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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 98. Last week's poll had us asking ourselves which Alpha-Nine member we liked most. This included all past and present members of the fireteam. There was a lot of competition, but Spartan Buck ultimately came out on top. Interesting to see who people voted for and why. Click here to view Site Poll 97, and here for the Twitter responses. What's your favourite Halo novel/comic? This was one of the first poll ideas I originally thought of, but wasn't going to do this one because I thought most people wouldn't have read any novels or comics pertaining to Halo. Looks like many people are well-educated with the lore and have read a lot material, especially with those on Twitter, so I've had a change of heart. The external media is what really defines Halo. The way I see it, the games are only a small add-on. Regardless of how good they all are, I'm sure there are some pieces that are more favoured than others when it comes down to person choice. Which novel, graphic novel or comic did you like most and why? There are many to choose from, and I can imagine it'll be a tough choice for those of you who have read a lot, so if you want you may list one novel and one comic/graphic novel. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  2. From the album: My Weird Webcomic

  3. From the album: My Weird Webcomic

  4. Let's say someone has tried novelizing it, or animated it, or made a comic, what are some other ways a story can be formatted?
  5. My pages I have so far are on Deviantart
  6. Well here is a whole days worth of work on the test drive chapter of Diary of a Dead Man, hope you like it. :3 And i do know about the few spelling mistakes and the ones on the Elites were on purpose as english is not their native language this is how i feel they should talk.
  7. This is an idea thats been rolling around in my head since i saw the Forging The Future's image on their topic and i got to thinking what if i made a whole novel themed around halo... but used screenshots from the game and my own image editing ability and this is the first page result... kinda poor quality but it's more or les just a concept right now. Please leave feedback as to if you'd like to see a cleaner version of this and more or otherthings that could be improved on.
  8. From the album: Comics

    A placeholder signature until I get around to making one. Part of a comic I did a while ago.
  9. we all know that we have acomic series with fall of reach maybe we can see that it happened on ghost of onyx or contact harvest comic?
  10. From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Comic-Style. I like the rising sun background
  11. From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Someone on my msn said this looked like an image from GTA. I took it as a compliment
  12. Hey guys check out the comic that I came up with. The drawing is made by an "inactive" member, FIREN4, who was at my house. Not his best work, but still: enjoy!
  13. I am using this thread to post rage comics that I make. Don't worry, I will add more as I create them! - I. Halo 4 Rage! - II. Getting Addicted to Halo: Reach - III. Challenge Accepted - IV. Books vs. The Internet - V. Another Rage Comic - VI. ZB-85 - VII. Trolldad Gets Trolled - VIII. Spectral Jester
  14. Halo comic series discussion here. Do please, try to keep everything relevant, and try not to sway from the topic unless you just find it impossible to follow a simple request such as that, though it is not my place to force anything upon anyone, seeing how it is not within my power to make you talk about the comic series. This is a Halo comic general discussion, discuss as you may, but I will repeat: please try to keep your posts relevant.
  15. SWORD OF JUSTICE Sword of Justice Issue #3 Now Available From the explosive team of Aaron Williams (North 40) and Joseph Lacroix (L'Encyclopédie du mal) comes Diablo: Sword of Justice. A horrific plague of madness is spreading throughout the Dreadlands, transforming its victims into bloodthirsty savages. The only hope of stopping the affliction before it consumes mankind may lie with Jacob, a wanted fugitive whose destiny is bound to the Archangel Tyrael's legendary Sword of Justice. Jacob’s struggle to elude a group of deranged kinsmen hunting him for the crime of murder continues in issue #3 of the Sword of Justice comic series. As his enemies close in, Jacob taps into the true potential of Tyrael's enchanted blade. Yet with his newfound power comes a difficult choice: to pursue freedom, or to return to his plague-ridden home of Staalbreak and face his troubling past.
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