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  1. Link To Map "Attack On Infinity" Link To Gamemode "Covenant Bombardment" Remember the good-ole days of Covies vs. Humans in Halo: Reach? Well I bring to you, Halo 5 Invasion! With using the Strongholds gametype, I have recreated the Halo: Reach Invasion Gametype. The setting of this Map is located on the Infinity distant away from a Halo Ring. This map contains over 250+ scripts to convert this Stronghold Gametype into a Halo 5 Invasion Gamemode. The difficultly starts off Hard for the Defenders in Stage 1, Neutral for both in Stage 2, and Hard for the Attackers in Stage 3. TO PLAY, TEAMS NEED TO BE ONLY GREEN AND PURPLE. WEAPON PADS ARE WHERE BUTTONS ARE LOCATED. In this gametype, the Humans will be Green and the Covies will be Purple. There are 3 stages to this gamemode. Each stage is designed for allowing only the Attacking team to proceed. There are 4 rounds of game play allowing each team to be Attackers and Defenders twice. The goal to win is for the Attackers to successfully capture both Strongholds to score 1 point. For the Defenders to win, they must prevent the Attackers from capping the Turbine stronghold in the allotted time. Click this for a video guide on how to play and understand this new gamemode. Stage 1: "Captain Lasky! The Covenant are Inbound!" ATTACKERS: The Attackers will start off on a Meteorite distant away from the Infinity. The goal for the Attackers is to destroy the 8 explosives on the outside of the Infinity using the Banshees in your respawn area (An Image of where the explosives are located are in the photos above). Doing this causes the Big Red Door blocking the Stronghold "Bay Doors" to open. Once the door is open enough to fit your Banshee, fly through and Press the Button located near the stairs to proceed to the next stage. Yellow flashing lights and weapon pads indicate where buttons are for the Attackers to access. DEFENDERS: The teleporters in your spawn room will lead you to different areas on the outside of the Infinity to defend against the Attackers from entering your ship. Teleporter "D" will lead you to a Hanger containing two "One-Time Use" Wasps to stop the Attackers. Stage 2: " We got Jackals in the Courtyard!" ATTACKERS: Proceeding to Stage 2 has unlocked you your Tier 1 set of weapons. Your goal is to proceed your way to the button located in the back of the Armory to reach Stage 3. Do what ever it takes to open that door. DEFENDERS: The Covenant has entered your ship, Use you Tier 1 set of weapons to prevent them from entering the Control Room. Stage 3: "The Last Stand" ATTACKERS: Tier 2 weapons are now available. With gain access to the Control Room, your Covenant reinforcements have brought you a new entrance into the ship, take the teleporter in your respawn area to enter. Your goal is now to use the two available Warthogs on the map to break down the door to enter the Turbine Room. Once you break the door, press the button inside to open the stronghold. Doing this will set the Infinity on fire. Capture the stronghold and score 1 point to win. DEFENDERS: Tier 2 Weapons are now available. Stop the enemy from capping the stronghold at all cost. When the Infinity is set on fire, you can cap the Stronghold yourself to make it harder for the Attackers to cap it (Doing this will not mean you will score). Hold them off for the time remaining in the round. A PART TWO IS IN GAMEPLAY TESTING!
  2. This map is PART TWO to my Halo 5 Invasion series. Play "ATTACK ON INFINITY" first. Both maps are design with the same play style. Click here for link to "Attack On Infinity" video. Click here for link to "Raid On New Alexandria" video. Remember the good-ole days of Covies vs. Humans in Halo: Reach? Well I bring to you, Halo 5 Invasion! With using the Strongholds gametype, I have recreated the Halo: Reach Invasion Gametype. The setting of this Map is located on Reach in New Alexandria, the only city that wasn't glazed by Covenant. This map contains over 150+ scripts to convert this Stronghold Gametype into a Halo 5 Invasion Gamemode. TO PLAY, TEAMS NEED TO BE ONLY GREEN AND PURPLE. WEAPON PADS ARE WHERE BUTTONS ARE LOCATED. In this gametype, the Humans will be Green and the Covies will be Purple. There are 3 stages to this gamemode. Each stage is designed for allowing only the Attacking team to proceed. There are 2 rounds of game play allowing each team to be Attackers and Defenders once. The goal to win is for the Attackers to successfully capture both Strongholds to score 1 point. For the Defenders to win, they must prevent the Attackers from capping the "Big Tower" stronghold in the allotted time. Stage 1: The goal for the Attackers in this Stage is to fight their way through the Covenant fortified city. The Attackers must make their way to the city gates. Stage 2: The Attackers must fight their way into their own UNSC Robotics Facility. There are many ways to get in. Get inside and open the barricade blocking the stairwell to the top floor. Stage 3: The Attackers must destroy the two Covenant explosives that are holding the cage up to drop the "Big Tower" Stronghold. Warning: the Defenders can accidentally destroy these explosives.
