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  1. We are AWI - A Worthwhile Investment - Created by AWI IK H2PLY GD and me, AWI Your Fear now known as AWI Golgari You will not get a spam message from us, only a friendly party Chat, we believe that recruitment starts with friendship and a conversation.. not a spammed out generic message or dialogue that is pushed onto members who need to recruit. We give responsibility regarding recruitment and freedom for ideas building on collective and individual strengths. Unlike other clans where every decision is dictated by Higher ups". You will have a welcome opinion here. We want to represent a fun-loving, tight knit group of FRIENDS that also happen to play Halo too. Most commonly played games among us are: PC League of legends Magic The Gathering: Arena Dota Halo Series Runescape. Xbox Halo Series Magic The Gathering Dead Space 3 Fortnight COD series and more What we offer We offer a "Trial" in AWI. This is just a period for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. That way you can either become a full member at the end, knowing that you are having a wonderful time in AWI... Or we can respectfully and politely part ways if we are not compatible for each other. We have Chinese, London, Los Angeles, and Australian time zone members. Plus side is we have English, Chinese, and Spanish language speakers. Message us if you are tempted to join us across PC, 360 AND Xbox One consoles. We let people create Squads and encourage Mini Branches to promote friendly competition and ensure that you play with friends. Prerequisites/Clan rules 1. Name change, Bio and Motto - if you decide to stay in after a month, we respectfully request that those listed above be changed to show unity and help passively recruit potential members 2. Headset - to ensure we can "Call out" and also helps us to connect and bond with each other, keep up with Clan information and speak whenever needed. 3. No under 16's - We like to have Adult humour and also trash talk/be subject to trash talk back. To save awkward situations regarding the use of language or topic discussion by our towards our members we prefer to admit those who are only over 18, but we do consider 16 as the minimum age for recruitment. 4. Willing to cooperate - We would prefer people who can take instruction or be open to constructive criticism/help, I am more of relaxed myself in Slayer games and enjoy freedom but if we are playing CTF (Capture The Flag), We will need to be obedient and listen to whoever is in charge of directing an attack or defence of the Flags 5. Trash Talk and receive in good spirits - Trash Talk can affect game-play Positively and Negatively. We need people who are happy to occasionally Talk trash and also realize that the Opponents will use the same tactics occasionally. 6. Be aware of Clan Directives - If we are doing something like Recording a match via Capture Card, then we will not be tolerating other member of the Clan using extreme Trash talk or Tea-bagging during that match UNLESS specified before the match. 7. No Quitting, We promote Loyalty and respect towards our Opponents and Team mates. If you leave a Game, not only do you let down the Team and your friends, but you narrow down any chance that the team had to catch up or lose with Dignity. I Hope to welcome you personally to the clan. Please post below, even just your Gamer-tag and if you want... we shall contact YOU. Thank you From Clan Recruiter and Head of AWI Human or Non-Human Resources AWI Golgari.
  2. Things we do include: Training's, Raids, Meetings, Matchmaking, Custom Games, Custom Tournaments, You name it! We, for our 5th year, are getting back into the Halo: Reach Clan Community. We have been absent for the past few months, but are making a well planned return. To sum up how things work here, we pull you into a game session, give you your uniform and emblem, run you down with rules and regulations, yell at you and make you do things you probably don't want to do, and after completing boot camp you will receive your rank and become one step closer to becoming a welcomed member of our Clan. How to join? Simple, contact I, "TBDL X KNIGHT" on Xbox Live via message (Let me know you are sending a message to join the TBDL Corps) and I will respond to you ASAP. Any questions or concerns can be asked via message or in reply to this post! Thank you for reading this post, look forward to seeing you on either side of the battlefield!
  3. I've been looking for a good military clan for a while. I would prefer it to be on Halo: Reach, but Halo 5 works too. My gamertag is UhOhDaddy, just message me about it and we can see where it goes from there Yes, I know Reach isn't a 343 game. I just like how Reach is made and works.
