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Found 18 results

  1. Known Issues: - When building the nav mesh with grass on the ground the bots don't know how to navigate (this is the most annoying one for forest maps, bots should just ignore blocks with no collision. - Sometimes working with the budget for light cache too close to the limit will not save the built light cache (this happened with a vegetation map I had to lower even more the light budget I had). - Initial camera will shake when a match starts unless you script it to move around. - Sometimes scripts don’t get properly loaded in a custom game even if they work at Forge mode (or the opposite). - Some particular blocks are glitchy (example: Structures > Cover > UNSC Half Cover), they may not scale properly and several copies of it can break the map. Make sure to check the budget at Map Settings and see if the static objects budget makes sense with the map you are working on. - Quickly saving the map twice right before leaving a Forge session may not save your progress at all, a workaround for it is going to version history and open the third last version of it. - Sometimes you just can’t publish a map, transferring the admin seems to solve the issue but the map will still be glitched with the original owner if he gets admin back (this may have something to do with a copy protection glitch). - Forge robot sometimes pick up weapons, if a weapon disappears or if you see your reticle changing then be aware of it, that weapon will respawn after some time. - Placing blocks too far away from origin or very big ones may cause serious performance issues to your session. - Some blocks that have applied normal physics to them may get duplicated when they get moved around (specially vehicles, weapons and fusion coils), it turns out that the object in the original position is just a ghost block and eventually it will disappear (I hope). - Some blocks that have applied normal physics to them may get duplicated when they get moved around (specially vehicles, weapons and fusion coils), it turns out that the object in the original position is just a ghost block and eventually it will disappear (I hope). - Some objects glitch out and can’t be selected nor deleted, sometimes they just act as the ghost blocks mentioned above but also they may stay there for a long period of time and even linger around after a couple of forge sessions. There is no easy workaround but after a couple of forge lobbies they may disappear. Sometimes you manage to delete them when placing another same block and going into object settings and selecting all similar blocks then deleting it (do it outside the map since instead of being able to delete the second block it also becomes a ghost block sometimes). - Placing glass blocks in front of each other will cause performance issues. - Having too many reflective objects will cause delays when placing and moving blocks while in forge mode. - You can’t undo when scaling objects or with other people at your forge lobby. - Some rocks if scaled too big can cause problems with collision and weird textures, make sure to place smaller ones near areas where the players are to patch it. - Prefabing several blocks together may cause different issues, if you duplicate it or undo the rotation or movement will cause the prefab to explode the smaller blocks into different rotation, scale and position, a work around for this is having the original prefab in a corner and trying to duplicating it a couple of times until you can get it right (there is a small delay when duplicating it), also remember to never ever undo anything you made with a big prefab (saving the original one may be a good idea). - Randomly some blocks may get weird collisions (even if they are flat), try to place invisible blockers to work around it.
  2. Since I got confirmation that the planned games were cancelled, this is the next one. However it has H5 spoilers and the discussion topic is not marked for spoilers so RSR said I should post it separately. I present to you... Mafia: Spartan Edition The Situation: As the UNSC Infinity flees Cortana and the Guardians, a handful of AIs have managed to get in via remote transmission. With safeguards recently installed to prevent unauthorized AI interference, they were unable to hack anything save for one section of the ship: the one where the safeguards had not yet fully installed. The Spartan Deck. They quarantined the deck immediately, blocking any exit or entry. Their next move was possess empty Mjolnir armor and falsify records to blend in with the human Spartans. In this state they sabotaged all the biofoam projectors used for ally revival...and finally, they depressurized the section of the ship, leaving it a vacuum. The medical facilities were all sabotaged, from the healing equipment to the bio scanners. Forced to wear their suits at all times to survive and realizing too late what was going on, the Spartans had no way of discovering whether someone was Spartan or AI except by removing their helmet...and that, of course, would expose an AI by revealing their suit was empty...but if a true Spartan was unmasked, the vacuum would violently tear them apart. The Rules: As you'd expect, the standard Mafia procedure is followed. The game begins at night. Every night, the AIs will kill a player of their choice, decided in their group PM. The Detective will Artemis scan someone, the Medic will run to someone's side expecting to have to revive him. The Vigilante will try and target an AI if he can. It is then day. Since electronic voting would leave the votes open to hacking, the Spartans vote by ballot on who they suspect of being an AI. That person will then have their helmet removed, a lynching. And the cycle repeats until all of one side is dead. The Roles: 12x UNSC 9x Spartans - With their biofoam projectors sabotaged and no special equipment, all they can do is cast their votes. 