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Found 12 results

  1. The upcoming Xbox One shooter Halo 5: Guardians has had a host of new images reveal features and details of the highly hyped game! Recently, GameInformer.com posted a wealth of pictures revealing new details about the game, which you can find in a huge information dump provided by Self Destruct. Since this, new images have surfaced revealing a wealth of details about Halo 5: Guardians and it's story and features. For starters, the Covenant Remnant, a fanatic cult separated from the now broken Covenant order, will be returning in some old ways. Images show the genetically modified Jackals and Grunts looking mostly the same from Halo 4, however, the Elites have gotten a few changes to their armour and it's ranking as Zealots seem to now be white and green and much taller than typical spartans, likely due to their genetic modifications. View attachment: halo510.jpg Next up, Promethean weapons like the Boltshot, Suppressor, and Incineration Cannon are returning, with balancing changes but little aesthetic variance to date, coming from an anonymous source. Finally, a new cover has been released for Escalation issue 22 on HaloPedia.org which will launch on September 23rd and follow Spartan Palmer and others as they track down Halsey. This will be an official sequel to the story told in Spartan Ops. And finally, Spartan Jun's voice actor confirmed over Twitter.com he was not called back to voice his character, meaning an appearance by Jun is unlikely unless in cameo form, or maybe he's lying to us... Nah. View attachment: halo517.jpg Anyways that's all for now guys, below are a bunch of other pictures for you to look at showing off Spartan Tanaka for the first time in-game as well as Blue Team renders. Enjoy!
  2. Present halo's game mechanics and emphasize the skill personality. I think this is a subtle, but signifigant thing. Halo developers have never really openly just explained certain game mechanics like the overcharge on the plasma pistol or the instant kill for hitting someone from behind. There were hints and tips at the matchmaking lobby for halo 3 and Reach I think, but they were taken out of halo 4. Halo only has so many gameplay dynamics like EMPs and beatdowns. Then there's things like crouch jumping, plasma grenade launching and etc. The main mechanics however are a big part and most new players or even casual veterens won't take the time to read weapon details or experiment, or read the manual. So basically what I'm saying is to really shove those things in our faces. Maybe have it so when you're holding a plasma pistol that there's notification on your HUD that says "Hold__________to charge". There could be an option in settings to turn off weapon hints too. And put in details for weapon descriptions that say things like "Rapidly depletes shields". There is a good bit of players out there, probably all noobs, that don't realize shield dynamics. Bring back hints at the matchmaking screen that say "Headshots for precision weapons only count when energy shields are down" or something. The other topic is emphasizing halo's skill set. Don't amp up auto-aim on snipers, or take things out of the game for the sake of new players. A lot of noobs and players out there already thought and still think halo takes no skill because they can choose to play sloppy and easily get 1 or 2 kills per life. Most of US don't do that though. Noobs don't really think about deep team-play skills when they play halo for some reason. They don't think about using power weapons like the railgun or rocket launcher to take out enemy vehicles and get multi-kills instead of being selfish and wasting them on minor targets. A lot of noobs don't figure out game mechanics either. So it's a seriously false judgement they make saying "Halo takes no skill" or assuming it has no deep dynamics. Really emphasize the skillset and bring back things like the grav-lift equipment, or those other unique weapons with a learning curve like the grenade launcher from Reach. The dominant atmosphere for all games should be having power weapons only on the map in most gametypes, and power-ups on maps more often. Ordanance should be rare, maybe only certain medals like kill-joys and killing sprees earn up to ordnance. By only power weapons on maps I mean rocket launcher, fuel rod, all snipers...things like that. Then weapons like the SAW and shotguns could be ordnances. Bring back active camo as a power-up too. There could be certain ordnance power ups like damage boost and speedboost for ordnance. Since ordnance is harder to get they might last longer or have more effect. Then overshield and active camo could be on the maps.
  3. Throughout the Halo saga, humanity has been plagued with deadly foes. First it was the Flood; then the Insurrectionists (Innies); then the Covenant; and most recently the Prometheans. So I ask you: Which was your favorite, which wasn't, and which would work best in Halo 5? Feel free add ideas for entirely new reasons, or support your own opinion of which is the best/worst. Thanks for all the support in the previous Volume; here's to many future Volumes to come!
  4. This is the final entry for the Prometheans clan. We have decided NOT to wait for Halo 4 to launch. Instead, we have started recruiting friends and randoms over Xbox LIVE. Also, I have created a Facebook page, and you can find it here---> http://www.facebook.com/prometheans In addition, clan activities will begin (and continue) after we reach a member/recruit population of 8. ACTIVITIES Big Team Battle Team SWAT Grif-ball Living Dead Team Slayer Custom Games RANKING Master- Gold Leader- Silver Member- White Recruit- Black CLAN MEETS Once a month, we will have clan meets. We will discuss things about the clan, such as emblems, problems, forge ideas, kicking and exiling, etc. We will have a clan meet map soon, but we will have to make one when Halo 4 releases. GETTING BANNED OR EXILED To be banned or exiled from the clan, there are a few things you can do. -Bully another clan member -Flame or bash another clan member based on his/her race, gender, religion, etc. -Grief another member's Forge creations -Purposely betraying fellow clan members in Matchmaking or causing them to be killed/lose (team games) It all depends on the severity of the offense. If you are exiled, you can regain your place in the clan. But if you are banned, then you can never come back. If you are interested in joining, go to our Facebook page (link at the top), like and post your Xbox LIVE gamertag, or message me or the leaders on Xbox. *EDIT* The Facebook page does not show the Leader's gamertags, so they are Jeremama21 and C3R3AL ASSASSIN
  5. I just thought of a brilliant idea (and I know that the game has gone gold so shush!) What if we make a playlist where you can either play as a Mantis or a Promethean Knight? Figuring that they are bout the same size, It would be like BTB Infection. If only we could have Knights in multiplayer...
