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  1. @natsu that should have worked as long as you only had one fusion coil on the map. if you still cant get it, try loading an empty map and testing it. If you made the first fusion coil and set its min and max count to 1 and 1, then went on to add more coils, this would not work. The min and max count are inclusive for all the fusions coils. so for example, if you made 6 fusion coils, the min and max counts should both be set to 6 and so on. if you want to make it rain coils(or anything really), build a plaform somewhere in the air. place a lot of coils on top and set them to instant spawn. then, remove the plaform. coils should spawn in the air and automatically fall.
  2. dont use magnets, rotation snap at 45 or 90, and fine tune with coordinates
  3. in adnaved tool options there is a boolean for gametype specific obejects. make sure it is set to false.
  4. ok do not worry about respwan timer thats not what you need. if you want indefinately spawning objects go into the objects tool menu and then go to advanced. set the minimum on map value equal to the total number of that specific object. i can explain in more detail if you dont understand.
  5. first go to the menu and unlock all items. then make a dominion terminal somewhere you can see and select it, then choose the delete all of these option in its item tools.
  6. i have a 1 flag ctf on my fileshare. doesnt look like 343 has plans to make it a game type anytime soon
  7. 343 has not put 1 flag ctf into the game yet. hopefully they will bring it in the future. @jackal utlra the 2 flag set up is easy. make 2 flag stands, flag return labels on them. give one to attacking team one to defenders. if you are testing the map out in a custom lobby, the flags will only show up if there is at least one person on each team.
  8. can you expand? if you are trying to make people spawn in a specific place you should make respawn zones. a respawn zone given to a certain team will cause those players to respawn at any neutral respawn point located within the respawn zone.
  9. @rider92 the teams will automatically change sides aftereach round. at least, that is the default setting. @outlaw2005 the current halo 4 forge does not alow for 1 flag ctf specifically. my map is techinically 2 flag, but it play EXACTLY like one flag - that is, it is completely impossible for the defending team to make a capture during the round. the round ends by time limit or if the attackers score, then they switch sides.
  10. Hey everyone, Lets get a thread going to help people get their maps tested. My one flag ctf map should be ready sometime tomorrow, in the meantime, anyone who wants to be a map tester or have some of their stuff tested, leave your gamer tag here and we can all get together in the future. Gamertag: Inujuk Feel free to add me if you need a tester.
  11. There is a save a bug in the forge mode. After spending a bunch of time building a map, I saved the game from the start menu and immediatly turned off the xbox. When I went back, it had not saved. I tested it out and found that it will not save untill you exit the forge session. Saving from the start menu does not do it.
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