  4. The Awoken clan is recruiting we are looking for loyal and dedicated Halo players. We play all Halo titles as well as a few other games but we only go competitive in Halo. Requirements: Must have a mic or be getting one Must be over 13 years of age Must play frequently Be willing and able to follow orders Must be respectful Applying: To apply for the clan please visit our website which is listed below select the join us page and follow the steps provided for the application process on that page. Contacting Us: Email: [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> Youtube: Awoken Clan Twitter: @Awokenclan Website: www.awokenclan.weebly.com Xbox Live: Awoken Anarchy (Leader) Awoken Nova (Co-Leader) Awoken Nexus (Co-Leader) Best of luck spartans, Awoken Anarchy Sorry the email on this site is blocked all other contact forms listed will work Awoken Anarchy
  5. I am looking for a group of players, or clan, willing to cooperate since my friends don't understand working as a team 20 years old, Pacific Time Zone XboxOne Username: Sluger73 If you are interested please send me a message on live, thanks KILLS 4512 ASSISTS 1576 KILLS / GAME 10.52 HEAD SHOTS 931 HEAD SHOT % 2.1% WIN RATE 49.2% GAMES PLAYED 429 XP 643,175 SPARTAN RANK 44 TOTAL PLAY TIME 2D 7H 17M 20S KILLS / DEATH 0.99
  6. Clan Name: Knights Of Reach Point Of Contact: DaveTheWave11 (Where to message me on xbox) Mission: To create a community in which newbs and veterans alike, can play and win together. To introduce more players into the clan based side of halo, to improve skills of members, all while participating in clan based raids. How To Join: 1.Have Halo Reach for Xbox 360 or Xbox One 2.Have Discord, a voice chat system such as Skype, which Discord is better than, and completely free. (On Mobile aswell as PC) 3. Message me at DaveTheWave11 on Xbox, to join. Thanks For Reading.
  7. General Message Hello, my name is TBDL x Knight and I am the Vice President of TBDL (To Be Determined Leader) We are a Military clan for Halo Reach. We have been in the Halo community overall for just over 8 years, I personally have been in the Halo community for just over 5 years. We are looking for new members, if you are interested in joining, make sure to read the training section and look on the contact page. Training Many people who join us ask what types of training we do and why, so before you decide to join I want to answer those two questions that we are commonly asked. *Basic Training - Used to explain the rules and get you used to how our clan works *SOI Training - Your basic combat skills and some extra tweaks such as "Covering and Maneuvering" which is used in raid tactics *Raid Training - This teaches how to serpentine, how to climb all of the mountains, how to break into a base and how to lock one down once inside *Specialists Training - This covers the advanced stuff that you would have never thought about such as "Teleporter Gapping" Contact Us Xbox - TBDL x Frost - CZAR Xbox - TBDL x Knight - Vice President & Website Recruiter Xbox - xXUnl0ckingXx - 1st General & 3rd in Command Email - [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> Email - [email protected] Or just simply reply to this topic and include your gamertag
  8. TBDL, what does it stand for? TBDL Stands for "To Be Determined Leader" GENERAL MESSAGE If you are looking for a Military based clan for Halo: Reach, I may be able to help you out. My name is TBDL X KNIGHT and I am the Vice President for TBDL. TBDL has been in the Halo community for over 8 years. I have personally been in the Halo community for 5 years. We are looking for new members because we want to start up on Halo: Reach again. Some of you may know us by the name of Dominion Republic. Dominion Republic was what our name was last year on Halo: Reach, we were very successful and soon after became mercenaries; now wanting to start up our clan again. RULES AND HOW TO JOIN The rules are very simple, just simply keep your armor on during training, don't cause drama, don't try to skip ranks (it won't work, we are very organized) and make sure to pay attention. We don't ask much other than try your best to ace our training, we try to reach above all. Whilst we were mercenaries, we went into a lot of other clans to see how they operate so we could do better. A few names include Exodus, UUF, USR, URDF RANKS Enlisted>Recruit (When you first join) Septant (When you pass boot camp) Septant 3rd Class (When you complete SOI 1&2) Septant 2nd Class (When you complete SOI 3) Septant 1st Class (Requires Completion of Boot Camp, and Completion of SOI training) Senior Septant - Master Septant - Chardarsman - Chardarsman 2nd Class - Chardarsman 1st Class - Staff Chardarsman (Leadership School I Beginning) Master Chardarsman (Leadership School I Completion, Leadership School II Beginning) Head Chardars Command (Leadership School I & II Completion, Leadership School III Beginning (0/1 Slots Taken)) Officer>Legiment (Leadership School I, II, III Completion) Legiment Specialist - Merchant - Merchant Specialist - Senior Merchant - Legionary - Legionary Specialist - Journeyman - Journeyman Specialist - General (2/4 slots taken) - CZAR (Unreachable) CONTACT US Xbox Live - TBDL X FROST - CZAR Xbox Live - TBDL X KNIGHT - Vice President Xbox Live - xXUnl0ckingXx - 1st General Kik - Itzknight - Vice President Email - [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> - Vice President
