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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone ! I present you : "Complaint", which I co-forged with "SPEEDMOTORDEATH" (yeah it's an hardcore gamertag I know). Overall, he dealt with the base of the map, its structures, while I did all the natural decor and the finishes. It is a symmetrical 2vs2 map in covenant theme, for the story, it's a kind of temple which is a sacred place of for the San'Shyuum. The map contain: - 1 Plasma-caster in the middle-below - 1 Overshield in the middle-waterfall - 1 Plasma-pistol in the middle-cave - 2 BRs in the spawns-below - 2 Plasma grenades in the middle-high - 2 Plasma rifles at the elevators It is a map that I wanted completely oriented for the competition but with a really big work on the map's aesthetic and decor, the floor at the water level does'nt have guardrails and you must be very careful with your moves if you don't want to die in the water. The map has very long lines for shooting which favors duels, the cooperation is essential if you want to win. If there are some competitive players who test the map, your feedback will be welcome ! I also had fun hiding some easters eggs on the card map permitting to change the banshee in the middle, try to find them !
  2. Map Name: Echo Gamertag: Wolf Dargo Canvas Map: Forge Island Created: 3/30/13 Screenshots: Ideal Player Count: 2-8 Gametypes: Slayer, Double Team Description: I learned about this cool hidden area on Forge Island and had to build a map there for your enjoyment. This would probably work best for Double Team and all other small scale slayer games... Budget: 5600 ~Thanks for looking, feedback is appreciated...
  3. Having spent the best part of the last decade playing various incarnations of Halo with a good friend, predominantly in double team playlists: the team doubles update of last weekend was a very welcome addition to my Halo 4 matchmaking list. I'm aware it's in its infancy and is probably still open to a little tweaking here or there, but my following complain still stands. Around ten minutes ago I finished up a session of team doubles, around ten or more games. Seven of those ten were "Doubles Pro" (Essentially 'MLG', no radar, no armour abilities, no perks etc.), and in three of those pre-game voting menus, all three options had been Doubles Pro. Leaving no choice of alternative game types. I don't mind occasionally playing a stripped back game such as Pro playlists. Often it can be fun to shirk all the additions and play a simple, straight up death-match. However, it becomes very tedious when it's time after time, game after game, with very little variation or choice. I've never really understood the fascination with "MLG" and players claiming to be 'pro', anyway. How does one become a professional whilst playing a recreational game in their own home? I don't think I will ever understand why folk buy a game such as Halo 4 (which is flush with additional material to your bog standard shooters - armour abilities, armour upgrades, stylistic unlockables, perks, professions etc.) and then go out of their way to play only stripped back games. Even less do I understand why these same people have the tenacity to then chastise those who wish to play the full game to its potential. (You may recall being hounded out as a "Jetpack ***" etc. if you didn't use sprint only in Halo Reach). So why have 343 went to the effort of constructing a game wherein we can adapt, evolve and sculpt our characters into our own little machines, only to strip us of being able to play with them in the majority of matchmaking? It seems counterproductive to me, and downright infuriating when I've carefully chosen loadouts and skillsets beforehand. Yes, I'm aware this post will offend the droves of close-minded, set-in-their-ways, fat, middle-aged men called Bert who hold both the appeal and personality of a homophobic boulder. I expect to be informed about my mother's promiscuity and my subsequent homosexual lifestyle, in response to this post. Intelligence is clearly an afterthought with the Halo community. Although, that suggests thought at all.
  4. With the 2v2 playlist penciled in for early February, this is a good time for the community to discuss what would work best. Source of news: http://mltiplyr.com/...ate-january-28/ Also releasing in February is the Majestic Map Pack which is confirmed to feature two smaller maps. This should help buff 2v2's worth in matchmaking. - - - As we know, 2v2's are a staple within competitive Halo play. Being a competitive player myself, I also understand the balance of simplicity and complexity necessary to allow such maps to work within a 2v2 environment. In this thread we will discuss why a map could or could not work for 2v2's. Please list pro's and con's for each map presented and we will collectively add them to the OP in hopes of achieving a near perfect experience in Halo 4's future 2v2 playlist. If there is a community map presented, please share the corresponding gamertag and as much info/media as you can. A link to a post with media would be best. Below are a few to get started, please share your input and we'll amend the list in a unified manner based on community feedback. I will list various maps below and a consensus category next to each, showing how we collectively feel about each one. The range will be Positive | Neutral | Negative. - - - Maps for Double Team Map: Lockout Consensus: Positive File: http://www.343indust...perfect-remake/ Pros: Lockout is a staple within Halo's 2v2 lore. If features the perfect balance between mix up and execution, meaning players are able to outsmart, outmaneuver and out shoot the opponent equally. Halo 4's Lockout in a 2v2 playlist would have to be 1:1 scale. While the game is marginally faster than it's predecessors, the size is perfectly fitting in a 2v2 environment and all of the jumps, line of sight, etc. would need to be retained. Cons: _____ Map: Haven Consensus: Positive File: Standard Halo 4 Map Pros: Symmetrical, balanced competitive map. Tried and true. Cons: _____ Map: Relay Consensus: Neutral File: Standard Halo 4 Forge Map Pros: Symmetrical, balanced competitive map. Cons: Slightly large, corridor based. Open space. _____ Map: Simplex Consensus: Positive File: Halo 4 Community Forge Playlist Pros: Symmetrical, balanced competitive map. MLG ready. Cons: _____ Map: Adrift Consensus: Neutral File: Halo 4 Standard Map Pros: Tried and true. Cons: Fairly large. _____ Map: Abandon Consensus: Neutral File: Halo 4 Standard Map Pros: Size is appropriate for 2v2. Cons: Potential spawn imbalance.
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