points/arrows, such as dominion and capture the flag, where the giant orange arrow is seen through walls, structures, and land formations, I want any spartans in your line of sight and the objective arrow to appear in front of the arrow. For example, if you are facing and objective arrow, it is going to dominate your view and any spartans that cross paths with the arrow in your field of view will be obstructed by the arrow. I'm suggesting that when there is a spartan crossing your field of view in the area of your screen that the objective point is shown, the spartan is shown over the arrow. Please keep the suggestions small and reasonable. This is not a balance thread!
  3. Halo 4 Matchmaking Changes: These are my opinions on how to make matchmaking a better experience. Playlists: Let me start off by saying, I want Team Snipers back. 343 made an update, brought in Team Snipers for a week and then took it out. If 343 is fixing some of the issues with Snipers like a secondary snipe or map selection then I am for it. Can 343 merge some playlists together? How about 343 takes all objective gametypes (Oddball, Flag, Hill) and put them into 1 playlist. Instead of having 3 seperate playlist with 2,000 people in each playlist. This was something that was in almost every Halo game. An objective playlist. Did 343 really need to change this? Maps: Can we please have some SMALLER maps. The crimson map pack featured 3 BTB maps. They all have vehicles on them. I want a small symetrical map that creates balanced gameplay and actual BR battles at short to mid range. Every map feels huge because theyve spaced everything apart for sprint. Every map is huge. The only small map that launched with Halo 4 was Haven. Each playlist has what feels like 3 maps to choose from. I cant even choose NONE OF THE ABOVE anymore when I am voting for a map. You just get stuck with 3 choices and you cant change your vote once you have voted. Youre just simply locked in. Something they have never done in any Halo game. Add the maps that you launched the game with. There were I think about 3 additional maps that lauched with Halo 4. But 343 decided not to put them in ANY of these maps in the playlist. I do not understand why. The game already feels like there just arent enough diverse maps to choose from. I understand that there needs to be big maps for big team games, where people can drool on there controller and ride around in a different vehicle every time they spawn. Gameplay: Okay, so there are alot of major issues with the gameplay. I won't touch on all of them, just the ones that really dissapoint me. Medals: There seems to be a medal for just about everything in Halo 4. Im suprised you dont get a medal for just walking around. Oh wait, you do. You can get a distraction medal for doing absolutely nothing. But my dissapointment towards medals is the lack of a headshot medal for the snipe. I dont get why or how you would leave this out. If youre play testing this game, how do you leave it out? There is a medal for killing someone while they are reloading, but you couldnt add in a medal that has always been in Halo games? Bugs: Killcams are absolutely rediculous. Theyre not accurate and its not something new. Killcams are in COD, leave them there. How come when I hit select to view players mid game, I freeze in place? The game isnt smooth. Its jagged and buggy beyond belief. Youre not able to check peoples connections mid game. Why does 343 leave this stuff out? Its been in all the previous Halo games. I understand this is there game now and they wanted to make changes, but 343 is leaving out the little things that made Halo games feel smooth (besides Reach). Weapons: I like the fact that I can start with a BR or DMR or whatever I want every game now. That is a plus. But when 343 adds guns like the promethean pistol, I wonder if they actually play there games. They made a gun that is a quick 1 shot from close range and its your SECONDARY gun. I remember the last game that made seconday weapons better than primaries. It was COD MW2. We all know how that game turned out. Keep the gun (I guess) just nerf it down to its secondary status. There seems to be this notion that, the more guns you add to a FPS, the better it is. That is simply not true. I would rather have 3 solid guns to choose from then 20 pointless overpowered guns that dont belong in the game. I want a skill based game with skill based weapons. Not a game where someone can get 1 shot, sprint off, hide around a corner with promethean vision and 1 shot me with a secondary retard gun. I have made a previous post about these fixes and would love to see what competitive gamers think, along with the stupid ones who think the game is perfect. You'll notice that the people who think the matchmaking is great are the ones that wanted more Big Team maps with more vehicles. " I should've know that once the lead designer of Halo 4 said that they made it so ghosts could get through doorways that the game was going to be bad."
