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Found 56 results

  1. What type do you watch? Who is your favorite character? How long have you watched it? My favorite is Black Lagoon, and my second is maybe Death Note. I love Revy from BL, and I have watched anime since about 4, I remember seeing Digimon and Poke'mon.
  2. Sniper0092


    From the album: Art

  3. The paint I used felt too sticky. I was a bit unhappy with the texture. But I was happy when the figure dried. Needler round XD
  4. What do you think? Zealot Skimmisher Custom Brown Male Hazops Custom Orange Male ODST Custom Spec Ops Elite Custom Female Black Pilot Custom Grey Male Air Assault Custom Combat Form
  5. Affiliation: Infiltration, suicide operations, gathering Forerunner artifacts. Weapons: Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle, Needler, Fuel Rod. Time: 2-ish hours. What do you guys think?
  6. A Rookie figure my brother gave me. The flesh, tentacles and orange flesh is made of hot glue. I finished with coats of paint.
  7. I want to make models and stuff. But the big problem is I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT TO DO. It looks so alien, I've never worked with CGI, can someone simplify it? Please? At least I want to make a human figure, and weapons.
  8. When I start, I destroy the power sources. But when I try to get them all, many of my tanks and stuff fall. So I usually destroy two, and assault the scarab. I don't always have enough to order tanks and what ever, I use warthogs, which makes it really hard because they don't do the job as much. At around 22 minutes, it destroys my base, how can I have more troops and save supplies?
  9. Chapter 3 Kasara ultra base, (unknown location...) 3:00 AM, April 2, 2100 The large wasteland's light sand storm howled softly in the night, the scattered scraps of ships laid dormant in the thin tan dirt. The main Kasara base stood silent. Its rusty, bulky appearance made it seem older then it looked. Two guards stood by the large triangular door. The inside was a fortress of technology, stolen, modified and manufactured. The many Kasara walked about, doing their duties. The inside looked a lot like a temple. The long hall's light source was fire, lined up on the thick brick walls. The tall door in the hall was open, leading to another room. The large room had a single light looming above. The many large concrete pillars were on both sides of the large red rug. Leading to the gothic chair at the end. Kasara sat silently. The light shining down on her scared pale tan skin, her long black hair shining. She was still beautiful, having a goth look. Her chest armor was white and symmetrical. Her hands were together as she listened to the escaped leader trooper in front of her. Explaining his report of the Gyer's island incident. “K-Kasara my lord please.. It was not my fault-- We. We were fine till the Cop Troopers came, but they came with something.. It was quick-- you have--” the thin bullet shattered his visor, shattering through the back of the head, the brain matter and blood splattered on the floor. Kasara set the pistol away, on the holster on the armrest, the small hatch hid it. “Guards.” Kasara said, seeing the two run to her from the door, “Take him away.” the guards grabbed him by the arms, and walked away. Two Kasara stood by her, to her left was Xura, her best guard and best friend. Her beefy, strong-looking figure intimidated most. She had blue hair, a long piece loomed over her right eye, covering her pale tan skin. Her red headband held a metallic piece for decoration. To her right was the tall, scrawnier Killena. Her long green wild rough cut hair was touching the white cloth wrapped around her head, her pale tan skin seemed to glow. The Kasara was the most fierce rebel army in the world. Most terrorist stayed away, knowing messing with them was a guaranteed death sentence. Kasara felt good to name the alliance after her. The army's units suffered many problems with the outsiders of earth. Earth became very comfy with the aliens; unfortunately, many of the them became too comfy. Due to getting special treatment from humans at times, many crimes went on. Financial problems occurred when many did not pay their bills. Crimes slowed overtime, money went to its places, and things seemed fine for a while. However, as crime went on, the rage grew. The Cold, negative emotions of those with lost loved ones, filled with hate. Equally sharing the pain with those who supported them. Among the group, the very young, orphaned girl that started it all, the very definition of evil; Kasara. As she stayed at a mental hospital, due to suicidal acts, she met her two friends, surprised that they all shared similar experiences. The