1x Detective - With a prototype version of the Artemis Tracking System that takes 24 hours to process one scan, this Spartan can direct a scan for bio-readings on anyone. If there are bio-readings, it's a Spartan. If not, an AI lies within that empty suit. 1x Medic - Though the biofoam projectors were sabotaged, one Spartan knew how to fix his. He only had the resources to fix one though, leaving himself as the sole defense for anyone downed by the AI infiltrators. 1x Vigilante - This Spartan goes out once a night to kill someone he suspects by his own hand. Unfortunately, sometimes he is wrong. In addition, he can only do it twice. 4x Created 1x AI - Possessing only ordinary equipment, they can only vote. They didn't sabotage their own biofoam projectors, but since using them on each other obviously isn't possible, and they don't want to revive any humans, they're useless to them. 1x Leader - When targeted by a lynch, kills one person who voted for him. When targeted by the Vigilante, the Vigilante will die. However the Leader in either case still dies with the person he takes down. 1x Juggernaut - Stole the last overshield module for himself. As such, he has two lives. 1x Saboteur - Stole the last active camo module for himself. As such, he can invisibly mess with the votes, and so once per round, he can change the vote of another person secretly. He can also vote normally. 1x Sangheili 1x Elite Ranger - An ambassador who came on board the Infinity and happened to be talking with some Spartans when the section quarantine was forced upon them. Everyone knows he's not an AI, but is he loyal to his human allies, or does he believe that Cortana's plan for the Mantle is actually a good thing? Either way, whatever side he chooses to aid, he can assassinate a player once every two rounds. The List: 1. Caboose the Ace 2. Yoshi1176, Detective, Killed by Leader Round 2. 3. Melody, Medic, Executed Round 2. 4. Drizzy_Dan, Saboteur, Killed by Vigilante Round 2. 5. Frankenzer, Civilian, Executed Round 3. 6. Ni Nihon, Juggernaut, Lost a Life Round 2, Killed by Vigilante Round 3. 7. Self Destruct 8. Ruby Rose 9. Kakashi_Hatake, Elite Ranger, Executed Round 1. 10. Iron Man 11. Church 12. BATMAN 13. rrhuntington, Spartan, Lynched Round 3. 14. Wam, Leader, Lynched Round 1. 15. Yang Xiao Long 16. RedStarRocket91 17. technohollow99, Spartan, Lynched Round 4. --- Grab those spots!
  3. Hello. As title says.. I'm looking for anyone that still has Xbox 360 and halo 4 who will be making time to help give a feedback for my game map and its mode. Basically, I'm just looking for a test players. The custom map is: Ragnarok VE1 (Slang for Version Edition One) it'll have more heavies and units. Game type: Infinity Slayer CS ER1 (slang for Edition Revision One) it'll have very better setup for everyone involved. Send me a message if you want to help test the mode and map. Note: I'm deaf, so you gotta use thread or message me on XBL. My GT is CassandraSaturn hope to see you on soon!
  4. The vast majority of my points below equate to: Why have you shipped a half finished game? Why did you change something that worked well to something rubbish? The answer to 1. is fairly straight forward, and endlessly disappointing. A cynical decision was made to gate content available from the start in previous titles, behind a long, randomly resulting grind, OR let people skip that with microtran$action$. This is also clearly the reason one of the most popular game modes – Big Team Battle (BTB) – wasn’t released to begin with, because then nobody would spend additional money to unlock access to weapons and vehicles in the shite that is Warzone. The company might as well be rebranded to £4£ Industries Hurry the -Yoink- up and release BTB and have access to weapons and vehicles as standard on the maps, not behind the req system. The req system itself works fine ‘within’ a match. I like the idea of the more kills you get unlocking more powerful kit. I don’t like that I can’t then use that kit without having previously spent money or points on crappy booster packs. Radar – what separated Halo from sprayfests like CoD was tactical radar use. The current incarnation of radar is a joke. People appear behind you from nowhere, and with no time to react before dying I might as well play CoD. Not being able to save up for specific unlocks. Given I’ve already slated the concept of req booster packs, I understand given the money involved they are unlikely to go away, but at least put in a system of being able to spend your req points on specific items. Infection, King of the Hill, Oddball – PUT THEM IN ALREADY Terrible spawning – spawning in the middle of a firefight, or in front on the enemy team is not cool. PvE in PvP - sucks balls, remove it. NO ONE wants to be killing crappy AI bosses in the middle of a fast paced FPS fight. This isn’t Alterac Valley. Split screen – I’ve extensively played and owned every single Halo title (except ODST). A large amount of the fun I had was multiplayer campaign, and PvP in the same room with friends. I’ve not even entered campaign mode on Halo 5 because of its removal. The matchmaking lobby – why have you removed all the functionality from previous Halos?! WHY?! I want to be able to browse the other players, their achievements, see what armour they are wearing, and which ones are using a mic! Achievements – on the note of achievements, at least let them unlock some cool stuff (oh no, that might reduce microtransaction sales…) Carnage report – let me see the damn medals I got! Service tag – I’ve used the same three letter service tag since they first came out. WHY?!?!?! Have you locked them to four characters?!?! Make it three or four. Asymmetric battlegrounds suck – you should attack AND defend in sequence, as part of a single battle.
