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    On the Ark. Still awaiting EVAC ya' know?
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    Bakestaybing mah friends in a variety of games.

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  1. Nope, Sorry. Just me. Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and I'm homebound. But then someone is standing at the hot dog stand on the sidewalk. Heeeeeeeeeere's JACKY!
  2. 7 minutes, 7 minutes is all I can spare to be kidnapped by Jack My savior will be... WILL BE... Maestro
  3. plz no. I'm still here. The Destruct has come in the hospital, with destruction on his mind. So I guess I'll see him next.
  4. Halo CE: Under the Cover of Night (Can't look up at Stars without thinking of this one anymore) Halo 2: Tie between In Amber Clad, and Heavy Price Paid. I just can't decide. Halo 3: Never Forget, but nearly every song played from the level "The A rk" to the end comes in 2nd. Still my favorite musical Halo. Halo Wars: Insignifcantia Halo 3 ODST: Traffic Jam, closely followed by Skyline Halo Reach: New Alexandria Halo 4: 117 Halo 5: The Main menu theme (Not sure if it has a name) *MARTY COME BACK... YOU CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME... I WAS WRONG, AND I JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YA*
  5. Jack Was nimble, Jack Was Quick, Jack sat on a candlestick. So he's not here right now, he's at the hospital treating 2nd degree burns on his behind. We're really talkin' bout maestro right?
  6. ????✌???? ???? ????⚐ ????❄????????????✏ ☹⚐⚐???? ✌❄ ☟???? ✈????✌????????⚐????⚐ ????????❄????☼☜✏
  7. Blood is part of a healthy and balanced breakfast, and a key essential to start the day on the right foot. You can't skip out on Breakfast people. It's unethical.
  8. The only 2 Halo novels I read were The Fall of Reach and The Flood, and I prefer the latter. Nothing against TFoR though, I think The Flood just interested me more, despite knowing exactly what the main story was about. I guess to read something I played many times before it, it made it cool to see all the tidbits, little other details and the whole Jenkins fiasco fleshed out further. It added new elements to the story, and more stuff for me to think about when I replayed the game again. Like the part with that spec ops elite with the four grunts you see in the elevator, and them actually giving him a back story, and the Keyes-Flood Mind Battle. I like things like that.
  9. Right now, I'm rewatching Bleach since I haven't seen it since my first time watching it like 6 years ago. While DBZ is my all time fav series in anime, I gotta give props to Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Such a good series.
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