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  1. G L A S S I N G​ "You are, all of you, vermin. Cowering in the dirt, thinking what, I wonder? That you might escape the coming fire? No. Your world will burn until its surface is but glass! And not even your Demon will live to creep, blackened from its hole to mar the reflection of our passage... the culmination of our Journey. For your destruction is the will of the gods! And I? I am their instrument!" - Prophet of Truth Ever wanted to bring the intense, blood-red, fully upgraded Halo Wars 2 glassing beam into Halo 5? Well, this is just that. Two alpha infected spawn with sentinel beams that fire a steam of incineration cannon bullets, and are teleported into small pipes just below the massive covenant cruiser in the sky. These pipes restrict the alpha infected such that they can only shoot downwards, and will move with them as they walk such that they can chase the scurrying humans below. The humans spawn in a small, run-down town called old mombassa. There are two key buildings. The Dirthouse and the Pavillion. The Pavillion is an L-shaped structure at the corner of the map that you can enter. In provides some minimal cover from the glassing beam, however, you won't be safe. The Dirthouse is a grimy, empty house that you can run through to make a shortcut from one place to another. Its roof will collapse, however, when hit by the glassing beam, so you're not safe in there either. If you can find it, there is also a wooden crate hiding a speed boost to help you outrun the glassing beam. However, it takes a while to break it open, leaving you vulnerable for a few seconds. Once you are infected, you get to assist the glassing beams with cleansing the rest of the pesky humans. You have one shot in your white scar to set trip mines in the city and splinter grenades to block the humans' paths. More screenshots: This minigame is meant for 6-16 players. The map can be downloaded here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?query=Glassing+V3&tags=&gamertag=n0mnom321&lastmodifiedfilter=0 The infection gametype used can be downloaded here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants?query=Glassing+(Alpha)&tags=&gamertag=n0mnom321&lastmodifiedfilter=0 "For your destruction is the will of the gods. And I? I am there instrument!"
  2. I've managed to reduce framerate issues quite a bit on Crystal(the latest version), but i think there's still framerate issues on the map. Not sure what's causing it.
  3. Yeah, I couldn't help it much. Wasted too many pieces on the rest of the map. Once I delete some of the more unnecessary detail to improve framerate, then I can think about helping out those areas. The blue glow itself probably contributes to the framerate, so I'd be able to kill two birds with one stone. As for callouts, I intended the red side of the map to have a more reddish/violet colouration, while the blue side would have a stronger blue glow. Learnt that tip from the old THFE. I guess I could increase the contrast, or change up the aesthetic so that one side is more degraded than the other. (destroyed/damaged aesthetic) Any comments on the layout of the map and the flow of gameplay?
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Just to clarify, which death pit are you referring to?
  5. I'll probably spice it up with the new forerunner pieces once I get forging I forgot to mention: the player count for this map should be between 2-6.
  6. Thanks guys! Yeah, the non-standard weapons are pretty fun. The blood of suban-suppressor is extremely powerful, so.... I may have to change it one day. it only does have 2 clips, though. I'd been planning on making a map with a crystalline theme since halo 4, where I would use the dominion hologram pieces and merge them into rocks to make crystals. Finally got around to it in Halo 5, I guess.
  7. CRYSTALLINE By n0mnom321 2-6 players " Later known as 'Blamite' during the human-covenant war, unstable Platinum(VI) Permanganate(VII) crystals were grown by the forerunners for use against the flood. The helium-rich atmosphere and high caesium fluoride composition of the caves of Suban provided an inert environment for the solidification of these crystals, making it the forerunner's ideal research facility. The reactive nature of the crystal meant that it would oxidise anything but the most inert of substances, making it nearly impossible to analyse. Long forgotten, the coveted secrets of the crystal remain hidden in these forerunner facilities. These unstable crystals were charged through molten electrolysis, allowing them to be magnetically guided. The high oxidizing power of 7 or more crystal shards could produce voltages high enough to ionize and vaporize most liquids, including water. However, only prototypes of the proposed crystalline weapons could be constructed before the firing of the halo array. Experiments with the crystal as a battery tripled the power of common weapons like the Lightrifle, but the risk of instability was deemed a cost too expensive for the forerunners. " https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=Modified&page=1&gamertag=n0mnom321 Crystalline is a symmetric 2v2 competitive map with a theme I've not encountered before - Blamite. The map depicts a forerunner facility nestled in dark crystal caves, which have glowing pink crystals growing from the cave walls. The map takes advantage of the req weapon glitch for it's power weapons. At the two ends of the map lie a Suppressor and a scattershot. However, they are vastly more powerful than normal. The scattershot fires clusters of needle rounds in rapid succession, offsetting the needles' slower travel time. The Supressor fires Blood of Suban rounds, allowing one to take out an opponent extremely quickly with a supercombine. At the center of the map lies a Speed Boost, which lasts for a longer time. However, ammunition is very limited for each. There is a speed boost on the map that has extended duration, making it much more valuable than usual and a real winning factor. The timings of the weapons are 130, 170 and 210 seconds. This means that every 40 seconds, a new power weapon will be up. This is meant to pull combat throughout the map at different times, as the power of these weapons make them essential to achieve victory. Hence, the map is very porous. There are many small routes and jumps to get from here to there to facilitate movement, and out-maneuvering your opponent is as important as out-strafing or outgunning them. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=Modified&page=1&gamertag=n0mnom321 "I do believe there are termites that actually explode when threatened. We should call them Blamites." - "Give the covenant a spoonful of their own medicine. A spoonful of Blamite." - "It’s about as close to a fire-and-forget small arm as we're likely to ever see, and it ain’t ours. Blamite ain't friendly. And that's why we're losing."