  5. Here is the list of everything I have done: -gave my xbox static IP -forwarded all necessary ports -QoS priority to xbox -put xbox into DMZ -bought new modem -tried different dns settings I have spent so much -Yoinking!- time and money just trying to play this -Yoinking!- game. This unacceptable, I have done everything.
  6. Hey guys; I've been a competitive Halo 3 die hard fan ever since I was a jit and now I'm 20. I haven't played halo since Reach. The game was okay, I stopped playing when I became a general or something. I lost the eagerness of trying to rank up because it didn't matter wether or won or lost I still rose in EXP. I saw halo 4 over some gameplay and thought it looked horrible. A lot of the aspects of the multiplayer didn't make sense to me from the variety of weapons on the map and random weapon drops to how the maps were constructed. But that's my personal opinion and a lot of people I know agreed with me as well as some people I read reviews over online. The online multiplayer was almost entirely unbalanced and just watching the gameplay hurted my eyes. Halo 4 isn't Halo, it's a completely different game. More or less a bad reboot of a Halo title. What keeps real Halo players playing after finishing the campaign is the multiplayer, everyone knows this. If the multiplayer is phenomanol for example: Halo 3 and Halo 2 then you'll gain a tremendous loyal customer fan base playing for years on end, waiting for the next sequel of the game to be mentioned. I sometimes have the urge to play Halo 3 but I'm busy studying most of the time for my next exam. I truly for the love of God don't want to see another grand disappointment from Industry 343 again in another Halo game; So here I am trying to make an attempt to reach out to the developers of Halo 5 in maybe making a difference in how the developers might change a few things. And I'm a point out some suggestions for you guys First off : 1. I don't need a 'guy' shouting in my ear piece about kill streaks and wether or not I get a double kill or a triple kill. Take the kill streak guy talking down a notch, it'll quickly get annoying for me and as well as other players. On top of that the 'Guy' doesn't have to narrate about the gameplay, "4 against 1", "3 against 1", like shut up lol I wish there was an option to shut him up. And the 'Guy' doesn't have to narrate of which game mode I'm about to play, I'm pretty sure I know what game mode I'm about to play when I choose from the option menu in multiplayer. Another thing too the 'Guy' mentions when and where the power weapons respawn again for Ex: Sniper, Sword, Rocket Launcher. I remember back in my day we had to memorize how long it took the power weapons to respawn. From my perspective the 'Guy' talking sucks the seriousness out of the game and brings the difficulty level down a lot. He talks a lot during gameplay it feels like he's always saying something It doesn't feel like I'm playing halo, you guys are trying too hard to make the game "cool", yeah it'll probably appeal to younger gamers but for older gamers that have played the previous games from Bungie, we don't like that. Haha. Make it an option wether or not we want more voice interaction from the game. 2. Did I see a deathcam in the beta? That has to go. This is not COD. This will ruin an old strategy everyone knows called "camping". Trust me, when I got a good camping spot with my sniper I don't want any enemy player knowing where I am. 3. The animations are cool and all but can they be a little quicker or can you just vanquish them all. I remember when I was playing Reach in a competitive game it'd take a whole millennium assassinating someone. When in Halo 3 it just took a little tap in the back to kill someone, and that kept the competitive flow of my game undisrupted and didn't leave me exposed to another enemy player since I can't do anything during the animation. 4. The game looks too easy with the jet-packs. You don't have to break a sweat trying to jump on a ledge, the jet packs do all the work for you. I remember in halo 3 that you'd have to find ways to get to those sweet secret spots and it took a skill to jump onto far away platforms not everyone could accomplish so easily. You built up that skill and make it into one of your tricks and that inhanced your competitive edge against other players who don't know the move. To be honest, that factor was one of the best things about playing halo 3 online. Maneuverability looks far too easy and can make the game sort of boring. Make the jet pack an option in one of the game modes. Like lets say Hardcore mode or Classic mode. 5. I didn't play the game my self so I can't say much else. I saw one other thing too; the stomping ability when you're in mid air and you can kill your foes underneath you is obviously taken from COD advance warfare. That has to be taken out or put as an option for a multiplayer match. You can easily just fly around stomping everyone you see in sight and them not knowing you're there. ________And that's it guys thanks for investing your time to read this I know it's kinda long but I had to say what was on my mind and I would like to see a difference in the new installment of the game. I care and I know a lot of my suggestions where opinionated remarks so don't critise me for speaking out I apprecaite it. I just signed up but I'm sure there's a lot of Bungie forum individuals here. The new Halo community shows promise trust me. You're company has great potential, hear us out and maybe we can make a great game together soon.