  3. Hello forumers! My second event for all of you (expect my third one in a few days) Following with my tradition to bring life into the calendar I give you... Thanks again Jacko! This event I feel like doing something a bit more newish so I thought of GTA V. Has quite a lot of game modes we can mess about in, kill each other over and over again, race cars and probably kill each other a few more and roam around Los Santos with a lot more killing and running each other over. Murder, it's fantastic! So you want to kill your forum buddies huh? You can kill your friends on the 23rd October (Thursday) at 9pm GMT So who wants to become a wannabe? Sign up below criminals By the way a side note !DO NOT POST SAYING YOU CANNOT MAKE IT! Makes it easier for me to sort out who is coming. Saying that you might make it is acceptable. So is saying that you cannot attend AFTER saying you can make it with a valid reason (like issues, work/school etc) or saying that you might be late Wanted list: SlenderYang Undead P34nut Spooky Scary Skeleton
  4. I don't see a lot of topics on Invasion anymore. I was actually upset when i found out that it'd be absent in Halo 4, but either way, do you think invasion will make a return in Halo 5 ? Personally, i really liked it. That was the only game mode i played with the exception of Big team Battle and Team Slayer. But, the only thing Halo 4 did that somewhat resembled Invasion was create Dominion and i still felt as if it wasn't enough, but i took what i could get, and now, it's gone, i can't even play that, hah. Being big on Battlefield, i really grow bored of a game if i don't exactly have an objective. In fact, now that i think of it, Invasion was like Battlefield's RUSH game mode. But, that's besides the point. Anywho, do you guys think invasion would make a return in Halo 5 ?
  5. Mine, personally, would be Invasion. What's yours?
  6. Does anyone else miss the battle like experience that invasion had. i vote to bring it back and hope to have like a rush ( game type from the Battle field series ) i think it is a intence way to play halo. i love slayer and capture the flag as much as the next guy. But wouldnt we like a romantic action packed battle like rythm muiltiplayer game in halo? " join the battle brothers our covenant is bound for glory!" AHEM.... or... "Enlist now and save Earth!"
  7. What if flood could drive cars, use guns, do things they've never done before. They could create a whole new gametype. Gravedanger: In this gamemode you are either flood or spartans. Both can use covenant, human, and forerunner weapons and vehicles. A gravemind has formed and the flood are becoming stronger mentally with it being created. your job is to exterminate the flood and destroy the gravemind. 16 vs 16 battles Custom game flood: In custom games there could be flood AI that could be customized for example you can have a flood move in a certain direction only or have it have no A.I ( customize), dumb A.I ( has regular flood traits) or smart A.I( gravemind flood can drive, will go after weapons, pickup weapons, drive vehicles, and steal ordinance.)