  9. GENERAL MESSAGE Hello, my name is TBDL X KNIGHT and I am the Vice President of TBDL, a Military based clan on Halo: Reach. We have been in the community for a good 8 years. I personally have been in the community for 5 years. TBDL is looking for some new members because we want to get back in the action. We do training everyday and hope for people to show up. The types of training we do include the following: - Team Tactical - Raid Training (Consists of a focus on our formations on how to enter a base, how to serpentine, how to avoid being seen from certain distances, how to cover fire, how to work with teammates, how to communicate, and what to do in a certain situation) - SOI (Consists of the basics, firing ranges, tactic learning, call-outs, roles, commands, lines, and formations) RESTRICTIONS:The only restrictions we have are focused on the uniform. You have to have the emblem, colors we assign you, and a service tag that represents a nickname we can call you. RANKS:<Enlisted Ranks> Recruit - Septant 3rd, Septant 2nd, Septant 1st, Senior Septant - Master Septant - Chardarsman - Chardarsman 2nd - Chardarsman 1st - Staff Chardarsman - Master Chardarsman - Head Chardars Command (Max of 1) <Officer Ranks> Legiment - Legiment Specialist - Merchant - Merchant Specialist - Senior Merchant - Legionary - Legionary Specialist - Journeyman - Journeyman Specialist - General (Max of 4) - Vice - CZAR CONTACT US:1st General:xXUnl0ckingXx - Vice President:TBDL X KNIGHT - CZAR:TBDL X FROST
  10. Hey there Spartan! welcome to Wargame Champions! We are a Customs clan with a little bit of a competitive nature. WHAT WE WILL BE DOING: We will start our lobby's every Sunday night after the launch of Halo 5! since halo 5 will be lacking custom games at launch we will be honing in our skills in Warzone! i plan to get us moving and working like a real team by the holidays! When the holidays come by, so dose the Forging/custom games DLC comes out! that's when we will be making original maps and playing them almost every Sunday. but all that Warzone team building won't go to waist, because we will begin to have clan wars and competitions in custom games! HOW TO JOIN: We have a group page on Facebook called "Wargame Champions" request membership and your in the loop! meetings are not mandatory, but the more you participate the sooner yo'll get promoted, hope to see you on the battlefield!
  11. Looking for a new, exciting and thrilling experience on halo 4? Well why not join Valkirye Company? I the owner of Valkirye company will ensure and fun, tactical and thrilling experience on Halo 4 for Xbox 60 users. Clan Details: Ranks Divisions (Airforce, Armoured, Spartan Program, ODST, Marines, Spec Ops,) Custom built forts Compeitions (Griffbal championships) Custom and fun game modes aside from normal military like experience (The Minitaur mini game Ect.) And More. Squads for the military expereince are eleigible for creaton should you be proven capable of managing it. And Much More! (Clan created August 2014) Message IOPS505 on xbox live for enlistment or questions and I will reply the same day or a little later. ~We come as one, we fight as one, and when we leave this world, we'll die as one~ -IOPS505
  12. Hello, I am a recruiter for the multi-platform gaming organization known as Xiled Gaming Network or (XGN). Our community has been gaming together for over 4 years now and are currently accepting new members. Now let me start off by saying this, XGN is not for everyone, Yes you heard me right. Our play-style is not for all players. We are a community built around family. Although we do have several professional teams that attend events worldwide our primary goal has been and will continue to be bring gamers together, create friendships and enjoy the game as a group. We currently have 11,000+ members apart of our organization which we separate into divisions and then into squads of 100. This introduces the member to 100 fellow gamers that may share the same interest and beliefs. Creating friendship and unity. XGN strives to help our members in every way. Building teams and assisting players to learn team work, problem solving and strategies in game and out. Thus in turn enhancing the members online gaming experience. We also encourage members of our community to gather with fellow members and compete in our frequent in-clan tournaments where players can win prizes and bragging rights. XGN is made up of skilled and casual players on over 10 different games and 3 different consoles. There is no skill requirement to take part in the fun. Although we are criticized for this we believe XGN helps the gamer become a better player by teaching them our key techniques listed above. This is a family, a group that builds off of unity. Members of Xiled Gaming Network can expect to be treated with respect and welcomed to a new environment of gaming. Our members can also take advantage of our discounts from our many sponsors such as Scuf Gaming, Gfuel, Kontrol Freek and more! To sum things up, If you think XGN offers what you need in a gaming community then apply at XGNClan.com/Join and someone will recruit you asap, Or you can message me on Xbox Live Gamertag: Ish XGN. If you don't think we're the right group for you I appreciate you reading this and I hope the best for your gaming endeavors!
