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Found 1 result

  1. You must've read that title and been like, "Oh god, no way." Well, guess what? I'M DOING ROLEPLAYS AGAIN. YAYAYAYAYAY! So if you don't like it, don't sign up. But I highly encourage you do, because this is gonna be a lot of fun. Hear me out. Halo: War Games is an interactive roleplay taking place in the Halo Universe around 2558, some time after the Second Battle of Requiem and it's destruction. The setting is a UNSC Charon-class light frigate, the UNSC Champion, where a small arena simulation has been set up training Spartan and Ex-Covenant cooperative missions for future battles, enacted by ONI out of fear of the Covenant Remnant and return of the Prometheans. In this simulation, a set of teams comprised of both Spartans and the Arbiter's forces coordinate in invasion-class assaults and stalemates to determine skill among different races and in different fields. You are one of these squad members, and today's ballot day. Sign up below using a formula like I will provide, there are no real limits to this, just stay within the Halo universe's logic. After all have signed up, the Roleplay will start and ballots will determine who is on what team, and depending on the number of players, how many teams there are. Here is the layout for your character sheet, feel free to make changes where needed if you'd like. Name: Johnny Bravo Race: Human (Can choose Elite, Jackal, Grunt, etc.) Class: Soldier (Each race has classes, will list below as well) Weapon(s) of choice: Carbine, Scarab Gun, Frag Grenades, Bubble Shield (Generally anything is fine, primary, secondary, grenade, and equipment, one of each) Characteristics: Blonde, muscular, gorgeous (Just describe your character in any way you can) Backstory: Johnny lived with his 'mama for many years of his life, and after the human-covenant war he developed a hatred for elites (Character's backstory, pretty simple) Classes: Soldier (frontline, can call in ordnance once per game) Medic (mid-range, can bring fallen allies back into the simualtion) Grenadier (longer ranged, can carry more than 2 grenades in a simulation) Ranger (longer ranged, can disable enemy radar) Ultras (frontline, can call in a deployable turret) Zealot (mid-range, can give ammunition to teammates) General (longer ranged, can boost teammates' health) Spec-Ops (longer ranged, can cloak for about 15 seconds) I will alllow you to mix and max, ergo, be a spartan with Zealot abilities, or be a covvie with Medic. Doesn't matter to me. After a few training matches, what's really interesting is we will be having an event where the winning team will determine who scores in the RP. Pretty cool eh? SIGN UP BELOW. My character entry is in the spoiler below if you're interested, I will be RPing too.
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