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  1. <p>Halo 4 minigame remake of the Halo Reach Minigame Cat n Mouse. One life each round and 3 cats. If your a mouse (Ghost) you try stay alive till the end and if your a cat (Wraith) you splatter the mouses.</p> <p> </p> <p>Gameplay:<br />
  2. I found out how to make a turret-less wraith that works in custom games.
  3. Hurry Dashboard Map: False Crack (My File Share) Gametype: False Crack (My File Share) In this game there are two teams you go around hitting the enemy team. You do spawn in with a pistol but it does very little damage. You have the armor ability choice of a hologram or hard light shield. Recommended Players: 8+ Gameplay:
  4. Gamer Tag: Hurry Dashboard Map Name: Chaos (My file share) Gametype: Chaos (My file share) This game was inspired by the game "Husky Raid". This game has the same concept spawn with two random weapons but instead of a flag there are 3 capture points one on each side and one in the middle. First team to 400 points wins. Recommended players 8-16. Gameplay:
  5. Gamertag: Hurry Dashboard Map: Jump (in my file share) Game type: Jump (in my file share) This is my remake of the halo reach minigame "Jump Rope" where the flood is trying to splatter the Spartans and the Spartans try to jump over them. Recommended amount of players is 6+
  6. Gamertag: Hurry Dashboard Map: Duck Hunt Gametype: Duck Hunt Description: Halo 4 remake of Halo 3 and Halo Reach Duck Hunt. One sniper and the rest is flood or "Ducks" trying to make it throught each level. At the last level theres a teleporter to the sniper room in order to kill the sniper and end the round. Gameplay video: To download: 1.Press Start to open your Spartan Hub. 2.Go down to Settings & Files, and over to File Browser. 3.Select Map Variants and Game types. 4.File Share Search, gamertag "Hurry Dashboard". 5.Download "Duck Hunt" map and gametype
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