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Found 12 results

  1. It's no secret I love our little flightless friends, but I wanted to discuss just how neat penguins are. These little guys look so soft! Don't you just feel like cuddling one? But this is by far the cutest penguin of them all! Waddle, waddle, waddle
  2. I got the following items.. A sliver necklace with my name and my bf's engraved inside a heart. Super Smash Brothers 3DS New shoes! (Because my old ones were worn and not as pretty. ) Hair bows (Can never have too many pretty bows) Money! 150€ Tanktops, Bras, Leggings, etc.. Chocolate! Plenty of chocolate! New straightening iron [pink] (last one kinda broke..)
  3. I love Yang Xiao Long - For his wonderful dares. WOLOLOLOLO Please don't hurt me caboose.. ;-; I love Jack of Harts - For being artsy and whatnot. I love Wam - For being funny. I love Caboose The Ace - For being the supreme overlord of the galaxy, he is truly the best person to be fit for president, and ruler of planet Earth. Caboose The Ace is a inspiration to us all, but most importantly is his outstanding popularity on the forum, if you are not Caboose The Ace, then you want to be Caboose The Ace. -1? More like over 9000. Caboose The Ace is the absolute best in every way possible. He also has sooo much more time online than Jack of Harts it's outstanding as to how his greatness comes! One day Caboose will rule as forum president, it's just a matter of time. Finally, Caboose The Ace is sooooo x9000 times better than Hello Kitty AND Eevee. There is absolutely no end to his supreme greatness, Caboose The Ace inspires us all with his incredible love for MGS. Hello Kitty and Eevee stand no chance against a Moose-Sized Caboose, or even 10 Geese-Sized Cabeese! This is quite possibly the strangest dare I ever had to do...
  4. Hello everyone, I'd like to take this time to say thank you. To all of my friends that have made the forum a fun and inspiring place to be I thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. The forum means a lot to me because it helped me understand what true friends mean to me, also it has taught me how to become a better person, and also to help me correct my mistakes.. and for that I show my deepest gratitude. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about staying after the first year that I have been here, but now realizing how much this community, friends, and even the people who I don't really socialize with truly mean to me. The thing is, we are like one big family here, helping others with problems, answering politely when someone has a question, fun events to keep the community on their toes, these are the little things that make me feel welcome to be apart of this forum. I may not be the most honorable member, but I like to be here because it's truly special to me, and I hope it is for you too. - Just wanted to show my appreciation for the forum, for my friends, and for the good times I've had on here so far, and hope to have many more in the future.. *Also if this is in the wrong topic feel free to move it, sorry ahead of time.*
  5. So with recent topics in the shoutbox and discussion, I believe it is time that we would make a thread based on it for everyone to share their choices. The topic is simple. Just state which members you would like to meet in real life. If you wish, you may give a reason as well. This thread isn't more of a judgement of opinion, it's more of fun entertainment. I'll start it off to get this going. If I could meet any forum members in real life, I would have to choose: Drizzy_Dan BATMAN Yoshi1176 Fox McCloud and Agent York.
  6. Hey guys just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day!! what did you guys do for Valentines Day? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  7. The story really seems like a love story. Am I the only one who feels this way?
  8. #ILoveBuns2014 LETS MAKE IT A THING!
  9. A J Yusi and I are going to host a Valentines night CGN for a competition on our affiliates channel at Halocustoms.com. Come and support us and help us get the most Likes and ratings to win the prizes. Also if you are a member of Halocustoms and in the winning lobby then you also can get the prizes and awards. Please help us out! http://halocustoms.com/threads/feb-14-2013-valentines-night-double-your-pleasure-game-night-spades-n-az.3439/
  10. Ashley Williams, an Spectre of Council. Points an Gun at Commander Brandon Shepard, Believing that Commander Shepard, the man she loved, has gone rogue against Council and plans to kill the Entire Council. Fortunately, Commander Brandon Shepard Reasons with her and proves he's still same man she knew. Commander Brandon Shepard comforts Ashley Williams after she believes Brandon could die in the final assault on the Reapers on Earth and in Earth Space. Commander Brandon Shepard: "Ash, i love you no matter what happens, i want you to live happy life even if i'm gone. i want you to have that life, so does everyone else too. because i have to do this for everyone in the galaxy so they can have that." Ashley Williams comes back to Brandon Shepard's cabin a night later, comforting Brandon before he leaves for the final assault on the Reapers. Ashley: "i love you, Shepard. please come back alive for me." just as she said that, she kisses Brandon before leaving his cabin.
  11. After reading recent topics by Twinreaper and Absolute Dog i feel as if i have to share my own opinion of our great community. I have been here for little over a month, and have loved almost every second of it. And while we have improved as a community in my time here, i still see a division amongst ourselves. Whether it be between MLG and Casual gamers , the "hatred" of campers and "noobs", the people who know alot about Halo's lore talking down to those who dont know much or ANY other opposites. These people are gamers just like you and i, respect that, and respect them. We should all come together under ONE SIMPLE FACT, we love games. We are all here because of our love of video games, so lets not fight, show the love to one another, talk to each other as equals, dont go around saying "im better then you cause i have a higher K/D ratio" or anything like that, we need to come together more and be happy I have been to many forums in my time, and i see the most potential in our great community. So come on friends....... SHOW THE LOVE <3
  12. Salutations, I will be brief in my introduction as I'm sure you have many duties to attend to. A new age is upon us, AN AGE OF EXPLORATION, new worlds, new friends, and new foes. Are now a reality, with you my comrades, both old and new, I venture forth with into the great unknown. Speak with me, and let us converse, I'm an open book and would enjoy the conversation. Without further adu, I introduce myself The Dragon Slayer - Leader of "FAIRY TALE" A fighter and a lover. I arrive to the battlefield to offer nobility and chaos. Laughter and hard core determination. I will lead you into battle, where we will emerge baptized in the blood of our foe, with fire in our hearts. I will follow you into war, never forsaking you my brother. I will post upon this forum as if I write a love letter. You have devotion and attention, 343.org That's my introduction my friends. ~Talk to you in the forums and see you on the battlefield.
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