  7. Please, with all of my heart and nostalgia. I am begging for a way to join user-created Custom Game lobbies in Halo: TMCC and Halo 5. A list of open and available lobbies for user-created game types would be at the top of my list of wishes. Please 343i, say it will be so! I want to join private super bouncing lobbies, hide n seek, cat n mouse, Trash Compactor & other creative user-created game types! I don't want matchmaking to be the only way to join a public game. And trying to find friends/friends of friends to invite to a private custom game is a huge pain when all it takes is a custom game 'server list' of available user created lobbies. There are so many fun game variants created by users! Please give us a way to host custom games and have them available to the public for people to join. It would be an identical feeling of a big LAN party... Well, one with voice chat only xD - Lou This is what someone said in the Halo Waypoint forums. I couldn't have said it better so I copied and pasted it. Here's the original forum post: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst249152_Suggestion--Halo2-MCC-NEEDS-custom-lobby-list.aspx
  8. Throughout my halo career I have delved into nearly every aspect of the games. I have vanquished covenant, silenced the flood, and conquered matchmaking. Now a new point has come, the weight of halo and it's responsibility lay on 343s shoulders. With this moment coming, I can only voice my opinion to the new parents of halo. My concerns are first laid upon the master chief collection. All bugs put aside, it shines bright in the collection of halo, however there are larger concerns. For example, custom games. I find it very difficult to connect with the community due to the games difficult setup. One feature in particular bothers me the most. This feature is the one that does not allow other players to join in a game in progress. Not only does this frustrate me, but it also grinds the gameplay to a halt whenever someone else wishes to join in the fun. This is a basic component to the game, and certainly lowers the value without it. Next is the upcoming title 'Halo 5: Guardians'. I am interested in the story of this game. 343 has done well in their campaigns so far, but yet again I am concerned for the multiplayer. Watching the gameplay I noticed many aspects that were questionable to the seasoned halo player. For instance, the automatic callouts during gameplay made me think the game was being dumbed down. Part of the competitive edge I enjoyed about having a team was being able to communicate exclusively. The tedious timing on weapon spawns gave a player the upper hand. However looking at this gameplay makes it look like there is little room to overcome your enemy in method. Halo 5 also concerns me in its customization. I myself have always found that halo has given the most expansive customization to its players, but looking into halo 5 it seems there will be less. I talk about the elite player models. I fear 343 will yet again forsake the elite choice as they did in halo 4. Having elites available open up many different opportunities. Machinamas, matchmaking games (invasion), or even a story connection, and if none of these, just basic preference. If you have successfully made it through my lengthy complaints, I thank you for listening. I only hope 343 will take my opinion into account, for there are many others like myself, one just needs to look. -Apex
  9. Hello developers, here is my feedback on your game Halo 4. I have played a lot of H4 and a lot of H Reach. Here are my ideas and my feedback, from the most important to the least. Multiplayer: I liked: - No armor lock - graphics are cool - ranking system - weapon damage update, especially the buff for the AR - loadouts. I loved to be able to choose my gear. - being able to walk fast with a detached tourret Overall it was a really great game, I stopped playing to focuse better on college. I disliked: - how come that on launch, the DMR had both a shorter killtime and a bigger range than the BR? That to me is very very sloppy. - The killtimes are too fast. The good thing about Halo is that when you are getting shot, you have time to react: to get away, let you shields recharge and have a balanced battle or to turn around and fight back. In H4, you don't even have the time to turn around and fire a shot on your opponent before you are dead. - The maps weren't good enough. There were no maps that actually sucked. What I missed was the interaction between different parts of the map. In H4, it felt like the maps would split up the field into many smaller battlefields, that had nothing to do with one another. I didn't feel like I followed a certain strategy while moving around the maps, I would just go were the enemies were and shoot them, and that would be enough. I