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Found 19 results

  1. Hey everyone, Lets get a thread going to help people get their maps tested. My one flag ctf map should be ready sometime tomorrow, in the meantime, anyone who wants to be a map tester or have some of their stuff tested, leave your gamer tag here and we can all get together in the future. Gamertag: Inujuk Feel free to add me if you need a tester.
  2. Hey Everyone! Jload14 here, and I need someone to test this map before I decide to submit it. Map Info: It is a very large map, using manly banshees, but it's not all about flying. There are two bases, one in the water and the other on an island. The goal is to attack and take over the enemy base by taking their dominion terminal. The first one to do this wins the round. Each base has its own advantages and disadvantages. The island base has strong defenses, but its terminal is more vunrable to attack. The water base (the battleship) has lower defenses, but a protected terminal point. Also I would like to know what I would submit this as. Although it uses the dominion gametype, it doesn't play like a dominion map. Map Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/jload14/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=793441d5-12c2-4e5e-9884-57f2e264323e Gametype Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/jload14/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=165dfad1-0dc0-4a4b-9322-2d483dae3a6e Gamertag: Jload14 Top view of map: Island Base: Water Base (Battleship) Please note this game can be difficult for both sides. It also is recommended to have at least 4-16 players in a game. Any help is appreciated, thank you for reading!
  3. Meet your Maker Testing Lobby Welcome to the new weekly testing event for MYM. This event is meant as a testing resource for forgers, looking to polish maps before submitting them to MYM. As a Judge on the MYM contest and Dominion Host at THFE, I will be able to provide valuable feedback for potential MYM Submissions. What kind of maps can I test? This event is centered around potential MYM maps. Since MYM is focused on dominion, we will only test dominion maps WE WILL NOT TEST A MAP THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SUBMITTED TO THE MYM CONTEST. Can I test with a custom gametype? NO, Since MYM does not allow custom gametypes, we will be testing with the standard Dominion Matchmaking gametype Should I post my map in the submission thread before requesting testing? NO, Maps will not receive feedback or changes after being officially submitted to the contest How do i get my map tested? Simple just reply to the thread as follows Example: Map: Corrosion Gamertag: AbleSir Thomas Film: Yes, I may not make it to testing How do I join testing? Attendance is NOT required but It is recommended. In order to join testing send a message the reads " inv123 " to the available hosts Hosts: AbleSir Thomas What if I don't have a map? Testers are welcome be sure to message the host for an inv When does testing start? Testing begins at 6PM CST every Thursday. How will feedback be provided? If you attend the testing: Feedback will be provided in the post game lobby, immediately after the game is played. If you don't attend the test session: Feedback will be provided via PM over 343i.org within 2 days time of testing. Also game-play film will be available in My file-share at player request. What are the rules? (1.) Be sure to include your Xbox Live Gamertag. If you don't, then we won't be able to find you in-game to provide an invitation to the event. (2.) Two gameplay request per player, please. This policy will allow for more players to get tests, and prevent the lobby from running too late. (3.) Deadline for map admission is Thursday at 5pm. This deadline may be announced sooner if there is a high rate of map submissions. (4.) Maps must be available in your fileshare. This allows the host to quickly progress between submissions.
  4. So, you've decided to take part in the contest, ey? Great! Once you have thrown some blocks together, it is advised that you get it tested to help identify any problems. Getting 12 people together can be difficult, so these special BIOC lobbies are being set up to get everyone together and give everyone equal opportunities to improve their maps. Here is a reminder of the rules; The map must be a Free Roam Flood map forged on either Erosion, Impact, Ravine or Forge Island The map will be judged using the Hivemind game-type, found in the Flood matchmaking playlist The map must be suitable for 10-12 players The map must have a creation date on or after July 20th 2013 You are only allowed to submit one map You may forge with a partner, but keep in mind that only one prize will be issued You must tag the map file with 'DFO1' and have it in your File Share for the duration of the contest and judging __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Upcoming lobbies: Lobby Host - El Trocity Lobby Time and Date - 5PM EST, Tuesday 6th August To sign up, follow this template; Lobby: Gamertag: Submission: [Y/N] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Good luck with your forging everyone!