  8. Did you manage to get a game on it?
  9. Thanks! I'll look forward to hearing some much-needed feedback!
  10. -Elemental- "Ice and Fire collide, fusing into one indescribable entity." Elemental is an experimental competitive map in both gameplay and theme. The map's theme is Ice and Fire, where half of the map is frozen and the other half is fiery. The fridge, or Ice Tower as I like to call it is set beneath sheer ice cliffs that stand above a snowy path from red to blue base, and oven is set above a lake of lava fed by two lava falls. Using a little scripting, fire cascades down the falls, giving the illusion of movement. Blue base feels cold, as I placed soft blue light above the base, and has an ice cave connecting it to the snow path, whereas red base is warm, with a red glow, and a stone cave heading towards the snow path. Elemental's gameplay is quite ranged, as there are long sightlines across the map. However, much of the action takes place in the mid/short ranged areas of the map, especially the red and blue bases. The Plasma caster spawns on the central platform, which is extremely exposed to most of the map, and the scattershot spawns at oven, near the lava falls, and is extremely useful in the close-quarters of the red and blue basements. There are many ranged weapons scattered about, where the DMR and Light rifles(if you can find the light rifles) are extremely useful. Boltshots spawn in the basement with plentiful ammunition, and they come in handy for engagements in bases or at the snow path. The main power position is the bridge, that extends from the Ice tower. This bridge has sightlines on both bases and offers easy access to them as well. It can only be accessed from the fridge as well, except for a little scripted movement that allows you to access it from the central platform. However, for it to be effective, players must stand at the front of the bridge, where they have no cover from behind. To control bridge, you have to control the Ice tower. The experimental part of the map, that, as of yet, has not been tested, is the powerup generator at the fridge. By pressing the switch, the player will activate a 30-second timer, which will spawn all 4 powerups: speed boost, damage boost, overshield, and active camouflage- which can turn the tide in a battle. However, this involves great risk. By pressing the switch, a beam of light will appear in the center of the map, alerting everyone. Your team will have to co-ordinate and defend the tower for that 30 seconds, if not, you would just have given your enemies their victory.When the powerups spawn, a light beam will turn on to indicate that they've spawned. Test footage of previous version(it's just the first map) http://halocustoms.com/maps/elemental.1962/ I'm still looking for people to help me test this map, so pm me if you're interested. Thanks and have a great day!
  11. I've made an update which has changed the aesthetics and added a route from the sniper tunnel directly to the main power position. The sniper doesn't spawn at start anymore to prevent teams from grabbing the sniper and running directly to the power position at the start. This new route is extremely exposed. The update is not completely finished yet, but the new version is in my fileshare as "furnace", not furnace 2v2 or furnace 1v1. I will change the link when I finish the update on Saturday.
  12. Hmm. The theme only really fits on erosion, the pieces of all the other maps are too white. I think you're talking about the red team initial spawn, which is near the back path. I don't think I'll remake it from scratch, but I will delete and rebuild the parts that fit in awkwardly. If possible, can I invite you to a 1v1 or if possible 2v2 match once I'm finished?
  13. Which areas were separated from the rest of the map? In my 1v1 play test I believe that all routes were used, I didn't feel that any part of the map was unused. I understand that the spawning must be refined, though. I understand what you mean by the aesthetics, I've been trying to fix it but to no avail. I ran out of blocks and walls and all that, so I had to resort to ramps. If the next attempt fails, I'll just remake the map from scratch, maybe (but most unlikely) on a different canvas. I know that these areas look messy- -below the main furnace, the shortcut -around the 4/4 corner leading from the zigzag tunnel to the ramp to the furnace -the exit from zigzag tunnel to the ramp up to the sticky detonator spawn and the ramp down Please inform me of any others. As for the power position, I will try to add another hard route but I'm not sure where it will come from. It would probably come from the sniper tunnel.
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