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  1. ._. Well I would post, but Life or Dishonor is a bit crap, and Hyar isn't finished at all yet...
  2. So, here's what I've got so far. Sorry this first bit is a little late in coming. Chapter 1- Freezerburn Captain Rogers knew they were doomed the instant the Covenant destroyer dropped out of Slipspace. There were only three ships on station at Hyar- the Freezerburn, a destroyer; the Witching Hour, a frigate; and the Archangel a stealthed ship from the ONI Prowler Corps. And as every good nava officer knew, one Covenant ship was worth at least three UNSC ships. With his orders in effect, Rogers knew, there would actually only be two UNSC vessels on station. Archangel had been specifically ordered to show itself for nothing. Rogers would keep the vessel stealthed, no matter what happened, said the steel in him. But the civilian told him that he needed to fire on the Covenant, to send down air support to the planet below, to help his fellow humans. But he knew he couldn't. Archangel's work was too important. He was no spook, but from what little the ONI officers had been able to tell him, the information being gathered on Hyar was vital to ending the war with the Covenant. He had no idea what they were even getting information from- Hyar was just a normal colony, as far as he could see. But he also knew that there were ONI officers far outranking him on this ship, and any attempt to reveal the Archangel would be shut down immediately. Outside the window, the Freezerburn turned in orbit to engage the Covenant destroyer. The Witching Hour performed maneuvers too, but theirs were evasive, to get a good MAC shot at the ship's belly. The Covie ship's lateral lines glowed, charging with latent plasma about to fire through space on one of the ships. For a second, Rogers' heart skipped a beat- it had looked like the destroyer was aiming at the Archangel. But the plasma launched and rocketed towards the Freezerburn. A rush of relief filled Rogers, but guilt as well- survivor's guilt. But he quickly realized his mistake. The Covenant destroyer had not been attempting to destroy the Freezerburn at all- only cripple it so the other ship- a cruiser- could Slip in unharmed. The cruiser fired its engines and heaved itself away from the combat as two mass driver slugs simultaneously hit the destroyer, which by now was surrounded by a mist of Phantom, Lich, and Spirit dropships and Seraph fighters. The fighters and dropships were moving towards the Freezerburn and landing on exposed sections of the vessel's innards. Meanwhile, the Covenant destroyer was crumbling to pieces, listing down into Hyar's upper atmosphere. The cruiser was making a much more graceful descent towards the planet, landing on a small continent near the equator. What it was after, Rogers could only guess, but the Covenant only landed if they wanted something on the surface. First and foremost, however, he needed to get support to Freezerburn. It had vital assets on board, including Marines, probably some of the only ones in system. They needed to be saved before those Covenant ******** landed and killed them all. Rogers turned to the SHIPCOM mike on his right and issued an order to the whole ship. "Archangel, this is your captain speaking. Gear up, ship out, and help those unlucky soldiers on the Freezerburn. We are fighting for Hyar- till the last!" Rogers' order relayed through lower ranked COs, who turned them into actual directions, and five minutes later space capable Pelicans, Longswords, and prototype Albatross landers were speeding over to assist the Freezerburn. Rogers contacted Witching Hour via FLEETCOM. "UNSC Witching Hour, this is Archangel. Do you read?" A drawling voice came through- Witching Hour's captain, Daniel Merriman. "Yes, Archangel, we hear you. You kept pretty quiet through that fight. Scared, Rogers?" "Just following orders. Can you provide assistance to the Freezerburn? Our limited amount of ships might not be enough. Hopefully they have some on board." "Yes, Rogers. We're sending them in now. Permission to pursue the cruiser? Captain?" Merriman spat the last word, spiteful of Rogers' orders that kept him from helping in the space battle, perhaps dooming the Freezerburn. But Rogers' had his orders, whatever Merriman thought. "Negative. We will regroup once the Freezerburn has been salvaged and attack with our full force." "Even the Archangel, Mr. Orders?" "Even the Archangel." Whatever his orders said, Rogers would do his best for Hyar. "Then we have a deal, Captain Rogers." Rogers snorted. "You have no right to make deals with me." The FLEETCOM shut off, a new voice chimed in. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." It was Cook, the smart AI in charge of the Archangel's operations- even the ones Rogers didn't know about. "Shut up, Cook. He had a reason to be angry." Rogers knew that by the time the ships got to the Freezerburn, the majority of the Marines would be dead. And Timothy Jenkins agreed. Well, thanks for reading it, if you did. Note that the Albatross is an actual Halo thing, official canon and all of that snazz and jazz. Feel free to post comments and such about my writing.