  6. WARNING: PARTS OF THIS ARTICLE CONTAIN REVEALED CAMPAIGN SPOILERS! For quite a while people have been theorizing on why the prometehans are changing color and I have come to a conclusion. Lets start with the theories we have already heard of: 1.The Prometheans are orange in daylight, blue at nightime: This theory was brought to the table due the the only situations we see blue knights are in the dark and the orange knights in the light. 2. Classification of power: Some people thought that blue prometheans were somehow a stronger varient of the orange one relating to the elites and their colors structure. 3.Orange knights are controled be the Didact where the blue knights by cortana: The biggest reasons why this was thought of is that cortana is supposed to go rampant and is convienent on how the knights are blue. There are a few more lesser theories but these three are the most popular at the moment. Now I will explain my theory on how it came to me....(this theory was brought together from Information from Glasslands, Gamtrailers Halo 4, Cryptum, Primordium, and other press realeases in the last week) Watching the Gametrailers Halo 4 episode that came out last thursday on the 21 of september, Frank O'Conner goes into some detail on Chief meeting Prometheans on Requiem, Their role there, and the New Enemy (not suprising) The Didact. Frankie goes on to talk about how your first interactions are with the knights and the new covenant. They are fighting eachother making it clear that the prometheans do not want this new covenant (Storm) to interfere with what they want. Frankie has also told us in other interviews that this new faction of covenant, The Storm (or theorized The Servants of Abiding Truth) Is at Requim due to their Religion that see the forerunners as their Gods and have information on a living god on the planet and will do anything to get to him. If this is the case then why would the Prometheans be fighting the Storm? Just wait it will become clear in a second. Back to our gametrailers interview Frankie goes on, he says that your first encounter with the prometheans seems familiar like a defense AI system with no other real goals or intentions from them. However before he anounces the Didacts involvment within halo he says something very very important. He says that there is a specific moment in the campaign where you can see that shift in the Prometheans to a defensive group to something more. you see the prometheans as if they have organization of a higher archy. This is also when he anounces the didact. We see the prometheans as blue before the didact is awaken because they have been in a defensive state over the didact for 100,000 years. The blue is more of a calmer state in color giving us that same look of any other forerunner structure we've seen in the past halo games. Once we run into the Didact that means he now takes control over the prometheans and gives them drive, purpose and objectives making them alot more of an active construct making them Orange instead of blue. I mean think about it 3rd mission Forerunner(their blue), Infinity mission (their orange) Over all My theory: The Prometheans are blue Before the Didact hasn't taken control over his prometheans yet, then the Prometheans turns Orange after because he has then taken control of them giving them purpose. Give me your thoughts or flaws with this theory
  7. This clan was originally the Prometheans, as you may know. I have decided to change the name to Black Phoenix, and other things have changed as well. This clan will for the most part be in Halo 4. Of course, there will be some people who do not have the game, and will have their own Legion(s) in Halo: Reach. You do NOT need any particular version of the game, but having the bonus map packs that come with the Limited Edition will most likely be transferred to my personal Legion, if they accept. I will not force you if you do not want to. RANKING There are now a total of nine ranks, in the following order, highest to lowest. Emperor-> Legate-> Commandant-> Praetorian-> Centurion Prime-> Centurion Minor-> Legion Major-> Legion Minor-> Legion Novus Emperor: Highest possible rank, Leader of the Clan. Controls any Legion and has a private Legion. Legate: Controls one Legion of up to eight members. Can take legion into battle at will. Recruits his/her own Legionaries. Commandant: Second in command in legion to Legate/Emperor. Can control Legion if given permission by superior. Praetorian: Highest Infantry rank. Can control small squads of three (including self). Centurion Prime/Centurion Minor: Higher ranking officers. Last two ranks before Praetorian. Legion Major-Legion Minor: Standard infantry. Can vote on clan matters, along with any of the higher ranks. Legion Novus: Starter and lowest rank. Can not vote on clan matters, and has almost no authority (guests notwithstanding). You can vote on clan matters if above the rank of Novus. Clan matters include things like exiling or banishing members, switching between Legions, forming alliances with other clans, demoting a member, etc. APPEARANCE The only time we have the same colors is during clan pictures or clan battles. The clan standard colors are black (primary) and white (secondary). Silver visor is NOT required, although it is recommended if you have it or can easily afford it. The clan emblem is a Black Phoenix surrounded by white fire, with the emblem toggled so the shield does not appear. This is mandatory, but is the only thing that is required to be the same at all times. Your call-sign (four lettered tag above your head in game) is completely up to you. ACTIVITIES We will play Big Team Battle, Team Swat, Infection/Flood, Objective Game-Types, and Custom Games. If anybody is up for it, maybe even some Machinima. Message me on Xbox LIVE if you are interested in joining. My Gamertag is Furi0usGeorgeX (note the first 0 (zero)) Like us on Facebook if you are or want to be a Black Phoenix http://www.facebook.com/prometheans
  8. Bravo MLG talks about all the controller settings and which one is best for you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcWrRhctQGA
  9. Our clan, the Prometheans, has been inactive. So I have chosen to stop ALL clan activity until further notice. The clan will most likely come back in late October or early November. The reason I am doing this is because I can almost never get on Xbox anymore, Jeremama has no internet, and C3R3AL is almost never on either. But we will eventually restart, hopefully soon.
