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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 93. Last week we talked about your favourite ships, both Covenant or UNSC. We had many great mentions that certainly make for an interesting read. Click here to view the last poll, 92. Who's your favourite Captain/Shipmaster? Both Captain and Shipmaster mean the same thing. The head of the vessel. The leader. One term's more commonly used with the Covenant, whilst the other with UNSC personnel. Not that "Captain" in this case simply refers to the ship's CO, not the rank. A Ship Captain may be an Admiral or a Commander, whoever's best suited at the time of appointment. There are many names to list. Hood. 'Vadum. Cole. Von. Some more moral than others, but they all had a brave heart when it came to their ship and crew. Some are long gone, others remain alive. Who stands out to you the most though? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  2. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 92. Last week we talked about whether we could have defeated the Covenant without the Great Schism occurring, and the clear outcome was that it would not have been possible. Community members Drizzy_Dan and RedStarRocket91 took the stage with some great detailed responses. Click here to view the last poll, 91. What's your favourite naval vessel? Infinity. Pious Inquisitor. In Amber Clad. Enduring Conviction. These are only a few names of some of the most impressive vessels ever built. Each one of these beauties has its own story. Each its own history. Its own kill count. Crew. Adventures. Tech. Weaponry. This week I want to ask you, which ship is your favourite? Be it Covenant or UNSC, there are many legendary ships to choose from, which do you like most? And hey, no funny answers, I don't wanna see any watercraft showing up here. UNSC and Covenant spacecraft only, Forerunners will have to sit this one out I'm afraid. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  3. Hello everyone, I present you my new map : this remake of the Spirit of Fire from Halo Wars ! It is only an aesthetical remake, I didn't have any block left or any idea od what I could do with that to make something fun with. Moreover, if you go on, I advise you to don't create the lighting or you will have some problem about the shadows, this is the reason why all the pictures were taken in forge.. The map is forged on the "ascendance" skybox because to see all the details it is really better than "exosphere" even if it globally looks better on it. Download link : https://www.halowaypoint.com/fr-fr/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=Erydhil So I hope you will enjoy it !
  4. Spirit of fire Map Name : Spirit of fire Game type : None Map Creator : Erydhil Description : I did a huge remake of the celebrate Halo wars's ship : the spirit of fire ! Download link : https://www.halowaypoint.com/fr-fr/players/erydhil/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=40e536d9-7f3a-41ed-afce-ff186f70202b The single part of the ship i couldn't finish.
  5. Basically you need to describe your ship and then your Spartan below that - I know this has been done before but It was a while ago so I wanted to see if anyone had some fresh ideas. this is what you should use Ship Name : Basic design : (including hull length and don't go ridiculous like 5000km long ive seen it done) Weapons : Armour : Number of crew : Vehicle bay contents : On-board/any AI : Any other information : Previous deployments Spartan name : Preferred Weapon(s) : Armour Types : (ie helmet, torso etc) Armour Colour : Emblem : Biography : Any other information : Any encounters with MC : I will post mine after 3 have posted their's
  6. Hi everyone ! There is the project that I Forge since December, UNSC Infinity. UNSC Infinity GamerTag : SnR Zaelkyria Map : UNSC Infinity Project Description : A really large ship forged on Impact.. Not playable, it's just aesthetics. Forged with SnR Fal. Screen : Overviews : Side : View from above : View of front : View from behind : View from inside : Different parts of the ship : DownLoad link : [UNSC Infinity Project] Hope you enjoy !
  7. Am I the only one who thinks they should put some sort of boat or at least an amphibious vehicle? I mean come on! Spartans can't swim and having the ability to fight from the water can add a new type of gameplay to the series. Just imagine naval battles or bombing a shore from a boat!
  8. Mine would be, UNSC Frigate - Backbreaker Covenant Carrier - Repentance
  9. Hi everyone ! That is my first post on the 343 Community Forum, and I would like to present you my map, called UNSC Poseidon, forged on Impact. GamerTag : SnR Zaelkyria Map : UNSC Poseidon Description : A large UNSC ship, totally invented. Not playable, it's just aesthetics. Forged with SnR Fal. UNSC Poseidon Screens : Overview : Side : Front : Back : THFE video : Inside, there is a Mantis dropping system, ODST like. If you want more screens, tell me. Thanks, and see you later ! ( Sorry for my bad English, I'm French. )
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