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  1. I know they aren't completely destroyed; I just meant they have been destroyed in a way humanity wouldn't have to face it. And I do recognize it is a hard work, but they have worked on Halo 4 since 2011. They had time to add it, I guess. But either ways, they created the forge island. It means they're listening to their fans. We still have a chance.
  2. As you all know, the Sangheili species are not (yet) playable on Halo 4. 343i and lots of people use the argument "The Multiplayer (War Games) is now canonical to the Campaign", but here are the stuff the are wierd about this: ->The MM is actually a simulator aboard the Infinity ->The simulation is to train Spartan IV's ->The Flood is destroyed (at least not present on Campaign nor SpOps) So. You see what I mean? The humanity has not encountered the Flood at all after the events of Halo 3, and yet we have a Flood-specific gametype. I know that it's for the fun, but think: ->S IV's are probably not going to face Flood ->The Flood is not present at all ->The War Games are supposed to simulate an actual battle ->You get to control the Flood ->S IV's probably don't even know what the Flood are You see where this is going? 343i didn't include playable Sangheili for canonical reasons. If it is supposed to tie up to both SpOps and Campaign, why are the Flood in the WG simulator but Sangheili aren't? S IV's are going to face the Storm faction, a Covenant remain thing. So why not to put Invasion too? You Spartan fans are going to say: "Oh, simple, why would a Spartan, the mighty powerful Spartan with cool armor, would want to see the war as a dinosaur?" And here's my answer: "Why would a Spartan want to see the war as a Flood?" It makes no sense. UNSC would be then training a demonic, inter-galactic parasite to defeat their ranks? Because if an infection happens, the infected spartans would know how to take out other Spartans, so yeah. No sense. It would make way more sense to include Sangheili. Why? ->There actually are Separatist Sangheili that are allied with the humans ->There is no alliance between Humans and the Parasite ->Seeing the war from your enemy's point of view is a good strategy You may say "But there are no Sangheili aboard the Infinity". The humans have the tech to create a frigging huge ship! I think they are more than capable of creating an "A.I" that the players would control. 343i needs to think of a better excuse of such a stupid move. What would you think?
  3. Well, this is awkward... I didn't find it anymore, but I'm sure if you search better than me, you'll be able to find it ._.
  4. I am currently searching something that will prove this.
  5. It has been confirmed SpOps will have around 3 Seasons, I believe.
  6. Damn it! I just realized that too. But maybe ANOTHER AI from the Librarian may still be inside the Gift. Well, you are right. but look on my quote right down here, and that explains why Jul may go back to Sanghelios: I don't know if you actually write like that in purpose or something XD But yeah, I think Thel does deserve something bigger than a simple not-playable-in-simgleplayer character like in Halo 3. Maybe in Halo 5 they'd do like those Arbiter missions on Halo 2, or give us an option to either play as Master Chief or Arby
  7. Mostly. But think of it: Jul's forces were heavily damaged and reduced by Infinity's forces. It would make sense if he went back to Sanghelios to either grab more troops or prepare an ambush for the humans, who would most certainly be following him.
  8. Mostly. I do not have anything to do other than sit down and play Halo or reply/create posts on 343i's forum. I have quite a good imagination, as you can tell by the storyline thing I just invented up there. *Forever Alone*
  9. Hehe, I know, bear. I just had quite a bit of Imagination going on while writing the post
  10. Well, as you all know, Spartan Ops Season 1 has come to an end. But if you have watched the Epilogue *SPOILER ALERT* you will see that Jul Mdama has kidnapped Halsey (of course) and they left Requiem. The Infinity is in (possibly) unknown space. If you think of it, Jul got what he wanted, which would be the Librarian's gift, and may be returning to his home world, Sanghelios. Also, as SpOps will have around 3 Seasons, so that means Jul may either return to Sanghelios on the 2nd Season and/or be killed on the 3rd Season. Let us think of it... 343i said, on an interview, that Thel 'Vadam may or may not be on SpOps, and you know Frankie is a tricky one to understand. If Jul returns to Sanghelios, it may be to gather more warriors for his fleet (and as you know, there are still some Loyalists on Sanghelios) or to simply return home to study the Gift and/or dispose of Halsey when he thinks it can be done. Infinity may track Jul 'Mdama down and go after his Fleet, and without knowing they might send Crimson to the grounds of Sanghelios, then discovering the Political Wars happening on Sanghelios and that there are still Sangheili who favors the truce between Sangheili-Humans. Fireteam Crimson may find Thel (the Arbiter) around Sanghelios, and end up helping him to win the Civil War, while still looking for Jul. 343i may either make Crimson and Arby win the War or just make Infinity go after Jul, who is escaping the planet. This may affect the "Sangheili aboard Infinity" thing, by making the Arbiter thankful, thus sending some of his troops to fight alongside humans, or simply explain why the friendly Sangheili are back on Halo 5, along with Thel. It is just a wish. I am 90% sure 343i will include playable Elites on Halo 5, so if SpOps really "ties up with the campaign" (and as it also happens around six months after the Campaign), why not to make it a "backstory"? Say down below what you guys think!
