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Found 13 results

  1. In the new halo wars, can you make EVERY unit playable (controlable) or atleast all the leaders?? It would be awesome if you could!!
  2. I can't mute players in mach making or in the game. When I hold the menu button and bring up the teams I press X to mute all and it's not working. I also try pressing A on a player to mute them and the button command changes from mute to Unmute, how ever I can still hear the player. If it then move off of the player and then back on it has switched back again! In short my mute is not working and I'm tired of listining to kids scream, people swear, and the bag of chips people like to munch on well playing! Please is there a fix for this?
  3. After the last MCC content update (the big one that was supposed to fix everything) I noticed the faster search times, more stable games/lobbies, etc. But one big problem (for me anyways) I found was that 343i changed the max players on the Big Team Battle playlist. Before the patch it was 16 players 8v8 max, but after the patch its now 14 players 7v7 max. They didn't mention this in the patch notes at all, and every time someone brings it up it just gets ignored, from what I've seen. It might seem like a small minute problem to some of you, and I can understand that. For me though (and I'm sure I'm not the only one), Big Team is my favorite playlist, and in every single Halo game, Big Team Battle has always been 16 players 8v8. Always. For 343i to just all the sudden bring the max players down to 14 and not explain why, or even mention it at all, is a bit wrong honestly. I really hope 343i gets better at communicating with the community, and works on their public relations as a whole. The small things like this actually matter and add up. I'm totally not trying to be one of those "SCREW 343i, BURN BONNIE ROSS AT THE STAKE" type people XD (you all know the type of people I'm talking about. Just check /r/HaloCircleJerk on reddit hahaha), but I'm just saying how 343i should work on a number of things.
  4. Hello everyone! My name is "PulseFir3" and I am a former Halo 2 Professional on MLG circuit. I was better known as OhMyTaylorSwift or EhPanda. I am looking to run custom games/matchmaking a lot for the new halo collection. I am even thinking of running tournaments. If you think you'd be down to revive a 10 year old amazing community. Just comment below/leave your gamertag!
  5. Hi All! I'm new to the forums here and would like to say "Hello!" Curious if anyone would be willing/down to play some Halo 4 Social Matchmaking/Custom Matchmaking for both fun and for competition. I personally enjoy a good competition, but am rusty and also curious if anyone would mind giving me a hand with some more advanced stuff. Most times I hop on and do very well, but occasionally a good player comes along and he/she kicks me arse in strafing, shot placement, movement, etc. I am looking primarily for competition/learning, however am extremely willing to play with any and all Halo 4 players, as the community (not in the forums, but online) seems really small unfortunately . My only request of y'all is to not be too rage induced/serious. I do take competition seriously, but screaming through a microphone that the game is "broken" isn't going to fix anything, so either shush or sodomize yourself with a plunger. Seriously. Kthanx <3. I'm on West Coast U.S. GMT -7:00. Generally try to be on around the hours of 6pm-10pm most days of the week, with the occasional super late night on the weekends. Will be having a child in 12 days, so I'm sure that availability is subject to change. If interested, please add GT: ModernWarMonger. Really hoping and looking forward to hear from all of you. The more the merrier. Really, I'm serious. Can't stand playing team based games by single-handedly. Apologies for the long post, thanks again. Hope you all have a good one. GT: ModernWarMonger
  6. A question many people ask who don't play Halo is, "What's so good about it? What makes it better than any other FPS?" There are things about Halo that other games beat it at, and there are things that not everyone enjoys about it. Which makes that question hard to answer. I think that the answer, quite simply, would be "everything". Here's my reasons. The campaign of the game starts off with a lone warrior. That's a bit cliche, until we learn that he wasn't always alone. That he used to be part of a team. And that most of that team is dead, and that they died defending the human race. Which is exactly what the lone warrior intends to do. You fight enemies with technology that seems to be mystical, until you actually pick it up and use it on them. You pick up the game and play it, and you find the story to be kind of... empty. Then you find out about the Haloverse, and all the books that go with the games that fill in the gaps. That's what grabbed me about Halo. I was mainly into it for the multiplayer with my friends, but then when I actually picked up one of the books I was forever hooked. Turns out the story of the games is only 1/1000th of the full story. The story about the technologically superior alien race that is determined to wipe out humanity, and humanity doing everything it can to simply survive. The story about what originally started the SPARTAN and MJOLNIR programs. The story of how Master Chief Petty Officer John Spartan 117 came to be in a cryotube aboard the Pillar of Autumn. That in and of itself sets it apart from most FPS games. Then we have the multiplayer. The constantly evolving, adapting, and fun multiplayer. Everyone has their own favorite Halo multiplayer, and that to me is amazing. That the games can be so different from each other that people will argue for hours over whether Halo 3 or Halo Reach had the better multiplayer. The simplicity of the multiplayer at the beginning was what hooked most of us older gamers. Pressing one button to switch between two weapons at the time was revolutionary. And there were some pretty cool ways to play as well. Then things started getting a bit more complex, but even then that added more fun to the game. Customizable gametypes, the ability to play with people who you've never met before and might not again while still playing with friends, more vehicles and weapons. And then they let you customize armor, gametypes, and even maps to play on. Even people who didn't want to play multiplayer that often always had something to do. Then came Forge World and more armor customization. It was to the point where you could tell a player just by the type of armor they were wearing. You could spend hours customizing your character and building a map and gametype. And all of this on a console. And then we have the community. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's still more tight knit than most. There are so many different people that contribute to Halo that it's unbelievable. There is enough fan fiction to fill entire novels. There's enough Machinima to last you for days (maybe weeks), even if you were watching it all back to back. And all of that is from the Halo community. That makes the game SO much more fun to me. When I can discover a new detail in the campaign and have an active discussion with a dozen people about it, that's when you know there's something good about the game. The fanbase is no more or less loyal than other games, but it's definitely more "in depth". There are people in the community who create and write backstories for their spartans, which is something you usually only see in RPG's. There are plenty of games that can say that they have a feature that Halo does. Whether it be a good story, a good multiplayer, a good fanbase, or a good game mechanic. The thing about Halo, though, is that it has them all. Whether you play it for just the story, for just the multiplayer, or just the ability to create, you play it because you enjoy what you can do in the game. That's the reason I think Halo is awesome, and am definitely looking forward to Halo 5.