don't understand why you don't just remake older maps? Sorry, but if the new stuff you are creating is not better than the older stuff, it seems pointless to make new maps from scratch. Also, please get rid of these map packs. Make them mandatory. I feel so frustrated buying them, seeing that the maps were acutally very good, and then not having many people online to play these maps with. Make the game a little more expensive but include the map packs in the standard edition. - gametypes: it is a good idea to keep the amount of gametypes smaller in order to have a bigger population in the playlists. But then shuffle through the playlists faster!! - some power weapons were way to easy to use: the railgun, the beam rifle, the SAW and the Gauss hog tourret. Power weapons need to be difficult to some degree, or the game just feels like a joke. When I picked up a beam rifle in team snipers, and stayed focused, the rest of the kills I would make would be snapshots. I would loose interest as soon as I got one of these easy power weapons in my hands, because I knew it would be very easy. - you could have been more creative with the promethean weapons - you basically made other versions of the human and covenant weapons. The caracteristics of the weapons could have been more dominant: give the dmr a significantly slower killtime, bloom but a really big zoom (4x). You made the assault rifles stronger in the weapon update, which I loved. They suddenly felt correct and were a viable option. The storm rifle should drain shields faster but health slower. - the plasma grenades were much harder to stick to people, since everyone was further away from one another since the players were fast and the maps so big - so they should have had a bigger explosion radius and a more violent explosion animation / sound like in Halo Reach. - Pulse grenades - felt like throwing baloons at people. Come on, you can have things very differently between campaign and multiplayer - make the pulse grenades useful! Make them always drain shields quickly and simply collapse in the end. Here, the animation and sound of the final explosion was way bigger than the damage caused, which created an annoying experience. - Why did you reduce the amount of grenades in the game drastically by disabling the pick up of grenades from dead bodys by default? H3 had a ton of grenades an no one complained. I would have loved to have more grenades in Halo 4, please make picking up grenades from dead bodys the default ability again. - How can the hard light shield deflect rockets and tank shots? That doesn't make sense and is frustrating for the rocket guy. Imo, the hard light shield should not reflect anything and it should be destroyable by rockets etc... Campaign: I liked: - Cinematics were extraordinary. - I disliked: - the prometheans: they didn't add new interesting gameplay imo. You just shot them until they dropped. Also, the crawlers were ridicoulous: would the forerunners, who build Halo, who are extremely advanced, build "dogs that shoot you"? No. - could you make the AR and melees more strong in the campaign, so that they make more sense? Master Chief is so strong, he should set a grunt flying in the air upon impact. He can also just rip their gas mask away. It feels ridicoulous when a grunt survives a melee attack. The AR should rip through groups of grunts like butter. - nothing looked threatening. Maybe you wanted to sell the game to kids, but come on - go more in the direction of Halo Reach or even ODST to make things interesting for adults.
  10. Hey Everyone! Jload14 here, and I need someone to test this map before I decide to submit it. Map Info: It is a very large map, using manly banshees, but it's not all about flying. There are two bases, one in the water and the other on an island. The goal is to attack and take over the enemy base by taking their dominion terminal. The first one to do this wins the round. Each base has its own advantages and disadvantages. The island base has strong defenses, but its terminal is more vunrable to attack. The water base (the battleship) has lower defenses, but a protected terminal point. Also I would like to know what I would submit this as. Although it uses the dominion gametype, it doesn't play like a dominion map. Map Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/jload14/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=793441d5-12c2-4e5e-9884-57f2e264323e Gametype Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/jload14/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=165dfad1-0dc0-4a4b-9322-2d483dae3a6e Gamertag: Jload14 Top view of map: Island Base: Water Base (Battleship) Please note this game can be difficult for both sides. It also is recommended to have at least 4-16 players in a game. Any help is appreciated, thank you for reading!
