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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Ladies and gentlemen, I have been a halo costumer for the last few years and have made a short profile for the spartan costume that I made. This spawned a small book that I am in the process of writing, I will post the chapters as i finish them. HALO BLACK OPS By: Richard L. Amsler Prologue // from the personal log of Dr. Catherine Halsey // 09/15/2517 – My team had an interesting encounter today, on our way to visit a new candidate for the program one of my guards bumped into a boy no more than eight. However the reason this was in any way strange was, when we reached the house of the recruit; one of the guards had lost his data card and his watch. Thankfully Mendez and I had seen fit to place specialized tracking equipment in all of the items that leave the base. 09/18/2517 – After a small search with our tech team we were able to pin-point the locations of our equipment. After brief questioning and triangulation of a search pattern we have the thief’s location, no shock to find that it was the boy we bumped into earlier. I have decided to recruit the boy; perhaps tomorrow we will pick him up. //end log// Chapter 1 8/14/2552 high orbit above reach, The explosion was huge; the sight of a covenant super carrier being blown sky high was quite spectacular; it seemed that noble team had completed their mission. I knew that the transmission to noble team was classified and that ONI would like to believe that their coms were secure, but then nothing was secure against me and my A.I. I could only watch for a few seconds before I had to focus on the task at hand, I was transporting a newly outfitted gauss warthog and a bay full of civilians to the UNSC Intrepid. I reached for the control to open a com channel and said, “UNSC Intrepid this is pelican transport B-85; I am on route, ETA is 15 minutes have the slip space drive spun up and ready to jump I would like to be able to make another trip back here to pick up another group of civilians.” A military voice came back over the com, “Confirmed Transport B-85 we are spinning up the drive now.” I turned to the pilot, “you have the ship.” The pilot confirmed and I walked to the bay. The civilians looked extremely frightened, I pulled off my helmet; it seemed to help pacify them. For some reason the armor and helmet of a Spartan seemed to cause anxiety in the average person. I steadied myself to address the civilians, “In roughly 15 minutes we will dock with the UNSC Intrepid; once there you will quickly follow the attendee that will be waiting for you there. He will take you to the secure area for slip-space jump, please pay attention to what he tells you and don’t wander off.” I really hated working with civilians; it was like they just had to ignore everything the average officer had to say, but when a Spartan came into the room they obeyed out of a sense of mild fear. “It could be worse.” Striker explained, (Striker was the Smart A.I. I had made around seven years ago. While most Smart A.I.’s tend to degrade after six years, Striker has escaped that fate. This is mostly due to the fact that he was created by me; when he first began to display the signs of rampancy I inserted his chip into the reader in the back of my helmet this allowed me to save all of his vital memory and dump any non-important data into a separate memory unit for safe keeping; this act allowed for the continued expansion of his systems) “Now that the super carrier has been destroyed, Reach should be safe from the covenant, well at least long enough to evacuate the planet.” I put my helmet back on as I turned to walk back to the cockpit, “Not funny; it is also just as likely that the carrier did get a signal off.” “Well you want to bet on it?” Striker asked. I ran through the probabilities of each outcome calculating each in turn. “You’re on; if I win you have to play two games of chess instead of just one.” “Very well, but what if I win, what do I get?” Striker asked. “Well if you win…” I started, before I was cut off by the pilot. “Sir we have multiple contacts entering orbit!” He exclaimed. “Hostile?” I asked. “Yes sir. Thirty plus covenant cruisers inbound!” I had to think, dang it just stop and think. Then it hit me, “Does this pelican have an electromagnetic field at the back of the bay?” “Yes sir. Why?” The man asked. “Open a channel to the Intrepid.” I ordered. “Channel open.” “Intrepid this is transport B-85, ETA is 3 minutes. We are coming in hot I am going to provide an exit trajectory for you. Be ready to leave when the transport arrives.” “Spartan I cannot just abandon Reach!” the captain of the Intrepid answered. “Captain Reach has already fallen.” I replied. “I don’t care! We can still help, if only to evacuate civilians!” The captain shouted. “Sir I am sorry but the Intrepid is not a warship, you would only doom everyone you would try to save. You can only save so many.” I answered calmly. “Very well Spartan we’ll jump as soon as you’re down. Intrepid out.” The captain replied. I turned to the pilot, “Activate the field then unlock the airlock hatch I will com you when I am clear. AND DON’T SLOW DOWN!” “Sir?” the pilot questioned. “I need to barrow the hog, and I am afraid I am going to need a rain check on that escape plan.” I said as I walked to the back of the pelican. “Buckle up; things are going to get a little bumpy!” I shouted to the passengers; as I walked to the back hatch. As I walked to the airlock I checked to confirm that the passengers had secured their straps and saw that a young boy was having trouble getting his buckle fastened. I walked over to the nervous child and gently fixed the straps. “Don’t worry you will be just fine, just do what the others tell you.” I said. The calmness of my voice steadied the boy, so I stood and walked back to the airlock. “Bay is locked down; open the doors.” The hatch door slowly opened till it was a small opening in the roof. I climbed the ladder and sealed the hatch behind me. The outer hatch hissed and opened after the atmosphere had been removed. I crawled across the surface of the pelican until I had reached the warthog the pelican was transporting. “Release the clamps” I ordered through my helmet mic. The clamps holding the warthog in place retracted leaving the hog floating behind the ship. “Pilot you make sure that ship jumps the second they have the chance. I am going to have to find my own ride.” I ordered. The clamps holding the hog released and left the vehicle floating behind the ship. I leapt from the hull of the ship towards the warthog, and landed next to the gauss cannon. As I made my way to the gunners position I made a fast plan. I knew that Covenant ships had no shields immediately after a pin-point slip-space jump, so I needed to be fast. I quickly rotated the turret and aimed directly at ont of the many plasma turrets, hoping for a series of secondary explosions. A split second before I pulled the trigger I realized that I should have set the weapon on a timer. But the thought came too late and as I felt the trigger depress beneath my insulated fingers the world started to spin and I began to lose consciousness. Just before I did however, I thought to myself ‘well looks like I get to be bait again; I hate bait.’ 09/15/2517 - Thirty five years ago I hate bait, especially when it is the perfect bait. A data card, that’s just hanging there practically begging me to take it. The lady’s escort is military; that chip definitely has to be bait. But the watch on the hand of that Sargent might be useable. Let’s see; a double clip latch, this will be easy. I guess I can take the bait and sell it, might make some money, and make it someone else’s problem. 