  8. Name: Forbidden Modded Forge Island, along the Mid Island cliffside Forerunner Themed Forbidden is an open invasion map that initially starts off easy for the defenders, but gradually gets harder through phase 2 and 3. Phase 1 offenders start with one spawn area, similar to their initial spawn area. They get a Railgun and SAW to help offend, while the defenders spawn with a risky Overshield to take up. Defenders can spawn on either side of Phase 1's building. Phase 2 offenders now move up and take on a Sniper Rifle, and defenders get a sticky launcher. Offenders take on the spawns of Phase 1's building, and on the opposite side of the width of the map. Defenders are pushed back into Phase 3's building, and on the opposite side of the width of the map as well. Phase 3 offenders now get a rockethog and a SAW, and move up into phase 2's building, and defenders get a standard hog and a rocket launcher. Phase 3 defenders get pushed even further back and must defend a round-about garage type scoring area. Author: AbandonedCashew NEW: I've done a major balance update to the map! I expanded Phase 1 to about 50 feet more play-space, added more cover, made reasonably sized larger shapes for extraction points, added a spawn area to Phase 1 Offense, made the whole floor seamless, and added a pillar in 3rd phase for cover. Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/abandonedcashew/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=7fccb943-eb3e-4100-bf53-9ec085583694 Pics! Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
  9. This is an asymmetrical map for use with an asymmetrical Extraction game type variant, also named Raid the Rock. It was inspired by an old Halo 3 custom game built on Last Resort (I don't remember who created it, but I loved the heck out of it and used to play it all the time) called "Storm the Beach," which of course was a reference to the allies storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day during WWII. On this map/game there are 5 extraction objectives that can only be armed by the attackers. The attackers must traverse no-man's-land and infiltrate the defenders' base to reach the objectives. The Defenders are very well equipped and must hold off the attackers for as long as they can. It plays very reminiscently of Invasion, but you know, with all the short comings of Halo 4. This map/game was ment to be played two rounds 4v4 - 6v6, but I found that it works wonderfully if not better if played one round with the attackers out numbering the defenders 3v5 - 4v8 I would love to hear some feedback or advise on how I can improve this map or game type. Here are the links Map: Raid the Rock Game Type: Raid the Rock
  10. Invasion was my top playlist back in the Halo Reach days, and that was mostly what I played. Is that something you guys would like to return. But this time, since their are no elites, how about prometheans versus the humans. It is a really cool concept with a story. It added a lot in Reach and I think it would add alot in Halo 4.
  11. I don't like the 3 forge maps in Halo 4 (Ravine,Impact and Erosion) they are to small and 343 have put down to much things on them. Its to little space to forge on, so i wish 343 will take back forge world or something new that is large to. with maybe a ice mountain or a volcano or something to forge on. Then in Multiplayer/Custom game. I wish they take back Invasion to Halo 5 and Elites in Custom games. A real war is Spartans Vs. Elites and I think invasion was the funniest thing in the long run to play in halo reach. And every one loves to be an Elite in custom games. Write in the comments below what you want in halo 5 Invasion
  12. You are running for your life zombies are everywhere. This is you last stand, you are stranded alone in a toy store with no way out. You have only the contents of the store as weapons. Time to choose, how do you want to go out. Tell me and I'll respond with "WHAT HAPPENS NOW"
  13. GT: sikslik7 Map: Citadel Gametypes: Invasion (Spartans attack) Map variant: http://www.halowaypo...etails/31200388 Game type: regular invasion (Spartans attack) Players: 12-16 Citadel takes place on Montana, where Spartans are attacking an elite fortress. First, they must disable a gate, then capture two elite defensive structures, and then proceed to capture the core. Phase 1: Spartans- 2 DMR Elites- 2 needle rifles Spartan Spawn: Main field: Citadel front: Alpha-phase 1: Bravo-phase1: phase 2: Spartans- 1 grenade launcher, 1 sniper rifle, 1 regular warthog, 1 mongoose Elites- 1 focus rifle, 1 plasma launcher, 1 concussion rifle, 1 ghost Main Elite spawn: Alpha-phase2 (grav lift doesn't spawn till phase 3): Bravo-phase2: phase 3: Spartans- 1 Spartan laser, 1 rocket launcher, 1 rocket hog, 1 falcon Elites- 1 banshee, 1 revenant, 1 fuel rod gun Core room: Core destination between right wing of the Elite's spawn and -Bravo phase 2.