  4. I want to start off by saying I think the game has potential, but up until now I feel like I have purchased an unfinished game. One of my biggest pet peevs about this game has to be the fact that there is no headshot medal for the sniper. This to me is very suprising. How do you play test a game, shoot somebody in the head with a sniper and not realize you didnt get a medal for it? Or just seeing how many headshots you got with the snipe at the end of a game. It brings up several questions to me.Such as; Did any 343 play Halo 3? Are the people that made this game actual competitve gamers?This brings me to my next point... There was a weekly update for Halo 4 a couple weeks back and when they brought in Team Snipers. 343 then the following week took it out. Once again im confused to what they are doing here. Lets get this straight. You updated the game, put in a playlist, then took it out almost immediately. I hope it just means that they are fixing the playlist and are eventually going to put it back into matchmaking but something tells me they are not. I do not understand why the playlists are so divided. Why is there not a playlist for all objective based gametypes? Why do you need to have 3 seperate playlists for them? All that does is space out players from playing eachother. Why is there no simple Free For All playlist? (Back to my snipers point) Why is there no Snipers playlist? Maps. This is becoming a joke. I feel like there are a choice of about 3 maps in every playlist to choose from. Thats pathetic... Oh and lets not forget that the game actually launched with more maps but 343 has failed to put them in any playlist. I want to be able to download peoples maps. I want the option to type in "the pit" and get a list of pit remakes. But looks like the servers are down and 343 cant fix this problem with downloading maps in there search option. Think about it. They gave you a game where a portion of it isnt even accesible. I mean come on. This is supposed to be the follow up from Halo 3. Give me some of those classic maps. The Pit, Narrows, Construct. Give me something that is on that same level of greatness. Fix your kill cams or just get rid of them. Did you add the killcam to annoy players a little more? This isnt COD. How about fixing when I hit select to view the players mid game I dont freeze in place? Show me the players connection in the game. Did you really need to change all this ****? You catered to the retard 343. There was a part of me that thought you wouldnt do that. That part of me is gone now.
  5. I love Halo 4 and believe this Halo can be the BEST Halo game yet, but some believe it needs to be tweaked a bit. I am one of those people, it's a great game as is, but would be way better if some things were changed. From what iv'e been hearing from people, and from what iv'e read, there are only 2 main problems people have. The playlists, and the balancing of the weapons, (more specifically the DMR and BR). I think the DMR and BR is a problem as well, as every match iv'e played is plagued with those 2 guns being used. The BR being the less of the two. Some have said to increase the number of shots it takes to kill someone by one, or increase the bloom. I would be fine with either, but I think that's the #1 problem. I loved halo for the diversity in the weapons and fights, nades flying everywhere and people getting melee'd from all directions. Games were very hectic, now they are all mostly DMR battles, which if I wanted I would just play SWAT (which I love). Some people like they way the DMR and BR is now, and don't want them to change. So my opinion on how to fix all this, is make a new playlist just like Infinity Slayer, but take out the DMR and BR, and let everything else stay the same, that's if they choose to not tweak the 2 rifles. Now about the playlists, there just aren't as much fun playlist as there were is other Halo games (rocket race anyone). I think 343 have that under control though, they just put out SWAT, and more are on the way. The only other suggestion I have is about the armor shield. I think you die just a little to quickly, or maybe I just suck ass, but I was always a pretty good Halo player. Anyways, these are my thoughts for Halo 4 fixes, other than these things, I think Halo 4 is boss.
  6. Alright, so here are a few things that I have experienced in Halo 4 matchmaking that could use a few tweakings. To start off I love the Halo series. Been playing continuously since the end of Halo 2. The game that I really fell in love with was Halo 3. Admittly the game had its flaws but overall I think that this was the best out of the series in terms of overall gameplay. The reason why this game worked as opposed to other titles that were out (Cod, Gears, GTA, etc.) was that the game was BALANCED. Everybody started off with the same weapons and had the same rights to power weapons as everybody else. Secondly powerups were something that were on the map as opposed to everybody having one to begin with. Even though flares were completely useless I still enjoyed throwing them out in the middle of Guardian and laughing as I heard everybody wondering who the dumb*** was that just did that! While camo and overshield were still overpowered you could never be like "well its stupid that he had an overshield and I don't" because you simply didnt get there first. Enough about that. What I think needs to be changed for a loyal Halo follower like me to continue playing this game is not a drastic overhaul of the entire way the game is played. Just a few simple things need to be implemented or removed. First off, instant spawning needs to be REMOVED COMPLETELY! since everybody is able to start off with DMR's this allows you to essentially double team somebody by yourself if you get a half decent spawn. Instant spawning doesn't work in any game, IMO, even Cod. Simply put, the game wasn't designed well enough (spawning wise) to have this feature available. Secondly, the whole staying zoomed in while being shot at is not what Halo has done in the past and is going in a completely wrong direction. The reason that it required skill to BR/DMR at a distance is if you got pulled out of zoom you had to essentially try to no-scope somebody to stay alive. Numerous times have i been getting shot at, hit somebody then zoomed in, and killed them because they couldnt get zoomed back in to get that last shot off accuretly. Also, staying zoomed in makes sniping WAY to easy. Coupled with the fact that when you hit somebody with a sniper your aim goes like 100000 miles up in the air so you lose your shot completely. Lastly, not having a full team when you start a match. STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID. I would much rather wait 15-30 seconds while it finds me a few more teammates than go into a CTF game down 3 people. I cant count the number of times where ive started up a game with nobody on the other team. Why does this happen? EVER? Other than that and the fact that there is no ranking system (another topic for another day) + social matches kinda deal where you could either play just for fun or have the option to play highly competetively, this game runs fine. Even though IMO Reach sucked, i still played the hell out of it for the sole fact that it was Halo. Even though towards the end of it i just ended up HLGing and betraying my teammates on big team, still played it for a long time. I will continue to be sceptical about the success of Halo 4 until a few of these things are fixed/taken out. Hopefully I can enjoy this title as much as i have enjoyed the titles preceeding this 1.