more they talked, the more they became attached to one another. With their feelings expressed, they had one other goal: Spread their word, expose these aliens for what they were. The three girls escaped the hospital, leaving many casualties, taking the guard's weapons. They went to a military weapons research facility, looking for their desired tech. Luckily, the military was working on suits, suits that were still in the prototype stage, but were able to block bullets. Similar to the CT's suits. The three infiltrated the base, killing anyone who got in the way. Luckily the base was not completely finished, or had enough guards. They saved the scientists and weapon designers, threatening them to make their armory and giving them the suits. They also had genetic enhancements, they wanted that too. The drug NeoXeus-12 was able to amplify strength, sight, speed, and agility. The facility was making the ingredients for super soldiers. As they took them, it had a weird side effect for unknown reasons, it would change the eye color. To a yellow, cat-like look. Also making their skin pale. The three girls gathered their army, made up of anger and revenge, all wanted payback. The first attack was on July 5, 2080. Approximately 2000000 died in Atlanta, making it one of the worst disasters the world has seen...Kasara was sworn to kill all the aliens, they caused many of the world's problems. Kasara was going to succeed in her goal, and kill anyone that supported them. “Do you want more witnesses m'lord?” Xura said, her voice lightly raspy and deep. “..No. I've had enough. I want them to suffer. Did you retrieve the found footage?” A man walked to Killena, holding a disc, handing it to her before walking away. “Here.” she said. Kasara grabbed it from her, pressing a button on her chair's arm. The floor opened up in front of her, letting loose the little holo projection unit. She walked to it, sliding the disc in the slot, sitting back down. The screen flicked on, showing the base's units fighting. “Forward.” she said. The video sped up, and in a second, the speeding figure caught her attention. “Back. Stop.” The video resumed, and in shock. The women watched as Raiku battered her units, killing them in seconds. She laid quiet, motionless. “Pause.” she demanded. The screen froze, showing the running cyborg. She examined him, curious...She recognized the figure, based on countless rumors, she knew what this warrior was. She knew what the N.C.F. was up to, she had known for years, what Dr. Cole was up to, he finally released his cyborgs. She rubbed her pointy smooth chin, thinking. Her plan was going to go in action. She knew what had to be done. “Mount up our troops, there has been a change of plan.” The guards followed her, “What is our bidding?” Xura said. “We are going to have a harder time these days, I want the artillery and units improved.” “Yes, m'lord.” Killena said quickly. The girls walked through the door, the two other guards stood silent. Kasara underestimated the cyborgs, everyone did, she would not make that mistake again. These new, different, warriors proved to be a match for her army, very much. She would be ready. And she would win.
  10. I have really grown out of Deviantart, a lot of problems, you'd know if you read my last post.......It gets boring, sucks how most of my watchers don't really do anything when I post something new, it just feels awful. I'd like to go to a place that has more people willing to comment or give advice. They don't need to talk to me all the time however, just enough to make me fell we have a strong connection. Not that I mind showing you my art, it's just that no offense, you guys don't always respond either. It's ok.
  11. I am frustrated. Not with you guys. I have a Deviantart account. I have been there for 2 years, yet I am underrated. So, naturally I want more respect and try to get others to see me. There are fourms, so I went there. I talked about how staff give out daily drawings and stuff to show on the front page, I talked about how I suggested myself a few times. For some reason, the replies were mostly negative.....I was made fun of for my art, I was called shellfish or an flower just because I have a high ego. SO what? What the flower is wrong with a high ego? What's wrong with taking pride for your own stuff?! Lots of people have that kind of respect. Someone said my stuff was "Not that level" Well I like my stuff! Screw you flower princesses you don't have to be freaking jerks! I didn't say that, I held in my anger. Why is it that it is considered wrong to respect yourself? I understand I am not the best manga artist but come the hell on. Do you think I am wrong? I really hate Deviantart many times...............