  3. Hey guys. After my first try at fan fiction (Life or Dishonor), I'm back for another try, which will hopefully be better and cooler! This whole thing is (obviously) not official canon by any means, and will probably go against a bit of the canon (for example, Hyar not actually being a colony). So that's the general bit. It is the early years of the Human-Covenant War. Spartans are scarce, and so are ships capable of defending Earth's colonies. Hyar is a planet in the far flung system Orion Eta, and has little chance of survival, now that the Covenant have found it. However, the few ships in orbit, the Freezerburn, Witching Hour, and Archangel will fight to the end with the Covenant, who are searching for something on the planet's surface. Their small contingent of Marines and few battle capable citizens must fight overwhelming odds to find the Forerunner artifacts on Hyar before the Covenant do. How will the humans survive on Hyar without a Spartan to save them? So that's it basically. Check back, as I'll be posting new snazz and jazz (the story) in bits and pieces. Stay tuned for some Hyar! And stuff!
  4. THREE HOURS AFTER DESTRUCTION OF COMPOSER ARTIFACT- DESERT AROUND NEW PHOENIX Chapter 1- Tyra Tyra was the other Knight with me. That had been her name. The two Crawlers, Pete and Seth, accompanied us as well. We didn't lose our heads, like the four Knights we were hunting. Tyra and I turned to each other and crossed swords. A relay of information flowed between our data cores, telling us what we both knew. Tyra had been with a hospital. I was a school teacher. We had been Composed- wait. If we had been Composed, then we should have ended up on board the Didact's craft. Why were we still here, in New Phoenix? No doubt the destruction of the Composer interrupted our teleporting.
  5. Hello people. I'm writing another fan fiction (I already did Life or Dishonor). This is about Promethean Knights. Read the first chapter to get a full summary. It takes place almost directly after Chief destroys the Composer. DIRECTLY AFTER DESTRUCTION OF THE COMPOSER ARTIFACT- OUTSKIRTS OF NEW PHOENIX, PLANET EARTH Prologue- Knighted My name used to be Drake. I was a human. I lived in New Phoenix, alone. Everyone panicked when the ship appeared in the sky. I knew it was alien, but I didn't know what to do. Then, it attacked. We, on the ground, saw a beam of orange light projected from space onto our city. The screaming was so loud that you could hear it for miles. The orange raced outward, towards the city outskirts, where I was at the time. Then, it hit. For what seemed like an eternity, I was burning up. I watched myself disappear until my eyes were gone. But I was still there. I wondered what was happening to me and then- A flood of knowledge washed over me. This was the Forerunners. And I was being Composed into a Promethean Knight. Others would become Crawlers, and other minds saved to be Watchers in the future. I was to become a Knight. I could feel my emotions and thoughts draining away, becoming irrational and immoral as my body reformed into that of a Promethean Knight. But suddenly, it stopped. The flow of information into me ceased with one final sentence- Chief, the Reclaimer, has destroyed the Composer. With the process stopped, I collapsed to the ground. What had felt like hours had only been seconds, but not seconds long enough. The transformation, the Composing, had been interrupted by the Composer's destruction. I was now a Knight- but I was still me. From the vast stores of knowledge that I had access to as a high ranking Knight, I knew that I was supposed to be immoral, and irrational, but follow orders. Despite my Composing, my feelings still remained. I was Knight in body, Human in mind. This happened to sixteen of us in total. Seven of us were Knights, and nine were Crawlers. Most of us died when we saw what we had become. We died of despair, because we still had our emotions. Four of us, Knights, went rogue. They were mad with anger and set out on a killing spree across Earth. We, a group of two Crawlers and two Knights, decided that, while we were no longer human, we still cared about humanity. This is the story of how we hunted the rogues across Earth and killed them all. This is our life, after we were Knighted.