09/24/2517 Dr. Halsey, that’s what she said her name was, Dr. Catherine Halsey. She said that her office wanted to recruit me (whatever the heck that means) I asked if she meant that they wanted to hire me for my services. She said no, and then I asked “well what do you want me for?” to which she asked how I felt about the military, I said “I respect them, but I hate the military for killing my parents.” She asked what my name was I replied “Rick” she asked for my last name but I wouldn’t tell her. (That is simply because if I had she would find out about my parents, who were ranking officers within the UNSC and she would not understand why I am not in a military school). Dr. Halsey asked if she could see me tomorrow, I told her that it might be possible. 09/25/2517 – the next morning. . . It seems that Halsey is true to her word, because I woke up in the troop bay of a UNSC pelican with a group of soldiers in training gear each sitting next to a kid (around my same age), and of course Halsey. When she saw that I was awake she smiled at me and nodded. [seeming to simply acknowledge that I was awake.] Dr. Halsey felt that trainee R-259 was just a little to calm at waking up in the hold of a pelican. There is only one reason that Halsey can think of; is the fact that Rick lived on the street, and must have been picked up and placed in homeless shelters in the night before. But what really surprised Halsey was how he sat up (picture perfect military posture) she couldn’t fathom where he learned how to sit like that, she began to wonder if his parents had some sort of military background. “Crap”, that was the only thing that came to mind, (how the heck are you going to get out of this one Rick) well there are still a few secrets and tricks up my sleeve that I might be able to use, but I need to get them to lower their guard. So the first thing I had to do was get them to think I was in 100% compliance with their “recruitment” of me, so I became a solider. It was what my dad taught me “to follow orders” so that is what I was going to do - follow orders, or at least till I see a chance to escape. Thanks to the training my father gave me that chance came quickly, for as soon as the pelican landed I knew the group was about to move, so I stood at attention. This came as a total surprise to the man sitting next to me, (he had a patch on his chest that read Barns) with my sudden movement he grabbed my arm but realizing that I wasn’t going anywhere released it. The tension he was radiating seamed to bleed away as he visibly relaxed, from across the hold I heard Halsey whisper “perfect” I looked in her direction and she was still smiling at me. I hate those kinds of smiles; they’re the kind that says “guess what I have the perfect place for you.” I have seen that smile to many times at the orphanage when someone was adopted, but at the orphanage the smile really meant that you were no longer the problem of the caretakers. Before I could finish the thought the door opened to reveal a small landing field a short distance from a base I decided I could try to get away here. I heard the man say “right face cadet” so obligingly I turned to my right facing the door, “forward march” I began to walk just fast enough so as not to attract scrutiny from anyone especially Barns. As I walked he came up beside me and I could see that there was a small baton hanging from a belt clip on his waist (A simple matter to unclip). As I continued to look around I saw four or five more pelicans each with a group of children and each had a man or woman escorting them. Of course the children wanted to go home so they all tried fruitlessly to pull back to the pelicans, at which point the man or woman pulled the baton from their waist and touched it to the side of the child. When the baton made contact with the child’s side they let out a small yep and stopped struggling I realized that this was my chance, I very carefully pulled the baton from Burn’s belt and asked, “Does this hurt?” He looked down at me and began to say something but before he could finish I thrust the baton into his side. (I had raised the shock level to a charge more suitable to an adult) Completely surprised he didn’t even cry out he simply fell to the ground unconscious. I took off on a dead run for the tree line. I heard a woman shouting for someone to stop me, but I managed to make it to the tree line before anyone could do anything about it. I kept running for about five minutes after making the trees, unfortunately I was now completely lost, except for knowing where the base was. But going back there was not an option right now; I had to figure out where I was. I decided to climb a nearby tree to see if I could find a recognizable land mark. However it was not to be, the whole area is heavily forested and the base is located in the middle of nowhere (I bet I am on a different planet, I thought to myself) Well nothing to do now except wait for a search party and take all their gear. The search party didn’t arrive for another 20 minutes, which allowed for a great deal of trap setting. Now, I didn’t want to set anything that could harm them but I did want traps that would either incapacitate or immobilize them. The only thing I had that could accomplish this task was the baton I stole from Barns, which meant I had to improvise. I hurried about collecting supplies for a camp site after I accomplished this I started a fire, I now had the perfect trap. I set my camp site under a large branch that easily hides me from sight. When they finally arrived they seemed to simply stumble upon the camp site, obviously trying to trip any sort of traps that I might have set up. But that is not the kind of traps I set, my trap involves only one thing (me) so I decided to wait up in the tree after all anything can happen. // from the personal log of Dr. Catherine Halsey // 09/25/2517 – R-259 (Rick) continues to impress me, it has only been two days since he was recruited and he is the first trainee that has ever managed to incapacitate a trainer and hide away in the forest. //End log// // -PERSONAL LOG- Sergeant James Barns // 09/25/2517 Chief Petty Officer Mendez seems to think I am incompetent because that crazy kid got the jump on me. Apparently I no longer have the privilege of being a trainer; I am now the chief mess officer. I had hoped one day to get off this rock and get a ship of my own, but it doesn't look like I am going to get that chance now (I hate my job). //End log// Well that is all for chapter one, feel free to post your thoughts.
