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  1. Is anybody down for a prequel to Reach? A game involving Noble Team with the original Noble Six.
  2. Halo: The Fall of Reach doesn't match up with the time line of the Reach video game. Do you think 343 could make a game that might fix that? It wouldn't match up with the book, but it would connect all the games. I'm just throwing out ideas because I would really like to play as Master Chief on Reach
  3. Yes, I definitely would like to see an anniversary version of Halo 3. It was a pretty fun game and had a nice story, plus it would be a good way for 343 to slip more new plot points connecting the original trilogy to the Reclaimer trilogy, like they have done with Combat Evolved Anniversary. 343 will most likely do an anniversary version of 3, so I don't think we'll have to worry about that
  4. The new Spartan introduced in the Halo trailer should be customizable, like Noble Six in Reach. Does anybody else agree?
  5. Recently I was playing Halo Reach and wondered what Master Chief was doing through all this. Reach is my favorite game of the series, due to the darker storyline and lots of emotion from all the characters. But I really think that it would be fun to have another game on Reach, but with the Chief. I know lots of people that would have loved to see a game like this, because they didn't care about Noble Team. So what do you guys think? Halo Reach: Master Chief? I would definitely buy it. It might make Master Chief feel more connected with the Halo universe during Combat Evolved if we saw him before any of the original trilogy happened. It'd also be nice to see how Noble Team's fight truly allowed the Chief to win the war. I'd like to hear some opinions about this because I think it'd be very fun.
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