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Found 5 results

  1. Can you shoot the grenades and traps in this target practice map? See just how good you really are with the battle rifle ! Video Walkthrough here- https://youtu.be/eIRSlHl_Mf4
  2. The clan is based of game of thrones brothers of the nights watch but that is up for suggestion. Recruits will be placed in positions were they are best suited for example Brothers who are skilled at making forge maps for training will be builders, brothers who have the skill to lead a team take over the battle field will be flied officers and selected few will be advisers but everybody will get a say in what the clan does. My level isn't the highest but its climbing fast and i have every other halo under my belt including halo 4. If you are interested add me as a friend and msg me my gamertag is YettiPopper I am based out of the maritimes in new brunswick so i run on the Atlantic Eastern timezone. Please msg if interested!!!!!!!!!
  3. THE GOAL OF THIS EVENT IS FOR EVERYONE TO GET BETTER, (EVEN IF ONLY BY A LITTLE) HAVE A LITTLE FRIENDLY COMPETITION, AND REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN! =D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! =) It has been a while since I posted. After coming back to playing Halo: Reach after a 1-year video game absence, I was doing some thinking, and decided that I want to get better than I was, and take my game to another level (or just get better). I will be hosting a 1-week training program, all week, consisting of Slayer, matchmaking, and some custom games, as well as more serious game-types like Octagon, Team Snipers, etc. Basically anything and everything to get better. I already have 3-5 people who are interested, thus far. **Mics are recommended, but definitely not required. =) Also, I may do another training week, with a greater focus on custom-maps, (or I might straight-up host Reach Customs: we'll see) provided the 1st one is successful. Anyways, if you are interested, let me know in a reply below, or message me on Xbox. =) My gamertag is: "Zicorth". All the best, ~Zicorth
  4. Hi All! I'm new to the forums here and would like to say "Hello!" Curious if anyone would be willing/down to play some Halo 4 Social Matchmaking/Custom Matchmaking for both fun and for competition. I personally enjoy a good competition, but am rusty and also curious if anyone would mind giving me a hand with some more advanced stuff. Most times I hop on and do very well, but occasionally a good player comes along and he/she kicks me arse in strafing, shot placement, movement, etc. I am looking primarily for competition/learning, however am extremely willing to play with any and all Halo 4 players, as the community (not in the forums, but online) seems really small unfortunately . My only request of y'all is to not be too rage induced/serious. I do take competition seriously, but screaming through a microphone that the game is "broken" isn't going to fix anything, so either shush or sodomize yourself with a plunger. Seriously. Kthanx <3. I'm on West Coast U.S. GMT -7:00. Generally try to be on around the hours of 6pm-10pm most days of the week, with the occasional super late night on the weekends. Will be having a child in 12 days, so I'm sure that availability is subject to change. If interested, please add GT: ModernWarMonger. Really hoping and looking forward to hear from all of you. The more the merrier. Really, I'm serious. Can't stand playing team based games by single-handedly. Apologies for the long post, thanks again. Hope you all have a good one. GT: ModernWarMonger
  5. Source(s): Arnet.com Joystiq.com Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Live Gold subscription service will be unlocked and open to all users in 15 selected countries. The countries included in the promotion are Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. All users within these countries who own an Xbox will be able to use all customized entertainment and gaming features available through the service. The promotion runs from now through Sunday and includes access to services such as online multiplayer, Internet Explorer and the like. Apps that require outside subscriptions, like Netflix and Hulu Plus, will still require their associated ancillary subscriptions to function, but will otherwise be accessible. As part of the promotion, Xbox is making available a series of Halo 4 training boot-camps, giving gamers the chance to train with Australia's top players. Starting at 19:00 AEST tonight, gamers can choose to play train with: Camp 1: Sniper - with "Blaze ACL" Camp 2: Slayer - with "Hopey ACL" Camp 3: Support - with "Halvo ACL" Camp 4: Objective - with "Ogre 1 ACL" Simply send them a friend request. Also, visit Australian Cyber League for more events as such. @Adamj004 Feel free to delete this thread or lock it once you've posted an official thread, I just wanted to spread this around as quickly as I could
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