  14. Trilogy lll This is a competitive and invasion map designed for one sided defense as in one flag ctf developement: When I first started making the I was inspired by the new halo 4 map soltice. I was luck in that this map was incredibly balanced from the very start which almost never happens with brand new maps. The first game I hosted with this map it was spot on completly balanced. The map is so balanced that even thought that it is completly unsymmetric it works perfect with even a slayer map. (note this map had no frame rate drop which was extremely wierd considering there was two lights and two big glass pieces) The blue team was offered One sniper, one ghost, and a Plasma laucher (along with a semi neutral Grenade launcher that spawns slightly closer to them) The red team has a sniper, overshield, and a couple shade turrets. (intresting note the Red snipe is used to half the effectiveness that the blue snipe is used) As this is a competitive section and not a invasion section I will focus more on one flag CTF. But because it is more small scale it seems almost like a progressive territories map with a little Ctf. The map was a total riot on invasion and the party liked it a lot more than one flag ctf. But it is still really fun in CTF. There are Four ways to pull the flag from the base. You can take it through bottom mid, top mid, or orange or red flanks. With my maps I typically like to change the settings just slightly to make more like H3. I give the weapons 110% damage which really only makes fully auto weapons better. along with 110% speed and 125% jump. The map link (http://www.halowaypo...etails=31227160) The gametypes CTF (http://www.halowaypo...etails=31260539) invasion (http://www.halowaypo...etails=31260531) Thanks for considering my maps for your channel I would appreciate just a small comment just to know that you looked at the map although Reach is about to die I would greatly appreciate featureing the map before invasion dies with it. And it is a great map to die on since it is compatible with everything besides territories, race, and insane I hope to replicate the map again in H4 using dominion and territories along with the classic one flag CTF with the flagnum Thanks again thejchip
  15. Gamertag: DewyHQ Map Name (Current Version): Vallation 10-9-12 Download Link: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30625754 Gametype: Invasion (Use The Original Gametype) Description: Elites are invading the seaside base Vallation. They are going to try and shut down the Energy Generators (Conveniently located outside the base). If they get through they will attempt to shut down the front Anti Air guns or the rear Mass Driver Cannon, Don't let them otherwise they'll grab the core and get away. Ordnance: Phase 1: Spartans Get 2 DMR's and Elites Receive 2 Needle Rifles. Phase 2: Spartans get a Warthog, Shotgun (90sec), Sniper, Rocket and Splaser (All 120). Elites Receive a Wraith, Plasma Launcher, Fuel Rod Gun and a Focus Rifle (All 120). Phase 3: Spartans Keep all their weapons and get a Scorpion Tank. Elites keep their weapons also and get a Banshee. Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTOi-dROO4I&feature=g-upl Editor's Note: Special Thanks to AbleSirThomas for helping me out with suggestions on how I could Improve the Map. Thanks Dewy.
  16. Hello everyone. I have finished forging my last real effort for a map in Halo Reach. I will be testing this map from 11:00am EST to about 3:00pmEST tomorrow. It is an invasion map, and to truely test my spawns, I need to have 12 people playing. I am mainly trying to test my spawns and flow of the game. From some preliminary tests with friends, the flow works, but I have not been able to test the spawns. If you are available, please make sure to message GT sikslik7, as it will be much easier for me to get a hold of you.
  17. Gamertag:BarrenFatal Map:HydroPlant Gametype:Default Invasion Description: HydroPlant is a spartan defense map set on the Sandbridge of ForgeWorld and it is reccomended for 8-12 people. HydroPlant is another big and plentiful source of energy other than the SolarPlant that I previously put up on this forum that helps the defenses of the UNSC. The HydroPlant gives electricity to the UNSC for their Ships, Vehicles, Aircraft and more. The Covenant are now striking this HydroPlant to weaken the UNSC defenses and to destroy all mankind. Link to the pics:Halo Waypoint Heres a video my friend made for my map:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QID7XlYllH8&feature=plcp
  18. Gamertag: CountMehTacos Map Name: Lion's Den Download Link: http://www.halowaypo...s=&startIndex=0 Gametype: Invasion Description: Lion's den is a classic wrap around the island map, starting on the side facing the cave. The Elites are trying to gain access to a Spartan Data Core containing UNSC secrets, but a series of walls prevent them from accessing the core. The Covenant deploys six elites to retrieve the core, with fou going after te wall generators, and two fo backup. If the Elites successfully shut down te walls, they can push on to the core. Unfortunately, the core is inaccessible due to a protective casing, which can be turned off after powering off two generators on the far side of the island. Te Elites deploy a Ghost, a Revenant, and a Banshee to combat the Spartans Warthog and Falcon. Screenshots ​