  2. Chapter 3 Kasara ultra base, (unknown location...) 3:00 AM, April 2, 2100 The large wasteland's light sand storm howled softly in the night, the scattered scraps of ships laid dormant in the thin tan dirt. The main Kasara base stood silent. Its rusty, bulky appearance made it seem older then it looked. Two guards stood by the large triangular door. The inside was a fortress of technology, stolen, modified and manufactured. The many Kasara walked about, doing their duties. The inside looked a lot like a temple. The long hall's light source was fire, lined up on the thick brick walls. The tall door in the hall was open, leading to another room. The large room had a single light looming above. The many large concrete pillars were on both sides of the large red rug. Leading to the gothic chair at the end. Kasara sat silently. The light shining down on her scared pale tan skin, her long black hair shining. She was still beautiful, having a goth look. Her chest armor was white and symmetrical. Her hands were together as she listened to the escaped leader trooper in front of her. Explaining his report of the Gyer's island incident. “K-Kasara my lord please.. It was not my fault-- We. We were fine till the Cop Troopers came, but they came with something.. It was quick-- you have--” the thin bullet shattered his visor, shattering through the back of the head, the brain matter and blood splattered on the floor. Kasara set the pistol away, on the holster on the armrest, the small hatch hid it. “Guards.” Kasara said, seeing the two run to her from the door, “Take him away.” the guards grabbed him by the arms, and walked away. Two Kasara stood by her, to her left was Xura, her best guard and best friend. Her beefy, strong-looking figure intimidated most. She had blue hair, a long piece loomed over her right eye, covering her pale tan skin. Her red headband held a metallic piece for decoration. To her right was the tall, scrawnier Killena. Her long green wild rough cut hair was touching the white cloth wrapped around her head, her pale tan skin seemed to glow. The Kasara was the most fierce rebel army in the world. Most terrorist stayed away, knowing messing with them was a guaranteed death sentence. Kasara felt good to name the alliance after her. The army's units suffered many problems with the outsiders of earth. Earth became very comfy with the aliens; unfortunately, many of the them became too comfy. Due to getting special treatment from humans at times, many crimes went on. Financial problems occurred when many did not pay their bills. Crimes slowed overtime, money went to its places, and things seemed fine for a while. However, as crime went on, the rage grew. The Cold, negative emotions of those with lost loved ones, filled with hate. Equally sharing the pain with those who supported them. Among the group, the very young, orphaned girl that started it all, the very definition of evil; Kasara. As she stayed at a mental hospital, due to suicidal acts, she met her two friends, surprised that they all shared similar experiences. The more they talked, the more they became attached to one another. With their feelings expressed, they had one other goal: Spread their word, expose these aliens for what they were. The three girls escaped the hospital, leaving many casualties, taking the guard's weapons. They went to a military weapons research facility, looking for their desired tech. Luckily, the military was working on suits, suits that were still in the prototype stage, but were able to block bullets. Similar to the CT's suits. The three infiltrated the base, killing anyone who got in the way. Luckily the base was not completely finished, or had enough guards. They saved the scientists and weapon designers, threatening them to make their armory and giving them the suits. They also had genetic enhancements, they wanted that too. The drug NeoXeus-12 was able to amplify strength, sight, speed, and agility. The facility was making the ingredients for super soldiers. As they took them, it had a weird side effect for unknown reasons, it would change the eye color. To a yellow, cat-like look. Also making their skin pale. The three girls gathered their army, made up of anger and revenge, all wanted payback. The first attack was on July 5, 2080. Approximately 2000000 died in Atlanta, making it one of the worst disasters the world has seen...Kasara was sworn to kill all the aliens, they caused many of the world's problems. Kasara was going to succeed in her goal, and kill anyone that supported them. “Do you want more witnesses m'lord?” Xura said, her voice lightly raspy and deep. “..No. I've had enough. I want them to suffer. Did you retrieve the found footage?” A man walked to Killena, holding a disc, handing it to her before walking away. “Here.” she said. Kasara grabbed it from her, pressing a button on her chair's arm. The floor opened up in front of her, letting loose the little holo projection unit. She walked to it, sliding the disc in the slot, sitting back down. The screen flicked on, showing the base's units fighting. “Forward.” she said. The video sped up, and in a second, the speeding figure caught her attention. “Back. Stop.” The video resumed, and in shock. The women watched as Raiku battered her units, killing them in seconds. She laid quiet, motionless. “Pause.” she demanded. The screen froze, showing the running cyborg. She examined him, curious...She recognized the figure, based on countless rumors, she knew what this warrior was. She knew what the N.C.F. was up to, she had known for years, what Dr. Cole was up to, he finally released his cyborgs. She rubbed her pointy smooth chin, thinking. Her plan was going to go in action. She knew what had to be done. “Mount up our troops, there has been a change of plan.” The guards followed her, “What is our bidding?” Xura said. “We are going to have a harder time these days, I want the artillery and units improved.” “Yes, m'lord.” Killena said quickly. The girls walked through the door, the two other guards stood silent. Kasara underestimated the cyborgs, everyone did, she would not make that mistake again. These new, different, warriors proved to be a match for her army, very much. She would be ready. And she would win.