  6. SOMETIME DURING SAN' SHYUUM/SANGHEILI WAR- HALLWAY 06523 COMPUTER TERMINAL 539-F ABOARD FORERUNNER DREADNOUGHT Chapter 5- The Bridge The remaining heretic dropped to the floor in the face of Rhel's righteous fury. Rhel heaved the body's hand onto the smoking receptacle of the terminal, confirming with the computer that Rhel's guards were still alive. And they were. But not for long. With no further use for the heretic scum, Rhel slit his armored throat and moved on. The area of the ship that Rhel was in appeared to be deserted, but after those camouflaged heretics jumped him, Rhel was extremely wary. For a vessel of the gods, this ship was a dangerous place to be. Rhel limped down a hall that seemed to stretch forever forwards. The Dreadnought groaned and shifted as he struggled onward. Finally, Rhel reached another computer terminal. He overrode the alarm with a heretic password and activated a portal network to take him to the bridge of the massive ship. Rhel looked around quickly and slipped into the portal, emerging silently into yet another deserted hallway. Rhel looked around, confused. Where was he? This was most definitely not the bridge of any godly vessel. He turned towards a viewport and examined the spacescape before him. In the distance, he could see the hulking mass of the Dreadnought and the three remaining Sangheili vessels dodging blasts of hardlight and ionized gas. Rhel turned again. In the center of the room was a bulky Forerunner artifact, looming like a demon. Rhel instinctively stepped back. This artifact must have been the interference that the portal had experienced. Whatever this thing was, it had drawn the portal activity towards it, warping Rhel onto the ship. According to Rhel's smashed armor, this room should be adjacent to the bridge of the ship in cruiser class heretic vessels. He limped to the door that would lead to the bridge and mustered his courage. Would he die? Yes, of course he would. But so would the heretics, and if his plan went right, this mysterious godly artifact. He had to do this. The door hissed open and Rhel charged in, roaring mangled curses with his three remaining jaws. Four heretics died by his holy sword before they could even react, and only five lightly armed opponents remained. The first of these five lunged at Rhel, attempting to take the sword from his melted hand. Rhel just chopped him clean in half. The two highest ranking heretics ran to their dashboards and began calling more troops to the bridge as Rhel slew the other two San' Shyuum as they tried to subdue him. The shipmaster raised his heretic weapon and it began to glow a sickly green as the other heretic panicked. Rhel would have his honor back. SOMETIME DURING SAN' SHYUUM/SANGHEILI WAR- ABOARD HERETIC CRUISER GIFT OF THE GODS IN ORBIT OF SANGHEILIOS Chapter 6- Rhel Threejaw Rhel easily dispatched of the two remaining heretics and sealed the doors by smashing their controls. He turned to the main computer banks and realized that he now had a problem. He had no idea how to operate this heretic ship. The computers whirred and Rhel turned to look at the offending technology. It whirred again and announced in the Sangheili language- "Language assimilated. Transferring." The strange symbols that covered the holographic boards shimmered and changed into Sangheili writing. Rhel smiled a mangled smile and strode forwards. He worked quickly, confirming with the computer that yes, he did want to perform a Slipspace jump directly onto another heretic ship's coordinates. Rhel commanded the ship's weaponry to fire on other heretic vessels, and also lowered the energy shielding. A countdown timer appeared. Rhel had three minutes left before Gift of the Gods destroyed itself and its brethren- as well as him. He looked out on his home planet, beautiful Sangheilios. He had done all that he could to protect it. Two minutes left. If he survived, he would be famous. His missing