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  1. I just got a Xbox one on thanksgiving, and I got the halo MC edition. So now I am looking for players to play custom or matchmaking with. Mix preferred please. Let me know. Ghost Soldier07
  2. FUD is bad in so many ways, someone mentioned they did their homework on the military style. NOPE. First of all, you don't say sir to ma 'am. 2nd I noticed many times that people would walk past officer and not salute.....BIG NONO. 3rd when times got bad they couldn't even act like people normally would, they were often time calm and curious as to the danger that "lurked behind every corner".... Hehe lol 4th never do you EVER evaluate trainees from a base in the state of an emergency. Normally mil-protocol would demand all hands on deck. Meaning everyone fights. During the Pearl Harbor attack I'm pretty sure you didn't see cooks,mechanics, janitors, and such just run away. Everyone fought. ALL HANDS ON DECK! MILSEC is really that lousy that a trainee can break into classified ONI files? C'mon! Really? That's not even remotely realistic! There would be so many alarms going off and so many military police coming to evacuate the trainee to the brig! Look at Pvt. manning! Did the same thing but had access, while the trainee did not and still only got two days before being arrested. So you're telling me in the future the military cyber security is worse than it is now? -.- Ok....ya right.
  3. I'm looking for some guys that wanna play some odst for old time sake and some fun... If you're interested let me know. GT Ghost Soldier07
  4. http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/31801-halo-3-custom-games-free-on-marketplace/
  5. http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/31801-halo-3-custom-games-free-on-marketplace/
  6. Just looking for some people to play halo 3 custom games again. Its free on the marketplace and i believe two of the map packs are free. If youre interested hit me up GT: Ghost Soldier07
  7. i am bored today and lookibg for someone to play with, or people who wanna play in custom games, anyone interested?
  8. WHAAAAT? Noooo------............(silence)
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