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  1. I prefer Team Slayer, and Pro versions I love. Objective based games can be fun if played with a team that works together. Doubles/Multi-Team is awesome as well...so on so forth. Basically, I'll play whatever (minus vehicle based games. Absolutely stupid imo) so long as there's someone (preferably a group) to communicate with. I just really enjoy "teams" being teams
  2. Hey bud, I don't know of any clans/teams currently looking and actually trying to play competitively, but I'd be more than down to join one whether it be for fun or for competition. Add GT ModernWarMonger if you're still down!
  3. Love it for campaign. Hate it online. Gets old very quickly, but useful as hell in dire straights.
  4. Welcome welcome. Add GT ModernWarMonger if you're looking for someone to play with. Not the best, but would love to learn and then get there to destroy...things.
  5. zlawver

    Hello All

    Hey folks, just thought I'd introduce myself. Joined the forums in the hopes of meeting new people to play with. Please add GT ModernWarMonger Looking forward to hearing from you all, Have a good one! Zach
  6. Awesome. Thank you very much folks Remember, if needing player, add ModernWarMonger xD
  7. Hi All! I'm new to the forums here and would like to say "Hello!" Curious if anyone would be willing/down to play some Halo 4 Social Matchmaking/Custom Matchmaking for both fun and for competition. I personally enjoy a good competition, but am rusty and also curious if anyone would mind giving me a hand with some more advanced stuff. Most times I hop on and do very well, but occasionally a good player comes along and he/she kicks me arse in strafing, shot placement, movement, etc. I am looking primarily for competition/learning, however am extremely willing to play with any and all Halo 4 players, as the community (not in the forums, but online) seems really small unfortunately . My only request of y'all is to not be too rage induced/serious. I do take competition seriously, but screaming through a microphone that the game is "broken" isn't going to fix anything, so either shush or sodomize yourself with a plunger. Seriously. Kthanx <3. I'm on West Coast U.S. GMT -7:00. Generally try to be on around the hours of 6pm-10pm most days of the week, with the occasional super late night on the weekends. Will be having a child in 12 days, so I'm sure that availability is subject to change. If interested, please add GT: ModernWarMonger. Really hoping and looking forward to hear from all of you. The more the merrier. Really, I'm serious. Can't stand playing team based games by single-handedly. Apologies for the long post, thanks again. Hope you all have a good one. GT: ModernWarMonger
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