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  1. I wonder which engineer decided to build this epic vehicle. Next thing you know all the Covenant would have these.
  2. Welcome to the practical list of things for Halo 5, by Firellight. By practical, I mean things that keep Halo what it is. For example, someone says they want to play as brutes or prometheans. Good concept, but we all know that's not happening. So this thread will list the things that keep the status quo in Halo. I will also buff up my own ideas. Come on guys, do prometheans even have the free will to be controlled in multiplayer? Can they use other guns, or have custom armour? "We can paint their armour," no you'd be dead before you get the chance to say hello. 1. LOADS Gametype settings: Loadouts on/off Ordnance on/off Assassinations on/off Dual Wields on/off Sprinting on/off **This is called LOADS. By adding LOADS to Halo 5, many people will be happy, by having the ability to turn off certain features they dislike, while at the same time having the ability to make a classic-mode game type. Lots of people like loadouts, and yes it makes a game better. But in Halo, it kind of leads to gameplay limitations and imbalances, as well as removing the need to look for spawns, find a hidden weapon, or the whole need of getting a weapon. There are people out there who say that loadouts should be removed. Meanwhile, those that enjoy loadouts want them to stay. Why can't we be able to turn them on or off? The same story goes for ordnance drops. When a rag doll effect is in the game, people like to see some funny deaths. They keep us entertained. Assassinations keep the killer entertained, but the person dying gets nothing from it. On a side note, when someone is assassinating someone else, the animation is long enough to make the person say "Hey, I can't move for 3 seconds. Someone can totally kill me while I am slaughtering this other dude." Dual wields have been a huge debate over balance. Those that want dual wielding weapons because they make the game so much more fun and the gameplay fits their mood. Again, why can't we just be able to turn them on or off? Sprinting removes the classic feel to Halo, even though people did say that we needed it, and yes, fps games should always have the ability to sprint. But hey, when we are playing infection and someone is chasing you, why should a sprint be the reason why he got to you? We can turn off sprint, and have it on for regular matches. When we play on a forged map with obstacles, sprinting shouldn't get in the way. 2. Hornets and Falcons So the question goes, hornets or falcons? We have come to the conclusion that we would rather have both, but what about using them in campaign? We can for sure have the falcon for multiplayer purposes, but for campaign we would strictly be using hornets. Makes sense, right? 3. Brutes and Brute Weapons There should be one mission to reference the brutes. If 343 can't find a way, at least make an easter egg moment. Brute weapons should be available in multiplayer. Also possibly in that mission mentioned above. For multiplayer-sake, players like using these weapons. They should be available. 4. Skulls and Easter Eggs - Return of the talking grunt. - Return of the skulls. - New skulls. - Silly things. - Mysterious things. - Make them hard to find. - Someone pointed out that the combat dialogue should be entertaining (amusing) again. - The silent jackal. The silent jackal is an idea I came up with. When you are in campaign, let's say you saw a jackal at the edge of your screen. This guy looks different than your average covenant. When you first see him, he disappears. You can feel free to follow him, and the trend will continue until you meet him in a secret place. Enjoy your rewards and a new ally. He can not die normally. He is like the arbiter in Halo 3. He appears in multiple levels. Sometimes he will lead you to equipment, sometimes he may lead you to an attack. Either way, he joins you once you finish catching up to him. A jackal fighting with a human (let alone the 'demon')? Never saw that coming. 5. New Menu Here is what i believe should be the new main menu: - Campaign - Special Ops (might be titled differently) - Multiplayer (might be titled differently) - Halo Waypoint - Xbox LIVE Marketplace - Each will have a theater mode. - Firefight can be found in multiplayer. - Forge can be found in multiplayer. - There will be three menus in Special Ops; Infinity, (insert separatist cruiser name here) and (insert UNSC ship name here). Each represent their respected organizations for spartans, elites and ODSTs. These are the campaigns for your character. 