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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 92. Last week we talked about whether we could have defeated the Covenant without the Great Schism occurring, and the clear outcome was that it would not have been possible. Community members Drizzy_Dan and RedStarRocket91 took the stage with some great detailed responses. Click here to view the last poll, 91. What's your favourite naval vessel? Infinity. Pious Inquisitor. In Amber Clad. Enduring Conviction. These are only a few names of some of the most impressive vessels ever built. Each one of these beauties has its own story. Each its own history. Its own kill count. Crew. Adventures. Tech. Weaponry. This week I want to ask you, which ship is your favourite? Be it Covenant or UNSC, there are many legendary ships to choose from, which do you like most? And hey, no funny answers, I don't wanna see any watercraft showing up here. UNSC and Covenant spacecraft only, Forerunners will have to sit this one out I'm afraid. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  2. Rockstar has recently confirmed that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has shipped a combined total of over 220 million units in its lifetime! Grand Theft Auto is a massively popular franchise created and published by Rockstar Games. The series recently reached a milestone that very few other titles will ever see, 220 million units shipped with all games combined. IGN.com reported the sales numbers, stating that shockingly, Grand Theft Auto V made up quite a hefty number in that. Grand Theft Auto V actually sold 54 million of those total copies, representing about 1/4 of the total. It was also confirmed that Red Dead Redemption, the highly popular western also made by Rockstar Games, had sold-in 14 million units to-date. Grand Theft Auto V is available for sale right now, currently, no future paid content for the game has been detailed by Rockstar. View attachment: gtav_details09122014_014.jpg All images and information supplied by Rockstar Games and IGN.
  3. Looking for you fan art! I have posted some of my drawings to get the ball rolling. Please feedback and share stuff on this thread as it does everyone good to have their work publicized!
  4. This is another suggestion thread started by me but unlike my forge ideas this one consentrates on the invasion gametype in case it does return in Halo 4. I do not know if invasion will be in Halo 4 but I have my hopes. I found after a while invasion simply became repetitive because it was always the same objectives, same strategies, same threats and few maps that after a few games you would know inside and out. I thought that to make it more intresting, more gameplay aspects should be possible and I thought that it would make it more intresting to have... wait for it... FRIGATES... and... CORVETTES! Yes I am aware what most people say about implementing such massive vehicles and the incredible amounts of problems it can cause and the mountains of reasons it is not feasable but please, hear me out. What I am implying is not to add whole controllable vehicles but more of a giant model like the aegis fate from sandbox. For them to work a few new vehicles/weapons would need to be made available: covenant drop pods ODST drop pods mac guns, the one you use in the reach campaign covenant AA guns, the ones you destroy on tip of the spear corvettes frigates pelicans phantoms How they would work would be that the invading team spawns and respawns inside the corvette or frigate depending on if they are humans or elites of course and could either man large guns mounted on the side of the ship to act as arial aid or jump in the drop pods and drop into the battlefield. Only one or two corridors would be accesable so they dont need to build a full interior and the rest of the ship would be behind forever locked doors. Only a few corridors are required to hold spawn points, mounted guns and drop pods anyway. The opposing team would eventually get a MAC or AA gun with which they can shoot down the opposing teams spawn ship which would then crash onto the battlefield and the previously accessable corridors simply get remodeled to look destroyed and have holes in them etc. It wouldn't have any guns or drop pods however it would keep respawn points. The enemy MAC or AA gun can be destroyed. The Big gun only becomes usable in the last round and a hanger in the ship opens containing one or two pelicans/phantoms that can be used to transport pretty much an entire team directly to the enemy's base. If something here does not make any sense or if i skipped over a detail somewhere let me know and I will clarify. Please tell me what you think of my ideas below.
  5. I just wish I wish that somebody reads this first. then understands my point. What i want for halo 4 is to the player being able to use a diversity of ships foreroner, Covenant, UNSC make new vehicles im kinda tired of the warthog being the **** on halo make more innovations idk... also like...let us drive pelicans, phantoms on campaign & Multiplayer let us have a MAPS that we can use the Pelicans and phantoms at-least just two for each team make it like essential to use tactics with them to win a battle, but don't make it a game type -.- not like invasion on reach. like make it usable for Custom slayer, bomb, CTF and FORGE!!!!! etc and we transport our team mates in them throughout the battle field of course don't make them weak like a banshee or as a Halo 3 wraith also don't make the Spartans and elites the only playable characters if the covenant is in halo 4 let us be jackals, hunter, or grunts i've played ALL the halo games i bought them the day all of them came out i am a hardcore gamer but i want change in Halo 4 but don't make change so much people don't know it's halo... go back to the routes that made the halo franchise the best in the market take as the example of the US economy our leaders have changed to "progress" so dramatically they forgot to keep the things that made us great. Make alot of changes 343 but don't look at reach for innovation, look at halo 3 and stay more like halo 3 and make changes in the ways wished in the begging one more thing if you make us us these vehicles
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