  3. I posted the Jurassic Park story some of you wanted to see, but no one replied. Did you like it?
  4. What makes War of the Worlds good? Or Andromeda Strain? Or Code Gease? Or even Star Wars....?
  5. I have genetically augmented cops in my story, they are part military and cop units. I want an option for a different name for them, currently it's Cop Trooper, but any ideas?
  6. Hello everyone! I decided to write my own Halo book. I will post the first chapter in this topic. I would like feedback on it also. The book is called Stranded. Its about an engineer who was on the UNSC Grafton. Chapter 1:Prologue Fleet Comm:"UNSC Grafton, you are authorized to engage. Mac rounds have been authorized." Francis Mallarde:"Roger that, moving to engage target" The figure of the star frigate glided over to the Spire, a Covenant installation. The Mac cannon began to charge as all air personnel withdrew. The shot rang out and the Spire crumbled as Noble Team looked on. Without warning the Covenant Super Carrier, that loomed in the skies above Reach, glassed the Grafton and ripped in two. Fleet Comm:"UNSC Grafton, come in Grafton!" Noble 1:"Grafton's dust, Sir." Fleet Comm:"Roger that Noble 1, get yourselves out of there." The Grafton drifted down from its altitude of 500 feet slowly before hitting the same the spot the Spire once stood. A dust cloud rose above the crash site followed by an mushroom cloud as the engines exploded. The remaining air units scrambled. No rescue came. Everyone expected there to be no survivors. But nobody suspected that a single engineer was smarter than the average human.
  7. Chapter 2 Operation: INVASIVE Gyer's island (Military weapons facility), 9:02 PM, April 1, 2100 Over the blue, heavenly misty ocean, the G.A.P. dropships hovered about. Gliding through the mist swiftly. The inside was as calm as outside, 15 cop troopers laid silent in Carry's cargo hold. Focused on the mission.. She noticed Raiku by the slide door, just standing there. Holding a long, slender sniper. Watching the window. As still as a stastue. He seemed too robotic to be a living thing... The Cop Troopers knew the N.C.F. were up to something, knew they were going to help them. But this...This was not what everyone had in mind when they were going to have a cyborg army. The rumors were true, they were mostly denied due to the fact cloning theropods was illegal. But when the world is threatened by psychotic terrorist, a lot of things get allowed. Carry wondered why Kurt did not tell the others about Dr. Cole's acheivement, she guessed he wanted to surprise them. Most of the troops had their helmets off, allowing Carry's short dark brown hair to be free. She had two long loose pieces parted to the side of her forehead, her bright green eyes seemed to glow in the cargo. Her nice curvy body had very nice well toned muscels, which she got lots of comments about. She looked at the cyborg again, curious about it's fetures: She noticed black leather-like material under the armor, she guessed it was to easily set up the armor system. Or maybe to keep him warmer...The animal had a very dragon-like appearence. "Gyer's Island in sight, ETA, 40 seconds." Petrica said, raising her hand. The island came to view, emerging from the blue mist, its thick jungles noticible. The dropships tillted sideways, making Carry a bit nervous as she felt the strong force... "Get ready troopers!" Petrica ordered. The many troopers fastened their helmets. As she finished, Carry noticed as Raiku looked out the window some more, then hefted the sniper rifle, his long fingers were clutched next to the trigger. He had a rifle latched to his side. The ships darted to the island, passing by the tropical beach beneath, then the thick jungle. "Team one split!" Petrica said in the comm, watching as the ship went off to the distance. Seconds later, hovering over the large, open part of the jungle, the ship landed smoothly. From the front window, Carry saw the long, sninning grass being blown on. Second later, a light green light on top of the ship's large cargo door activated, the large ramp quickly slammed the grass, then hordes of troopers swarmed out. Raiku followed. They ran out to the field, straight to the jungle. Minutes passed, the weapons facility was a mile away. As they watched the surrounding jungle, they almost forgot about the beauty the island had. It's many lagoons, waterfalls, and open grasslands made it look more like a ressort then a place that had a weapons facility. But these days, you'd be surprised at how many things did not turn out what they seemed to be. The air smelled sweet from Carry's helmet. The cops prowled through the jungle, having the cyborg lead. He seemed too calm to Carry and the others...As if he did not care about the danger the Kasara offered, as if he had everything covered...She wondered what went on in his head, orders? Personal thoughts? Did cyborgs have freedom? Or were they mindless killing machines? She wondered what all cyborgs thought about. The jungle around her was wide open, a small waterfall in sight. Which Raiku stood on top of, keeping a look out as he scanned the foggy jungle around them. Minutes later, through the thick cicads and ferns, a cliff allowed the troops to over look a large, open land. The weapons facility's large A-shaped enterence was in sight, it's white lights visible. From Kert's binaculars, the device could count 400 black suited, white armored units below. Their helmets had a sharp, symmetrical biker look to them, they had white visors. Many of them were scoutting from big sniper towers and buildings already there. Many on the ground, patrolling, and many rigging bombs next to the door. The large, rocket-like anti-air guns were in sight. From Kert's visor vision, the Kasara wore outfits simular to the cop troopers: Black suits, armored shoulders, ab plates, and slender