6. Firefight Everyone likes to play firefight, am I right? Better to have it than to not. Just to add my own additions, within the game type settings, players can choose whether the allies should be the Covenant Separatists or the UNSC. This will affect the equipment being used. Enemies can differ between Covenant Remnant, the flood, or the brutes. The brutes just for the sake of it. Also prometheans too, just for the sake of it. There would be themed maps available, such as a flood map for the flood, a Requiem map for Prometheans, and a map made for Covenant civil war purposes. Other maps would be multiplayer maps in the forest and dunes, etc. We can have AI reinforcements, and maybe even vehicles to be unlocked at certain points of survival. Game type settings can disable this feature, though. Reinforcements may come with a pelican or a phantom to aid you, until it (or they) is destroyed. 7. Spartan, Elite and ODST Ops You can find all the details here http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/27878-more-elite-and-odst-ops-in-halo-5/ Some ideas are that AI characters should be fighting alongside the player(s). The ODST campaign should get the players to experience fighting with another squad, and join them in the cutscenes. There should be marine companions, too. The elites should have two missions dedicated to fighting alongside two hunter brothers. Sure, they can't speak English, but they are your big allies. Also, a part of a mission should have the hunters join in, some time near the climax points. Some noticeable grunts and elites should also be there. There needs to be character development, as well as scenic events during the gameplay. An example used in the thread linked above is when the tower fell in Halo 3: ODST. Those moments make it feel like an actual campaign, rather than petty objectives like we saw in Spartan Ops. So yes, Crimson will have to deal with more adventurous missions this time. Lasky won't always be there for them to give orders. 8. Vehicle Additions In Reach we got to experience the sabre. In Halo 4 we got to experience the pelican and the broadsword. How's about we get to experience a phantom in Elite Ops? One person hops aboard and drives, while the other players can choose to hop on the turrets, or board banshees (AI may fill for missing places). The mission could be centered around picking up others and transport them to other places, and pressing through a wall of defenses. A phantom level would be sweet, wouldn't it? Then for ODST, Spartan Ops, or Campaign (which should have what I am about to say?). A mission dedicated to the sparrowhawk. One pilot, one gunner. Two sparrowhawks ready for 4 players. The pilot can boost a bit faster than a banshee. They can stop boosting to hover around like a hornet. The gunner can shoot with a machine gun and fire missiles. Take down those phantoms and other covenant vehicles while you fly through with the assault. Possibly two other sparrowhawks with marines and/or ODSTs (or spartans, who knows) would be inside to assist you as AI. There will be ground troops and turrets to keep you occupied, as well. If you are in the skies, covenant (or flood) will be on the structures. And who said we can't have another space battle? 9. Vehicle/Weapon Skins By this, I mean changing between loyalist/separatist vehicles. Let's say you place a covenant vehicle in forge. In the item's options you can change its colours to its respected faction. The same goes for covenant weapons, as well. Just for some cool variety and aesthetics, as well as immersion. If there is enough data, maybe 343 could have a Heretic option, and maybe other team colours, too. This is when they have the free time to do so. 10. Infection AND Flood Flood is to Infection as Spartan Ops is to Firefight. They do not match. A simple thing as to put both award-winning game types into Halo 5 would be a gamer's dream. The difference is that flood mode doesn't use weapons and have their own body shapes. Infection is the complete opposite. You can use weapons, and even modify character traits in the game type settings. Before the devs make a mistake by listening to us saying they should modify one to be the other, let's just keep them the way they are and put them both into Halo 5. 11. Armour Abilities are now Equipment How's about this; a player can now have two equipment pieces, and armour abilities now count as equipment. The purpose is that ODSTs don't get armour abilities, and to not let them use abilities at all would be a wrong thing to do. Now all the armour abilities become equipment. You can see them attached to armour when equipped, like a small utility attached to the hip or something. Because armour abilities last forever, some equipment would have the meter, while others would be one-time use, such as the bubble shield. All equipment available in Halo 5: - Active camoflauge - Jet pack - Thruster pack - Hologram - Hardlight shield - Bubble shield - Deployable cover - Regeneration field - Promethean vision - Autosentry - Power drain - Radar jammer - Trip mine - Overshield - Flare - Gravity lift I don't know which should be for loadouts and which shouldn't, but those that do will provide a fresh experience with equipment. This idea is not fully developed, but I hope you all get the point. 