jaw a mark of honor, not shame. But he wasn't fooling himself. There was no chance of his survival. One minute left. Rhel Threejaw. A great Sangheili hero. But an unsung one. A dead one. A dishonored one. He had done the impossible. He had survived against all odds, and avoided the one choice- Death or Dishonor. He had chosen dishonor and somehow avoided it. The real choice he had to make now was Life or Dishonor, in a way. He had chosen death for himself, but life and honor for his kind. It wasn't really a choice, he supposed. only a possible outcome. Then Rhel uttered the last words that anyone aboard the heretic ship would ever say. "I am Rhel Threejaw 'Kutam. Life or dishonor? I choose neither. I choose death!" The ship made the Slipspace jump. SOMETIME DURING SAN' SHYUUM/SANGHEILI WAR- IN ORBIT AROUND SANGHEILIOS Epilogue- Ashes Debris from the five heretic ships that had been destroyed littered the orbital battlefield. The Sangheili had survived, and more reinforcements were coming. Word was spreading that the heretics had been infiltrated by a lone Sangheili with melted armor and only three jaws. Word also came that the war was ending. The heretics were afraid. If one enemy could do this to us, they said, should we make peace? Two ships had exploded after a Slipspace crash. One, cleaved in two by Gift of the Gods' weapons. Another was severely damaged, and listed sideways into a fifth, which buckled and snapped in the ensuing crash. The heretics sought peace. And it was all because of one three-jawed warrior who had lost his honor, his companions, and his normal life. Sangheili like Rhel Threejaw 'Kutam? They deserve the name "Elite". That's the end. Thanks for reading it, if you actually did. Feedback would be nice.
  7. SOMETIME DURING SAN' SHYUUM/SANGHEILI WAR- OUTER HULL OF FORERUNNER DREADNOUGHT Chapter 4- Nothing Left Nothing left. No ammo. No will to fight. No air. No honor. Black spots danced before Rhel 'Kutam's eyes as he struggled on towards a strange depression in the Dreadnought's hull. He convulsed, and fell to the ground, mere meters from the crater's edge. He gasped, inhaling the last ghost of oxygen inside his mangled armor, and dragged himself over the lip of the depression. The last thing he saw before he blacked out was the structure beneath him shifting and opening as his falling body drew near. Rhel awoke three hours later, his body still starved of oxygen, but alive. The Dreadnought had apparently recognized him as an intelligent species and drawn him in. He pushed himself off of the floor, using the fountain blade fused to his armor as a cane. A sound came from behind him. He turned, but nothing was there. Another rumble echoed from below. "A divine instrument bows to no-one but its makers," Rhel choked out. The Dreadnought was still struggling to fulfill its own agenda. Rhel listened for a few moments more before staggering towards a computer terminal sunken into the passage's wall. Using his good hand, Rhel identified himself as a Sangheili prisoner being taken to the bridge of the Dreadnought. The computer accepted his answer, but spoke. "Why are your guards still camoflagued?" Rhel whirled, roaring, his blade arm slashing a heretic in two. The other backed away as Rhel smashed the terminal, which was attempting to alert the rest of the Dreadnought to a skirmish. Rhel had been found. .
  8. Cooooooolll. To bad I don't have Windows 8 D:
  9. O.o Hardest riddle I've seen yet. I have no idea, so COMPLETELY random guess. A Spartan?
  10. So... PETA is like Team Plasma. I'd bet a hundred bucks that a bunch of PETA people loved Pokemon when they were younger (or still do).
  11. Lolz. Seven votes Coke and 0 votes Pepsi. Although honestly I would go for a chocolate milk
  12. Little kid response- They went to Neverland with Peter Pan! Real life response- They're dead. Did you know that I'm using this thread already and I'm not going to switch now?