helmets. Their white visors seemed to glow in the night. All wore white wrappings around their limbs. Before Kert could speak, from his visor, Raiku already counted the enemies, "400 enemies detected, heavy weapons present, snipers and terrets deployed." he could hear them talk, the Kasara were known for speaking German for some reason. "...What are we waiting on? Start down." Kert said, impressed with his actions. As the troops walked down along the cliff edge, the jungle sounds intensified. After a few minutes, the troops walked toward a hill, leading to the enemies. "Raiku, set up." Kert ordered through the comm. Just as Carry walked along with troops, in a second, the theropod jumped, landing to a thick tropical tree branch. He raised his sniper rifle, pearing at the distant opening. A few troops watching stood still, shocked at how a large animal like him was agile and precised. The troops continued down, eventually reaching more trees to hide in. The enemies were 200 feet away. The troops crouched, motionless, ready to fight. Awaiting orders from Kert. "Stand by.." Kert said to team 1, who was on the other side of the base. "Raiku...Fire." Carry softly whispered. From the tree, steady on the branch, the 54-G Punisher Sniper Rifle allowed him to see the landscape in flourecent green. The crosshair had a star look to it inside, many measurment lines and numbers laid beside them. The bottom right side of the scope said Nigh vision, as the dot reticle aimed at the many Kasara, the scope said 200 ft-60 meters, armed unit. Raiku finally aimed at the snipers atop the building, scanning the dirt land below, observing the surrounding jungle. The animal calmly-- yet quickly set the reticle on a sniper head. Observing his surroundings, looking for more units that may show up on the scope...In a second, the weapon fired, the loud thundering, echoing sound intimidating. A split second later from the scope, the thick 30x165 round darted through the sniper's visor, watching the spewing blood and brain matter fly, the second sniper's chest was pounded with a second bullet. Feeling the speeding projectile drill straight through his chest, the warm blood splattering to the floor. The swarm of Cop Troopers hurried out the trees, the theropod watched as their green and yellow muzzel flares flashed about. The humans thundered down to the enemies, moving faster then the normal human could thanks to enhancements. Many fell under their power. The large turrets from above the buildings hurled their purple electric beams, killing troops as the dust rose. Raiku continued to cover them, killing as many snipers and turret users as possible, moving to new enemies in a lightning fast pace-- 30 enemies were dead.. From the scope, as a cop was killing, the darting Kasara faced her. Obsorbing her shots as he got closer, nearly-- Raiku fired, watching him tumble as the shoulder sprayed blood. As the cops made it near the buildings, using them as cover, Carry stuck close to her units. Her A2 Assault Rifle vibrated as she made short controled burst. The weapon was L shaped, a fine touch of dark grey, a slightly arched handle, and fired green straight energy. Emitting from the green battery-like source from the top. In seconds, enemies tumbled down, their suit and skin sizzling from the hot rounds. More enemies pored from a building from the right, firing rapidly, their muzzle flares glowing in the night. As the Kasara weakened, Vadilda lead team 1 to battle, behind the enemies. Eager to enter the building. Killing anyone that got in the way, the building was 100 feet away. They were in front of it now, The entrance was guarded with 5 enemies, holding rocket launchers. The red globs of hot energy ascended to her, smashing by her as she jumped to safety, her fit skinny body moving quickly. “Attack beta!” she ordered as her team recovered from the blast. The team split to two, sprinting to each side of the entrance, dodging the rocket blast smashing by them. Their rifles peppered the enemy suits. They only continued to fire, moving easily in their heavy armor. It had a sharp, symmetrical look to it. Vadilda's sniper fire only dented their armor, making the Kasara angry. As the troops were 20 feet away from the Kasara, she gave the order with a nod. The grenades were hurled at the heavy units, roughly hitting the ground. The red stripped cylindrical explosives enveloped in flames as the Kasara jumped away, hitting the ground. The hail of bullets and energy rained down on them as they got up, struggling to respond. They only fired 3 rounds before falling. Vadilda waved her hand to the base, the doors were destroyed by the grenades, and they entered. The sniper's thundering shots echoed. Raiku finally decided to hop down, jumping down from the branch, landing on the soft ground seconds later. He switched to his A2 assault rifle, and fired at the enemies in front of him. To his left, a few fired back, hitting his thick armor platting, bouncing off to either direction. The cyborg turned to fire back, taking down a few as they screamed. Raiku then noticed a third group of rebels, 4 running straight toward him, their battle cries not intimidating him. He ran to them, firing his weapon, from his visor it read 12%. Near the group, he fired at the nearest enemy, burning him with his rounds up close, using up his clip. A Kasara swung his fist at him, dodging his attack with a swift sidestep, smashing his clawed hand to his gut as he fell. The second attack came from the left, and the cyborg kicked her gut, watching her gag, landing another clawed kick in her leg to knock her down. Two more enemies darted to him, front and back. The Kasara witnessed the animal jump, twirling. The thick leg hit the nearest head, the animal darted to the second guy, rapidly punching him in lightning fast speed. Kicking the recovering trooper holding his