12. Elites and ODSTs In multiplayer. Here are the specs of each character type: Spartans - No health bar - Taller bulky bodies - Human loadouts - Speedy sprint - Flashlight Elites - No health bar - More upper-body movement (slouchier stance?) - Covenant (Separatist) loadouts - Speedy sprint - Flashlight ODSTs - No health bar - Normal bodies - Human loadouts (ODST style) - Not-so-speedy sprint - VISR Armour customization is universal: - Helmet - Helmet attachments - Left shoulder - Right shoulder - Body - Elbows - Knee pads - Visor - Wrist? - Utility? - Primary colour - Secondary colour - Tertiary colour? - Emblem - Voice (See Elite/ODST Ops thread linked in #7) I believe it would be beneficial to see your characters in campaign, too. Player 1 is Chief, and you can pretend he has a small squad of his own, be it elite, ODST, or spartan. Maybe before starting a mission, there could be an option for a player to control as the Arbiter or not, if he happens to meet with Chief again. But then again, he could have his own mission for player 1, and when meeting with Chief he could just be an AI. People like to show off their characters, you know. 13. Weapon Options When placing a weapon down in forge, checking its options will allow for changing its properties. The purpose is to change weapons to their ODST modes and their versions from previous games. - Battle rifle options to change it between Halo 4 and 3 versions. - Pistol options to change between regular, ODST, and the Halo 1 version (regular is the defaulted for matchmaking and campaign, so only custom games will have this) - SMG options to change between regular and ODST (silenced) versions. This will alter how you can dual-wield. So you have the skin changes for Covenant weapons, and the property changes for UNSC weapons. Perhaps we can change the vehicle options, as well? Warthog properties and mongoose colours? 14. Forge Worlds Have a few, with different environments. One should be almost completely open, to allow for flat or completely custom maps. One could have the scenery and rocks, water, etc. One more could be a different environment. 15. Game Types from Previous Games I can't name them off the bat, but I am aware that many people would like to see game types like juggernaut to return. 16. Flood Return I am not the one to be talking about it in this thread, because I am sure that others know how to handle the topic. Making them more scary and whatnot, and also the elites a bit more too. 17. New Cyclops Design All of it is explained here http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/28081-cyclops-to-replace-the-mantis/ Reasons and all. _________________________________ If you have any ideas to add to the list, feel free to do so. I bet you I forgot a few things, anyway. This does sound like a lot of data to be put into Halo 5. But who knows how good the new Xbox will be?
  3. It looks like a purple and green/yellow set of armour for the Covenant. Idk, but Halo 2 always gave the the sort of Covenant feeling with all the purple and%
  4. It looks like a special edition set for Halo 2.
  5. Given the map was huge. A deep forest, wide (snow)field, a desert. Or just a forge world with multiple environments. Each would be fitting for 16 vs 16.
  6. But what would be the cost of the game with 3 discs? :/ Surely the price would be raised a bit further.
  7. I meant to say something around there, but went off on my own words lol.
  8. It is always cool to think that a forgeable Firefight gametype to come to Halo, but if you think about it... Edit spawns? Edit basic map material? Edit basic objectives? It seems like just a little for a lot of data, and with little use at that. On top of that, maps would be very glitchy if forge allowed for firefight options. Of course it can be done, but it would be an almost waste of time, money, and space to the game. That doesn't stop 343 from making forgeable firefight for themselves, though! Bungie made maps for infection, 343 can certainly make different kinds of firefight matches to step up the game a bit for more variety in the matches. If firefight usually takes place in the building and dirt roads in front of it, maybe 343 will make a different version for the beach side of that map, with a base and other stuff.
