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  1. Lots of updates and changes: Blue stairs behind blue base have been replaced with a room with a sender node tele that sends a player to the third level above blue. Red side has a sender node tele below pink tower that sends players to second level in pink tower. Both catwalks that connect red and blue side bow outwards toward the center of the map. Strongholds placements have been moved. One is on the second level catwalk and the other two are in the bottom of each base. Weapon locations have moved. Rocket is now near the mouth of the cave at bottom, Camo spawns on bottom as well behind mid platform, Scattershot spawns on mid platform, and plasma caster replaces camo and rockets during strongholds gametypes. Plasma pistol replaces Lightrifle. ALL ramps are now less than 30 degrees and should be smooth to walk on. The lift on blue side has been sped up. The rock path that leads into pink tower from top catwalk has been widened. Drop down from top of red to bottom made a bit more obvious. Cover pieces in doorways leading into each base removed.
  2. Walkthrough video is up of Forgehub!
  3. Ramp awkwardness fixed. Thanks for suggestion. It's easier for other people to see problems and awkwardness than the creator.
  4. Resolute Bury the enemy in the grave they so happily dug! N3gat1veZer0​ This is Resolute, my favorite map in Halo 5 I've made. It's a covenant themed asymmetrical map set in a cave. I decided to mimic Halo 3's Assembly style of covenant when making this map. The pinker side of the Covenant is one I haven't seen in forge maps yet. The map is multi-layered and houses a rocket on the center structure, active camo on the mid level off to the side and a one-clip scattershot near the opening of the cave. There is also a teleporter below red side that leads to the top near blue. The map is set up for Strongholds, CTF, Slayer, and Neutral ball modes. Thanks to the iForge team and the Spark Forge Network for helping get some test lobbies together for the map. You're awesome! Please let me know what you think. I think I can make this my best map yet, but I can't do it alone. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Forgehub Link (For more pics):http://www.forgehub.com/maps/resolute.2061/
  5. not to worry, i don't think i'll ever stop forging.
  6. A remake of Halo 3's Sandbox. The map has been scaled up to accompany Halo 5's new mobility tricks. Features 2 snipers, 2 rockets, a shotty, an overshiled, 2 g hammers, and 2 detached rocket turrets. Each base is also equiped with a ghost, hog, gungoose, and standard goose. I hope you check it out, and please give me any feedback. Link to forgehub: http://www.forgehub.com/maps/sandshrine.1576/ Link to video: (pics won't upload to this cite, sorry)
  7. I'd love to. Thanks. Just message me on xbox and next time I'm on I'll be sure to get to you.
  8. When remaking Damnation, I didn't want plane ol' purple blocks everywhere even though that's pretty much how the original was. So, I borrowed some styling from Halo Reach's Penance while keeping the original pathways the same. The map looks incredible. The map's padded weapons are a sniper and a SPNKr Rocket. I've kept the shotgun and active camo, but the overshield was just too much. I scaled the map to play well with Halo 5's new mechanics, and play well it does. This way you don't have to bother with classic settings. The new Halo 5 Spartan Abilities compliment the map incredibly well. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. The water falls posed a bit of a problem. Alpine's natural waterfall is too enclosed to use so I improvised. There are now three pipes that have covenant plasma flowing out just like in the Halo CE mission Keys. You may remember the green gooey stuff leaking from the ship. The map has a pool of the stuff below the mid area. As for the Covenant theme, Penance was my main source of ideas. I went with a lighter purple glass instead of the typical orange or blue simply because I thought it clashed too much with the green plasma pool. I am constantly reworking the map trying to revise parts and reduce object count so i can add more detail to the plane purple blocks I set out to avoid (unfortunately pulling of a convincing covenant theme requires a lot of objects). Needless to say, be sure to bookmark, so that way you always have the most up to date version. Pictures and paragraphs won't do this map justice. The best way is to see it for yourself. My GT is N3gat1veZer0 (PS I suggest checking it out in custom games. The lights are glitchy in forge) Link to Forgehub: http://www.forgehub.com/maps/atonement.1574/ For more pics because some of my files were too large to upload
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