  11. Forge: Ideas in Evolution Throughout our time with the Forge, in various Halo iterations, we've witnessed the progression of the system towards a more well-rounded experience and set of tools. Some of the changes have been invaluable and make the past look archaic, while others have left many of us in the lurch wonderning why something would be removed. Regardless of where we are now, it's important that we directly address the future and evolution of this beloved feature of the Halo franchise. While not all thoughts posted may be winners, all constructive ideas will help guide what we would like the Forge to become. Please submit your stories of both toil and love for the system, so that we can steer this ship towards a greater tomorrow! =^..^=
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, I've begun this thread because I couldn't find anything similar when looking through the forums. If this is already a section, then great! Someone please point me in the right direction. Otherwise, I hope that a moderator takes notice of this and feels that it is an important enough thread to "Pin" or keep as a priority topic. In an attempt to keep the spirit of this forum positive and productive for everyone invlolved, this should serve to play an important role. Please post any acknowledgements or appreciative comments below. It can be as simple as a quick, "Thank you such and such for helping me with that map problem that I was having." - or - "Such and such jumped off of the shoutbox with me to play some matchmaking, which was really cool of them to do. Thank you." I hope that everyone makes this an important section of the forum since there are people here that devote much of their time to helping others, sometimes to the detriment of their own sanity. An important place to start is here, "Thank you 343i for giving us all a place to bond and discuss with our own." I'd like to thank the members of this forum that have already helped shape my perception of map making and the way that I approach my builds. Whether through directly jumping into my maps and making helpful suggestions, or simply including me in the community right from the start, an important thanks goes out to the following members. I appreciate the support and guidance. Spades N AZ Squally DaBeanz DarkStar Rezix333 (Gamertag) Banehalo
  13. Is it just me or whenever i use a grenade it always feels underpowered. along with the sticky detonator. My buddy has a clip where he throws 2 grenades within a yard of an enemy and it just barely takes down his shield. he was using plasma grenades. i've been trying to find a feedback spot but couldn't find it.
  14. Hi everyone. Please forgive me if I don't indroduce myself in the appropriate section, but I joined this community with the only purpose to express my toughts about the rank cap in the Halo 4 multiplayer. Don't take this post as a pointless complaint, because it isn't: I like how 343industries managed to set the matchmaking and stuff, but there's something that doesn't work well in my opinion and just wanted to point it out. As you can figure, I'm stuck - like some other players - at level 70 in multiplayer. I bought the Standard Edition and, even if I was playing Halo 4 the 20th of November, my Xbox wasn't connected to Live. No grumble, it was my mistake or choice - see it as you want. When I completed the two specializations (Wetwork and Operator), I didn't stop playing the game: it is fun, it is addictive, it is awesome. But then I noticed one thing: the largest majority of players I met online has every specialization unlocked. There are Pioneers at lvl. 51, Trackers at 64 and so on. It doesn't make any sense to me. The specialization lock started as a plus for those who bought the Limited Edition of the game, and that was right. They spent more money on Halo 4, it was correct to lend them a bonus. Then 343i wanted to reward its early customers, giving codes to everyone who played the 20th of November, and that wasn't too fair. It wasn't to Limited buyers, neither for Standard players. In fact now the specialization lock went from being a plus for few to a minus for few. This lends me to some question (intended to any member of 343i who might read this post): Why did you adopt this policy? It was a miscalculation, a mistake or planned? Do you plan to change things and allow every player to access all specializations? Can we hope that in the immediate future will be unlocked at least two or three specs? Please take this thread seriously and let me know how many of you other players are stuck at 70. Just my curiosity. =) Thank you for your attention. Andre_03
  15. TopLeaf

    Hi 343i

    I guess you could call this an introduction to the mistakes you made while making this game. I'm going to list them off and if you could reply to any of them it would be great and very much appreciated. 1. Not enough weapons on the map, now I'm not talking power weapons although I do feel as if their could be a few more power weapon drops on some maps I know that is what ordinance is for, what I'm talking about is DMR, BR, AR the main weapons you gave us too much choice in selecting our primary and secondary and because of this you couldn't compensate for the lack of ammo on the map, I find myself almost every game running out of DMR/BR ammo unless I have the ammo support upgrade. The problem with the ammo support upgrade is that give you double ammo in every weapon you pick up, have you seen someone go crazy with the sniper or rockets? it's a total game changer as it is, now imagine them with twice as much ammo. I know this works both ways but I'd rather it didn't go either. 