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  1. Thanks I've done adjusting on the map to allow more movement options. It's not in my fileshare because I lost xbl but I'm going to put up the newest version when I get back in town in about 10 days.
  2. It seemed pretty clear to me that master chief was there to get in that thing
  3. This looks really cool I'm going to check it out
  4. No I realize that they function as rails but one of the 4 is a little out of place compared to the positioning of the others. It a minor thing but I did like all of the detail in the map
  5. I just spent some time in forge looking at it. It looks like a sweet map. I did find that one of your satellite antennas(antennae?) was out of place on the ramp if that helps. Haven't played it but it looks great
  6. I appreciate it. Jernst, I agree that there are some weapon issues and I changed the Fuel Rod to a SAW and the Sticky Dets to a Grav Hammer and Concussion Rifle. The map is set up for FFA but I can't find any spawn point outside of the map that your friend may have spawned at. Thanks for the feedback
  7. I didn't test it with 12 but it shouldn't. The budget's a little over 8000 I think and there aren't a lot of 45 degree pieces. It's set up for 8 teams with 4 spawns for each with the exception of Red and Blue. Thanks and let me know how the test goes
  8. Haha I almost named this map Clownshow or something like that for obvious reasons. But I just kind of like the weird colors because it's sort of different. I think it might do with a name change though. I thought about the verticality and didn't want to make the top platforms too powerful so I put a lot of cover on the lower levels, and not so much on the high ones. There are also those grav volumes that take you to the top without risk of being shot. That's a good concern but I don't think it's too much of an issue.
  9. Map: High Stakes Creator: Did4ct Gametypes: CTF, KOTH, Oddball, Slayer, Multiteam Rec. player count: 4-8 Weapons: Initial: 2 needlers on top platforms, Scattershot on bottom center, 2 3xStickies below side platforms Random: 2 railguns on bottom level in back of map, Grav Hammmer and Concussion Rifle on side platforms, 1 damage boost on top Purple tower, SAW on mid-level crosswalk High Stakes is a medium sized symmetrical map that is geared toward objective gametypes. It was made first and foremost for CTF, but plays well with KOTH. This map stretches pretty far and covers a lot of verticality with some trick jumps. One thing that is somewhat unique to this map is the use of 4 reverse gravity volumes as grav lifts. I don't know if this good or bad as they tend to be a bit slow, but they're pretty cool. I spent a little time on the aesthetics to try to make it look different than other maps. CTF: The flags spawn on top of the level 3 Red and Blue platforms on opposing sides. While the two big platforms are easily crossed to along the bridge through the Purple tower, the flag carrier can't make the jump and must go down to a lower level before getting it back to the other side. The name is a play on words with the tall stacked ramps being the "High Stakes" if that's not too far of a stretch. view of one of the alleys between the base of the two tall platforms View from top of Blue platform Purple tower in the center bottom walkway in center running parallel to the platforms with 2 reverse gravity volumes on each end going to the the Green or Yellow side second level platforms Gravity volume going to Yellow platform Trick jumps to the Green platform Yellow platform Blue-Green platform junction View of second level of Purple tower from Yellow platform View the gravity volume below of the Red platform. Blue house Below: View out from Red house to the bottom level with a jump to the second level
  10. The Halo 3 armor was the best. There were about 10 good, distinguishable sets that you earned through cool achievements. In Halo 4, you get the same helmet for getting to level 8 as you do for getting forerunner weapon mastery plus or minus a stripe or 2 that you can't see anyway. In Halo 3, you could tell what the players were wearing. The thing that put me over the edge is that the reward for PERFECTION MASTERY, the hardest thing to get in the game, is a lowsy pair of indistinguishable forearms? Come on.
  11. Creator: Did4ct Map: Engorged Description: Engorged is an asymmetrical medium sized map. It uses the big island on Forge Island. This map has 2 completely different small bases but is not at all a "base warfare" map. This map wraps around similar to sidewinder, and has an elevated walkway cutting through the dividing wall. There are many ways to access the walkway by means of a heavy man cannon (which shoots you through the big columns of the small base), 2 ramps, and 5 rock walkways/jumps (you cant see many of the jumps in the pictures) There is a one way teleporter that sends you from one end of the walkway to the man cannon that takes you to the other side. There is a rock cave that you can get on top of. There are several strategic power positions that receive power weapons during the game. Gametypes: Slayer, KOTH, CTF, Oddball, Regicide, Multiteam, FFA Recommended: FFA, Team Slayer, or Regicide with 8-10 players Initial Ordinace: 2xSnipers (Red & Blue spawns) Sticky Detonator (by sender node) Rocket (center ramp) Overshields (by ghost) In-Game Ordinace: Binary (center ramp) Railgun (small base) Fuel Rod (big base) Needler (under MGT) Shotty (rock cave) Vehicles/Turrets: Ghost & MGT If anyone sees anything or plays anything that needs fixing let me know. In the distance is the small base where blue spawns. You can get on the second level, go in the ground level and be shot by man cannon between the columns to the walkway The larger base where red spawns. it has 4 lower entrances and 2 ways to easily get to the top Large walkway cut-through. in this image you can get up from the rock ramp to the right or the small rock poking out just to the left Interior of big base View of rock cover and the rock archway to the bridge. There is also a jump up just right of where the archway connects, for people coming from the other side The area behind the big base that goes to the sender node and the walkway Back area where there is a rock ramp left of the teleporter that allows you to jump to the walkway. There is an incline (can't see it) below the bridge ramp (on the right) that allows you to go under it and jump up between the rock wall and the bridge. View of back area Back view of big base Back area view of walkway Ramp with rock arch leading to the walkway Small base close up
  12. Hahaha you also can't walk through the flag without grabbing it EDIT: Thruster pack and FLUDD Turbo Nozzle?
  13. Just uploaded the link to the video. The pictures don't do it justice.
  14. Map Name: Incumbent Creator: Did4ct Gametypes: Slayer, CTF, Extraction, KOTH, Regicide, Oddball, Multi Team Description: Incumbent is an asymmetrical medium-sized map with good lines of sight. There is no one position that dominates the map. The map consists of a group of large rocks in the center with passageways running inside of the rock walls beside the two "bases." There are key positions in high and low places. I put trait zones with 200% gravity along the top of the outer walls along with a bunch of soft kill zones making it impossible to escape (I couldn't find a way out). It is called "Incumbent" because there is a very noticeably large forerunner structure "leaning" against one of the back walls. This map is my favorite map I have made thus far and I think it's kind of reminiscent of the older Halo maps. The aerial pictures don't show but when you're in the map everything looks a lot bigger and is a lot cleaner. Supports 2-16 players. Plays best with 6-8 Video Vehicles/Turrets Normal Hog (replaced by Ghost in CTF) Ghost (2 in CTF) Machine Gun Turret Shade turret Initial Ordinance Rocket (Center) Sniper (Side) Concussion (Side) 2 Fragx2 (each by blue and red spawn) Random Ordinance Laser/Sword Shotty/Railgun Needler/Beam Rifle Saw/Binary Rifle Fuel Rod/Scattershot/Scattershot (Middle)
  15. This is really cool. I like all the buildings that are made from scratch and I like that it doesn't seem empty but still has plenty of driving room
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