  5. If YOU want to test your map with THFE and experienced forgers, sign up for the Tuesday Night Tests.
  6. I will be hosting an open lobby for map testing/custom games tonight @ 9pm. All are welcome. Read rules below: Map testing is ordered by first come first serve. If you have more than one map, second map in second round. One map per person per testing round. When your map has been played pass party back to host (me, CrimsonVolver) After each test there will be a polite discussion of pros/cons, etc. Emphasis on polite. We want a full lobby. For small /medium maps extra players will be golden tourists and stay out of fight. In this case we can do multiple short games and take turns. If needed we can have someone host second lobby if more than 16 players. As a respect to others don't leave after your map is tested. And if you need to leave communicate to the group and try to help invite someone to fill spot. Respect the host. As the host I can ask for party leader at any reasonable time, esp to resolve conflicts. That's about it. Send me a msg on xbl. I will add friend and invite. Or just join. See you tonight! CrimsonVolver
  7. Hello all. I'm looking for players to test maps with. If you have a map and want it tested come Join me, SludgingSnipe, on 25 feb 2013 @ 1:00 pm EST. If you don't know what time that is in you time. Leave me a message and I'll let you know. If you have a map, but it's not for the 'Meet your maker' Contest. That's fine. We'll test it out. Also, If you don't have a map, you can join anyway. However, Players with maps for 'Meet Your Maker' will get priority, then players with maps not for the Contest, then players who just want to join. Here is the list so far: 1. SludgingSnipe - The Compound 2. Fragsturbait - The Wedge Leave your GT and map name in a comment, if you'd like to have it tested.
  8. Hi i make a lot of custom maps mainly infection and id like people to play on them and test them out, if you are interested in joining then add me on xbox live. My gamertag is Jeyxtreme and just send me a message whenever you want to play customs! Also i am willing to test any of your customs so yea just give me a shout!
  9. Looking for testers! Gametype is a griffball Varient of 6v6 called HYDRA Ball! The Map will be symetrical, With TURRETS! ALSO Unlimited abilities! Thruster Pack - Hardlight Shield 5 Goals 15 minutes! Have fun! Please give feedback and Recommend this to your friends! THE FEEDBACK PAGE IS HERE
  10. Hey everyone I need some people interested in testing out my new map. It's a Competitive map which is very different from other maps. If you can be there to test it January 15th 9:45 P.M. - 10:45 P.M. EST please tell me. I'll open a custom game at 9:45 P.M. so those who want to test can join at that time. My Gamertag is: Socfuz so send me a message saying you want to test it out. I need up to ten people so bring friends. Thanks and peace out!
  11. Sunday 20th jast miniute game night before release on 21 to participate in the halo 4rgers clan beta testing send me a message saying invite to Deni snipeS or to join clan send message saying clan join oh and over and out BRO HOOF /)
  12. I am going to be testing a bunch of maps of all kinds and game types anyone can join feedback would be nice! GT: RiseAgainstCode
  13. Hey guys! My name is CrustyChristian. I need some help testing two of my linear infection maps before I post them. If anyone wants to get a party together, organize a custom game lobby, or anything else, message me either here on 343 industries, or on Xbox Live. Any help would be great and a full lobby would be ideal. If you have aany questions feel free to ask. Thanks...
  14. Hey guys I am new here and love the halo 4 forge and would appreciate it if i had some people to test my maps and gametypes. Right now i am working on an infection map and would love volunteers. Add me as a friend my Gamer Tag is EagleX1998
  15. If u haven't already u mite wanna try going on forge and turning unlimited AAs on. I'd like 2 know what u guys think ppl should try on forge?
  16. Hello, my name is PizzaGrenade. I am kinda a n00b forger but I am learning and trying to develop new skills. I recently created this map but I haven't been able to set up a group for testing. I would really like to test it out so I am asking for you help. The map is called Deconstruction. The inspiration for the map was a building being taken apart. It is an asymmetrical map with several platforms and rooms with different unique looks for both. The aesthetics presented on the map include: Cranes, a table, and a (non-working) elevator system. It just looks like it has and elevator but I could not attach a system. Maybe I will put it in later because it can create a quick way to get to the top level. The only game type I have tested is free-for-all with a couple of friends but all I know is that it works with four people. I don't know what to change. So after testing it with a larger group, I would like comments and critizism from each member of the testing groups. I would like to know: What doesn't work, what does work, what I should take away, and what I should add (besides the working elevator system). If you don't want the map to be a surprise to you, here is a link: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=29769189 . You can check it out for yourself and decide whether or not to test it with me. You can also comment on what I want to know prior to the actual test. If you don't want to try it our before testing here are a couple pictures of the map. http://halo.xbox.com...etails=29650491 http://halo.xbox.com...etails=29650499 http://halo.xbox.com...etails=29650513 http://halo.xbox.com...etails=29674684 These pictures were taken before I made some changes to the map, so the product I have now will look a bit different that the ones in the pictures. The elevator system is not in the pictures and there were several changes to the bottom and top level. Please reply if you are interested in testing the map. Thank you.