rifle. The two Kasara found their punches and kicks dodged quickly as the animal landed more, knocking down one unit. The last guy threw heavy punches at his face, watching the animal dodge quickly. Blocking the fist with his palms seconds later, grabbing one, breaking the arm as he heard the bones shatter. Kicking his side as he held the fist, knocking him down. The animal continued forward, reloading his weapon. The hovering, armored vehicle zoomed to him, it had a slender look to it. The enemies on board fired, the large thin turret showered green energy. The animal zig-zagged as it fired, feeling the warm splash of energy impact by him. The vehicle zoomed forward, making a ghostly humming. The cyborg stopped dodging, taking impact of the bullets as the troops watched the rounds batter his platting and suit. He continued-- the vehicle darted up as the clawed fist smashed the hood, tossing the Kasara up as they screamed. Raiku suddenly jumped toward them, battering the first unit he got to, knocking him down as the scaly heel smashed his helmet's top. The man fell hard. The troops fell in a second, woozy from the fall. The animal fell on the fallen trooper, dashing to the recovering enemy. Raiku smashed his claws on the nearest helmet, knocking down the guy as he fired. Rolling away from the enemy fire. A trooper ran to him, her electrified ninja sword glowing, sizzling. The creature sidestepped to a new enemy, quickly punching his gut. The sword wielder ran faster, swinging as her attacks were dodged. The strongest attack stopped, as the clawed foot grabbed the blade, smashing it down as she was forced to follow. The rest of the troopers backed up, assaulting him in great speed. The cyborg slung the weapon, clutching his hands together as sparks emitted, the strong gush of static emerged quickly. The animal jumped to safety, falling to an enemy as the fingers dug in him. Feeling the electricity surge through, watching him fall hard. Raiku turned to a new target, violently hitting him with his electric fist, kicking the surrounding enemies. He sidestepped multiple times, quickly hitting, not loosing too much breath. As the swordswoman jumped for impact, the cyborg's suit emitted light from the rods, the static flickered. The battlefield got very bright, as the electric source enveloped around the creature, sizzling. The power released, causing the large hot EMP, pushing anyone that got in the way, frying the enemy's tech. Raiku looked around, happy that they stopped attacking. From the distance, more troops fired at him, taking refuge at the fallen buildings. The cyborg zoomed to them, this time pulling out the sniper. Firing his rounds that sunk in their legs. He was near them, blocking the many hits with his wrist. Ducking from the trooper trying to snipe his head. The hitting trooper was tossed away with a swipe kick, and Raiku focused on the other. The sniper stepped forward, watching the cyborg jump as he avoided his sweeping kick. He kicked quickly, hitting his armor, making the raptor worry for a moment. As he was going for the kill, to his side, the sword wielder ran forward yelling. Eager to get a piece of the cyborg. Raiku, in a state of some panic-- but calm, swiped his foot claws across the man's chest, marking the armor-- the powerful triple jointed kick forced him to fly to the pebbly dirt gagging. The raptor sidestepped from the sword's range, grabbing the handle as he struggled to hold, facing the soulless, cold stare of the woman's visor.. Her punch to the face failed, as the cyborg's heel smashed against her 4 times, then her visor, cracking it before kicking her away. The sniper unit got up, firing his last rounds as he sidestepped. The cyborg took cover behind a car, reloading. Something caught his eyes to his left, a large sharp metallic piece laid dormant. Without thinking, he ran to it, taking shots as he kicked the large object. Seeing the thing hurl out the ground, zooming straight for the shooter, impelling him by the gut. As he was tossed away, the last 7 rounds of his rifle raced out. Hitting large metal cylindrical objects. Raiku read them in seconds, HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE. His thin pupils dilated, running to safety in a split second. The rumbling explosions started, fire covered the blast radius. The sword wielder was tossed away with flames as she tried to get up, her whole body burned. The metallic debris rained down, smoking and burnt. A body flew in the air. The sword wielder. Her face became visible, scared from glass, her eyes motionless as the ground grew closer. She slid across the thin dirt, hitting raising rocks as she felt impact. She lost feeling on her left side, as her left arm departed, her gushing blood was warm. Smearing the ground as she stopped, huffing roughly. The pain washed to her, motionless and helpless, grunting softly. Slowly getting up, she saw him. Emerging from the fire. Walking slowly, observing the land. The raptor's stare got to her, his emotionless. Cold. Cat eye. She could not move...Pain took over, fear held her down, then she stood. The animal lifted his arm, holding a pistol. She only saw his cold eyes, before the world became dark to her, seeing the clawed fingers pull the trigger. Firing straight through her head. The Cop Troopers held their own, killing more then half of the troops. Things were going well, in minutes, the team should destroy everything in the base, and come back. Carry took cover behind a large fallen tree, firing her rifle as Kert and two others joined. Glard stayed by her, loading rounds in his shotgun, killing 4 enemies in a second. Enemies started to pour to Carry's side, and she gave the order to engage. The cops sprinted in great speed, dodging. Three units were down, leaving one to fight alone. Her heavy rage took over as she fired, running to them. The cops met with