2. Banshee on Ragnarok, it's a great idea for SOME game types but with game types like capture the flag it's too over powered, the spawn trap is crazy. I know it goes both ways but again I wish it didn't go either, what's fun about having someone in a vehicle doing flips and shooting bombs at you? Nothing? Exactly, so why out 5 people through torture fr one persons sick enjoyment, it's so hard to take down unless you can get into a vehicle yourself. This brings me to my next point. Spartan lazer, spawns once? Why? the Banshee and Mantis spawn more then once, so why not give us the people a chance to take them down more then the first time? I often find my self using 2 shots on the banshee each time if it's being piloted by someone with thumbs,that leaves one shot each for the Mantis, Ghost, Warthog and maybe a mongoose with a flag carrier, it just isn't enough. We need it to spawn more common, maybe a 90 seconds after the banshee and Mantis, as to give the people in vehicles a chance to get top control and to use them. 3.No god connection searching, I know you thought this would just sort it self out and the game has been designed to filter it automatically but trust me when I say this it doesn't filter it at all. I'm not the only person who feels this way either, you have 600+ more people over on Halo Waypoint complaining against it also. I know someone has to pull host and I'm not mad when people pull it over me when I'm searching alone but when I'm searching in a team of 5 and I find another person from my country on the other team putting it up too 6 people from my country in the game and then a foreigner still pulls host, I get a tad angry, it doesn't make sense, why it wouldn't give it too someone who can please the most people, I think a good connection search is really needed for competitive play, it's important for people to play other people from their country, it's good practice and helps you distinguish whether you lost legit to a better team, or if you lost because you just couldn't keep up with the lack of registry. I wont go into more detail on this topic as I'm sure you've read all the things posted on Waypoint and am sure you're trying your best to fix this,because if you don't I can see your community dying, as it was the only reason I played that sorry excuse of a game bungie released called Reach. 4. Joining mid game. Why? Their is a reason why the team is short on players, they quit because they were getting destroyed! So why put someone who is trying to have a fun time in a game like that, I understand it probably worked on your call of duty game but this isn't COD, we have shields it's not as simple for us to get out of a spawn trap, it doesn't take half a second of shooting someone to kill them and to get out of the trap you've spawned in to. Joining 20 kills down/4 flag caps down, again why? I recommend you put in a restriction, stopping you from joining after 210 seconds of playing, or if the game is 30% over, several times I've had this kind of stuff happen to me and as someone who really enjoys playing video games, this frustrates me to the point where I just turn the game off or quit straight away, maybe put in an option for people who want to join mid game and for people who don't mind the extra wait time finding a game they can. I honestly think it's great though being able to join your friends but with these modifications the game could be a lot better. I know/hope you're doing everything you can to fix these select few problems as I find they're the biggest and most important too making people happy, apart from the wall glitches but I know you'll fix them. If you could reply it would be great thanks, I know it's only just a week and I don't mean to jump the gun but I found myself just getting so worked up this morning over these things, I had to express my concern with you, all and all though great game, really like it the positive by far out way the negatives and I can see it going in a good direction.
  16. Can some of you guys give me your feedback on my very first map I've made in Halo 4? It is meant to be played in flood mode (TFS Flood) Here is a video showing it off - http://youtu.be/wvgGpuRzzQM The gametype and the map is in my fileshare, in the game.
  17. Hello everyone out there! I'm posting about the localization of Halo 4 mostly, but general discussion seemed like the appropriate forum. What I'm about to tell might sound strange to some of you, as I've understood that localizations are usually well received and sometimes needed. I live in Finland and bought my copy of Halo 4 from my local game store on the day of release. Apparently only Nordic editions are sold in Finland, along with Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Starting the game, I was surprised at the menu being in Finnish. "That's ok", I thought, and starting the campaign I noticed the Finnish subtitles. Now I had an uneasy feeling. After the opening cinematics I finally woke up as Master Chief and was ready for my next gun-blazing kick-ass adventure. Then the HUD came up - in Finnish. Now I was almost angry. I paused the game, browsed through the settings, trying to find the option to change the interface language. Couldn't find it as it apparently doesn't exist. Googling the issue, I could have changed the location setting of my console to UK, which would have solved the problem but also would have caused new ones with LIVE functionality and credit card payments and probably my Netflix-subscription. Even if it didn't, it's an inconvenience. You see, I'm fluent in English, always have been, and I like my games in English. As a consumer, I feel underestimated because of the forced localization. Here are some arguments to explain my point of view. If there are any other Nordic members, please share your opinions on this matter. First, and most importantly, LOCALIZATION DESTROYS IMMERSION. I'm pretty sure that in the world of Halo, wherein I love to be immersed, UNSC didn't choose Finnish as the language of their combat-related software. Nor does Master Chief speak Finnish. Only 5 million people speak Finnish in the real world, so I doubt many would speak it in the Halo universe. (Although, in Reach, we've heard Hungarian, which is a partly related language.) Second, THE FINNISH IN THE GAME IS BAD. Finnish is a hard language, probably one of the hardest in the world. It gets even harder when you have to make up technical or magical terms (and science fiction has tons of them) or translate terms that don't have real-world