  17. Hello there. It seems you've come here for one of two reasons: You want to play some awsome new maps with a bunch of cool people; or you have a Big Team or Invasion map that you've created and want to playtest it and get valuable feedback. Wheter you're a casual player, MLG fan, vehicle fanatic, or just like to relax with some cool people, this playtest customs lobby is for you. Now, before i get onto the details, i'd like to give you some basic information on what playtesting is and why you're vital to the process. Playtesting is a critical stage in the development of a map, and the more a map recieves, the better it becomes. It's also the longest phase of building a map, taking as much as 3/5ths to 2/3rdsof the actual development of a map. It's the stage when maps are played on to find problems with the map, and the more it's played on, the more problems can be found and fixed. The very maps you've played on in matchmaking are the result of dozens of matches played on them, with each game played having some kind of tweak or another that fixed an issue present on the previous version played. When a player finds an isuue, they tell the lobby in the post-game lobby and voice their opinion on what they liked and don't like. This is known to forgers and playtesters as "giving feedback" You yourself are a vital part of this playtesting phase because you are unique. You playstyle is unique and different than anyone else. You'll approch the same bridge differently and drive into areas that no one else has or snipe from the trickiest of ledges to get to, and any problems you encouter is valuable information. The way you play allows for the designer to address all sorts of issues to make the map as perfect as possible. You opinions are vital to the progress of any map, so become a playtester by joining our customs lobby and have your voice heard. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to play on the next map that's going to be featured in you favorite playlist. ------The details for this Friday night test lobby (how to sign up, how to request you map to be played, and rules) will be posted below. This may even become a regular thing here at 343i.org.---- There will be two roles in this lobby, playtester, and forger, but there's really no difference other than name. Here's the breakdown of the roles Playtester- You just want to have a good time. don't have a map? No problem! you just need to play, and state 3 things: 1) What you DIDN'T like, and why; 2) What you DID like and; 3)any issue you found with the map Forger- Bring a map! Write up a map request, and we'll play it and give you feedback to improve it. If it's not your map, you have the same obligations as a playtester, which is just to give some simple feedback. Now for the most important part of any structured customs lobby, The Rules. -Leader will be passed around, no leader nazi-ing. You got a map that you've requesed to play? we'll put it in a que -Maps that are a priority (relevent to the test theme- i.e. BTB, 4v4, action sack, ect...) that are requested will be played first. Then the order will be a mix of maps from Blueprint that are relevant, (max of 4) then Non-relevant map requests, then a popular vote of minigames, competitive maps, and basically anything else, even matchmaking! -No yelling, screaming, playing loud music into the mic, or other ear-raping activities -Leaving early is frowned upon, so make sure to invite someone (preferralby with a mic) before you leave -no use of exccessive swearing, bigotry, racist comments, insults, or making terrible jokes -People who requestes their maps to be played by posting on 343i.org will be played first, and requests for maps not in the "qeue" will be played later. -most importantly, Have a good time! There are 2 submission forms, one is the basic playtester, and the other is the Forger submission. please copy the form, paste it into the reply box, and fill out the information. *note, since b.net online fileshares are down, please list map TAGS that are on you map. If none are added, add one with the title of the map being the tag. Forger's sumission template
  18. Hey guys just wondering if we can sign up anywhere for the chance to be a beta tester, I could do this on bungie.net and im new to here. I thought this was a great idea! cheers
  19. This is to everybody who's interested, I'd like to arrange a session to test my map Inheritor. It is a rather large exterior map with two floors, two buildings, an active camo and a few gravity lifts. It has been set up for every game type except Race, Invasion, and any Neutral game types(1 Flag, Neutral Bomb, 3 Flag, etc.) But I am planning to set it up for Invasion Slayer and the Neutral gametypes at a later date. I'm also a bit unsure about weapon placement so if anybody has any suggestions or complaints then please tell me after the session has finished. This is an ariel view of the map. As you can see it is quite big, I've also done an angle shot. And this is a photo to show the different floors. There are two buildings. And Some gravity lifts to take you from one building to the other. There is a teleporter next to one building that will take you to the other side of the map (I put the wall behind it so that anyone who jumps into the teleporter from the top won't go flying off the map). I should also point out that there is an Active Camo here. An Energy Sword here. And a Gravity Hammer here. There is also two of these. There is one on each side of the map. There are also stickies scattered around tha map and some basic plasma weaponary but I couldn't be bothered taking pictures of them. If anybody at all is interested either write on this page, send me a PM or contact me on xbox live(My gamertag is my username). I'm also sorry if any of the images don't show just click on the "Posted Image" to see what it is supposed to be. Thanks to anyone who participates!
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