  13. STILL SOMETIME DURING THE SAN 'SHYUUM/SANGHEILI WAR- STILL STILL IN ORBIT AROUND SANGHEILIOS Chapter 3- Boarding Rhel awoke to yet more pain. He laboriously lifted his head and stared down at his chest. The heretic's weapon had melted his armor, and it had hardened onto his flesh. Rhel struggled to his knees. Standing, he tried to breathe. It was difficult, the melted armor restricting his lung capacity. He lifted his fountain blade, only to find that it was completely deformed, melted beyond recognition and fused to the armor on his hand. Rhel was dishonored. He had fallen in battle, and his life was now forfeit. He had nothing left to lose. He gazed at the hull breach, and at the heretic Dreadnought looming outside, surrounded by the debris of Sangheili ships. Rhel backed up three steps, seized a spinner gun from a fallen brother, and sprinted for the breach. Rhel jumped. Rhel was soaring through space. He turned and saw the destruction, his breath catching in his throat. Forerunner's Light, Heathen's Retribution, and Infinite Honor were the only three Sangheili ships left. He turned, facing the Dreadnought again, determination building. Death would come, and while it might be his own, many heretics would surely fall with him. FIVE SANGHEILI HOURS LATER The Dreadnought had been further away than Rhel had expected. The recycled air in his mangled armor was getting thinner and thinner. He would have liked to have saved his ammunition for combat, but he had no choice. Rhel repeatedly fired his spinner gun until he ran out of spinners, greatly increasing his speed. Ten minutes later, just as his air was about to run out, Rhel landed on the Dreadnought's hull. Now he had to find a way in before he suffocated. See first post for details of stuff.
  14. Yeah I can see how that would be a problem.
  15. STILL SOMETIME DURING SAN 'SHYUUM/SANGHEILI WAR- STILL IN ORBIT AROUND SANGHEILIOS Chapter 2- Boarders Rhel and his 'Kutam warriors advanced slowly towards the corridor where the breach was located. The heretics could be anywhere, and with their ungodly technology, every Sangheili on the ship could swiftly meet a horrible death. Leul, a war veteran, took point, and the rest followed behind, spinner guns activated and fountain blades at the ready. Leul poked his head around the next corner and gave the all clear signal. Something popped. Leul's head was gone, and a treacherous San 'Shyuum heretic stood where he had been. Rhel lunged forwards to stab the heretic in the head, but his blade was knocked back by some invisible force. The heretic lifted a glowing C-shaped gun and shot it, point blank, at Rhel. He had ducked to the side just in time to save his life, but pain was still coming from somewhere. Rhel screamed and the sound came out mangled. He was missing his lower left jaw. Still screaming, he lifted his spinner gun to the heretic's head and fired, blasting a giant hole through the creature's serpentine head. Whatever force had stopped Rhel's sword must have been weakened by his initial strike. "They have shields! They fight without honor, so we must fight with enough of it for all of us!" Rhel roared, his three-jawed mouth mangling the once easy to pronounce sounds. Another pop came, and a Sangheili went down screaming. The eight remaining warriors behind Rhel fired their spinner guns, and six heretics flickered into being, holes punched through various parts of their bodies. The Sangheili finished them off and charged around the corner, with Rhel on point. A San 'Shyuum saw Rhel prepare to fire, and raised its pistol, but fell before it could fire, looking astonishedly at the blade sprouting from its chest. The warrior who had slain the heretic nodded to Rhel, and charged back into the battle. He was cut down within seconds. The Sangheili were fast losing the battle. Rhel shot at a heretic, but the spinner went wide and impaled a Sangheili, pinning him to a wall. The heretic laughed, but it quickly turned to a gurgle as Rhel shot him twice to over come the energy shields and then slit his throat. Three Sangheili remained, but five heretics had survived. Rhel mustered his warriors and had them fire rounds of spinners at the oncoming San 'Shyuum. Two heretics went down, but one spinner backfired and the Sangheili holding it was killed. Rhel was out of spinners, but he would not use the weapons of the heretics, and risk making himself one. He charged at the remaining three San 'Shyuum, blade raised. The heretic didn't even flinch, just lifted its pistol and fired into Rhel's chest. Rhel went down in an explosion of pain, and the last thing he remembered was seeing the last Sangheili left standing blasted by three pistol shots. To be continued... See above post for details of stuff.
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