  11. 1- Of course it's finished. The game has been out for like three months. 2- I didn't quite get what you tried to say by "not having an opening". 3- The Storm faction (The Covvies we are fighting against in H4) are Loyalists, in other words, they still want humans dead, and Arby wants to kill all the remains of the Covvies/the Loyalist Sangheili that still kills humans. Also, Arby is related to Jul 'Mdama in a way. They are like rivals, and Arby wants him dead. He could go to Requiem to kill Jul. 4- People said the same stuff about The Flood. Everybody said "ERMAHGERD, DE FLOD WONT B ON HLAO 4!!eleven!!" before 343 had shown the new game's gametype, Flood. So yeah, try to elaborate good comebacks before doing so.
  12. probably your right, but I think 343 did say Arby would be in Spartan Ops.... I wish people would shut up and think of how people want him back! It might happen, and you don't have any legitimate proof that Arby/playable Elites will never be here, so will you please not post your not-confirmed comment anywhere! This. 343i, this. That's awesome, I'd love to see Arby again
  13. In this topic, I'd like to hear your opinions about H4 DLC/Spartan Ops. I know most of the DLC added in Halo games (if not all) were only map packs. I'd like to see, either in DLC or Spartan Ops, the return of Thel' Vadam, AKA the Arbiter. Also, as they have just added Grifball ( ), why not Blargball, adding also playable Sangheili? In Spartan Ops, I think Episode 7 was missing something for some missions. Most of Episode 7's missions were like kill stuff, kill stuff, press a button and kill stuff. So I hope they'll add something jaw-dropping in the next Episodes, as I believe this Season is close to an end. And could be more jaw-dropping than the return of Arby, and maybe a plot-twisting return too, such as Jun's (if he's even alive )? Imagine the situation: Miller: "Crimson, we've received word a Sangheili ally with critical intelligence regarding the Didact's Hand is being targeted for assassination en route to Requiem. We need you to escort his fighter." Me: "...I may now rest in peace..." *finishes episode and goes into multiplayer* Game: "A new feature has been added: you may now play as Elites in matchmaking. Wort wort wort!" Me: "I may now rest in peace twice.... BUT AFTER I PLAY A TRILLION TIMES WITH THIS NEW ELITE FEATURE :DDDD" For DLC, well, I can't say much. Halo DLC is pretty much only map packs and achievements. I haven't seen anything different in any Halo DLC. I hope the maps are really well made, and do not have such big flaws like the one in Complex (if you don't know it, then you probably just bought the game). In addition, of course, with the return of the Arby, they could add Sangheili as a playable race in H4 But this is all dreams, of course. People say Arby will make an appeareance on Spartan Ops, but I don't think it is true :/ What are your opinions and ideas for upcoming DLC/Spartan Ops Missions? P.S.: If you have a proof that Sangheili will be added in MP/any of the things I've said above, please share it with us! You don't want to look like a jerk that goes around and confirms stuff without knowing it, right?
  14. Imagine what a surprise it could be, Game: "A new spartan ops mission have been added since you were last online". Me: "Ok, I'll have a look at it." *Starts first mission* Miller: "Crimson, we've received word a Sangheili ally with critical intelligence regarding the Didact's Hand is being targeted for assassination en route to Requiem. We need you to escort his fighter." Me: "...I may now rest in peace..." *finishes episode and goes into multiplayer* Game: "A new feature has been added: you may now play as Elites in matchmaking. Wort wort wort!" Me: "I may now rest in peace twice.... BUT AFTER I PLAY A TRILLION TIMES WITH THIS NEW ELITE FEATURE :DDDD"
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