counterparts. So whoever translated the game decided to cut some corners and leave English word in the Finnish text. For example, the Light rifle is called "Valokivääri", a direct translation of the word. But the Boltshot is just Boltshot. And Suppressor became "Suppressori" - it's the original word in a mouth-fitting form, not a translation at all. On top of that, the grammar is bad at times, and some words are translated to meaningless word monsters that are, for me at least, easier to understand in English than in Finnish. These are common problems in games. Assassins's Creed 3 has a forced Finnish HUD too. So far, the only good localizations I have seen came from Maxis in SimCity 4 and The Sims series. Third, THE LANGUAGES GET MIXED UP ANYWAY. The dialog is in English, HUD and subs in Finnish, weapons and map elements in Finnish and English and in multiplayer almost everyone speaks English. Even for a fluent speaker such as myself this brings a lot of problems. It's hard to concentrate on the game, when the constant shifting of languages gets your attention. On top of that, if I'm playing split-screen with a friend, we speak Finnish to each other. Now I actually have to read and learn special Halo 4 vocabulary (weapons, places, names, whatnot) so that if, for example, someone in multiplayer tells me to go somewhere, I know the exact place and don't have to guess the Finnish word for it. (Yes, the map locations in MP are in Finnish...) Fourth, LOCALIZATION IS BAD FOR LEARNING. In Finland, subtitles are traditionally used in movies and TV instead of dubbing. This has a positive impact on a crucial skill, on a national level: reading. Heck, I learned to read watching TV and I learned basic English playing King's Quest 3 where you had a parser to give commands to your character. My guess is that subtitles are mostly chosen over dubbing in other Nordic countries too. (Nordics, please confirm this if you can!) The reason for this s that Nordic languages have relatively little speakers, so most of us HAVE to learn English or another major language if we are to succeed. And it all comes down to this: game developers and publishers all around the world, please stop forcing the localization! Make a simple option to change the overall language to English/original language regardless of the player's location and the edition of the game. If you at 343 read this, do you have any opinion on the issue and are these matters generally handled by the developers or the publishers? I'd also like to hear comments from countries where localization and dubbing are common, such as in Germany. How do you feel about localization and have you encountered similar issues? Thank you for reading. Peace, love and headshots, my friends!
  18. Dear 343 Industries, Let me just say this real quick. I have a ton of faith that y'all can redeem the Halo multiplayer from what we've all recently seen. Every time I see an interview or read a quote from one of you guys, it gives me even more hope. Just consider the following suggestions from a super hardcore H2 fanatic. Here are some itsy bitsy things that could be implemented in H4 multiplayer (Infinity) that would probably make me buy the game even if the gameplay was as bad as Reach (Not bashing .. just hear me out). For the first couple, I'm going to go ahead and assume that there is going to be a numbered leveling system like H2 had. I ask for two things here. 1) Make the higher levels a big deal. In H3, my Double Team partner went from a 1 to a 48 in less than 6 hours. In H2 that amount of time would only get you to level 30 ish. And 48 was nearly impossible, which isn't a bad thing at all. 2) THIS IS MY ONE MOST REASONABLE SUGGESTION. Bring back the colored ranks with the corners from H2. Seriously, this is the coolest form of simplicity I can imagine. Based on what has been revealed about H4 so far, I'm assuming there is going to be ranks like General and Commander and all that stuff. Just consider a couple things here. 1) Please don't make these such a big deal. Anytime I see my gamertag, that ugly emblem is next to my name. All it shows is how much time I've spent playing the game, which sometimes sparks a good insult related to the number of friends I have or my relationship status. 2) The emblems for Reach were really boring and cartoon-looking. If y'all are going to use the same emblems that are used in H3, Reach, and every war game ever made, at least make them look cool with a faded, scruffed up look. Maybe a cool background or something. I don't know .. honestly, I don't like them at all. Just make them different. Bear with me through this one. I'm sure y'all are well past this point in development, but at least try to keep the multiplayer levels fairly simple. Do a side-by-side comparison of Lockout in H2 vs Blackout in H3. Now look at the bottom level of the BR Tower. Notice how in H2 Lockout, the floor is completely flat everywhere. Now look at H3 Blackout. Do you see that big platform that you land on when you drop down from the floor above? There is no reason that platform should be there. All it does is slow me down when I walk over it. There's little things like this all over H3 and Reach levels, not just on the floor but on walls and in doorways, as well. This kind of stuff not only becomes an annoyance every now and then when strafing, but makes the level look way too busy in regard to aesthetics. I can understand that kind of stuff in the campaign where the theme of the level is really important, but 99% of people that put hundreds of hours into multiplayer don't do it because the levels are pretty. If anyone gets anything from all these words, let it be this. BRING BACK THE AWESOME COLORFUL POINTY-EDGED NUMBERED RANKING SYSTEM!! Like I said before, it's simple and awesome, and no one is going to complain that it's there. At least the numbered ranking system like H2. I'm not proud of it, but 6 years ago my life revolved around my Halo 2 Team Slayer rank. I was a 39 by the way .. Legit fool!! Sincerely, A hardcore H2 fan
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