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  1. The HUB being someplace the people are when they aren't in other games. Like in video games, you have a HUB world and a level. As for the only one copy thing, thats for filming purposes. If I have multiple copies, I can system link them and lower the weapons, to make it look more official. Like this I can have (four people x the number of copies) on the screen at one time. With only one copy,I can only have 4 people. But since I have 3 copies of reach, and three xboxes, I can have 12 all with their weapons lowered. That sounds awesome, Doctor B, and I would love you to help. This very well may be being written for a while, so we may see you after all.
  2. You're right, Halo centered would be good. And you're right, not all members may have those games. And you're right that gears has no theatre mode. Fortunately I have a solution for all three. 1. We film just parts of the show on other games. Not all of it, just parts of it. The "HUB", you might call it, would be Halo. Probably Reach, because I only have one copy of Halo 4. 2. If someone does not have one of those games, they either don't have to be in those parts, or, if they want to be, I have... "Minions"... who help me film. They're not the best, but they will do... 3. Gears doesn't have theatre mode, but it does have spectator mode, which will allow us to film. However it could also make it much harder in some places.
  3. When were signups for this? Is it too late? I'm confused...
  4. No. I hate all colors that currently define my rank. I HATE THEM!! RAGE QUIT!!!! TPAM like pokemon. Or small, bird like creatures that closely resemble pokemon. And likes my threads, so thats a bonus too. TPBM is in a southerly direction of the post currently occupying the space that is located to the north of that post. Likewise, they will be posted in a position that has a post directly to the northern area, describing a post of their position, which is located southward.
  5. Thats an awesome idea dude. Battlefront 2 on Halo? WICKED! Scratch that. Already moved.
  6. While interesting, that could all be filmed on Halo. Why not switch it up a little too, like film some on Minecraft. Or Gears.
  7. Well, Mr. 007, that is our first idea for a story, so I will... put it aside...
  8. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Oh, look! A full moon!
  9. Look! He's moving his hand! He's moving. Moving. Moving. Moving. Wait! He stopped. He's moving again! Moving. Moving. OH! He grabbed a berry. Moving. Moving. Moving. Moving. OH! ITS IN HIS MOUTH. Chewing. Chewing. Chewing. Masticating still. He swallowed. Movies over.
  10. Farmville. They actually talked about making that one.
  11. *sarcasm* No. I don't like tacos. That would be absolutely ridiculous. *sarcasm*
  12. Uh...huh... While that is interesting... its a little... odd... Why does he fall off a cliff? Anyway, beyond that, what I'm looking for is pretty much anything. Edit above for details.
  13. Everybody above me is awesome. Thanks for the support. ANd you are absolutely right, Zaguroth, they should be doing their own voices. So, if you are volunteering to do a voice, you are volunteering to do yours. And possibly some gag character that isn't in for more than one line. Any story ideas guys?
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