  10. It's almost time for the most anticipated game of the year, Halo 4. But alas, nobody has contacted me on joining the upcoming clan, the Prometheans, except for my friend Jeremama. There is still one leader slot open, and it's waiting for one of you to claim it! But a small update on joining conditions, you will become a Member or Recruit depending on how well you do in the Multiplayer Matchmaking portion of Halo 4, as in you will not automatically gain the rank of Member upon joining. But in case I was unclear about the ranking, I will post the details here: RANKING Master- Me by default. Leader becomes Master if current Master steps down and one Leader claims Master by popular vote. (Gold) Leader- First two Members by default. Member becomes Leader if Leader becomes Master or steps down and wins by popular vote. (Silver) Member- Prove yourself in Matchmaking. (White) Recruit- Anyone new to the Clan by default. Prove yourself in Matchmaking to become Member. (Black) *NOTE* The ranks Member (White) and Recruit (Black) are NOT meant to be racially discriminating in any way. I just think it makes sense to go from a dull emblem to a bright emblem. You do not need any particular edition of the game. The only thing that needs to be similar in appearance is the Emblem. Every other custom feature is up to you! ACTIVITIES We will play Big Team Battle, Team Swat, Infection, Objective Game-Types, Custom Games, and sometimes Forge. You do not need to ALWAYS be with us while playing, that is completely up to you. But we will host fun play-dates every once in awhile. KICKED FROM CLAN I hope that it won't come to this. But if anyone bashes, bullies, threatens, or seeks to cause physical or verbal harm to another member, then that member will be kicked from the clan. He/she will have 3 warnings before being kicked or exiled. If you are kicked, you can never join the Prometheans again. But if you are exiled, you can reclaim your position by proving yourself in a Custom Games Match. It will be you versus the rest of the clan. Most likely, you will not win, but that's not what counts. If you get a high enough amount of kills, you exile will be lifted. You can also accept your exile and become an outcast, but you can still rejoin by proving yourself. Whether you get kicked or exiled is up to how much harm you cause. "Griefing", destroying another person's creations (commonly used term in Minecraft) in Forge will also get you kicked/exiled. Message my 343 account on this website or my Xbox LIVE account (Furi0usGeorgeX) if you are interested in joining! 11~09~2012
  11. Alright so everyone's seen the last Halo: CEA terminal where 343 Guilty Spark speaks of John destroying his Installation and then towards the end he says, "Oh but what I would not give to have a single company of Prometheans here right now. Oh they would most certainly restore order with their trademark lethality. Although... That would mean He would have to be here too. And without the Librarian around to damper his rage, well... These Reclaimers might almost prefer the Flood." And then the Didact's symbol appears in a flash of light. Also at the end of Primordium Guilty Spark claims to suspect where he might find the Librarian. What do you guys think their relevance will be to Halo 4? I believe that the dark, ancient threat could very well be the Didact or maybe even Faber. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km0kWdxvqqU&feature=related
  12. Who are we going to be fighting? A lot of evidence points at the Forerunners themselves and definitely some Forerunner made machines. Leaks show the crawler and the watcher (1) as most may know, but the Halo CEA terminals heavily hint at more specific Forerunners like the Didact (2). There is no more flood, the covenant have been ruled out as the main antagonist for the game, so what would be left? Were crashing on the shield world/dyson sphere which was created to protect from the ring blast. Who else would be in there? Its hard to believe were not fighting the Forerunners in some way or another. There is a video which was removed from halo waypoints Forerunner terminal log in (place to unlock the last terminal) which would be shown after typing "wake up john" in the Forerunner language. link below (3). And if we just so happen to have a Precursor in the game at any time, it will be in Halo 5 or 6. So what do you guys think? Will we be fighting some completely unknown enemies which have never been mentioned before? Or will we see Prometheans Ready to kick our asses? 1- leaked enemies http://images.thisisxbox.com/2012/05/halo4toys1.jpg 2- didact everywhere http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/speculation.png/sr=1 3- wake up john
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