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    I also am the creator for the new 343i series. 343i Great World War. If you'd like to feature in a few chapters. Message me and also tell me about your character. Medieval times of course.

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  1. Good Game Kalphite. Final Scores 20-7 I won Skys K/D 20 kills - 7 Deaths Kalphite K/D 7 Kills - 20 - Deaths Films in my file share. Stats and Game is uploaded to file share. Will send them to you CHOOT. https://app.halowayp...3fe497473acf931
  2. Just like any good game. They turn there heads at the beginning to let other feel the water. But the mighty ban hammer....will be awakened and all the modders, boosters, and cheaters will be banned thus leaving us with a healthy community.
  3. I've gotten dozens of perfections. But the only way I can assure I get one is... 1. Team of choice. No randoms 2. Loadout has to be right 3. Calling out and teamshotting. 4. Actually be the person to kill the enemy. Assisting won't help and camping will not either 5. At the last minute if you do have over 15 kills.. HIDE!
  4. I do say. I rather like my light rifle 1 shot to the dome and 4 bodies. Is a KO i believe. And a lot of great halo players use this weapon. Very well balanced and not to fast or slow.
  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one...I literally have awkward encounters....left and right..
  6. I actually like seeing the retextured maps Shows growth and it's better then actually seeing the same land over and over.
  7. Nice video. But why does this belong in MLG? Put this in maybe some general discussion or advertising
  8. Well commendations atleast unlock cool stances, emblems, and even new spartan armors. Getting them wasn't a waste
  9. Xbox Love any type of RPG game related to the xbox as well <3
  10. I believe 343i..Is currently catering to most requests. It's not like they are not making improvements. And remember it's there first attempt at recreating our halo universe. Give them a few more months and our game will be up to date with everything we will need.
  11. Because I like building an emotional relationship with my games. Wether I am a space commander trying to convince a fleet to work with me. Or a dragonborn saving tamriel from being destroyed..Yup.
  12. Stoked to get started Choot em already replied to you
  13. Basically letting us know..it's not over yet.
  14. So........arrow in the knee...not happening in this post?
  15. 1. Turn off router for about 5-10 minutes. 2. Plug it all back in. 3. Make sure your nat type is open. 4. If all did correctly you should be playing halo with a smile
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