  7. Hey ladies and gentlemen, I see that your looking for a clan to join. Try joining us, HG (Hyped Gaming) Hyped Gaming Is a Competitive Organized gaming community good for all age groups, We like to have fun on xbox live and Hyped Gaming's plan is to create a great online gaming experience for Players Looking for nice people to play with. We have inner clan matches and outer clan matches. We also do events within the clan like practices, meetings, fun night, tournaments, contests, etc. Hyped Gaming was Started June of 2010 and its still thriving with Active Members today. Hyped Gaming Does have a community Ranking System to people who is interested in Leadership, and one day Will be able to be apart of our Unique Staff. If your interested, message me here or on Xbox live: GT: I PnOy JoShUa I Im currently SR107 and have a 2.0 K/D. I'm currently ranked Captain for Alpha Squad in our Division and is looking for good players. Would be great if you join my squad. Here is our website for more information about the community; Hyped-Gaming.net PS: We do not require you to change your gamertag.
  8. When will the fileshare be updated for use in halo 4? I wanna download peoples creations and peoples screenshots.... ................................................................................................................................................................ Ok I have been playing halo 4 for a while now and there is something that is bothering me... it seems like halo 4 has removed a lot of stuff, I mean A LOT OF STUFF that the previous halo games had. for example 1. no trueskill system (1-50): seriously? why remove it just because the bad players complain? there was a reason why halo 3 was more balanced than halo reach and 4 (it matched players depending on how well they did ex: bad players will be paired up with bad players while pros will be paired with pros etc) 2. Playlist is short: yes, yes i know its going to be updated but how will you feel if they don't add classic modes like... a normal ffa (regicide is cool but the classic ffa was fun) 3. No proper assault modes: yes there is grifball and you could just modify it... but where is the explosion, grif is suppose to die... there is a reason why its called "grifball" 4. Forge maps: the maps Impact, Erosion, and Ravine are "bloodgulch-sized" maps... they are not REAL forgeworld maps 5. Theater mode: this... this is whats bothering me... where is theater mode for CAMPAIGN and S-OPS!? 6. Custom games: I don't need to explain this... a lot of people complained about it... 7. Join in progress: how do you feel when every match you join is either: about to end, you are put in a losing team with impossible odds, and unbalanced? 8. Campaign: campaign was good but not good like halo 3s one or halo 2s, where is the epic music playing loudly in the background all i hear is ambient noises, where is the freedom? the missions felt linear, and wheres the epic moments (odsts dropping in to help then loud drum beats play etc...) 9. Scoring system: where is the scoring system for s-ops and campaign? without them they feel... boring 10. Menu: why did they have to make the menu too.... exaggerated? seriously they could have done a Reach-like menu where an artistic background is in it not a 3d background (serously it made the Framerate drop... and your in a freaking menu) 11. balance: halo 3 had perfect balance in matchmaking, halo reach was meh, halo 4... wtf why am i paired up witht he pros... im not that good.. pair me up with someone with equel skill as me not someone who could kill me every five seconds 12. DMR: its overpowered and is now the most overused weapon 13. 1-50 only in waypoint: wtf I want to see my rank next to my profile not exit the damned game just to see my rank... otherwise whats the point? 14. Unneccesary quicktime events: personally i believe this is the reason why there is no theater for campaign... plus its useless... it also takes you away from halo experiance 15. S-ops repeatative: why are all the mission just recycled maps with different objectives? 16. firefight is gone: dumbest decision to remove it. s-ops is gold only, what happens if you only have silver or no online at all... i wanna kill some time by killing prometheans and covies (hell firefight is also a good way to show off the deadliness of the prometheans) ........................................................................................................................................ thats all i might add some issues and remove stuff (when they are fixed)
  9. you know the dynamic lighting? you know how it makes the objects cast shadows? yeah its a good feature right? but when you go into player mode... and go inside a bunker while the real time shadows is in use... have you noticed your player GLOWING!!!! also since the dynamic lighting is in forge now i felt this topic would be in the forge sections.... if not... how do i delete it?
  10. I am looking for some females to play with as I am yired of playing with guys who often take the game WAY too seriously. My GT is: SonicThePickle. Cheers I meant to say tired. xD
  11. Hey need players for co op legendary please either message me on this reply comment or message my gt Dread illusions thank you
  12. I am a pretty skilled Halo player, I have experience in gamebattles doubles and teams of four. I feel like I want to be part of a Halo clan that has a good ranking structure where it's not super easy to get to the highest rank, but not where it would be impossible either. If you want more info from me or want me to tryout for your clan, message me on xbox, my gamertag is stuntedJet. Thanks for looking at my post, -StuntedJet
  13. Anybody else here have Halo 2 for Vista? I'm rather lonely on it. Gamertags? Mine is: Ro8bi3Rul3s for H2V and Ro8bi3Rules for Xbox 360.
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