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Found 12 results

  1. Hey everyone, Lets get a thread going to help people get their maps tested. My one flag ctf map should be ready sometime tomorrow, in the meantime, anyone who wants to be a map tester or have some of their stuff tested, leave your gamer tag here and we can all get together in the future. Gamertag: Inujuk Feel free to add me if you need a tester.
  2. Hello Forums! Darkrain491 here requesting map testers for this coming saturday starting midnight Grenich Meridian Time (London). I am a keen forger that is intent on further promoting a map which i created which has proved very popular and i wish to spread to the community forge thread, but I want some outside opinion and quotes to see how i can improve it before this. So far it has 550 downloads and I am aiming for more. Here is a link to the maps download page for those interested and wish to give it a look over before playing it. the map is Floodgates . http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/darkrain491/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=38248dc3-45fa-407f-a479-11495cb264e9 If you are interested in this playtesting night, please message my Gamertag: Darkrain491 Also you may simply post here aswell Any messages left should be CONSTRUCTIVE. All particapants will be credited unless you do not wish to be, Screenshots will be taken to add to its gallery. If you do not wish to be included in said screenshots, please note in your reply. Map Elements include: Banshee Combat Long Range Medium Range Close Range Sniper Rifle Combat Man Cannons Interior and Exterior Combat Multi Platform Combat Minimum 10 player, Max 16. Rules: No Ordinance will be used Personal Loadouts Allowed. If anyone would like to add a Gametype to the following roster please let me know. Slayer CTF Regicide Dominion Extraction KOTH After the map testing I will be open to further custom games on my other maps if it is desired. maps include any on my fileshare, so download them if you want to playtest them yourself before trying them on the coming saturday. I will be leaving a survey as to what players believed it played best on, please do not use it until after playtesting Floodgates.
  3. Every Other Friday Come share and experience top-quality, competitive Halo 4 maps* by Forgers from various Halo communities across the 'net. Maps will be played on default War Games gametypes and settings. Map sizes will be determined by party size (max 14). Customs will run at least two hours or until we run out of maps. PLEASE READ: If you have a map you'd like to test or feature, please post it in this thread along with the preferred gametype. Be sure to include preferred teams size. All party-goers are expected to have all the Halo 4 Forge maps. We request that party goers are at least 17 years of age or older (this is a guideline, see next). Party goers who behave in a disrespectful or disruptive fashion will recieve a request to change their behavior, if they continue they might be booted without warning, nothing personal. If your map is extremely glitchy, laggy, or otherwise of clear sub-par quality, the game may be stopped for another map. Please only share quality maps. We request that you have a mic so you can effectively play competitively and give feedback on maps. If you do not have a mic you may be booted to make room for testers who would like in that can give feedback. There is a good chance the lobby will be recorded and put up on YouTube (see last lobby's vid below) Please be aware that while running a party it is easier to multi-task by viewing text than listen to voice messages. I don't have time to join chat requests or listen to voice messages while running a party. HOW TO JOIN: To join in on the fun, send a text message on LIVE the day of the lobby to: ** AddiCt3d 2CHa0s (the "0" is a zero) and I'll shoot out invites in order received as spots open up in the party. Once I've sent invites to all requests, I will open the party. Feel free at any time to use the chat invite trick: Send me a chat invite, then access my profile via the invite. If the option exists to join I've opened the party and there is room so jump on in. Looking forward to exploring new maps and shooting you in the face, see you there! * Mini games and other "crazy customs" maps occasionally get featured in this lobby. Let me know what you have and I'll let you know if we'll run it. Remember: the key word is "quality", if your map results in a negative experience for our testers, the game may be ended early. ** There will be a lobby set up at HaloCustoms.com, gamers who RSVP there will get first invites Please message me here or on LIVE if you are interested in being part of a map critique and Forge video feature team. Here is the raw footage from previous Forger's Showcase lobbies. Maps, authors and time links are in YouTube description:
  4. Im just testing to see if it works. If it does then you guys should do yours too!
  5. Hey everyone, It's been quite a while since I've been on any gaming forum. It's been even longer since I've created a Saw map. For those of you who played custom games back in Halo 3, you may remember the Saw maps. They have been featured on the front page of Bungie.net, and even got on Bungie's Favorites. After a long hiatus, I've finally completed the latest Saw map, Saw: Quarantine. I plan to hype this map quite a bit, as I need to get a fan base together once again. Once the map has been thoroughly play tested, I plan to release a trailer for it, and then release the actual map soon after. That is where YOU come in. I need new testers, fresh minds. People who are good are critical thinking and who don't give up easily. I assure you the puzzle is of high quality, and contains many things that have never been seen in puzzle maps before. Are you in? Simply post a reply to this thread in order to have a shot at play testing Saw: Quarantine.
