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  1. Hey Ki11a, glad to see you found your way here. I miss those old clan days; best of luck with your gaming endeavors ~ This is Zero from xboxlive btw
  2. ZERO Would love to Join GT: Vi ZERO 99th prepare to be added
  3. Alrighty, I'll meet with you on xboxlive later today "Vi ZERO 99th" send me a message over xboxlive and I will invite you to a game around 11:30 PM Eastern Time.
  4. Great to hear! Contact me on xboxlive for an introduction to the team, "Vi ZERO 99th" I look forward to meetig you.
  5. If you have a mic and want to be a part of a team, then Atlas is the place for you. Just contact me on xboxlive Vi ZERO 99th We are a competitive organization and are looking for good team players and communicator's who are in a game to win but also want to have fun. Hope to hear from you soon. Z
  6. Send me a message on xboxlive to come join in to the fun tomorrow, we will be having a clan tournament with Microsoft point prizes for the winners. It will be at 2:00 Eastern Time. I hope to see you there.
  7. ZΞRΘ

    Bad kids

    You just used it twice D: are you a really bad kid?
  8. Yes, for our competitive teams we practice strategy, teamwork, and know what we are going to do before we get into the match. I am sorry about the friends list, I receive a lot of requests so during my absence the three slots I made must have been filled with requests. Just send me a message and then I'll follow up with a friends request. You can also contact "Irrelevant Zero" He is ranked as "Mr. Six" on the council and can welcome and introduce you to the others if I am unavailable.
  9. Hello Mr. Millions, This is a nice clan recruitment message but you should post it in the appropriate sub-forum. http://www.343industries.org/forum/forum/67-clan-recruiting-advertising/ Clan recruiting and advertising is where you want to be, Good luck Z
  10. Congrats Zelda!!!!! You make an awesome MoM! Z
  11. You did great I couldn't have asked for a better teammate in that 2v2. I look forward to working with you even more in the future, welcome to Atlas. I created room for you and will add you as soon as possible tomorrow. Yes there is I can introduce you to the forge team's captain, message me on xboxlive @ "Vi ZERO 99th"
  12. Yes, contact me on xboxlive and I'll introduce you to the rest of Atlas. "Vi ZERO 99th"
  13. Hey everything is fine, ace I'm not sure why you are not longer on my friends list? I'll add you as soon as I get online. Cpt. Bureiku, good to see you, I'll speak with you later on Xboxlive.
  14. Merry-Almost-Christmas Hey Syko, I do believe I have a 14-day code to gift and also my wish would be for the Far Cry 3, Lost Expeditions This was a great idea, I'll send you a message about what I would bring to the family 343 tree. Z
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