  19. Gamertag: Choot at OGGC Map: [PB]_Snakehead_Castle Gametype: [PB]_Purple_Bunker_DV_(Destructible_Vehicles_Enabled) I would like to start off by saying this is my very first invasion gametype map I've created and only my fourth completed map. It is also the first map I created that used the entire budget in Forge. It was originally meant to be submitted in the THFE Forge Contest but because of my schedule and other time constraints, I didn't get it completed in time. I actually learned alot about the Invasion gametype while creating Snakehead Castle and want to personally thank THFE for initially offering the contest to 343iCF's community. Complete overview of map from start to finish. Elites begin attack from right side of map. Map located on "The Island" area of Forge World. Description: This map is meant to be played with a custom variant of the Purple Bunker gametype >>> [PB]_Purple_Bunker_DV with 8 - 16 players in mind. I really wanted to use the vehicle explosive effect in Phase 3 so I enabled "destructable vehicles". Will probably play well with less than 8 players, but haven't fully tested with low player count. Attacking team consists of Elite's with Energy Sword, invulnerability, and reduced movement speed. The defending team consists of Spartans with Concussion Rifles and Needlers only, invulnerability, and reduced movement speed. Three respawn zones are selectable at each phase. All labels and spawns are working correctly. Phase 1: Charge the Towers Time to complete: 2:00 minutes Zone capture time: 5 seconds Elites begin at their campground and attempt to capture the zone between the initial Guard Towers being protected by the Spartans from above to progress to the next phase. Charging area has scattered cover with explosive plasma batteries that attempt to slow your progression. Capturing the zone initiates the first teleporter near the rear of the capture zone. Spartans attempt to alleviate any threats from atop the Guard Towers. **Warning** - To show my love of teabaggers, I am offering a free dose of "CDS"! (crouching death syndrome) Also, any attempt to wander off of the platforms will result in DEATH!! Tested extensively! :crazy: Phase 2: Breech the Passageway Time to complete: 2:00 minutes Zone capture time: 5 seconds In the second phase, the Elites attempt to capture the zone located just below the second defense platform to unlock the door that leads to Snakehead Castle. Like in phase one, the path to the capture zone has scattered cover with explosive plasma batteries that attempt to slow your progression. The passageway is blocked by a locked door. Capturing the zone unlocks the door leading to the final phase. The second teleporter leading to phase three can be found beyond the doorway entry. Defending Spartans are now located atop the second defense platform above the capture zone. **Warning** Any attempt by the Spartans to wander from the platform will result in death, as well as any attempt by the Elites to climb the rock surface to reach the platform. Spartans should not pass RED COLORED posts. Phase 3: Seize Snakehead Castle Time to complete: 2:00 minutes Zone capture time: 5 seconds The third phase is the one I had the most fun creating and the main reason I decided to enable destructible vehicles in the [PB] Purple Bunker gametype. Once entering phase three, Elites attempt to seize the castle with the added difficulty of avoiding random exploding vehicles. Final objective lies at the base of Snakehead Castle. Spartans now attempt to defend from inside the castle walls on the second level of Snakehead Castle. **Warning** Attempting to drop down from defense postition will result in death. The path leading to the final objective has more explosives for the Elites to contend with. Snakehead Castle. I hope you enjoy playing the map as much as I enjoyed creating it. Any feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! I would also like to thank Absolute Dog for the patience and time it took to get me involved in Forge World. - Choot
  20. Gamertag: BarrenFatal Map: SolarPlant Gametype: default Invasion SolarPlant is a Spartan defense map set on the Hemmorrage of Forge World. SolarPlant was once a large and plentiful source of energy for the planet until it was attacked by what is known as the Covenent. The Spartans must defend the Solarplant from being invaded. uses the default invasion gametype and is recommended for 12 players with two teams of six. Link to the pics: Halo Waypoint
  21. Spartanscout396 reporting in with a Lobby announcement: Halo 2 Mjolnir Mix.mp3 Hello gamers of the Forum. I try and run lobbies with all around games... Some games i tend to avoid just to keep people from fighting and arguing. I will try and run Infection, Slayer, Insane, King of the Hill, Invasion, Stockpile, and any other games. I am all around when it comes to games. I'm not a pro in all or any of them but i play for fun. I strongly enforce the Honor System for Halo. Most of the maps and game-types that i have have been sponsored by THFE, also i have a few of my own. Please no Parties i will only do Game Chat. I will not deal with anyone's bull!@#$, so if you get kicked it was more for rude behavior, insulting me or other player(s), and/or constant profanity. Otherwise, send me a message on Xbox live or on here for an invite if I'm on. Thank you and I hope i see people sending me messages and invites.