  12. Personality: I like tomboys. Ones that play Halo and other things I like. They don't have to play FPSs, at least racers or fighters would be great! I also like a girl that is not too girly. Someone that is strong mentally and physically, so beauty and strength. No she does not have to beat up people, lol. I am really in to fit chicks. I really like abs, they don't need to be big. Just a person that has the strength and beauty look. And curvy hips...... I don't care about her race....I am black, so I like black girls. But I am also the guy that will take what he can get. But I do like Asians a lot, most of the ones I have met are very sweet. My parent prefer I date my own race, but will deal with who I bring home. At times they act uncomfy about it, but I don't really care. Like my dad said: "Love happens." So yeah, my dream girl. Yours?
  13. So, my guess is that it will start off like the 98 movie, a huge nuclear explosion due to testing. My guess is that the company also cloned dinosaurs since G is a mutant dino. That might explain the big bones in the second trailer. My guess is that they studied it, but perhaps got out of control. They try to kill it, like shown in the second trailer. Thinking they killed it, they actually only made it stronger. During the present Byran's character researches strange radiation and creature sightings, only to find Godzilla. Godzilla is mutated, perhaps it needs a nuclear source of power to live...My guess for its rampage is that it is feeding on power plants all over the world. As for the MUTO, they are probably made like G, mutated by the same explosion from the company. These MUTOs probably will make smaller versions of themselves for the soldiers to fight. Which may explain why Byran's character was running, they got loose. His wife was shown I believe, she probably closed the door to stop them from spreading. Godzilla feeds on more power, eventually fighting the first MUTO. He of curse is probably going to kill it, then fight the last one. That one may absorb nuclear power to gain size, but is probably gonna die. The humans form a bomb, using it on G thinking they killed it. Only to see it has lived, appearing from the dust like in the trailer. Then perhaps goes back in the water. But the humans know he may come back.... How was that? Here are the trailers if you wanna look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2l4Y_7bmlE&feature=player_detailpage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBwsUD7jYCI
  14. This is Jurassic Park: Outbreak, a sequel to Michael Crichton's books, 23 years after the Nublar incident. 18 years after TLW. I printed out 152 pages if you didn't see my last thread, more of my story is on DA and my PC. I hope you enjoy, the chapters are linked together http://fav.me/d61hp7t please comment, rate, and subscribe. Thank you.
  15. This is a sequel to the late 90's movie. It is set just after the movie, when a newborn hatches, imprints on Nick. It grows older, and still is interested in him. The show is mainly about other mutations that are in the world. Godzilla fights new ones in most episodes, who at times fights people. So like the old movies. The human cast is better in the show. It follows a research team called H.E.A.T. who help Zilla Jr. fight the monsters and bring him back to good health if needed. The show has a rinse and repeat formula, but it never gets old...Fans of the old G movies loved this show, if you didn't like the movie. It sucks that it was canceled.... The stories are not only good, but the art is pretty. I am impressed with the kaiju designs, they are pretty cool.......... My personal rating is 10/10. It really sucks Jr. didn't get enough respect, OR his own movie....He may not be as powerful as the old Godzilla, but for what he is, he's pretty awesome. He saved lots of lives in the monster wars trilogy, and killed many other kaiju as well. Personally, I don't care what others say, but Jr. could beat the old Godzilla. I respect both animals however. What are your thoughts? Do you think Jr. should have his own movie? Zilla Jr. forever!!!!!!
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=oG4GodhM3BI My video talks about things from the books the movie could use for its plot. and things left out unexplained in the movies.
  17. My favorite is The Host, about my first Korean movie. It is about people that pollute a river with things like toxins, making a mutated fish-like animal. It carries radiation I think. So pretty much Godzilla. If you like Kaiju movies it's good. I think the sub was great, but I am not sure about the dub. You can suggest one to me.
  18. Took me a while to fix the legs and the torso. I don't know were the scanner is. The hair was not that hard, it was easy to make the wrinkles and stuff. Glad my style fits Borderlands. I'll do request, who do you want me to do next? Maya the Siren
  19. I am sad to announce my teeth are a bit jacked up. So jacked up my dentist says Some of my gums may need scrapping....Please help.
  20. What makes War of the Worlds good? Or Andromeda Strain? Or Code Gease? Or even Star Wars....?
  21. Who is happy for JW? Which is your favorite film and character? And have you read the books? Favorite dinosaur? The Lost World, Ian Malcolm, JP3 raptors (females).
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