  7. Don't get me wrong, the game is great, but there are several profound issues that I hope will be fixed upon the update. Most of these issues involve forge, though that's not the only focus. 1.) Water physics and water boundries. In both Erosion and Forge W--sorry Ravine, we are unable to even touch the water. 343, people enjoy making maps that use shallow water as a feature. Not only that, but in Erosion, the water physics act more solid than fluid. If you die in the water, your body "sits" rather than floats on top of the water. 2.) Boundries and map size. For a forge map, not only should they be big, but the boundries should be MUCH more lenient. We don't have much vertical space for making towers and mechs, and that's problematic. That and the maps are simply too small for any dramatic creations. I understand that we have 3 forge maps, thus making it so them combined are overall larger than Forge World itself, but that simply doesn't cut it. What if someone wants to make a map that uses a large area? I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we should get a map that looks like Sandbox but is the size of Forge World in later DLC. 3.) Fine tuning. Bring it back. I always used it for making small cosmetic details in house interiors. Fine tuning is a NECESSITY! 4.) 2D background textures in maps. In Impact, the asteroid rings are noticeably 2 Dimensional. In Ravine, the birds are 2D and the vegetation loads as you walk. A forge map should be a lot more scenic. 5.) Placing objects in the ground. Being able to place a forge object almost all the way in the ground was a great advantage for making fine details. Now objects are forced out at about half-way. 6.) Jet pack duration and Thruster pack distance. Make them both larger. It would play a lot more smoothly if these abilities were enhanced. Also, it would be fantastic to be able to tackle people with the Thruster pack. 7.) Make it so the Killcam is a switchable option. I don't want to come across as the type who compares Halo 4 to CoD, but the Killcam is simply a glaring similarity and we should be able to choose whether or not we want it on. 8.) Bring back Invasion and the ability to play as an Elite. [Playing as a Promethean could also be interesting.] 9.) This is another point that has been addressed countless times: the DMR is too overpowered. At least tone down the rate of fire or the bullet magnetism. Those of us who enjoy using the assault rifle types are at a tremendous disadvantage. The Bolt Shot is also a bit cheap. At least make it like the Mauler, where it does half of the player's life. 10.) THIS ONE IS HUGE. The assist/kill-steal system is terribly flawed. I find myself getting assists after firing a single instant-kill attack. For instance, having not attacked the enemy prior, I fire my Railgun, only to end up with an assist. Sometimes I even get assists when nobody is around to take my kill. It's incredibly frustrating and inexcusable. Please fix it. 11.) The kill feed. I'm sure this is an issue that many have already stated, but it's simply to bothersome to leave out. The kill feed has undergone a serious downgrade. All of the previous Halo games after CE let us know how we died; be it just killed, head-shotted, sniped, stuck, beat down, etc, people were able to understand almost exactly what happened without the assistance of a killcam. Would it be possible to install a killfeed system similar to that of Halo: Reach? That would probably settle the minds of many. 12.) Sticky Grenades, PLEASE bring back their thunder. First of all, I have always been a sticky grenadier since Halo 3. Seeing how they've been weakened so heavily peeves me. However, my biggest issue goes to knowing whether or not I stuck someone. There's no "Stick" medal anymore, so it's hard to tell whether or not an actual stick was earned. I understand that the word "Stuck" appears on your screen, but it doesn't show up if you've already died, and like the actual blue plasma glow, the stated phrase is simply not very prominent. I actually end up throwing both of my plasmas now to ensure that I stuck my opponent as a result of that. Not only that, but I don't get to go and do my routine post-game "Stick medal check" anymore. That's something that I've always looked forward to doing in Halo matches. 13.) THIS IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH THE GAME! You can't edit the Flood's weapons in Flood Mode! So many Infection games in the past Halo game rely on giving the infected weapons like Rockets or Snipers. You need to be able to change the weapon set of the Flood. All of those great gametypes like "Halo" and "Cops & Robbers" are now unavailable due to this glaring issue. 343, I strongly believe you should make this a priority in future updates. Let the infected have changeable weapon settings. At that, allow them weapon pick up as well as the ability to drive vehicles if the player decides upon that setting. Overall, Halo 4 is a fantastic installment to the franchise. This topic is not intended to fuel any rage or amount to any disrespect to 343. I understand that the game is incomplete, so the points addressed are simply things that I feel should be considered.
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