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  1. I will not say anything until I see an actual story and or multiplayer gameplay reveal. A teaser will not cut it for me.
  2. Trying to run solo today, just so many sweaties on today.

    1. Melody
    2. Fishy


      People who wear sweatpants when they play FPS, noob.

    3. Archangel Tyrael

      Archangel Tyrael

      Looks like they have just done a 5 mile run after playing a game. Trying so hard.

  3. Why is it so hard to learn how Warzone works? Control the middle piece of the map, and have one sub-base. Spawn trap the other team. Whenever I go solo in Warzone I just have the derps around me who I can't even rely on. I end up carrying the team, and still losing over half the time. I drop on average 50 kills a game, and 3 boss kills at least. while the person beneath me has like 15 kills and like 1 boss kill. I am just so appalled on how people can suck so bad. This is just a rant.... blast me idgaf.
  4. After thorough gameplay. SR 91 and Onyx in Free for all, Team slayer, and SWAT. Here are some issues I have ran into. 1.) In Team Slayer/SWAT I have found the spawns to be atrocious. Why is it I spawn in the same area, and be spawn killed consectively. Not to mention after you kill an enemy they can spawn behind you. Another annoyance. 2.) The grenades, need one of two things done to balance arena matchmaking. Either, decrease starting capacity to 1, or nerf the splash damage. Grenade spam is quite annoying, worse than reach. 3.) What is the point of motion tracker when someone is sprinting/spartan charging has already killed you (caught you way off guard)? Increase the range to 25m and it's perfect. Will give ample time to react. 4.) There should be a veto option for maps and ect. 5.) Add BR start Slayer variants. I hate starting with AR/pistol. Those are the problems, I have encountered and lately, I haven't been excited to play Arena for those reasons. I been playing Warzone much more, spawns seem a bit more coordinated there. Albeit, it can be crazy sometimes.. but the gameplay makes up for it. This isn't a 'rant' but more of a greivance, that should be fixed.
  5. I'm on the list? I've only been back for over a week. Must have made the impression.. lmao.
  6. That's how I think it should be, and was. I don't know how this staff mix got involved. Do I think you deserve it, yes. I know you twin. Anyhow, you still know my stance on the matter.
  7. Where can I go to access my fileshare? Bungie had that squared away, why doesn't Waypoint have it? I can't seem to find it if there is one.

    1. Unease Peanut

      Unease Peanut

      There is no way to acces it through Waypoint. If you're looking for MCC maps you'll need to do it from within the MCC

    2. Archangel Tyrael

      Archangel Tyrael

      That's sad. Halo 5 better have a list of fileshares like Reach did. Also be available on Waypoint.

  8. Pelican, Didn't you see the one in Halo 4 campaign? Spartan Laser, rockets, and chain guns?! Would you rather live without internet, and have an xbox, or have internet with no xbox?
  9. I would like to see more Human aircraft within game. If not feasible in Multiplayer, at least forge. I see where you are coming from.
  10. All skulls should return, even the scarab skull lol. It's meant for good fun, so I don't see why not man.
  11. I disagree with the Legendary members being open by "likes" or "posts". It's meant for people who have done a great service to the forum, to sustain it. That's what I hold it to. Undoubtly, there are members on the forum worthy of it. I kinda feel like I been slapped in the face a bit by this decision. In the end it's your decision. On one more note, since current Legendaries do not have "2000 likes" Do we get demoted? I hope not....
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