  22. This is another suggestion thread started by me but unlike my forge ideas this one consentrates on the invasion gametype in case it does return in Halo 4. I do not know if invasion will be in Halo 4 but I have my hopes. I found after a while invasion simply became repetitive because it was always the same objectives, same strategies, same threats and few maps that after a few games you would know inside and out. I thought that to make it more intresting, more gameplay aspects should be possible and I thought that it would make it more intresting to have... wait for it... FRIGATES... and... CORVETTES! Yes I am aware what most people say about implementing such massive vehicles and the incredible amounts of problems it can cause and the mountains of reasons it is not feasable but please, hear me out. What I am implying is not to add whole controllable vehicles but more of a giant model like the aegis fate from sandbox. For them to work a few new vehicles/weapons would need to be made available: covenant drop pods ODST drop pods mac guns, the one you use in the reach campaign covenant AA guns, the ones you destroy on tip of the spear corvettes frigates pelicans phantoms How they would work would be that the invading team spawns and respawns inside the corvette or frigate depending on if they are humans or elites of course and could either man large guns mounted on the side of the ship to act as arial aid or jump in the drop pods and drop into the battlefield. Only one or two corridors would be accesable so they dont need to build a full interior and the rest of the ship would be behind forever locked doors. Only a few corridors are required to hold spawn points, mounted guns and drop pods anyway. The opposing team would eventually get a MAC or AA gun with which they can shoot down the opposing teams spawn ship which would then crash onto the battlefield and the previously accessable corridors simply get remodeled to look destroyed and have holes in them etc. It wouldn't have any guns or drop pods however it would keep respawn points. The enemy MAC or AA gun can be destroyed. The Big gun only becomes usable in the last round and a hanger in the ship opens containing one or two pelicans/phantoms that can be used to transport pretty much an entire team directly to the enemy's base. If something here does not make any sense or if i skipped over a detail somewhere let me know and I will clarify. Please tell me what you think of my ideas below.
  23. Hello there. It seems you've come here for one of two reasons: You want to play some awsome new maps with a bunch of cool people; or you have a Big Team or Invasion map that you've created and want to playtest it and get valuable feedback. Wheter you're a casual player, MLG fan, vehicle fanatic, or just like to relax with some cool people, this playtest customs lobby is for you. Now, before i get onto the details, i'd like to give you some basic information on what playtesting is and why you're vital to the process. Playtesting is a critical stage in the development of a map, and the more a map recieves, the better it becomes. It's also the longest phase of building a map, taking as much as 3/5ths to 2/3rdsof the actual development of a map. It's the stage when maps are played on to find problems with the map, and the more it's played on, the more problems can be found and fixed. The very maps you've played on in matchmaking are the result of dozens of matches played on them, with each game played having some kind of tweak or another that fixed an issue present on the previous version played. When a player finds an isuue, they tell the lobby in the post-game lobby and voice their opinion on what they liked and don't like. This is known to forgers and playtesters as "giving feedback" You yourself are a vital part of this playtesting phase because you are unique. You playstyle is unique and different than anyone else. You'll approch the same bridge differently and drive into areas that no one else has or snipe from the trickiest of ledges to get to, and any problems you encouter is valuable information. The way you play allows for the designer to address all sorts of issues to make the map as perfect as possible. You opinions are vital to the progress of any map, so become a playtester by joining our customs lobby and have your voice heard. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to play on the next map that's going to be featured in you favorite playlist. ------The details for this Friday night test lobby (how to sign up, how to request you map to be played, and rules) will be posted below. This may even become a regular thing here at 343i.org.