her, dodging her quick attacks, focusing on Carry mostly. She felt the powerful shins smash her arms as she blocked, watching her exchange punches with the other troopers. The cops circled her, their kicks being dodged as the Kasara violently fought back, she screamed. The troops backed up, seeing that Kert sped to the wounded enemy. Throwing his strong punches, hitting her visor and abs. The punches ended with a strong, slashing kick, hurling her across the distance. The woman got up slowly. Her face helmetless and scared, her mouth bleeding. Carry noticed her angry face, her bright yellow, reptilian eyes staring. She pulled out a black handle, the long electric blade emerged in a second, sizzling. Running to her enemies-- loud rustling echoed behind her, in the jungle, hearing the faint footsteps-- the grey slender creature ran from the jungle, locking its jaws around her as its long neck rose up. Shaking her around as she screamed, smashing her to the rocks below. Holding the arm in its jaws, its loud shriek was terrifying, the blood dripping down the long tongue splashed. “Fire!!” Kert said. The animal was tall, thin, and very ghoulish looking. Eyes were not seen. It looked like a skinny theropod, it snapped its long jaws as it dashed to the cops. Absorbing fire as it huffed, hitting the nearest trooper with its snout. The cops dodged the rampaging xaraki, taking it down. More rustling came from the jungle, the xaraki pack emerged seconds later, the many of them darted to both Cops Troopers and Kasara. The cops found themselves in the fight of their lives. Killing the swarm of creatures that tumbled by them. Carry noticed the Kasara being torn apart in the distance, their screams haunted her. As a Kasara sped to her, the sniper round pierced his side, tumbling down silently. Carry turned in the straight smoke line, seeing as Raiku saved her, resuming his fight with the Kasara. She lost her focus on her thought as a xaraki battered a trooper with its head, heading straight for her. She fired at where the eyes may be, watching the purple blood spray down. The creature grew closer, roaring. Carry moved to the right, firing at the long body a-- the head turned suddenly, smashing Carry 's chest and visor, hurling her to the jungle beyond her. She fell hard against the thick tree, feeling the whiplash, falling on her ass. She was shaken up, dizzy.. She found herself in a open part of the jungle, filled with shiny long grass. The large creature got to the area, turning straight at her. The slender eyeless face was steady. Carry staggered up, resting her right hand on the trunk, breathing strongly, her helmet smoking and sizzling. The creature revved up with its large feet, its claw picking up dirt. Carry, her instincts took over, her strong urge to fight. Her arm hurt. She readied her hapkido stance, her green eye noticeable from the damaged visor, ready to fight. The animal shrieked, running to her, its jaws open-- the strong impact hit its jaws, forcing it to nearly fall. Raiku went for another jumping attack, hitting its legs and sides, the blood felt warm to his finger. The creature shuck of the pain, turning his attention to the new enemy, the cyborg unleashed fire on the animal, strafing. The animal went for a bite, missing as Raiku sidestepped, feeling the hard kick of his foot. The xaraki was tossed across the field, tumbling down. The cyborg dashed to it, jumping on the visible rib cage. His A2 rifle's fire penetrated the soft skin, the blood splattering on his visor and legs. The animal rose its long neck, going to strike him. The clawed fist smacked the face, breaking the lower jaw. The cyborg went for the face, his hands sparked as static surged. The fist zoomed to it, sizzling as it smashed the face. Carry was silent, she saw the cyborg part from the animal. Raiku, satisfied with his kill, he turned to her, seeing if she was ok. Running to her. Not noticing her shocked face. The last of the xaraki were battered with bullets. From Kert's right, team 1 ran from the base entrance. Hitting the dirt as the entrance crippled in flames, the C4 explosions rose from the ground, battering the underground base. The last remaining Kasara leader gave a retreat gesture, the 12 units ran for the dropships hidden in trees, being picked of by cops in the distance. 9 were left. Kert watched as the long slender black ships rose high, accelerating seconds later. The ships touched the moon-lit horizon, the white thruster lights resembling stars. The battle of Gyer's island was over. Around him, the happy cops cheered loudly, celebrating their well deserved victory. It was 10:11. In an open jungle, around thick trees, Raiku rested by Carry, fixing the wounds on her right arm. Putting the crossed small bandages on. “Your cuts don't look so bad now.” he said, “Your arm's fine, it will heal.” Carry looked up from her arm, she rested by a tree, her exposed skin felt a bit chilly in the cool night. She felt, uncomfy. Confused. This creature possessed amazing strength, battering many enemies, flawless aim, enhanced reflexes-- Carry was surprised. A creature this ferocious, was so gentle, and calm. His soft, warm scaly fingers rubbed her skin, making sure the wound was secure. Her face was filled with bruises and cuts, some had bandages and clothes on them. He rested his hands, looking awkwardly at her, wondering if she was sad, not noticing the trooper hanging around. She looked down, facing him as her eyes were closed, “You did great tonight. You saved me, good job tonight! You were amazing!” The cyborg did not say anything, just stared. Nodding in acknowledgment slowly. The other troopers came back from inspecting the base for weapons. Everyone was aboard the ships. Hovering in the blue night, shaking up trees in a gentle matter. The ships slowly turned, to the direction of the city, to the direction of home...