  9. The missing lego is that 343 should have made Spartan Ops an epic movie even while just playing the game, such as the tower falling in ODST when driving the warthog across the bridge. Spartan Ops seemed to miss that feeling completely. Let's get that arrow back on its track and try again. The reason why I suggested a separate disc for the Ops campaigns was not only for more data usage, but to have room to literally make them another campaign. It's like having Halo 5 tell 4 different stories, or even 5 if Arbiter has his own missions.
  10. Their friends who play in their house don't want to see rookie armour when they come over. Plus, when they get live at any time they would like to be prepared. What's to show when you record videos for youtube, as well? You won't get any fans without a unique look to your spartan.
  11. Arby and Chief is the backbone of Halo. Halo is not Halo without Elites, because they are in every game, playable in just about all of them. The thing about gaming with war games lately is that over the past 6 years since Halo 3, we've seen lots of Battlefield and Call of Duty, and other follow ups. They had nothing but humans fighting against humans, and any sci-fi (excluding Mass Effect) still had you playing as a human. I always enjoyed Halo as being the gateway to escape the human factor, and play as other races - but without getting into ufooooos and lazzerrr beams! No, Halo had the best mix of Earth and intergalactic atmospheres. On top of that, elites are quite an original form of person. That is why I did not want Halo to turn into the next CoD franchise, or even Battlefield. Halo is Halo, and it is not a human-only do not disturb Infinity game. Halo has a story to tell for every race in the galaxy. I like the story of the elites, and they deserve a spot in multiplayer, because elites were one of the first concepts ever made to whole franchise. Respect that.
  12. Halo is turning into a fashion craze in Hollywood. I wasn't a total fan of super bulky spartans in Reach, but anywhere between Halo 3 and Reach is great for me.
  13. The music truly creates the music, and nothing beats the original Halo music. So something I would suggest is how 343i decides to use the music. They could pull a Halo 4 with the new music, and once something really mysterious, revealing, and/or the flood return, the original music suddenly kicks in at that moment. It is an awesome development tactic to get players to really love the game for the sparking moment they will experience. Arbiter and the Shadow of Intent may have an original soundtrack focused around them, as well. (That dusty themed "Halo" song remake with the first full massive breakout from the flood, Shadow of Intent arriving to the scene and start to battle, Chief is running, blasts everywhere, Chief must get to the Arbiter, and they could finally meet again, at this terrible time. This was a mission in utter defeat, and the dark part of the original theme song plays. The real adventure starts now.) I would also like to have 343 to make the moments in which the music is used to sort of resemble what they were used before. Brothers in Arms/This is Our Land (CE and 3) would be fitting when in a critical suicidal mission, that is crucial to the survival of everyone, or during a point where everyone has nothing left but hope and faith - and lots of it. All I am saying is that a great many of people would be very happy to experience revamped experiences from the first three games. An epic moment researcher may be required. :3 Oh and, lots and lots of mysterious easter eggs.
  14. And also a few achievements that can work universally for firefight and multiplayer, etc like getting a killionaire. The only exclusion to avoid exploitation online is to only be able to unlock through matchmaking with strangers. The part I didn't like about Reach armour was that it required a certain rank to unlock. I know that it takes a good player to unlock the armour, but it shouldn't require extensive gameplay either. What if you had two ways of unlocking armour? A certain amount of points and a rank, or complete this to buy it early. Of course, they would be objectives that require some actual skill. By the way, to avoid too much data in just trying to unlock armours, should a player be able to unlock a full set completely or piece by piece? I agree with you on the out-of-placeness that you say. As long as a person can see through their visor, looks believable for working in the military - and does not appear to scare civilians, then I (or we) will accept them as deserving variants.
  15. I thought it was a solution for offline players... you know, just get armour from Campaign. It should be that players with silver should have a chance at getting armour too. I like that you get to plan ahead like in Reach. Idk, but I thought it would be good for people playing in campaign or multiplayer would have a chance at earning their armour.
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