  13. Hello all !!! I am currently recruiting for a halo reach clan called COOKIE SQUAD. We are divided into two subgroups called cookie squad and milk squad. We have a lot of fun but also do clan raids and clan battles. My xbox 360 gamertag is DampedCookie, feel free to message me any questions you have or if you would like to join the clan!
  14. Hello. For the last 10 months we have all experienced the frustration that MCC has put upon us. For many games you may have seen teammates quit early, go afc, or even just murder you for a power weapon. If this is your problem, here is your solution. KOO is a halo clan on MCC that has been running since early July. We have about 30 members as of our last routine check. Our clan has a set uniform and traditional set of rules. Our clan has a ranking structure as well, allowing players to prove their worth on a second plane outside of the games basic functions. If you decide to join you will have access to a coordinated team, experienced leadership, and most importantly, success on the field. Details are as follows: UNIFORM POLICY AND DETAILS: Our uniform is only for H2A, If you're to join you must play as an elite with a set of colors.Our emblem is the only thing we ask you to wear consistently. However whenever you're with the clan, all aspects of your uniform must be in order. RULES AND REGULATIONS: Within the clan we have a high sense of respect for anyone we encounter. This means we have zero tolerance for anything that degrades the other person. This means no T-Bagging, Melees, or shootings towards dead bodies. It is not only disrespectful, but a waste of time within the games.As far as respecting others go, others won't always respect you. If anyone commits one of the actions above it does not mean you have permission to stoop down to their level for vengeance.We don't allow our members to trash talk other players. It makes you look like a jerk, and your actions will define us as a clan. However, if another person starts a fight with you, you may defend yourself.Finally, like many other clans we don't allow team betrayals or rage quitting. We understand you may accidentally shoot your teammate and we understand MCC frequently kicks people out of games. We will be lenient, but if a pattern arises we will handle it RANKING AND STRUCTURE: Oracles Polyphony and it's roots can be traced back to its predecessor clan up to four years ago. During that time we have refined our ranking structure and seasoned our leaders with experience.The ranks in the clan run based on divisions and member skill sets.All members start in the infantry division. This is where we see if you're the kind of person we want, and if you can live up to our expectations. Once you pass infantry you have the opportunity to specialize in a skill. Certain divisions specialize in different things. For example, our Ranger division is a BTB oriented vehicle specialist division. Our Spec-Ops are the highly skilled stand alone players that specialize in long range weapons. These are just two of our divisions, for more information you can see our website. WEBSITE: A direct link to the website is as follows: www.KnightsoftheOldOrder.weebly.com The only problem you will have from here on out is your enemies quitting out before the game can get a chance to end. Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope to see a message from you soon. To contact us you can use our website or you can message me on xbox live with the gamertag Apex Arbiter. I hope you find the clan that's right for you, if that clan is us, let me know. -Apex Arbiter
  15. Sup! My Halo Reach Clan : The Warriors needs people can play whit us. Please contact whit OmegaSpartanSP Everybody can join
  16. Hi im new to both this site and the halo 4 clan community, as such i am starting a new clan with a friend, i have a site and a ranking system, with alot more setup, but im currently short on man power, were called "the order"(silly name isnt it). the clan is based off of scifi factons, as such our primary weapon of choice consist of energy weaponry(mainly covenant), but we also train in UNSC, we are open minded towards all personnel and being new have neither won nor lost a raid, i and my associate "Texas RVB" have served and commanded in quite a few clans over the past few years and decided to give creating one a shot, we accept anyone who is 14+, even if your new to the game we will help you on your way towards halo superiority, we are in need of leadership positions to help get things moving along, but we are also interested in anyone who just wants to be apart of something great and new. as such to the first 32 gamers to join, shall be each given positions of leadership, and perhaps one may prove themselves reliable enough to be my second in command, we are consisted of three branches- 1. Shock troopers main force 2. Demoralizers sport tactical, ricochet, griffball, oddball ect.... 3. agents specops, generally assassins trained to add pressure on enemy leadership branches may be added in the future depending on how many we have in our clan, as we try to maintain 30 per branch.. After branches are filled leaders may start their own branches to add to the clan, under their command if you are interested you can send a message to me(my gamertag is the same as my username)or my associate "Texas RvB" (who is our rule keeper), or if you like you can sign up on our recruiting page here at our home; http://theorderhalo4.weebly.com/contact-recruiter.html we are very open minded, and enjoy hearing the ideas of others, and are big on proper co-op and proper leadership, as such we are interested in hearing any ideas on site improvements, and clan layout, if you find any difficulties with the site than please message me at your earliest convenience.......