  8. Greetings 343i and Halo community! This is my first time posting on the forums. Even though I'm a long time Halo fan, I haven't had any reason to come on here ... until today. I've got a big question for any mod or forum vet to answer. I only hope that I didn't miss a sticky someplace that provides detailed info on this - What options are open to fan-based writers who have completed large-scale projects? I'll elaborate some background. About three years ago, I started writing a short fiction piece, set in the Halo universe which adopted its themes and canon but in a post Halo 3 timeframe that I created (which does not focus on Master Chief). Originally, the project was intended to be a brief story that featured myself and some friends of mine as the main characters - as Spartans, specifically - working together as an elite team on a special mission ... I'll spare details to stick to the point. At any rate, after I started writing this "short work", I realized by page 40 something that I was really getting into it and had no shortage of ideas for where to go next. The rest, as they say, is history. Three and a half years later, I've put the finishing touches on an almost 900 page book which is split up into 4 parts, each one featuring 15 chapters. It is well written and was painstakingly assembled based off pages and pages of notes I put together whilst drafting it. I'm currently in the edit process since Halo 4's arrival did a number on a few of my storyline elements and I have a few new ideas, but the majority of the work is still consistent with Halo canon, as I originally intended. I say all of that to go full cycle back to my original question - because now that it's all done, I have absolutely no idea what to do with the book aside from posting it on some back alley sci-fi, fan-fic site where the really good stories end up getting ripped off or ignored ... and I happen to believe in the quality of my work and would go so far as to say it deserves a bit better fate than that. I've actually contacted Eric Nylund, William Dietz, and Karen Traviss to inquire what (if any) doors are open for getting a fan work published. All of them pretty much told me the same thing - that it's a no-go. I can understand the rationale because I know I'm not the only one to try my hand at writing Halo-inspired works ... but I might just be the first to do one this big. I'm not posting on here to brag on myself or make an absurd demand to have my work considered if 343i has their rules about this sort of thing. All I'd like is to get some feedback and hopefully hear from a mod or someone on this. I'm aware my post is coming out of the blue, but I haven't had any luck finding my answer elsewhere. I've been a Halo fan for 10 years and ran a clan for that long that got its start on Halo PC. I've watched a lot of good games come and go, but Halo remains my all time favorite franchise and I'm proud to be part of its community - even if I only did just register Thanks in advance for any responses or advice. Faithfully, -Falcon197
  9. Karen Traviss to Publish Final Installment for the Kilo-Five Trilogy! The Kilo-Five trilogy had a previous number of 2 books, which were Halo: Glasslands, and Halo: The Thursday War. These books were based on the events months after the Halo 3 conclusion, and led up to the events in Halo 4. Also some more to factor into the rest of the Halo Trilogy/Saga. Be sure to read the previous novels before continuing to the latest installment! The next novel is named, "Halo: Mortal Dictata." It is to be released in January of 2014. Kilo-Five Trilogy Order: Halo: Glasslands Halo: The Thursday War Halo: Mortal Dictata Please feel free to read my topic on likely events for upcoming Halo games: Click Here!
  10. Hey Guys ..And Gals. I am new here and got a exceptionally warm welcome from you people.Hoping i have came to the right place here's the preview of a Book i am writing based on the Precursor History. The Book's name is "Halo: Fall of the Gods" and the name of the first chapter is " The Gods Themselves". Hope you like it. ---------------------------------------------Start-------------------------------------------- ONE The Fall of the Gods Our History was never told. We, like all other civilizations died in the pages of history. But we were not like all other civilizations. We Preserved Life, We made life and we sometimes even destroyed it if necessary .We followed the ideas of the sacred Mantle.... But I think it was our only mistake. Our life and work was devoted to this task. Spanning the universe and protecting the seeds of Birth. But We Faced an immense threat. A threat faced by almost every civilizations . We face the threat of a war with our own kind. Our Empire was soon divided into two factions - one which saw the Mantle as its true Job and one which saw it as a Useless undertaking. I was on of the Former ones. We Knew this moment was coming, we know Mantle was a difficult undertaking. We Knew How can we Preserve it. And we knew the war may mean an end of Our kind. Another Task was Undertook. We Started Building a new species using the knowledge we have gained from The Mantle .We Started Shaping our own Successors from the roots . We used only the best Genotypes we got from the preserved species. We even implanted our own knowledge in the form of the Krilias (Translation Index/Closest Match::"Voices"). It took us more than 36 Milleniums (Translation Index/Meaning::"5616 Human Years") and the time and hard work of more than 10,000 individuals to build the first of the test species . We named them The Forerunners. But the Forerunners proved unsuitable for the task we had in our minds. They lacked the understanding our task required . The first sample was tested on an abandoned World in the star system of Shaderest. For the First few thousand millenials there was no change. They lived primitive lives and Lacked The basic brain structure we required. Then we Introduced our own technology into their still primitive social structure. We waited . Within 100- 200 millenials we had a species capable as us. The Forerunners Became powerful and intelligent with our own technology. But that's not what the Project was for. We wanted to programme a species that can perpetuate its own knowledge but with just a small tincture of our own capabilities. The Forerunners were not what we expected. So we undertook the same task again. We Started building another species with some physical patterns of the forerunners but with Special Programming Patterns instead of the Krilias and this time we didn't introduce any of our technology. We named these The Humans. Unlike the forerunners, they evolved in about 800 millenials, and that too without our technology. They invented their own tools and Rough Weapons. Within about 3000 more millenials we had a species more capable and powerful than us. They invented technology similar to ,but a little downgraded than ours. We hid the proofs of our existence from them to make sure of uninterrupted evolution. We Completed our task. Now our only task was to wait for the war. We Became the Most hated term of the precursors. We Became the Gods Ourselves. ------------------------------------------End----------------------------------------- Thanks for reading. Post here if you find some faults in the facts or grammar.
  11. I just borrowed Halo Evolutions from my friend at school, he told me what some of the stories are about. Can I have peoples opinions on this? I honestly think myself, that it's a good book.
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