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  1. You put a lot of thought into this... we need more posters like this... XD i'm definetly not one... but great ideas i love that some one else actually wants the Sangheli separatists in the game. :3
  2. as some constructive criticism, you should learn how to lower the weapons of your characters when they are not in combat. I believe that this can only be done when in system link mode, with some complicated button combination. It is just a minor detail that could make these look more professional yes i knew the combo but 343 changed it cause it used to done just in cutoms game mode.... now i know how to do it.
  3. Well here is a whole days worth of work on the test drive chapter of Diary of a Dead Man, hope you like it. :3 And i do know about the few spelling mistakes and the ones on the Elites were on purpose as english is not their native language this is how i feel they should talk.
  4. Chief has survived much... but i doubt even he could survive it... something else had to have happened. :/ but what it was... is a mystery.
  5. Another thought i had on what i wish could be in but probably not, if elites do come back in campaign they should have the two factions of them the ones who stayed with the Covenant and the Seperatists (Sangheli army) and the seperatitists need to have Traditional Sanghelian armor like Harka from Halo: Legends. http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Harka this would make for some amazing gameplay, elites vs elites.
  6. That it is... :/ but who really can make sense out of anything Forerunner/Cortana besides them?
  7. This is an idea thats been rolling around in my head since i saw the Forging The Future's image on their topic and i got to thinking what if i made a whole novel themed around halo... but used screenshots from the game and my own image editing ability and this is the first page result... kinda poor quality but it's more or les just a concept right now. Please leave feedback as to if you'd like to see a cleaner version of this and more or otherthings that could be improved on.
  8. He survived cause cortana shielded him with light i guess.... lol
  9. Halo reach firefight against only hunters and, brute chieftians and brutes on legendary.
  10. So like Reaches armor variants? but better? i like it.
  11. Thank you for posting this i put it in shoutbox and didn't want to have to edit another post or create a new one.
  12. Well... from my knowlege of cortana and forerunners, forerunners are able to make tangible data, (hence the prometheans) and it makes sense that a piece of data (cortana) could interact with a forerunner on a physical level... but over all a good question.
  13. These two maps are in a small collection of maps i decided to make, and they are places i believe the UNSC Could have built on Requiem. The first map is called Infiltration and there are two of them in my fileshare one is Free For All only and the other has no spawns for those who wish to make the map for other game modes, It makes use of the halo 4 Trait Zones and has a gravity displacer that reduced gravity with in it's range. The second Map is called Signal and is my own personal spin off of halo 2's Ascention. And there you have it... my two maps.
  14. Welcome to the site, oh and don't worry bout the elites i'm sure 343 realized they made a lot of people mad and will return elites in 5... if not.... where are my pitch forks and torches?
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