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Found 1 result

  1. G L A S S I N G​ "You are, all of you, vermin. Cowering in the dirt, thinking what, I wonder? That you might escape the coming fire? No. Your world will burn until its surface is but glass! And not even your Demon will live to creep, blackened from its hole to mar the reflection of our passage... the culmination of our Journey. For your destruction is the will of the gods! And I? I am their instrument!" - Prophet of Truth Ever wanted to bring the intense, blood-red, fully upgraded Halo Wars 2 glassing beam into Halo 5? Well, this is just that. Two alpha infected spawn with sentinel beams that fire a steam of incineration cannon bullets, and are teleported into small pipes just below the massive covenant cruiser in the sky. These pipes restrict the alpha infected such that they can only shoot downwards, and will move with them as they walk such that they can chase the scurrying humans below. The humans spawn in a small, run-down town called old mombassa. There are two key buildings. The Dirthouse and the Pavillion. The Pavillion is an L-shaped structure at the corner of the map that you can enter. In provides some minimal cover from the glassing beam, however, you won't be safe. The Dirthouse is a grimy, empty house that you can run through to make a shortcut from one place to another. Its roof will collapse, however, when hit by the glassing beam, so you're not safe in there either. If you can find it, there is also a wooden crate hiding a speed boost to help you outrun the glassing beam. However, it takes a while to break it open, leaving you vulnerable for a few seconds. Once you are infected, you get to assist the glassing beams with cleansing the rest of the pesky humans. You have one shot in your white scar to set trip mines in the city and splinter grenades to block the humans' paths. More screenshots: This minigame is meant for 6-16 players. The map can be downloaded here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?query=Glassing+V3&tags=&gamertag=n0mnom321&lastmodifiedfilter=0 The infection gametype used can be downloaded here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants?query=Glassing+(Alpha)&tags=&gamertag=n0mnom321&lastmodifiedfilter=0 "For your destruction is the will of the gods. And I? I am there instrument!"
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