  6. Hello all. I am looking for player to test 4v4 infinity slayer forge map. It is almost finished, I just need ideas on where to place initial spawns and ordnance drops. Also, I want an actual test to see how I can further improve the map before I submit it. Thank You for reading this. To contact me via XBL my GT is SludgingSnipe.
  7. This is a tip to make your clan better plz comment.. Let me organize you in the 4 sqaud system you take recruits you average there score from 4 Infinity Slayer and 4 Swat after you get the scores from those you average them and put them into Teams based to the best and worst eventually you will split them up into 4 teams then you will take 1 from each team and split them up again into the perfect team 1 Sniper, 1 Close Quarter, 1 marksman, and 1 assualt...hope this helps if you want 2 join my clan i got teams based on this test GOOD LUCK...
  8. Hello! I like to make map, but I never quite have enough players to play them. So... anyone intrested to kick some in custom games? Oh! And my gamertag is J00N4 (Os are zeros).
  9. Tomorrow at 8 PST, I'll be hosting a map testing lobby. Here's a list of maps I'll be testing Ancestry (4v4) Church Avenue (4v4) Halls of Valor (4v4) Intricate (4v4) If you'd like to assist in testing, message my gamertag (DjPro95) Thanks, DjPro95
  10. I am looking for people to test three of my maps. Vertigo v1.1, Vertigo v1.2, and "[Enter Name Here]". If you want to test them just message my GT for an invite to a game. At least 8 people are required to start testing. Edit:I will not be online until tomorrow morning (August 19th). Based on the opinions of the beta testers, the map will be improved for better gameplay. On the maps Vertigo v1.1 and v1.2 there will be multiple gametypes tested. Including KOTH, Stockpile, Headhunter, and Team Slayer.
  11. Hello there. It seems you've come here for one of two reasons: You want to play some awsome new maps with a bunch of cool people; or you have a Big Team or Invasion map that you've created and want to playtest it and get valuable feedback. Wheter you're a casual player, MLG fan, vehicle fanatic, or just like to relax with some cool people, this playtest customs lobby is for you. Now, before i get onto the details, i'd like to give you some basic information on what playtesting is and why you're vital to the process. Playtesting is a critical stage in the development of a map, and the more a map recieves, the better it becomes. It's also the longest phase of building a map, taking as much as 3/5ths to 2/3rdsof the actual development of a map. It's the stage when maps are played on to find problems with the map, and the more it's played on, the more problems can be found and fixed. The very maps you've played on in matchmaking are the result of dozens of matches played on them, with each game played having some kind of tweak or another that fixed an issue present on the previous version played. When a player finds an isuue, they tell the lobby in the post-game lobby and voice their opinion on what they liked and don't like. This is known to forgers and playtesters as "giving feedback" You yourself are a vital part of this playtesting phase because you are unique. You playstyle is unique and different than anyone else. You'll approch the same bridge differently and drive into areas that no one else has or snipe from the trickiest of ledges to get to, and any problems you encouter is valuable information. The way you play allows for the designer to address all sorts of issues to make the map as perfect as possible. You opinions are vital to the progress of any map, so become a playtester by joining our customs lobby and have your voice heard. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to play on the next map that's going to be featured in you favorite playlist. ------The details for this Friday night test lobby (how to sign up, how to request you map to be played, and rules) will be posted below. This may even become a regular thing here at 343i.org.---- There will be two roles in this lobby, playtester, and forger, but there's really no difference other than name. Here's the breakdown of the roles Playtester- You just want to have a good time. don't have a map? No problem! you just need to play, and state 3 things: 1) What you DIDN'T like, and why; 2) What you DID like and; 3)any issue you found with the map Forger- Bring a map! Write up a map request, and we'll play it and give you feedback to improve it. If it's not your map, you have the same obligations as a playtester, which is just to give some simple feedback. Now for the most important part of any structured customs lobby, The Rules. -Leader will be passed around, no leader nazi-ing. You got a map that you've requesed to play? we'll put it in a que -Maps that are a priority (relevent to the test theme- i.e. BTB, 4v4, action sack, ect...) that are requested will be played first. Then the order will be a mix of maps from Blueprint that are relevant, (max of 4) then Non-relevant map requests, then a popular vote of minigames, competitive maps, and basically anything else, even matchmaking! -No yelling, screaming, playing loud music into the mic, or other ear-raping activities -Leaving early is frowned upon, so make sure to invite someone (preferralby with a mic) before you leave -no use of exccessive swearing, bigotry, racist comments, insults, or making terrible jokes -People who requestes their maps to be played by posting on 343i.org will be played first, and requests for maps not in the "qeue" will be played later. -most importantly, Have a good time! There are 2 submission forms, one is the basic playtester, and the other is the Forger submission. please copy the form, paste it into the reply box, and fill out the information. *note, since b.net online fileshares are down, please list map TAGS that are on you map. If none are added, add one with the title of the map being the tag. Forger's sumission template
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