  17. Hey everybody I am a member of the DHG/DHJ clan we accept anyone 9 and up 9-15 is DHJ and 16 and up is DHG. We are a fun gaming community we have practice every night except Sunday starting at 8:00 pm eastern and ending at 9:00pm eastern but you only have to show up to two practices a week and all we do for practices is fun customs. We are for xbox one halo master chief collection. If you are interested in joining msg me on xbox one my gamer tag is DHG KI11ER or tell me on here that you are interested. We need more members so tell me if your interested.
  18. What's up? I'm looking for players that are 18 and older that would like to join a great gaming community called Xiled Gaming. We have MANY clans within the community, my clans name is XGC New Blood, I am general of this clan, currently building up looking for members There are always members online to game with. My gamer tag is XGC DEFIANCE.. please message me on the Xbox if you are interested and want to know more
  19. Onyx Squad is looking for players for competitive matchmaking and battles. Were not just a team, we also belong to a larger community called Spartan Guardian Legions. Onyx is a part of its legions. Onyx Squad members train daily in Halo Championship Series (HCS) playlists. Ranked and HCS matchmaking games are the most popular multiplayer picks. SGL uses a custom made rank system to highlight players with dedication amongst their piers. Any questions on this can be discussed with me on XBL. Requirements are as follows: -mic -halo mcc -maturity*** -positive K/D rules are as follows: -No disrespect to other players -No rage quitting -No team killing -Stay in uniform when you're with the squad If you're still interested but don't meet all of these requirements I can arrange for you to join another squad. If you are interested or have questions, contact me on xbox: Apex Arbiter "Splintered shields and shattered swords" Onyx squad leader, Apex Arbiter
  20. Onyx Squad is looking for players for competitive matchmaking and battles. Were not just a team, but more of a small scale spartan clan. Requirements are as follows: -mic -halo mcc -maturity -positive K/D rules are as follows: -No disrespect to other players -No rage quitting -No team killing -Stay in uniform when you're with the squad If you're still interested but don't meet all of these requirements I can arrange for you to join another squad. If you are interested or have questions, contact me on xbox: Apex Arbiter "Splintered shields and shattered swords" Onyx squad leader, Apex Arbiter
  21. Ok I posted the player count in gd new to this forum unsure of the hierarchy O.o anyways is there going to be or can there be a player count for the multiplayer and campaigns so we can know what we're dealing with in terms of population and searching?? Also are there going to be clans like there was in halo 2 because there 1,000% should be no doubt with the clan gametype and all. And lastly, are the multiplayers going to be separate and have their respective playlists? (I hope so) Also. The radar should definitely go back to classic and not the sonar...don't say a game will be just how it was and it not be that way..
  22. If anyone is looking for a Halo 4 clan, Xbox Gamers Online (XGO) is a good one. I am a Lieutenant of the Bravo Squad which currently has over 60 members. My gamertag is XGO Cryptic113 If you want to join all you need is a mic and a copy of Halo 4. If you want to join this is what you need to do: Edit your profile, Change your Motto to *XGO BRAVO MC* with Microsoft symbols where the asterisks are.(Sorry I don't know how to post them here) Change your Name to Rank: Recruit Change your Location to xboxgamersonline.com Change your Bio to Joined(today's date) recruited by XGO Cryptic113 Last promoted n/a After you do this, send a friend request to the gamertag XGO BRAVO MC This is our clan tag, which keeps track of all of the active members of our squad. We meet on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8pm EST.(You must be on the clan tag to receive an invite) In Halo 4 our armor color is Primary: Forest Secondary: Brick, if you are a new member your service tag would be REC. If you join send a message to my GT so I know who you are. Our website is xboxgamersonline.com, if you sign up you should do so after editing your profile info on Xbox Live and use your gamertag as your username.
  23. hello I'm making a new clan in halo 4 the name will be Flacons and since its new i have no members so if you would like to join please message me on xbox my gamer tag is sanictheheghugh P.S you must be 13 years old or over and you must have a mic
  24. I have started a mercenary military clan operating on several games. So i guess a gaming community. We will be operating on Halo Reach, Halo 4, GTA V, COD Black Ops 2, and COD Ghost. If you would like to apply a pure mercenary clan with few rules and loads of military action. Message KillerCrocSobek on Xbox Live.
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