---- There will be two roles in this lobby, playtester, and forger, but there's really no difference other than name. Here's the breakdown of the roles Playtester- You just want to have a good time. don't have a map? No problem! you just need to play, and state 3 things: 1) What you DIDN'T like, and why; 2) What you DID like and; 3)any issue you found with the map Forger- Bring a map! Write up a map request, and we'll play it and give you feedback to improve it. If it's not your map, you have the same obligations as a playtester, which is just to give some simple feedback. Now for the most important part of any structured customs lobby, The Rules. -Leader will be passed around, no leader nazi-ing. You got a map that you've requesed to play? we'll put it in a que -Maps that are a priority (relevent to the test theme- i.e. BTB, 4v4, action sack, ect...) that are requested will be played first. Then the order will be a mix of maps from Blueprint that are relevant, (max of 4) then Non-relevant map requests, then a popular vote of minigames, competitive maps, and basically anything else, even matchmaking! -No yelling, screaming, playing loud music into the mic, or other ear-raping activities -Leaving early is frowned upon, so make sure to invite someone (preferralby with a mic) before you leave -no use of exccessive swearing, bigotry, racist comments, insults, or making terrible jokes -People who requestes their maps to be played by posting on 343i.org will be played first, and requests for maps not in the "qeue" will be played later. -most importantly, Have a good time! There are 2 submission forms, one is the basic playtester, and the other is the Forger submission. please copy the form, paste it into the reply box, and fill out the information. *note, since b.net online fileshares are down, please list map TAGS that are on you map. If none are added, add one with the title of the map being the tag. Forger's sumission template
  24. Im feeling like playing slayer or invasion anyone want to join me send me a message
  25. Ok, I know this is me just being nit-picky, but I'm seriously wondering why we're forced into the red and blue team colors in any invasion mode. I mean, it's not that hard to tell who's on what team with it being Spartans vs Elites. So, why force the colors? Now, to state this in advance, I know that some of you will say that that's the only way that the game can register teams. However this is not true in the least, for when we play Firefight matchmaking it puts us into red team, however our colors remain our own. The same can be said for standard Firefight, where we are able to separate into both red & blue teams. All the while retaining our own colors. This said, I would like to propose that 343 Industries attempt to make it to where we keep our custom colors during Invasion matches. It shouldn't be that difficult to update the coding to do such, as I have just made clear that it has already been done in the Firefight modes, and could be easily distributed via: Title Update. Thank you all for taking the time to read this, -Alberio Craft- [EDIT #1] As stated by 'Kill the King': This is a good point, but the big problem against that arguement is that in the Infection playlist everyone uses their own color unless zombified, yet we're still able to tell the difference purly from the sword's unique look. I know that may not seem like much to counter your statement, however what I'm trying to get at is the fact that, just like how the zombies look different from the survivors due to one small unique detail, the Elites look quite different from the Spartans, due to the nature of their amors (Spartans = Bulky; Elites = Smooth) and the shapes of their bodies (ex: Elites are quite taller than spartans, and are almost always hunched over). [EDIT #2] To back up this claim even more, here is a quote from 'RedStarRocket91': The idea of having more of a stealth element within this game truly does have a huge appeal to people who are both professional and/or hardcore gamers. Especially due to the fact that it adds a ton more strategy for us during objective style game modes. This being said, there is also the contrast to where those who are wearing more vibrant colors (or colors that don't match the surroundings) will have a much more intimidating feel, as they come barreling down the corridors or across the fields, since they seem as if they don't have the need to camoflague themselves. Which also gives those players a slight leadership element. Those who are using the more vibrant colors would also be somewhat intimidating, as those who wish to attack the vivid colored enemy would have to think about if his opponent might have an ally lying in wait for an ambush. [EDIT #3] Now that all of these points have been both thought of and considered, I feel that it is safe to say that the original set-up for 'Invasion' with its forced Red and Blue colors is still a good way to help beginners. However, there has also been evidence which has been shown here to prove that we can determine who the enemy is without needing our colors forced upon us. This being said, I change my decision on changing 'Invasion' to not having forced colors. However, I also have not changed my mind. What I'm trying to get at here, is that it would be very wise of 343 Industries to listen to their fans for both sides of this argument, and split 'Invasion' into two types. "Standard Invasion" could easily be understood as the common Red vs Blue scenario, and then there could be "Invasion Plus" or some name like that, for those of us who wish to play Invasion with our own custom colors, and are tired of having our hands held while trying to fight. I have also posted this thread on the Halo Waypoint forums, with a poll. Make sure to go there as well, and place a vote to let 343 Industries hear your voice on the matter! http://halo.xbox.com/Forums/yaf_postst64147_Why-be-forced-to-have-different-team-colors-in--invasion.aspx
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