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  1. Map: Vanguard 5.0 Canvas: Impact Gametype: Dominion Players: 12 Issue: Broken lighting fixed; newly revised midline structures. This is a close quarters version of Dominion. I want to test the map and revisions, and this Dominion variant. It is also a banshee themed map, or rather a map with multiple banshees. The fun thing about Dominion is how you can soawn items that only your team can use, if you capture a terminal. I want to see how this all plays out.
  2. Map: Awakening Canvas: Forge Island Gametype: Dominion Players: 12-16 Custom Gametype: Yes Description: Awakening look like islands in the sky, or perhaps an ancient Forerunner artifact. Recently the Covenant have been using Awakening as a staging site for precision arial attacks against human interlopers. But with the help of the Spartans the UNSC neutralized the Covenant and have maintained vigilant guard. This map requires a custom gametype: Dominion banshees. There are set loadouts, but everyone wears a jet pack. Don't worry, it is unlimited, and once you jump in you will see why. I am trying the find the right balance with adjusting shields and weapon strengths to help jet packers have more chance against vehicles. I will be looking for feedback.
  3. Hey guys it's been a few weeks but I think I will have Vanguard 4.5 ready with lighting fixed hopefully. I had to strip it all down again. I also have a dominion-based banshee themed map ready for the following TNT. See you guys next TNT. CV
  4. My participation with TNT is in question due to a forge glitch when I logged in it deleted most of my progress. Working on it today and tomorrow. Not sure if I'll have time ti finish. Crossing fingers. CV
  5. Map: Vanguard 4.2 Canvas: Impact GT: Crimson Volver Players: 8-12 Reason: Test competitive playability with new interior modifications per last TNT. Test spawning and ordinance position and weapons. Infinity Slayer. Once the design layout is fixed I plan to set up Dominion for testing. CV
  6. I work till sfter 3 EST. I will aim for the later session. CV
  7. Yeah, just recieved a message yesterday of a "single woman" wanting to start a relationship with me, and show me pictures. I did not click on the message on the forums, just read it from my email on my phone. I smell porn spam a mile away. CV
  8. Yes, been working on it throughout the week. I will not have it ready for TNT this week, however, but I will be presenting one of my other maps, Sanctorium 2.0, an asymmetrical little cave map inside the belly of the small island. It will be my first real playtest since I re-imagined it. With Vanguard 4.0 I am working on the interior layout based on the feedback, eliminating the fall zones on the inside and and of course the zip lines; I also need to redesign the ramps up to the lower bridge (where the zip lines were) as well as the platform for the man cannon that shoots you up to the upper platform. I am also reimagining the central structure, which was a fusion of four rocks, but I felt like it darkened and confused things a little for people new to the map. Should be more appealing to competitive game play next time around. Vanguard 4.0 should be ready for the TNT next week. Getting ready to jump on H4 and forge some more. I joined Canandian Echo in a game of Conquest on BF3 earlier and played clutch in the tank. brought the team back from a 200-300 point deficit, and we won. We were team stars. See you tomorrow. CV Thanks for all the helpful feedback. I really appreciate it. I strive to be the best Forger I can be. I really liked, by the way, how you utilized the building on Impact with that Dominion gametype. I can honestly say I have never seen anyone adapt it so well as you did. I knew where I was, but it was designed so well I forgot where I was too.
  9. GT: CrimsonVolver Map name: Sanctorium 2.0 Canvas: Forge Island Reason: Test playability, spawns, weapon placement and selection, etc., for Infinity Slayer. Players: 2v2 or 3v3. Description: Small map, forged inside the small Island. Takes on a cavernous asymmetrical layout. There is a Sanctorium map, but I redesigned the segmentation and general flow as the first set up, small as it is, made contact less often as would be expected. This is a close quarters map with three rooms (Blue, Green, Red). The design seems to support gametypes like Extraction and Dominion, KOTH, and probably Oddball, but I want to start out by making sure Slayer gametypes work before I jump to objective gametypes. This is not a bridge map, like some of my other maps. There are close quarters areas, but also room for jumping and strafing tactics. There are good lines of sight, and also various useful ways to find cover when needed. I have been forging since Halo 3, and as Canadian Echo recently told me, it shows in my Forging. Not sure what that means, but I am beginning to realize I need to evolve my general approach to map making. Still, I am proud of my achievement with Sanctorium, and I think it might reflect what I have been learning via my critique on other maps by THFE and other respected Forgers. Looking forward to next Tuesday. CV
  10. Well deserved. I always appreciate your feedback on my maps, and I strive to become the best Forger I can be. Keep doing what you do. CV
  11. OK, I guess my father-in-law is picking her up, so I am going to be participating with the Tuesday Night Map Testing guys. Count me in, as previously stated. CV
  12. I think I may need to back out for this week. Picking my daughter up from airport tonight. Might conflict. If on I will msg you to see if a spot. CV.
  13. Oops. Posted to wrong thread. Meant to to Tuesday map testing. CV
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